Time after Time, by Gerry Jones

The recent remake by Martin Jenkins of the classic "Time after Time" attracted very favourable comments on the BBC messageboard. Gerry was a skilful playwright, and a big Sinatra fan, and this production is a fitting memorial to his work. The play is becoming very well known in radio drama circles.

I paraphrase a few of the comments below, which are interesting and worth preserving.

........If anyone below (or the BBC) objects to a contribution being used, please email me and I will remove it immediately.........I do not know how to contact you.........N.D.

........"fabsarah28" said that she's not usually one to leave messages on forums but having heard this play she wanted to see if anyone else enjoyed this as much as her ...."I was gripped from beginning to end... couldn't help but feel sad when Wood died; I was so excited by the play that I felt like I had taken every step with him. Brilliant".

........One thing writer pointed out that the play had been updated - this production refered to mobile phones and Ford Mondeos which presumably weren't in the original 1979 version....

........"Scrofula" mentioned that Gerry Jones did another memorable short play called "The Chosen" broadcast around Christmas in the early 1980's, but commented that the BBC had probably wiped it ...

........"Bluebeano" was in his van taking refuge from the rain when the play was on and missed the end - checked out the ending on the "Listen again" feature expecting it to be Pinteresque but it all "tied together wonderfully".

........One contributor suggested that some kind of tribute is overdue to Gerry Jones. "More of his plays, please, and also of Wally K Daly".

........ "Sophonisba" commented: ..... a new production and a good one; the BBC were rightly honouring a fine playwright.

........"Stephenph" reckons that the afternoon play varies from superb to dismal and went on: "Examples of how to grip a radio audience like this might inspire young and new writers to carry on the torch. A British and radio version of "Groundhog Day" with a stunning ending".

........"Andy H" reckoned it a wonderful play; he took a scenic route between meetings to ensure he heard the end! He was reminded of the excellent TV series "Life on Mars" and also "Jacob's Ladder". He asked for more classics from the archive to be broadcast, including some of Nick Fisher's early plays, some of John Fletcher's back catalogue and the wonderful Sea Voyage by Carey Harrison.

Time After Time is one of my favourite radio plays - I hope no-one objects to my using their contributions. Gerry Jones' work deserves to be better known; I'd put a link to the BBC board, but by the time you read this, the relevant messages will be gone.


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