Alison Joseph Radio Plays

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27.11.95 *Go for the Grail
28.05.96 *Baby on Board
06.10.00 The passion of Margery Kempe (woman's hour serial)
07.02.01 Why can't a woman be more like a man?
31.08.01 Mrs. Aphra Behn (woman's hour drama)
24.01.02 Ae Fond Kiss (sic) - the love letters of Robert Burns and Clarinda, ad.
14.08.03 The True Story (woman's hour drama), 10 eps
19.12.03 *Turtle Diary, by Russell Hoban, ad.
11.10.04 *Tell Jake to sleep on the roof
09.07.07 One Down (Woman's Hour drama)
02.08.12 *Mitchener, Black Box Detective

date nk
The ideal heroine
Benedict's rule
Maigret (several series)

ADAPTATIONS (readings)
1997 Flaubert - A simple heart
1997 Louis de Bernieres - Captain Corelli's Mandolin
1998 Isabel Allende - Aphrodite
1999 Phillippa Gregory - Earthly Joys
2000 Isabel Allende - Daughter of Fortune
2002 John Bayley - Iris (about his wife, Iris Murdoch)


GO FOR THE GRAIL .... 1995
R4 2.02pm. 27.11.95. Hypnotherapy cures Kath of the smoking habit but introduces Griselda, a non-too-fragrant peasant woman from the fourteenth century. With Rachel Atkins, Caroline Strong.

BABY ON BOARD .... 1996
R4 2.02pm 28.5.96. No other details at time of writing.

Comedy - Erica works in a university researching Victorian sexology. Chris works in a lab trying to develop a new sex drug for women. Do they have a future together?

AE FOND KISS .... 2002
The romance between Robbie Burns and Agnes McLehose, based on their letters and adapted by AJ.

TURTLE DIARY .... 2003
Two strangers at London Zoo dream of letting the turtles out. With Geraldine James and Bill Nighy. Producer Gaynor MacFarlane. Friday Play.

Afternoon Play, 11 October 2004, 14:15 hrs, 45 min, with Brony Glassco/Gavin Muir/David Collings/Richenda Carey/Beth Chalmers/Allison Pettitt.

In 1914 Margaret Sanger, the great campaigner for birth control, had a relationship with eminent Fabian and sexual campaigner Havelock Ellis. Using their letters and autobiographies, the play recreates that year and asks if history can ever tell the truth. Director Marion Nancarrow.

ONE DOWN....2007
Began 9 Jul-. Alison Joseph’s One Down was set in a newspaper office with listeners given a new crossword puzzle clue to solve with every episode.

By Alison Joseph. 2 Aug 12. I do not describe many radio plays as 'fascinating' but this one definitely is. Mitchener is an air accident investigator, haunted by memories of a previous fatal air crash in which he was involved, and in which his best friend died. Having settled into a quiet life as a mechanic in a cycle shop, he has so far resisted all attempts to draw him back into investigative work, but when a Boeing 767 crashes mysteriously in the English Channel, the wife of one its victims approaches Mitchener personally in an effort to obtain his professional services. It threatens his peace of mind and his marriage.

The story is fictional, as are the characters, but the investigation is based on a real life air disaster and the science is authentic. The programme was made with the generous assistance of the Air Accident Investigation Board, an organisation with a formidable track record for painstaking work in uncovering the causes of air disasters.

Play directed by John Taylor; a Fiction Factory production for radio 4.

Compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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