Radio Plays: Brief Lives
(Paralegal Drama)

These dramas are about the adventures of a practice of paralegals in Manchester. Unfortunately there are no episode titles, but I've listed the broadcast dates below. Writers: Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly, with a few programmes written by Eve Steele, Elizabeth Heery and Ed Jones.

1.1 2007-06-19
1.2 2007-06-26
1.3 2007-07-03
1.4 2007-07-10

2.1 2008-11-03
2.2 2008-11-10
2.3 2008-11-17
2.4 2008-11-24

2009-09-02 rpt of 1.1
2009-09-09 rpt of 1.2
2009-09-16 rpt of 1.3
2009-09-23 rpt of 1.4

3.1 2010-04-28
3.2 2010-05-05
3.3 2010-05-12
3.4 2010-05-19

4.1 2011-10-17
4.2 2011-10-24
4.3 2011-10-31
4.4 2011-11-07
4.5 2011-11-14
4.6 2011-11-21

5.1 2012-08-14
5.2 2012-08-21
5.3 2012-08-28
5.4 2012-09-04
5.5 2012-09-11
5.6 2012-09-18

6.1 2013-09-12
6.2 2013-09-13
6.3 2013-09-19
6.4 2013-09-20
6.5 2013-09-26
6.6 2013-09-27

7.1 2014-08-15
7.2 2014-08-22
7.3 2014-08-29
7.4 2014-09-05
7.5 2014-09-12
7.6 2014-09-19

I'm just showing details of one programme from each series.

Brief Lives 2007
19 Jun 07. Series by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly; set in a Manchester legal practice. 1/4. When Dee Dee's estranged son is arrested for shoplifting, only his stepfather Frank Twist can come to the rescue. Frank ...... David Schofield, DeeDee ...... Denise Welch, Ben ...... Kwame Kwei Armah, James ...... Mikey North, Johnny ...... Andrew Schofield, McGregor/Milo ...... Rod Matthew, DC Highton ...... James Quinn, DC Price ...... Deborah McAndrew.

Brief Lives 2008
10 Nov 08. Series of plays by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly; set in a Manchester legal practice. 2/4. Sarah puts her principles on hold as she represents a suspected rapist. Frank ...... David Schofield, Debbie ...... Rachel Atkins,, Sarah ...... Tracy-Ann Oberman, Deedee ...... Pooky Quesnel, Mark ...... Malcolm Tierney, Andy ...... Andrew Knott, Paula ...... Claire Keenan, Greg ...... Joseph Milson, Inspector ...... Paul Rider. Music by Carl Harms.

Brief Lives 2010
Series 3. 1/4. 28 Apr 10. Frank Twist and his bunch of legal reps return for another series of adventures on the mean -ish streets of Manchester. Frank's best mate Mickey has finally met a young Russian woman who will put up with him, his music and his socks. But is she just using him? Frank.......David Schofield, Debbie........Emma Atkins, Sarah..........Tracey- Ann Oberman, Doug.......Eric Potts, Micky.......Deka Walmsley, Simon........Andonis James Anthony, Burnett......Becky Hindley, Magda........Miranda Keeling, Registrar.....Beatrice Kelley. Producer Gary Brown. Original music by Carl Harms.

Brief Lives 2011
17 Oct 11. Brief Lives by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly 1/6. The return of Frank Twist and his team of Manchester legal eagles. When a pop entrepreneur is arrested for alleged fraud Frank discovers a personal connection. Frank.....David Schofield, Sarah.....Kathryn Hunt, Declan....Jonjo O'Neill, Doug......Eric Potts, Phineas....Hugo Chandor, Laura.......Sue Jenkins, Mickey....Jim Barclay. Producer Gary Brown.

Brief Lives, 2012
14 Aug 12. By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Return of the popular series about Frank Twist, Sarah Gold and their team of paralegal advisors. A community interpreter's girlfriend is arrested for assaulting a police officer. Frank ........ David Schofield, Sarah ........ Kathryn Hunt, Declan ........ Kerr Logan, Nina ........ Tahira Dar, Jay ........ Jonas Khan, PC Mellor ........ Andrew Westfield, PC Neslon ........ Roy Carruthers, Producer ........ Gary Brown. Original Music by Carl Harms.

Brief Lives 2013
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. 12 Sep 13. Another six programmes of the drama series about a team of Manchester-based legal advisers. 1/6 A local councillor is caught selling drugs. A streetwise youth, Ronnie, is brought in as a rep. Frank - David Schofield, Sarah - Caroline B Cooke, Ronnie - Rachel Austin, Pritchard - Renny Krupinski, Mark - Hugh Simon, Duggan - Neil Bell. Producer Gary Brown.

Brief Lives 2014
By Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly. 1/6. 15 Aug 14. Another set of excellent legal tales, from the point of view of a team of legal advisers working in Manchester. Frank Twist is recovering from a stroke and desperate to return to work, whilst Sarah's beauty parlour seems to be harbouring a secret. Frank - David Schofield, Sarah - Kathryn Hunt, Ronnie - Rachel Austin, Cheryl - Mandy Symonds, with Sarah Lam, Vera Chok, James Quinn. Producer - Gary Brown.

Brief Lives 2015
A new series by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly, set in Manchester. 1/6. 21 Aug. A naked young woman is arrested for protesting against the fur trade, but this is just the beginning of a tortuous maze for Frank. Frank: David Schofield, Ronnie: Rachel Austin, Amanda: Sophia Di Martino, Jade: Kellie Shirley, Barry: James Quinn, PC: Hamilton Berstock. Producer: Gary Brown.

Brief Lives 2016
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. A new series of 4 episodes. 1/4. 11 Jul.Two women are arrested for fighting in a hotel, and legal advisers Frank and Sarah reckon it's a fuss over nothing, until one of the women is accused of theft. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Sally Dexter, Morgan: David Corden, Isabel: Jenny Platt, Lucy: Rosina Carbone, Ricky: Jonathan Tafler. Producer: Gary Brown.

Brief Lives 2018
Series 10, according to RT. By Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly. 1/5. 26 Sep 18. Frank is asked to help a community of retired people. David Schofield as Frank, Sally Dexter as Sarah and Susan Twist as Lana, with Sue Jenkins, Kate Coogan, John Henshaw and Lloyd Peters. Produced by Gary Brown.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

Above plays known to exist in vrpcc collections.

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