Bruce Young radio plays and broadcasts

2020 Weir of Hermiston, by R.L.Stevenson
2018 Fortune of War, by Patrick O'Brien
2018 Master of the Mint, by David Ashton
2018 The Trial of Joseph Knight
2014 The Giffnock Girls, by Marcella Evans
2014 Rebus: Set in Darkness
2014 The Sensitive, by Alastair Jessiman
2014 Massacre at Glencoe, by Adrian Bean
2014 Portrait of Winston, by Jonathan Smith
2014 Black & Blue, by Ian Rankin
2014 McLevy, by David Ashton
2014 Seance on a Wet Afternoon, by Mark McShane, dram. Adrian Bean
2013 Gillespie & I, by Jane Rogers
2013 Topaz, by Lucy Gannon
2013 Desolation Island, by Patrick O'Brien
2013 The Sensitive, by Alastair Jessiman
2006 Kaffir Lilies, by Sue Eckstein
2006 Christabel's Anarchist, by Pat Hannah
2006 The Passion of Plum Duff, by Alastair Jessiman
2005 The Lion of Chechnya, by Leila Aboulela
2005 Greenmantle, by John Buchan (part 2 still not broadcast)
2005 Schoenberg- a breath from other planets, by Marty Ross
2004 Night Windows, read by Jonathan Smith
2004 For the love of Willie, by Agnes Owens. Woman's Hour serial.
2004 An island between heaven and earth, by Alistair Rutherford
2004 The Master of Ballantrae, by Robert Louis Stevenson, dram. Chris Dolan
2004 Rebus - Resurrection Man, by Ian Rankin
2004 Forever Young, by Maggie Graham
2004 Me and ma gal, by Des Dillon
2004 Mission to Marseilles, by Leo Malet, dram Chris Dolan
2003 The Mystic Life, by Leila Aboulela
2003 The three hostages (Buchan), dram. Bert Coules
2003 Inspector Rebus- The Falls (Rankin), dram. Bert Coules
2003 The last bark of the bulldog , by Jonathan Smith
2002 The Translator, by Leila Aboulela
2002 The Museum, by Leila Aboulela
2002 The Laughing Policeman (Sjowal & Wahloo), dram. Bert Coules
2001 The Sea Warrior, by Leila Aboulela
2001 The thirty-nine steps, by John Buchan
2000 Cardamom, by Leila Aboulela
2000 Sabina! by Chris Dolan


WEIR OF HERMISTON by Robert Louis Stevenson (R4, 1415, 19 & 26 Apr 20) was a story of family conflict, set in Edinburgh and the borders in the early 1800s. Stevenson died halfway through writing the novel, but he left notes on the unfinished half, and Colin Macdonald has used them to complete it. Archie Weir has a father utterly without empathy or affection, though he is a well-known figure in the Law; he is a famous "hanging judge". Archie, his son, is training to be a lawyer, but makes the mistake of publicly denounces the capital punishment favoured by his father, who puts an immediate end to his legal studies. This sets his life moving in a completely different direction. He encounters his father again later on, and one wonders whether the enmity between them will continue or whether there will be reconciliation. The story is further complicated by a young woman and an odious ex-acquaintance from his college days. Archie is played by Jack Lowden, Kirstie by Phyllis Logan, young Archie by Billy Thomson, his father by Paul Young, and Frank Innes by Finn den Hertog. The producer was Bruce Young.

