Why ATL Members are
Taking Action on 30 Nov 2011



Why I'm taking action: I fear for recruitment and quality of new intake, and for the sanity and health of those having to work until older ATL member from Bristol

.         Why I'm taking action: I will be taking strike action on N30 because I can not afford to increase my pension contributions by 50%. If the government insist on this increase I will have to pull out of the scheme. If everyone in my situation is forced to do this we are not only going to be facing a pension crisis but also a health and social care crisis as I enter my older years. ATL member from Cambridge


         Why I'm taking action: I will be exercising my democratic rights next Wednesday and attending the rally at the NIA in Birmingham. We are the first line of defence not just for pension rights but for

         employment rights in general and if this government is allowed to walk all over the public sector unions now, those of us who don't make a stand will live to rue the day. It is incumbent upon those of us who are able to show leadership - there is little sign of anything but self-interest in government and in the boardroom. I am also incensed by some of the crass comments made by prominent public figures about the teaching profession in recent weeks and inaccurate and partisan reporting by certain elements of the media. ATL member from Birmingham


         Why I'm taking action: I teach at an Independent School and feel very uncomfortable able striking during a busy time in the school year. However the decision by the government to try and bribe me and others who are over 50 whilst ignoring other teachers under 50 struck me as unprincipled and immoral. ATL member from Croydon


         Why I'm taking action: I feel it's an important event to protect the pensions we've earned and deserve to keep ATL member from Lincoln


         Why I'm taking action: This is not only to protect my pension but to safeguard the pensions of younger members for the future. ATL member from Redcar


         Why I'm taking action: I pledge to attend on the 30th November to defend not just the future of teachers working now, but for our children. They are the future of our profession; of which is at real risk of not being an option to the brilliant and talented in our society who could make such a difference to so many through teaching. Surely the future of our wealth, our economy, our society through education is far more valuable than using our pensions to pay off a financial crisis not even caused by the public sector. Let's speak up for the 99% whose futures are up for sale by this Government's contempt for the working majority. ATL member from Milton Keynes


         Why I'm taking action: I want my voice to be heard saying don't raid the teacher's pension to pay for the bankers greed;defend the future of education for our children. ATL member from Chiswick


         Why I'm taking action: Because it is important to protect our pensions and make sure the government do not throw teachers from independent schools out of the TPS. ATL member from Surbiton


         Why I'm taking action: The very idea of still having to be in the classroom well into my sixties and being expected to pay more is outrageous. My parents were both teachers and I have seen the toll that the demands of the job take. I see teaching as a way of life not just a job, if it was such then we would walk away at the end of the day but the reality is that teaching is a way of life, a vocation. ATL member from Bolton


         Why I'm taking action: As support staff historically we have been the group to have things 'done to us' This time is over we have rights and will stand up fight and be counted alongside our teacher members. ATL member from Newcastle upon Tyne


         Why I'm taking action: When I started teaching 1977 I joined the pension scheme. I have paid in for years and don't expect the terms to suddenly change. Also by now saying the over 50s can still have the same terms as before is a pathetic attempt by the government to split the unions. Over 50s... support your younger colleagues. ATL member from Stanstead Abbotts


         Why I'm taking action: I am supporting this more for the sake of people younger than me than for myself. People like my daughters who are both teachers and will have to work longer, pay more and get less at the end of years of dedication to teaching. If I can't get into Liverpool to join the march I will find another one that I can get to. ATL member from Liverpool


         Why I'm taking action: It is absolutely essential that governments fully negotiate with social parts anything that has to do with the welfare system. Personally, I am more than happy to be poorer for the benefit of our daughters and sons, but only after a full negotiation, which in turn can be part of wider negotiations on the rights acquired by any group. In fact, as long as we engage in discussions about rights, I am happy. The danger behind any rushed governmental action on the welfare system is that budgets are looked at in absolute and not in relative terms. As a result of this, essential democratic processes are altered and political decisions are undermined. This industrial action is not about budget. It is about democracy. ATL member from Oxford


