Adrian Mourby

Adrian produced radio drama from BBC Wales (Llandaff) in the late 80s, including Peter Roberts' first radio play, "Not Fade Away". He went on to produce some television drama for BBC Wales, most notably, an excellent dramatisation of Kingsley Amis's novel THE OLD DEVILS (some think it better than the book). He left the BBC to become a freelance writer and has written several novels. He appears in some literary radio programmes and has been a contestant in Nigel Rees's show "Quote, Unquote".

His radio plays are listed below:

The killing of Martin Hoffnung....1985
A sinister story about double agents and double-crossing. The plot progresses slowly, like a game of chess. One is left at the end in a daze, and wondering, in the espionage game, if there are any winners...a really excellent play. With George Baker, Ian Seinor, Monica Grey, James Benson, Ray Handy, Nigel Graham, William Roberts, Anist William (sp?), E. Roberts, Anthony Morse, Roger Knott, Erica Eirea (sp?). Directed by Adrian Mourby.

Not Fade Away....1987
(with Bob Pugh) Produced at Llandaff by Adrian Mourby (Afternoon Theatre) A nostalgic teacher tries to reform the rock band he played in as a youth, but is undone by the huge ego of the singer.

By Alison Leonard. The story of Maria, a Ukrainian woman; a generation ago she was in a Nazi labour camp seeing her friends raped, tortured and abused. How can she bring herself to speak to her German daughter-in-law, after the Nazis caused her so much misery? A powerful drama about the nature of hate. With Pauline Letts as Maria; directed by Adrian Mourby.

FEAR ON FOUR - Mind Well The Tree....1988
by William Ingram:
Nicola Paget, Philip Bond, Myfanwy Talloc, Dilwyn Owen.
Dir - in Wales by Adrian Mourby

By Alison Leonard. A sensitive treatment of a difficult subject; Bethan, a 25-year- old girl is severely physically handicapped; her only means of communication is her word processor. Her body is almost non- functional, but her mind, which we can hear, is crystal clear. The play looks at the way she overcomes her disability, and the price which must be paid for her to do it. Judd was Gerard James, Moir Leslie played Bethan, Rhiannon was Elizabeth Miles. Bethan's song was composed by Christine Blanchard, and the director was Adrian Mourby.

FEAR ON FOUR - The Dispossessed Daughter....1989
by Catharine Nicholas:
John Duttine, Vivienne Heilbron, Gareth Armstrong
Dir - in Wales by Adrian Mourby

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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