Alison Peebles

Actress, radio producer and film director.

The Last Ten....2004
31 Aug 04, 1415. By Simon MacAllum. Billy Driscoll is a boxer at a major crossroads in his life: his mother is dying, and she wants him to give up the sport. Will his future be decided in the ring, as he faces the final count? With Jimmy Harrison, Ann Scott-Jones, Paul Simon, Andy Clarke, David McGowan, Martin McCardie; producer Alison Peebles.

Last Days of Mankind....2000
Stars Alison Peebles as actor. Karl Kraus's masterwork translated by Robert David MacDonald and adapted by Giles Havergal. The First World War continues to wreak destruction on the subjects of the Habsburg Empire both physically and mentally. Their reaction to living in an increasingly surreal world is a retreat into unreality. Cast includes John Bett, Chris Delaney, Anna Ford, Patrick Hannaway, Giles Havergal, Crawford Logan, Robert David MacDonald, Stephen MacDonald, Sandy Neilson, Alison Peebles, Laurance Rudic, Paul Scofield, Gerda Stevenson, Finlay Walsh, Sandy Welsh and Matthew Whittle. 9 Apr 2000. Sunday Play, R3. Broadcast in two parts.

Split Ends ....1999
19 Jun 99 - Alison Peebles as actor. A comedy drama by Susie Maguire, set in the glamorous but gritty world of Glaswegian hairdressing, where junior stylist Mercedes Smith is just starting work at the prestigious Salon Clyde. With Sarah Gudgeon, Alison Peebles and Joanne Bett.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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