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Alison Hindell was appointed Head of Radio Drama in March 2005, on Gordon House's retirement.

Alison joined the BBC from the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1988. She has directed approximately 200 radio plays, from soaps to international co-productions. She directed the new version of Under Milk Wood, using Richard Burton's 1963 reading of First Voice and building a new production around it.

Alison Hindell was educated at Mary Datchelor Girls' School in London and then at Somerville College, Oxford, reading English.

She joined the BBC as a producer in the Radio Drama Script Unit and became a producer in the Radio Drama Department in Wales in 1990.

She maintains her links with theatre and has recently directed the first production in Wales of "Shadow of a Boy".

Alison has studied for a PhD in Russian from Exeter University. Her subject: Interpretations of Russian Literature in British Theatre and Radio Drama from 1985 to the present day.

(taken from BBC Press release, 17 March 2005)

1990 *Mary Had a LittleLamb
2001 *The Devil's Music (3 plays), by Alan Plater
2003 *Atlantis, by Dan Anthony
2003 *Badgers in my vest, by John Fletcher.About Dylan Thomas.
2004 *The guest before you, by Peter G. Morgan
2004 *Put money in thy purse, by Peter G. Morgan
2004 *The Cyhiraeth, by Ruth Jones & Debbie Moon
2005 *Press the hash key now, by Peter G. Morgan
2007 The Wedding Vortex, by Elizabeth Lewis
2008 Mrs. Klein, by Nicholas Wright
2012 The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Conan Doyle
2012 Bloody Poetry, by Howard Brenton
2013 Animal Farm, by George Orwell
2013 The Minister, by R.S.Thomas
2013 Statement of Regret, by Kwame Kwei-Armah
2013 Solomon and Marion, by Lara Foot
2014 If Only, by David Edgar
2014 Under Milk Wood, by Dylan Thomas
2018 Castle of the Hawk, by Mike Walker
2022 The Dragon Man, by Gary Disher


Mary Had A Little Lamb *....1990
6 Sep 90, afternoon play. By Arnold Evans. Mary and Neil abandon their careers for deepest Wales and then become new parents. Parenthood, well-meaning friends and a pregnant goat may prove too much. With Sonia Ritter and Maggie Steed. Produced by Alison Hindell.

Cast:Sonia Ritter ...............Mary, Maggie Steed...............Julia, Jonathan Tafler............Tony, Jonathan Cullen............Neil, Richard Tate...............Colin.

Three plays by Alan Plater were broadcast on successive Wednesdays: The Devil's Music (R4, 1415, beginning 8 Aug 01), inspired by the Women's Jazz Archive. A choir of ex-slaves sings the song "Roll, Jordan, Roll" in a Welsh village in the 1880s; a generation later the tune is used in a comic song; in the third play it appears in another setting. Plater's work is very well crafted and holds the attention throughout. Alison Hindell directed the trilogy . ND, VRPCC newsletter, Sept 2001

8 Sep 03; by Dan Anthony. The peace of a seaside caravan site is disturbed by the arrival of a mysterious stranger, causing dangerous emotions to surface in the apparently civilised community. With Philip Madoc, John Sparkes, Robert Chase, Christine Pritchard, Nickie Rainsford, Simon Ludders, Robert Chase, and Gareth Piper Producer Jane Dauncey; director Alison Hindell.

6 Nov 03. By John Fletcher. The young Dylan Thomas spent much of the war in a Newquay pub unable to write. The challenge of a returning soldier shocks him out of his writer's block. First in a season marking the 50th anniversary of the poet's death. With Oliver Ryan, Rhodri Hugh, John McAndrew, Helen Griffin, Manon Edwards, and Laurence Allan. Director Alison Hindell.

Eavesdrop on a week in the life of hotel room no. 331. Produced by Alison Hindell.

Saturday play - an account of Orson Welles' chaotic attempt to film Othello, as seen by his Iago, Micheal MacLiammoir. Simon Callow played MacLiammoir and Don Warrington played Welles. The play was directed by Alison Hindell.

The Cyhiraeth....2004
- (R4, 1415, 8 Nov 04), in the "double acts" series of afternoon plays, was by Ruth Jones and Debbie Moon. It took place in two time-frames; Elizabeth died a tragic death two hundred years ago after an unhappy love affair, and Jess's romance in 2004 looks to be following a similar course. But Elizabeth is determined that her own mistakes will not be repeated. Siriol Jenkins and Sian McDowell were the women, and the men in their lives were Matthew Morgan and Mike Hatward; Alison Hindell directed. ......ND, VRPCC newsletter

Comic play about the perils of using (and not using) mobile 'phones. This play received mixed comments on the BBC messageboard, but I found it entertaining and OK. It starred Ruth Jones, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Bradley Freegard, Keith Woodason, Laurence Allan and Shireen Shah, and was directed by Alison Hindell.

