Lester Powell Radio Plays

26.11.1983 A Smell of Carnations,rpt
23.01.1983 Trotsky in Finland
19.03.1981 A Smell Of Carnations
21.05.1980 Albertine Pays A Call
03.08.1979 Night Falls Too Soon
27.07.1978 The Road From Dunkirk
16.09.1977 Grace & Favour
12.01.1977 The Road From Dunkirk
03.10.1976 Last Summer
09.06.1976 Arts & Crafts
05.02.1976 Sword Dance
23.07.1975 The Death Watch
24.03.1975 A Charge On The State,rpt
05.01.1975 Aggie
24.11.1974 A Charge on the State
26.10.1974 Barricade,rpt
16.10.1974 Fugue
08.06.1974 The Death Watch
27.10.1973 The Perry Barr Story
27.07.1973 Open Verdict
21.10.1972 Barricade
29.09.1971 Open Verdict
18.03.1967 Progress from the Balcony - no. 3
11.03.1967 Progress from the Balcony - no. 2
04.03.1967 Progress from the Balcony - no. 1
29.08.1966 Natalia
13.08.1966 The Ladysmith Candidate
03.02.1965 The Night Run,rpt
10.10.1964 The Long Cool Drop
07.03.1962 Cross my Palm
03.02.1960 The night run
02.09.1959 The end of the party
07.07.1956 Dear Stranger
05.05.1956 Visibility Nil
24.03.1956 The Harsh Requirement
13.10.1954 Lover come back
28.07.1954 High tension
28.12.1952 Cross my palm
10.05.1950 The wings of the wind
29.07.1950 They Knew What They Wanted
25.12.1947 An Assassin for Christmas
14.12.1946 The Strange Case of Blondie White
01.01.1946 Sir Lancelot and the Little Hands

Lady in a Fog (8 parts) from 6.10.47
The odd story of Simon Ode (8 parts) from 7.6.48
Spot the Lady (8 parts) from 25.4.49
Love from Leighton Buzzard ((8 parts) from 4.4.50
The Lady on the Screen (8 parts) from 16.2.52
Lady in a Fog (remake, 8 parts) from 29.4.58
Test Room Eight (6 parts) from 22.12.58
Tea on the Island (6 parts) from 19.6.61

Mr Dove lends a hand: six 20-minute plays, starting 23.5.47
Return from Darkness (6 parts) from 11.10.48
The Long Shadow (8 parts) from 5.11.50
The Hidden Motive (8 parts) from 25.3.52
The Blue Dusk (8 parts) from 1.5.57
The Consuls (12 half-hour stories) from 10.8.64
The file on Richard Questor (5 parts) from 14.11.65
Cover Story (4 parts) from 19.12.65
The Hunterdown Project (4 parts) from 16.1.66
Progress from the Balcony: 3 60-minute stories, from 4.3.67

A girl from the suburbs, mystery thriller (8 parts), NZBC production.
Not done by the BBC.

For more detailed information about Lester Powell's's work, including his detective Philip Odell, I recommend Greg Marshall's site, which has the url:


24 Nov 74. A satire on people in positions of authority who seem to be unable to listen to those who come to them for help. This is a common theme in radio dramas; Don Haworth's 'Enlightenment of the Strawberry Gardner" and 'Operation Cerberus' by Michael Kittermaster have elements of this in their plots.

Compiled from information supplied by Roger Bickerton, Barry Pike and Penny Fabb.

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