Another novel by Patrick O'Brian, FORTUNE OF WAR (R4, Classic Serial, 1502, beginning 18 Nov), dramatized by Roger Danes, was broadcast in November in three episodes: In 1812 Britain is at war with America and France. When Captain Jack Aubrey and surgeon Stephen Maturin are forced to abandon ship in the South Atlantic they are picked up by a Royal Navy frigate, Java, in pursuit of an American heavy frigate, Constitution. But when the ships exchange fire the enemy proves superior. This adventure is lower in action and higher in talk than the previous stories, mainly because the captain and his surgeon are locked up for a prolonged period as prisoners-of-war. Nevertheless the story is interesting throughout. Jack Aubrey was played by David Robb and Stephen by Richard Dillane, with Candida Benson, Jon Glover and Sam Dale. The producer was Bruce Young. (....ND, Diversity Website review, Dec 2018)

21 Jul: Saturday Play -Master of the Mint
By David Ashton. After 30 years as a don at Cambridge, Newton is offered a new job at the Royal Mint. He is asked to investigate and put a stop to the manufacture of false coin. The penalty for those caught doing it is death because it qualifies as treason. William Gaminara as Newton, with Gunnar Cauthary, Kerry Gooderson, Nicholas Tizzard, Michael Nardone, Jonathan Forbes, Ryan Early, Lauren Cornelius, Sean Murray and Gerard McDermott. Producer: Bruce Young.

12 Jul 18: The Trial of Joseph Knight
By May Sumbwanyambe; fact-based. In the late 1700s, Sir John Wedderburn, a plantation owner, returned to Scotland from the West Indies with an African slave, Joseph Knight. He educated Joseph and used him as a domestic servant. When the slave ran away, his escape and recapture eventually helped lead to the abolition of slavery in Britain. Joseph: Nana Amoo-Gottfried, Sir John: Ron Donachie, Annie Thomson: Anita Vettesse, Margaret Wedderburn: Helen Mackay, Sheriff Swinton: John Buick. Producer: Bruce Young.

16 Dec 2014: The Giffnock Girls
By Marcella Evans. The play is about three childhood friends who reunite at a key moment in their lives. PJ returns to the family home in Giffnock (outside Glasgow) after a long time in New York to find Gail and Bianca in midlife turmoil. PJ would like to help but has his own personal problems. PJ: Matthew Pidgeon, Gail: Maureen Beattie, Bianca: Julie Austin, Barbara: Ann Scott Jones, Issy: Finlay Welsh, Colin: Steven McNicoll. Producer: Bruce Young.

5 Oct 2014: Classic Serial - Rebus: Set in Darkness
By Ian Rankin; ep. 2 of 2, dram. Chris Dolan. Rebus compromises himself when he sleeps with the sister of one of the murder victims. Meanwhile, DC Clarke makes inquiuries into the death of a vagrant with 400,000 in his bank account. Rebus: Ron Donachie, Clarke: Gayanne Potter, Linford: Martin McBridge, Cafferty: Gary Lewis, Lorna: Juliet Cadzow, Wylie: Amiera Darwish, Alicia: Lesley Mackie, Watson: Douglas Russell, with Andy Clarke, John Buick and Kenny Bylth. Produced by Bruce Young.

28 Sept 2014: Classic Serial - Rebus: Set in Darkness
By Ian Rankin. Crime thriller, ep. 1 of 2. Dramatised by Chris Dolan. A corpse is discovered during the construction of the new Scottish Parliament building. Whilst police try to identify it, another is found. DI Linford, the rising star of the Lothian and Borders Police, is assigned to investigate the connection between the two bodies, with John Rebus assisting. Rebus: Ron Donachie, DC Clarke: Gayanne Potter, DI Linford: Martin McBride, Lorna: Juliet Cadzow, DS Wylie: Amiera Darwish, with Julie Austin, Lesley Mackie, Douglas Russell and Gregor Powrie. Producer - Bruce Young.

26 Aug 2014: The Sensitive: The Protector
By Alastair Jessiman. Thomas is asked to investigate the disappearance of a family friend, who is believed to have taken his own life. The voice in Thomas's head suggests a different explanation, but before he can solve the mystery, he is shocked by a revelation from his own past. Thomas - Robin Laing, Mother - Sheila Donald, Kat - Julie Duncanson, with Anne Downie and John Buick. Producer - Bruce Young.