         Why I'm taking action: I am attending the event as a trade union principle and to support fellow trade unionists. ATL member from Blandford Forum


         Why I'm taking action: I will strike to support junior colleagues. I'm close to retirement and rely on a non teaching pension for my main funds when I retire. They won't be able to, and neither should they have to. Teaching is a vocation, teachers are drained by the time they retire, don't force them to work into their dotage, and reimburse them with a proper pension for giving the students good life chances. ATL member from Daventry


         Why I'm taking action: We need to protect the pensions to ensure the profession attracts high quality candidates in the future, and keeps hold of high quality professionals in the present for the good of the nations children present and future! ATL member from Taunton


         Why I'm taking action: Because I have paid for my pension for the last 30 or so years, and deserve what I was told I'd get at the outset of my career. Because I want to protect the pensions of the younger teachers that are going to carry on after I've retired. Because teaching is very demanding and tiring, and few people will be able to go on to 68yrs of age. Because children need happy energetic teachers, and forcing us to go on when we're burnt out is not the best for pupils. Because I am angry with the government for expecting people who serve the public to pay for the financial mess that the country has got into. ATL member from Wandsworth


         Why I'm taking action: We need a fair deal for teachers! Paid less, working harder with pension benefits being cut for the privilege of paying more in! ATL member from Oldbury


         Why I'm taking action: I have already retired from teaching, but am still a Union Member and am striking because I wish to support my colleagues and future generations of teachers from the consequences of falling pensions on the long-term consequences to the quality of education in the country. ATL member from Lewes


         Why I'm taking action: If you do nothing then you can't complain when you're older. The things you do today will affect you tomorrow. ATL member from Warrington


         Why I'm taking action: Independent school teacher who does not want to lose his membership of the TPS ATL member from Wimborne


         Why I'm taking action: I want to protect my pension and ensure that the teaching profession remains a viable and attractive option for the best of our graduates. ATL member from Manchester


         Why I'm taking action: I joined the teaching profession 34 years ago. The pay was quite poor then, but the 'promise' of a reasonable pension was an incentive to stay in teaching. I gave up full time work to raise a family ( I did supply work - no pension contributions for ten years) and then worked part time for several years. I expected my state pension and my teachers pension at 60. I want to protect what I was promised. Also, I want younger teachers to be able to expect a reasonable retirement at a reasonable age - will students really want to be taught by those in their mid sixties? And, I now work in the independent sector and feel very strongly that it should not be excluded from the TPS. ATL member from Wantage


         Why I'm taking action: I am worried about the education of young people in the future for two reasons. I do not think educators over the age of 60 are able to deliver a high enough standard of teaching/lecturing. I do not think as many highly qualified young adults will join the teaching profession, thus causing a shortage of teachers. ATL member from Gloucester


         Why I'm taking action: Because there is so much that is wrong with the actions of the government and I need them to know I don't agree. ATL member from Leeds


         Why I'm taking action: We are being sold down the river by this government. A triple hit on our pensions in one fell swoop without actually showing the evidence for it is disgusting and utterly disgraceful behaviour. They always keep saying that we will still have better pensions than any private pension schemes but the reason for that was the government of the day emptied the private pensions pot. Two wrongs dont make a right! David Cameron, keep your hands off our pensions pot, you would never think of doing this to your own! ATL member from Manchester


         Why I'm taking action: As a new teacher I want to ensure my future in teaching is secure. ATL member from Manchester


         Why I'm taking action: I have been a teacher for 21 years and have been a member of the teacher's pension scheme throughout this time . I am now 44 and do not feel that the proposed changes in pension arrangements, especially actuary reductions and the extension of the pension age are either fair or equitable. It ATL member from Liverpool


         Why I'm taking action: I can't afford any more attacks on my income. ATL member from London