Radio Times - A gentle comedy of modern manners...Lorna has found some saucy text messages on her boyfriend's mobile 'phone. The moral of the story gradually becomes clear - the best way to communicate is for us to talk to each other.

,29,Jan,2007,Monday,Radio 4,14:15:00,Afternoon Play The Wedding Vortex By Elizabeth Lewis When Esther starts to plan her wedding, she doesn't realise how many choices are involved, nor how many other people want to make those choices for her Esther ...... Lisa Coleman Evelina ...... Penny Downie Miss Lovelace ...... Eiry Thomas Beatrice ...... Manon Edwards Kiki ...... Lesley Rooney Katie ...... Sara McGaughey Jack ...... Richard Mitchley Paul ...... Richard Nichols Director Alison Hindell

MRS. KLEIN....2008
20 12 2008 14:30; Saturday Play. 20 Dec 2008; 14:30 on BBC Radio 4. Synopsis:Nicholas Wright's dramatisation of the troubled relationship between influential child psychoanalyst Melanie Klein and her own children. Faced with coming to terms with the news of the death of her son; Mrs Klein decides against going to his funeral. Frustrated with her mother's behaviour; Klein's daughter Melitta confronts her with some home truths. Mrs Klein ...... Janet Suzman, Melitta ...... Eve Best, Paula ...... Clare Corbett. Directed by Alison Hindell.

7 July 2012: Saturday Drama - The Hound of the Baskervilles
By Arthur Conan Doyle, dram. Steven Canny & John Nicholson. When Sherlock Holmes hears the strange tale of the Hound of the Baskervilles, he despatches Watson to Dartmoor to begin solving the mystery. Hostile yokels, alarming acquaintances, an escaped murderer and the deadly Grimpen Mire conspire to make Watson more baffled than ever, until Holmes turns up to take over. This is Peepolykus Theatre Company's comic version of the tale, recorded in front of a live audience in Bristol. Sherlock Holmes .... Javier Marzan, Dr Watson .... John Nicholson, Sir Henry Baskerville .... Jason Thorpe, Stapleton / Barrymore .... Richard Nichols, Cecile / Mrs Barrymore .... Hayley Carmichael. Producer Alison Hindell. Recorded at the Queen Elizabeth's Hospital School Theatre.

20 Oct 2012: Saturday Drama - The Gothic Imagination: Bloody Poetry
By Howard Brenton; ad. Alison Hindell. In Switzerland 1816, by the shore of Lake Geneva, the poet Shelley, his future wife Mary, and her step-sister Claire, meet Lord Byron. They find they are natural allies in a world which is threatened by their radical politics and unconventional attitudes to sexual freedom. Close friendships and treacherous affairs are begun, and a journal which bears witness to it all is kept by Byron's companion and doctor, William Polidori. And on one particular evening, in a thunderstorm, stories are told that were to inspire Mary Shelley to create the myth of Frankenstein. Unfortunately their dreams of a utopian future were to be swallowed up in lives of excess, illness and tragic accidents. Howard Brenton's play was first performed in 1984. Cast: Percy Bysshe Shelley ......... Oliver Ryan, Mary Shelley ......... Clare Corbett, George, the Lord Byron ......... Patrick Kennedy, Claire Clairmont ......... Sarah Ovens, Dr William Polidori ......... Gareth Pierce. Producer ......... Alison Hindell.

26 Jan 2013: Animal Farm
By George Orwell. The first play in a one-month celebration of Orwell's work. One night, on an English farm, Major the boar recounts his vision of an utopia where his fellow creatures own the land along with the means of production and are no longer the slaves of humans. Before long, his dream comes true and for a short while all animals really are equal. But the clever pigs educate themselves and soon learn how to extend their own power, inevitably at the expense of the rest of the community. George Orwell described this short novel as a fairy story and it is deceptively simple to read. It is a satire on the Soviet Communist system and it is a powerful warning against totalitarian regimes. Narrator ....... Tamsin Greig, Napoleon ....... Nicky Henson, Squealer ....... Toby Jones, Snowball ....... Patrick Brennan, Boxer ....... Ralph Ineson, Clover ....... Liza Sadovy, Major ....... Robert Blythe, Benjamin ....... Paul Stonehouse, Muriel ....... Sarah Thom, Mollie ....... Lizzy Watts, with Eleanor Crooks, Ben Crowe, Will Howard , Gerard McDermott , Adam Nagaitis and Stephanie Racine. Musical director ..... Neil Brand. Producer Alison Hindell.