16 Aug 2014: Saturday Play - Murder under Trust: the Massacre at Glencoe
By Adrian Bean. The 1692 massacre of Glencoe saw soldiers billeted in the homes of the powerful MacDonald clan rise up and murder their hosts. Drawing on contemporary documents and historian John Prebble's book Glencoe. The play explores the motive behind the killings. Narrator: Tamara Kennedy, John Hay, the Marquis of Tweedale - John Buick, Col. John Hill - Brian Pettifer, Lt. Col. James Hamilton - Jordan Young, Robert Campbell - Matthew Zajac, with Paul Young, Martin McBride, Julie Duncanson, Iain Robertson, Anne Lacey, Stewart Campbell. Producer - Bruce Young.

5 Aug 2014: The Sensitive
By Alastair Jessiman. 3/3. A mystery in which Thomas Soutar uses his psychic gifts to help find a music student who disappeared a year ago. Robin Laing, Anita Vitesse, Sheila Donald, James MacPherson, Cara Kelly, Juliet Cadzow, John Paul Hurley, Patricia Kavanagh. Produced by Bruce Young.

22 Jul 2014: The Sensitive
By Alastair Jessiman. Offbeat thriller; police call in a psychic to help find a missing woman. Thomas Soutar is adept at solving crimes, but is his extraordinary gift a blessing or a curse? Thomas - Jimmy Chisholm, Mother - Sheila Donald, with Julie Austin, Mary Riggans, Kathryn Holden, Chris Young, James Bryce. Produced by Bruce Young.

7 May 2014: The Sensitive - Underground Man
By Alastair Jessiman. Glasgow psychic Thomas Soutar helps track down a killer who is hiding in the city's underground tunnels. Part 1 of 2. Robert Laing as Thomas, with Julie Duncanson asKat, Simon Donaldson as Brodie, Finlay Welsh, Stevie Hannan, Finlay McLean, John Shedden, Ann Scott-Jones, Sharon Young. Producer Bruce Young.

4 Apr 2014: Portrait of Winston
A repeat of Jonathan Smith's play about Graham Sutherland's infamous portrait of Winston Churchill. Clementine Churchill had one of the copies, which she burnt. Winston - Ben Whitrow, Clementine - Diane Fletcher, the artist - Dan Stevens, Kathleen Sutherland - Katherine Igoe. Other roles played by Gerard McDermott, James Lailey, Carl Prekopp. Producer Bruce Young.

15 Mar 2014: Saturday Play: Rebus: Black & Blue
By Ian Rankin, dram. Chris Dolan. Rebus probes the death of a North Sea oil worker. The inquiry overlaps with the hunt for a serial killer. 1/2. 60m. Ron Donachie, Iain Robertson, Gayanne Potter, Simon Tait, Irene Allan, Simon Donaldson, Mark McDonnell, Natalie Bennett, John Kazek, Juliet Cadzow, Laurie Ventry. Producer Bruce Young.

18 Feb 2014: McLevy: new series
By David Ashton. Victorian detective series. A turf war breaks out between rival factions of Leith's criminal underworld, and a new Chief Constable arrives. The relationship between McLevy and Jean goes a step further. Brian Cox, Siobhan Redmond, Michael perceval-Maxwell, David Ashton, Sandy Grierson, Gayanne Potter, Simon Tait, James Young, Paul Young, Finlay McLean. Producer Bruce Young.

1 Feb 2014: Saturday Play: Seance on a Wet Afternoon
By Mark McShane; 1961 thriller, dramatized by Adrian Bean. Myra Savage is a medium whose audience of local followers is dwindling. She forms a plot to kidnap the daughter of a well-known businessman, then use her 'powers' to help the police locate the missing girl. But her mental state is far from stable, and problems start to appear... Caroline Strong, Robert Glenister, Carl Prekopp, Nick Underwood, Jasmine Hyde, Lizzy Watts, Gerard McDermott, Jane Whittenshaw. Producer Bruce Young. 60m

