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20 Aug 2016: Saturday Play - The Clintons,3
By Jonathan Myerson. Play 3: The Man Scale. This is the story of Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, and the rise of Barack Obama. It is 2008, and Bill Clinton is helping her campaign. [Seems odd that there is a play about the Clintons at the same time that Hillary Clinton is fighting the election campaign against Donald Trump - Ed. ] Cast: Hillary: Fenella Woolgar, Bill: Corey Johnson, Chelsea Clinton: Janine Harouni, Patti Solis Doyle: Nancy Crane, Mark Penn: Trevor White, Huma Abedin: Lisa Cafruccio, with Jason Barnett and Kirsty Oswald. Producer: Jonquil Panting. 45m.

13 Aug 2016: Saturday Play - The Clintons, 2
By Jonathan Myerson. Play 2 of 3. Impeachment. The play is set in 1995, when independent counsel Kenneth Starr tackles Bill Clinton over the failed Whitewater property scheme. Plans to derail Clinton's presidency are foiled when Susan McDougal, a partner in the scheme, refuses to implicate Bill in return for her own immunity. However, Monica Lewinsky enters the frame ... and there is now a real possibility of Clinton being removed from office. Bill Clinton: Corey Johnson, Hillary: Fenella Woolgar, Susan McDougal: Samantha Dakin, Bobby McDaniel / Rahm Emanuel: Rashan Stone, Jim McDougal: Brian Protheroe, OIC lawyer / Sidney Blumenthal: Joseph Balderrama, George Stephanopoulos: Tom Forrister, Claudia Riley: Clare Perkins, Waitress: Kirsty Oswald, Judge: Sean Baker. Producer: Jonquil Panting. 45m instead of the usual 60.

6 Aug 2016: Saturday Play: The Clintons, 1
Play 1 of 3: Heck, don't vote for him. By Jonathan Myerson. The first of three plays about key moments in the lives and careers of Hillary and Bill Clinton. In this first play, Bill launches his campaign to get the Democratic nomination. A woman comes forward to say she had a 12-year affair with him, but Hillary responds. Hillary Rodham: Fenella Woolgar, Bill: Corey Johnson, Steve Kroft / Dick Morris: Kerry Shale, Betsey Wright: Laurel Lefkow, James Carville: Jason Barnett, George Stephanopoulos: Tom Forrister, Secretary: Clare Perkins. Producer: Jonquil Panting. 45m.

30 Sep 2015:The Price Of Oil: Baby Oil
By Jonathan Myerson. Last weeks in the White House as George Bush, US President, struggles to sell to the American people the idea of American troops defending Kuwait. Recruiting Sergeant / Admiral: Daniel Betts, Forbes McEwan III: James McArdle. George H.W.Bush: Michael J. Shannon, Dick Cheney: Sam Dale, UK Military Attache: Chris Pavlo, Drake: Stephen Critchlow, Diana: Jessica Turner, Cashier: Alex Tregear, Nayirah: Rhiannon Neads. Producers: Jonquil Panting and Nicolas Kent.

15 Sept 2011: Saturday Drama - Payback
By Jonathan Myerson. 6th October 1973. Richard Nixon awaits the final verdict of the Washington Appeal court on his objections to surrendering the Watergate Tapes. In New York, Henry Kissinger is about to be woken at his room in the Waldorf Astoria, with news of a new Middle East War. Henry Kissinger ........ Henry Goodman, Richard Nixon ........ Peter Marinker, Golda Meir ........ Sara Kestelman, Simcha Dinitz ........ Kerry Shale, Al Haig ........ Kerry Shale, Anatoly Dobrynin ........ Ewan Bailey, James Schelsinger ........ Sam Dale, Jacob Javits ........ Sean Baker, other parts:...... Christine Kavanagh. Producer ........ Jonquil Panting. More on Jonathan Myerson page.

7 Apr 2007,Saturday ,The Falklands Play
By Ian Curteis. The only play I can find with Ronald Reagan (played by Bob Sherman) as a character. There's a possible subject for a radio play - a biography of Reagan. No-one seems to have done it. Anyway, 'The Falklands Play' is the story of how the Thatcher government went to war to reclaim the Falklands. Margaret Thatcher played by Patricia Hodge. Produced by Jeremy Howe.

These plays were written by Mike Walker and starred William Hootkins. I think all four were directed by Ned Chaillet. Their titles:
26.03.99 J.Edgar Hoover-Red Scare*
02.04.99 J.Edgar Hoover-Public Enemy*
09.04.99 J.Edgar Hoover-They call him Bobby
16.04.99 J.Edgar Hoover-Private & Confidential*

30 Sep 96. Richard Nixon's Road To Watergate, by Mike Walker. Monday Play, Sep 30, 1996, 2 hours. A study of the rise and fall of Richard Nixon, America's most enigmatic President. The son of a poor Quaker grocer, he rose against the odds to the highest office in the country and then left in ignominy. Mike Walker said 'More than any other President, Richard Nixon reflects the history of America since the War. There was great nobility and tenderness; ruthless ambition and paranoia in one nation and one man leading to Watergate. America's tragedy was Richard Nixon's tragedy too ...' ........Cast: Richard Nixon ... Colin Stinton, Young Richard Nixon ... Alan Marriot, Julie Nixon /Reporter 2 ... Laura Brook, Frank Nixon / Senator Baker ... William Roberts, Alexander Butterfield / Alger Hiss ... William Dufris, Harold Nixon / John Dean ... John Sharian, Hannah Nixon ... Kate Harper, Barry Goldwater / Herman Perry ... Ed Bishop, Al Haig / Businessman ... Garrick Hagon, Tom Dewey ... Bob Sherman, Pat Nixon ... Tara Hugo, Gordon Liddy / Murray Chotiner ... Morgan Deare, Henry Peterson / Coach Newman / TV Director ... Steven Crossley, Henry Kissinger / Whittaker Chambers ... Norman Chancer, H R (Bob) Haldeman ... William Hootkins, Newscaster 1 (1940s & 50s) ... Nicolas Colicos, Newscaster 2 (1960s & 70s) ... Don Fellows, Reporter / Tom Swigart ... Nathan Osgood. Music by Neil Brand. Producer Ned Chaillet.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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