Anne Edyvean, radio producer

Anne has done some varied work for radio; in 2004 she had done 29 single plays, 11 serials, one six-part feature series, 2 single features, 3 full-length audio cassettes, and about 350 episodes of Westway. Most recently she has done Loyal Women by Gary Mitchell (Jan 04, WS), Honest Dreams, a feature on C. Day Lewis (April 04 R4) and 7th Dimension- eight 15-minute dramas by new writers (Oct 07, BBC7).

Since then, Anne has done more Westway episodes (as editor) and a number of other productions; mostly for World Service but some for Radio 4 - plays and dramatised features, and a Woman's Hour serial. Anne also works for television.

Meanwhile, the details I have:

1999 Adventures of John and Tony
2001 Gabriel's Ashes
2004 Cat and Mouse, by Gunter Grass, abridged by A.E.
2004 Honest Dreams: C. Day Lewis (Poetry Feature)
c2004 Loyal Women, by Gary Mitchell (WS)
2005 To Throw Down God, by Mike Walker (WS)
2005 The Story of the Stone, by Cao Xueqin (WS)
2006 Sagila, by Sibusiso Mamba (WS)
2006 Llama Lashes and Grumpy old Gits (Hep C blog)
2006 Confetti for my Grandmother, by John Hegley (WS)
2007 Mystery of the Elephant God
2007 Zero, by Susan S Senstad (WS)
2007 Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman, ad. Mike Walker (WS)
2008 The Estate, by Oladipo Agboluaje (WS)

nk (1990s?) Signal to Noise, by Neil Gaiman (R3)


Signal To Noise....late 1990s (?)
By Neil Gaiman, dir. Anne Edyvean, with Warren Mitchell, Elaine Pyke, Squad Faress, broadcast on radio 3.

The Adventures of John and Tony (4 episodes, beginning 7 sep 99)
By John Hegley. Four comic journeys in which John and his best friend Tony search for happiness, love, the meaning of life... and glasses. With John Hegley and Simon Munnery. Director Anne Edyvean.

1: `A Tale of Two Tenting'. John and Tony go camping with Herman Hessian - the dog made out of an old potato sack. They take their bikes and the scoutmaster's manual, which seems to be having a strange effect on Tony.

2: `The Quest for the Holy Spectacles'. John discovers that Jesus wore glasses, but whatever happened to them? John and Tony travel to Glastonbury and Loch Ness, but nowhere is quite as surprising as the cellar of Harry's Caff.

3: `The Total Hotal Experience'. Set in a hotel boasting a full range of activities, including a fancy-dress party and haggis hurling. John just wants to play dominoes, but amongst the guests is a woman from his past - with her potatoes.

4: `The Hiking Holiday'. John and Tony stay in sinister hotels and are pursued by monks from even more sinister monasteries. Tony falls hopelessly in love - this turns out to be the holiday with all the sex, violence and overseas travel. (BBC publicity)

Gabriel's Ashes ....2001
19 Feb 01; afternoon play by Chris O'Connell. Griff has the gift of persuasion, while Gerry has nothing but a passion for musicals and a talent for guessing. Soon Griff has Gerry hooked, dreaming of the big time, stuck in Lewisham. Only when it is too late does Gerry see the danger. With Rob Dixon, Marc Warren, Jennie Stoller and Helen Ayres. Produced by Anne Edyvean.

Cat and Mouse .... 2004
Book at Bedtime 8-12 Mar 2004. By Gunter Grass (1961). Abridged by Anne Edyvean. Read by Stephen Moore.

-notes from ep. 5:
1940. A group of Danzig schoolboys spend the summer swimming out to the wreck in the harbour. While they lie around on the exposed hull, scraping off and chewing gull droppings, Malhke, with his huge Adam's apple and devotion to the Virgin, dives inside the ship to find and bring back whatever he can.

Mahlke seems destined to be one of life's clowns, but soon he will do something that amazes everyone who knows him.

(00-00-2005) To Throw Down God (Mike Walker)
Mike W takes us to 18th century Edinburgh in Scotland and is inspired by real events in the life of lawyer and author, James Boswell. A player in the complicated game of law and obsessed with his place in the world, Boswell is willing to bend every rule to achieve fame, or even notoriety. But can he achieve success by breaking the greatest law of all that of death itself? Produced by Anne Edyvean (NB: Repeated in the Sunday Playhouse slot on Ireland's RT Radio 1, 07-05-2006.) WS; date not known but we think 2005 ... probably in one of the 'information missing' slots...