14 Oct 2013: 15 Minute Drama - Gillespie and I, 1/10
By Jane Harris. A Victorian gothic mystery. In 1888, Harriet Baxter, an art-loving Englishwoman, arrives in Glasgow for the city's International Exhibition. She meets the Scottish painter, Ned Gillespie, and his wife, Annie - but tragedy is about to strike the Gillespies. Harriet - Phyllis Logan; Ned - Liam Brennan; Annie - Kate Dickie; Elspeth - Ann Scott-Jones; Sybil - Helen Mackay; Ramsay - Paul Young; Christina - Sarah McCardie; McPhail - Jimmy Chisholm; Caskie - Steven McNicoll; Judge - Finlay Welsh; Stirling - Robert Jack; Student - Robert Jack; Esther Watson - Ann Scott-Jones; Juror - Robert Jack; Director/Producer - Bruce Young ; Adaptor - Chris Dolan ; Author - Jane Harris.

26 Oct 2013: Saturday Drama: Topaz
Comedy drama by Lucy Gannon about the Victorian poet William Topaz McGonagall, a notoriously bad rhymester. When the play starts, he is tired of the ricicule his work has received, and devises a plot to rescue his reputation. Accompanied by his long-suffering son Billy, he walks from Dundee to Balmoral, hooping that an audience with Queen Victoria will be enough to secure him the fame and fortune his literary efforts have been unable to provide. The poet - Brian Cox, Queen Vic - Niamh Cusack, William's son - Sandy Grierson, Jean McGonagall - Maureen Beattie, with Stuart McQuarrie, Andrew Neil, Colette O'Neill, Sean Murray, Ali Craig, Amaka Okafor; producer Bruce Young.

21 July 2013: Classic Serial - Desolation Island
1 / 2. By Patrick O'Brian, ad. Roger Danes. August, 1811. Jack Aubrey sets sail for Australia in his new command, HMS Leopard. His mission - to transport a group of convicts to Botany Bay, including a woman, Louisa Wogan, who has been spying for the Americans. Stephen Maturin joins Jack once again as ship's surgeon - but his real job is to watch Mrs Wogan. When a fever breaks out among the prisoners and crew, Jack decides to head for Recife, but he is pursued through the South Atlantic by a powerful Dutch warship. Jack Aubrey .................... David Robb, Stephen Maturin .................... Richard Dillane, Louisa Wogan .................... Teresa Gallagher, Michael Herapath .................... Samuel Barnett, Lt Pullings .................... David Holt, Barratt Bonden .................... Sam Dale, Preserved Killick .................... Jon Glover, Lt Grant .................... Jonathan Tafler, Byron .................... Nick Underwood, Sir Joseph Blaine .................... Michael Bertenshaw, Peggy Barnes .................... Hannah Wood, Josiah Plaice .................... Lloyd Thomas. Producer: Bruce Young.

25 June 2013: Afternoon Drama -The Sensitive: Terma
By Alastair Jessiman. The psychic detective returns in the first of two new cases (the second is tomorrow afternoon). A journalist goes missing after building up a dossier on a powerful criminal family. Thomas is brought in by police to investigate his disappearance. Thomas Soutar .... Robin Laing, DI Crawford .... Simon Tait, DS Gilhoolie .... David Ireland, DCI Waller .... Lewis Howden, Kat .... Julie Duncanson, Tyler .... Alasdair Hankinson, Liz .... Lucy Hollis. Other parts are played by the cast. Producer: Bruce Young.

14 Jul 2006: Kaffir Lilies
By Sue Eckstein. When the dashing young Charles Middleton arrives in Nigeria in 1929, he strikes up an immediate friendship with Louisa, a married woman. Louisa begins to believe that Charles must be in love with her - but his diary entries reveal a different story. Charles ...... Matthew Pidgeon , Young Louisa ...... Candida Benson, Old Louisa ...... Edith Macarthur, Edward ...... Michael Mackenzie , Musa ...... Damian Lynch , Vera ...... Joanna Tope . Producer/director Bruce Young.