29 Mar 2013: Afternoon Drama - The Minister
Verse drama by Welsh poet R.S.Thomas, marking the centenary of his birth which falls on Good Friday. When a new minister arrives in a small community in the Welsh moors, he has to learn the true place of religion in the lives of his flock. Starring Sian Phillips as the Narrator and introduced by poet Gwyneth Lewis, the first National Poet of Wales, the drama is followed by The Airy Tomb, also by R.S.Thomas and read by poet Nigel Jenkins. Minister ..... Richard Lynch, Job Davies ..... Ifan Huw Dafydd, Buddug ..... Rebecca Killick, Director ..... Alison Hindell, Sound design ..... Nigel Lewis. Literary advisor ..... Professor M.Wynn Thomas, University of Swansea.

17 Aug 2013: Saturday Drama: Statement of Regret
90m. By Kwame Kwei-Armah. Rpt. from Sat 18 Jul 09. The Year of Obama should be an opportunity for Kwaku's black policy think tank to flourish. But Kwaku is still grieving for his father and his own latest misjudged proposal is about to explode. First produced by the National Theatre in 2007.Don Warrington, Colin McFarlane, Nyasha Hatendi, Damain Lynch. Producer Alison Hindell.

23 Nov 2013: Saturday Drama: Solomon and Marion
By Lara Foot. The writing of the play was triggered by the murder of actor Brett Goldin in 2006 in Cape Town. Marion is a divorcee; she lives alone in the countryside but over a fairly long period she gets the feeling of being under surveillance. Eventually a stranger knocks at her door. They become friends, but the reason the newcomer has sought her out is to reveal a truth about the past. Janet Suzman, Khayalethu Anthony. Producer Alison Hindell. 75m.

7 June 2014: Saturday Play: If Only
By David Edgar; a political play. There is an imagined encounter between a 'spin doctor' (paid liar) working for the Labour Party, a Conservative MP and a Liberal Democrat party worker, stranded together at an airport during the eruption of the Icelandic volcano in April 2010. They speculate about the outcome of the forthcoming election, and form a pact. Four years later they meet again. 90m. Hattie Morahan, Amaka Okafor, Bryan Dick and Raymond Coulthard. Producer: Alison Hindell.

18 Oct 2014: Under Milk Wood
By Dylan Thomas. The production uses the voice of Richard Burton accompanied by modern voices, produced by Alison Hindell. Sian Phillips, Glyn Houston, Elry Thomas, Mali Harries, Lisa Palfrey, Christina Pritchard, Sion Probert, Islwyn Morris, Wayne Forrester, Iestyn Jones, Andy Hockley, Ruth Jones, Steffan Rhodri, Sara McGaughey, Catrin Rhys, Steven Meo, Sharon Morgan, John Humphrys.

8 Jul 18: Classic Serial slot - Castle of the Hawk, 2
More about the Habsburgs, by Mike Walker. The Habsburgs were to rule much of Europe for 600 years. Rudolf is crowned Holy Roman Emperor in this episode and plans to get his son to succeed him. Ibrahim: Philip Arditti, Rudolf: Mark Lewis Jones, Albert: Kai Owen, Peter: Carl Prekopp, Agnes: Nia Roberts,, Wenceslas: Matthew McNulty, Elise: Eiry Hughes, Norbert: Keiron Self, Ottokar: John Telfer, Frederick: Matthew Aubrey, Archbishop of Mainz: Stephen Hogan, Elector of Saxony: Joseph Ayre, Agitator: Ryan Early. Producer: Alison Hindell.

15 Jan 22: Saturday Play - The Dragon Man
By Garry Disher, who I think is Australian. Murder story; rpt. There's a serial killer on the loose who leaves cryptic clues for the police, who can't find anything to connect the crimes with their only suspect.. Richard Dillane, Penny Downie, Mark Little, Jordan Whyte, Mali Harries, Dan Hunter, Mufrida Hayes, Sam James, Phil MzKenzie, Fiona Marr, Kerry Gooderson. Producer: Alison Hindell. BBC Wales. The Dragon Man is the first in Garry Disher's series of novels with detective duo Challis & Destry.

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