(13-10-2005?) The Story Of The Stone (Cao Xueqin, adap Katie Hims)
Bao-Yu, born with a piece of jade in his mouth, grows up in a luxurious mansion with his extended family dominated by his grandmother Jia. When Dai-Yu and Bao-Ch'ai, two beautiful cousins, come to stay, Bao-Yu falls in love with the passionate and emotional Dai-Yu. His grandmother tricks him into marrying the socially adept Bao-Ch'ai, however, and Dai-Yu dies of a broken heart. Bao-Yu then leaves behind his luxurious and privileged life to become a Buddhist monk. Narrator - Sin Phillips, Bao-Yu - Paul Courtenay Hyu, Dai-Yu - Wendy Kweh, Grandmother Jia - Pik-Sen Lim, Jia Zheng - David Yip, Bao-Ch'ai - Liz Sutherland, Aroma - Sarah Lam, The Monk - Jason Chan, Nightingale - Jennifer Lim, The Fairy of Disenchantment - Choy-Ling Man. Original music by Nicolai Abrahamson. Produced by Anne Edyvean . Directed by Jessica Dromgoole. ... not certain about the date here ... not in BBC schedules. WS.

6 Mar 06. Swazi murder mystery drama by Sibusiso Mamba. Produced by Anne Edyvean. World Service Play of the Week.

Llama Lashes and Grumpy old Gits....2006
5 Jun 06. By Anne Edyvean and Jonathan Myerson. The experiences of those with hepatitis C, based on internet blogs. Good radio.

(16-09-2006) Confetti For My Grandmother (John Hegley)
The well-known poet and songwriter met his French grandmother only once, due to a family rift which he has never understood. Inspired by a Maori notion of ancestors, and by seeing his own daughter with her grandmother, he travels to Nice, in the South of France, to throw confetti at the Carnival in her memory. While there, he meets local people, has his hair cut by a 94-year-old barber and he imagines what would have happened between him and his grandmother, had he taken this journey while she was still alive. An unusual drama-documentary, featuring an hour of John's special mix of poetry, song, interviews and humour as he explores memories both real and invented. With John Hegley as himself and Zouina Benhalla as his Grandmother. Produced by Anne Edyvean. (NB: Repeated 01-09-2007.) WS.

Satyajit Ray's famous Bengali detective Feluda returns for another adventure; dramatised by Ray Grewal. Drawn by the extravagant claims of a mysterious holy man who has swum 200 miles up the Ganges; Feluda visits Benares during the festival of Durga. A valuable statuette of Ganesh is stolen from a famous household. Could the holy man; or even arch-enemy Meganlal Meghraj; be connected to the crime? Cast: Feluda (Prodosh Mitter) ...... Rahul Bose Lalmohan Ganguly ...... Anupam Kher Topshe ...... Hari Balasubramaniam Machchli Baba ...... Jackie Shroff Meganlal Meghraj ...... Dalip Tahil Abhaycharan ...... Ameen Sayani Umanath Ghoshal ...... Anang Desai Vikas ...... Arghiya Lahiri Inspector Tiwari ...... Shahrookh Irani Niranjan ...... Atul Tiwari Shashi ...... Sumantra Ghosal Ruku ...... Hormuz Dadabhoy Suraj ...... Varun Murali. Directed by Anne Edyvean.

(28-07-2007) Zero (Susan Schwartz Senstad, adap Olivia Hetreed)
Zero is a little boy who likes playing with his toy gun and loves his mummy. Julia is a young Croatian music student trying to rebuild her shattered life after being held in one of the rape camps. She struggles to live with both the horror of his conception and the love she feels for the boy. When her husband Mesud finally returns from the fighting, he is confronted with a five-year old boy that is not just a victim of war, but an act of war. Is there any future for the couple with Zero in their home? Julia - Indira Varma, Mesud - Tom Goodman-Hill, Anna - Linda Bassett, Zero - Jago Edyvean. (NB: Repeat of Radio 4's Friday Play, 24-02-2006.) WS.

(17-11-2007) Anansi Boys (Neil Gaiman, adap Mike Walker)
Life starts to get interesting for Fat Charlie, with the arrival of a brother he never knew and the knowledge his dad was Anansi... The original novel is a companion to Gaiman's earlier American Gods. In Anansi Boys we discover that Mr Nancy (Anansi) has two sons, and the two sons in turn discover each other. The novel follows their adventures as they explore their common heritage. It stars Lenny Henry as Spider and Fat Charlie, Matt Lucas as Graham Coats and Tiger, Rudolph Walker as Anansi, Dona Croll as Mrs Noah and the Bird Woman, Tameka Empson as Mrs Higgler, Petra Letang as Rosie, Jocelyn Jee Esien as Daisy, and Ben Crowe as Cabbies and other voices. Producer Anne Edyvean. WS.

(02-02-2008) The Estate (Oladipo Agboluaje)
Inspired by Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, but given a contemporary Nigerian treatment, The Estate has been specially adapted for World Service radio, following a successful run in London's West End. The patriarch of a clothing business is dead. His family gather for the funeral at their estate in Lagos. Produced by Anne Edyvean. WS.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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