25 Feb 2006: The Saturday Play - Christabel's Anarchist
By Patricia Hannah. In the summer of 1876, Prince Peter Kropotkin escaped from imprisonment in St Petersburg, and for a few weeks he rented a room in Edinburgh under a false name. But what happened when the Russian anarchist prince met his Scottish Presbyterian landlady? A play that imagines a love story with no kissing, a comedy with secret policemen, and a tragedy with tea and shortbread. Christabel ...... Gerda Stevenson, Kropotkin ...... Crawford Logan, Narrator ...... Gayanne Potter, Molly ...... Hazel Hall, Waulkmill ...... John Kielty, Prosecutor/Rev Tulloch ...... Ralph Riach, Mrs Campbell ...... Carol Ann Crawford, Mr Campbell ...... Simon Tait, Mrs Niven ...... Sheila Donald, Mr Rankin ...... James Bryce. Producer/director Bruce Young.

22 Feb 2006: The Passion of Plum Duff
Alastair Jessiman's comedy about the clash of spiritual and human yearning, as an overweight Glasgow minister faces a mid-life crisis. When the 23-stone Reverend Plum Duff is suspected of having an affair with both the son and the wife of his session clerk, he turns to drink and his ukelele for support. Plum ...... Steven McNicoll, Colin ...... Nick Underwood, Janet ...... Eileen McCallum, Ross ...... John Buick, Uncle Frank ...... Alec Heggie, Man in park ... John Paul Hurley. Producer/director Bruce Young.

Jonathan Smith's return to favour was marked by THE LAST BARK OF THE BULLDOG (R4, 1430, 21 Jun 03). It was about the last few years of Churchill's career, and the crisis of June 1953 when he suffered a stroke during his last period in office as Prime Minister. Benjamin Whitrow was superb as Churchill, and he was ably supported by Sian Phillips as Lady Clementine, Michael Cochrane as Anthony Eden, Christian Rodska as Lord Moran, Robert Portal as Jock Colville and Emma Callender as Winston's attractive young nurse. The director was Bruce Young. (......ND, VRPCC newsletter, Sep. 2003) This play was nominated for the Sony Award, Best Radio Play of 2003. It was repeated on April 16 2004.

By Leila Aboulela. Two engineers on a North Sea oil rig are harassed by a stranger who seems to know every detail of their private lives. With Noma Dumezweni, Paul Birchard, James Bryce and Lynn Bains. Directed by Bruce Young. 21 Nov 01, 1415.

John Buchan's 1915 spy thriller, dramatised in two parts by Bert Coules. 1: `The Milkman Sets out on His Travels'. When a man is murdered in Richard Hannay's flat, he goes on the run, pursued by police and a gang of German spies intent on recovering a secret notebook which could destroy the British naval fleet. With David Robb, Tom Baker, William Hope and Struan Rodger. Director: Bruce Young.

By John Sessions. At Vailima, his home in Western Samoa, Robert Louis Stevenson attempts to dispel some of the romantic myths which have built up around him, as he looks back over his life. This play marks tomorrow's 150th anniversary of Stevenson's birth. With John Sessions, Phyllis Logan and Paul Young. Directed by Bruce Young. 11 Nov 00, 1430. Saturday Play.

by Leila Aboulela and Sarah Phelps. A thirtysomething London couple holiday in Egypt and return with a female djinn who has been trapped for 900 years in a jar of cardamom seeds. With Adjoa Andoh and Lisa Coleman. Director: Bruce Young. 20 Jul 00, 1415.

A romantic comedy by Chris Dolan. Plain Sandra Hamilton from Glasgow bets her flatmate that she will have more luck with the opposite sex if she pretends to be the exotic Sabina Vasiliev, the raven-haired temptress from Eastern Europe. With Fiona Bell, Cara Kelly, Liam Brennan and David Nisbet. Director: Bruce Young. 8 Mar 00, R4, 1415.

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