Developments in the Alara Garden

Alara garden near King's Cross, London.... Spreading compost at the Alara garden near King's Cross, London

Alara's Community Garden is now being used to grow food. Local residents and three community groups have agreed to develop the plot and sow food plants in order to encourage local food production.

They will plant potatoes, carrots, lettuce, herbs, and some exotic plants popular among the three organisations involved. (London Irish Centre, Camden Chinese Community and the Hopscotch Asian Women's Centre).

The land will be developed using the costs saved by the company; it was costing £6000 per year in maintenance before it was turned into a garden. Five timber raised beds are in place, funded by Camden Council, and compost has been donated by the North London Waste Authority. The Camden Garden Centre has provided training. The groups are aiming to come once a week to tend their plants. The official launch will be sometime during the summer.

Alara, who donated the land, encourage their staff to become involved in the gardening. One afternoon is set aside each week where up to 4 volunteers from the team can work in the garden instead of their normal work on the production line.

Alex Smith, Managing Director of Alara and London Leader of Sustainability says ‘this allows me to get to know my team better, as well as build a real respect for food.’

    UPDATE.... In Oct 2010, Alison and I were shown around the Alara garden by Alex Smith.

    It's excellent!

    Information and pictures supplied by Ed Inett; used by permission

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