         Why I'm taking action: To stand up and make it known that I feel very unhappy and aggrieved at the proposals to penalise me and my fellow hardworking colleagues to pay for other peoples' greed. ATL member from Sheffield


         Why I'm taking action: I struggled with the decision to strike back in June due to being in my NQT year and still learning about what it all means. The more I speak with colleagues, read articles and discuss with others, the more I realise how much the new pension changes are going to affect me. If we were being asked to pay more and get better benefits at the end, then yes, things would be tight for now, but I would still benefit from the extra money. However, asking us to pay more to help with the deficit is just wrong. The pension scheme as it is sustainable! ATL member from Royston


         Why I'm taking action: I attended the event in Leeds in June, and shall once again show my support on November 30th. This government must be made to see, by sheer volume of numbers, how seriously the vast majority of the teaching force take this threat to our pensions and our future. This government will see complacency as acceptance! ATL member from Leeds


         Why I'm taking action: I will be attending as the Government still refuses to provide a valuation of the teacher's pension scheme. ATL member from Hornchurch


         Why I'm taking action: The pension was one of the reasons I joined this profession. Why are they trying to take it from me? ATL member from Croydon


         Why I'm taking action: With such high employment for young people I feel it is wrong to force us to work till 68 which will leave even fewer jobs and who wants a 68 yr old teacher anyway? ATL member from Brighton


         Why I'm taking action: I work long hours for no extra pay, try to implement the many changes in order to improve my teaching but I am not prepared to subsidse the goverment by allowing them to what I feel is taking my hard earned pension. My message to the government is 'Keep your hands off!' ATL member from Sheffield


         Why I'm taking action: Because I can't work until I'm 67 and feel we are being 'short changed' from having what is rightfully ours. ATL member from Sheffield


         Why I'm taking action: I do not believe that people should be forced to work to an age where they can no longer do their job to the best of their ability. At 51, I am finding the workload increases week by week and will not be able to cope with this for another 16 years. I want to retire at an age before I start to lose the enthusiasm and energy for an ever demanding job. ATL member from Colchester


         Why I'm taking action: As a teaching assistant we have already had a pay freeze for 2 years and seen single status reduce our annual salary by up to 20%. This has already reduced our pension in the long run and the LGPS changes will mean yet another reduction in our pension. I am joining the action because we need to take a stand and let the government know that we will not have our future liveleyhoods threatened any further. ATL member from Wilmslow


         Why I'm taking action: Although I am too old to be affected by the changes, I am turning out in support of all my threatened younger colleagues. ATL member from Seaford


         Why I'm taking action: I am pledging to give my full support to the striking efforts on 30th November because I care about education in this country. The proposed government changes will have such a detrimental effect on the quality of education on offer if we allow them to go ahead. Our future generations will be educated by adults 3 years away from their 70th birthdays, naturally less energetic and physically able to cope with the ever increasing demands of teaching. The recruitment of new teachers will decline as intelligent potential teachers will recognise a bad deal when they see it. The decision to strike is not taken lightly as teachers come face to face with parents at their classroom doors each day and truly care about their children and families. But we must gain perspective: that this is one day that could save the future of our education system. ATL member from St Albans


         Why I'm taking action: This change to teachers pensions is a tax, pure and simple. The agreement we already have with the government means that it is impossible for the cost of the teachers pension to rise. As a parent I do not want my children to be taught by 67 year old teachers who can't retire but are no longer up to the job. ATL member from Bristol


         Why I'm taking action: The government's plans are neither fair nor reasonable. It is not the public sector's fault that the government and the financial sector have between them undermined the economy and devalued private sector pay and conditions. If there is a disparity between public and private sector remumeration then the private sector should be aspiring to improve not drag down the publich sector, When private sector remuneration was worse than public sector pay, the Tories never tried to bring private sector pay down. ATL member from Oxford


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