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Catherine Bailey was a radio drama producer working at the BBC. She is now a well-known Indie producer: Catherine Bailey Productions.

2015 The Ferryhill Philosophers, by Michael Chaplin
2014 Rumpole, by John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman
2012 The Gestapo Minutes, rpt. 2014
2012 More two-pipe problems, by Michael Chaplin
2012 Rumpole, by John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman
2012 Two-Pipe Problems, by Michael Chaplin
2011 The Heat of the Day, by Elizabeth Bowen
2011 Rumpole
2011 Two-Pipe Problems
2007 Boniface and Me
2006 Breakfast with Mugabe
2000 A high wind in Jamaica
1999 Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransome, Classic Serial
1999 Villette - Charlotte Bronte, dram. James Friel
1999 Dianeira, R3
1998 Waiting for the earth to move - Nick Leeson, rogue trader
1998 The airmen who would not die. Fuller, ad. M. Crompton. Story of the R101 airship.


7 Jan 2015: The Ferryhill Philosophers
Ep.2: Joe (ex-miner) and Hermione (female don) continue their mission to put the local villagers to rights. They debate whether a jobless teenage girl should be entitled to sell sex, and whether the truth should be told, regardless of the consequences. Cast - as yesterday.

6 Jan 2015: The Ferryhill Philosophers
By Michael Chaplin. An unemployed ex-miner and a philosophy lecturer form an unlikely partnership in a small village by the river Wear.Together they wrestle with moral issues in the community. Ep. 1 of 2. Joe: Alun Armstrong, Hermione: Deborah Findlay, Derek: Joe Caffrey, Gloria: Tracy Whitwell, Lucy: Lauren Kellegher, Barry: Jonathan Keeble, Vera: Jackie Lye, Kerry: Laura Elphinstone, Gaz: Chris Grahamson, Rollo Ironside: John Rowe. Producer: Catherine Bailey, Director: Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

20 Mar 2014: Rumpole
1/2. Rumpole and the Old Boy Net. By John Mortimer, adapted by Richard Stoneman. Rumpole's wife is worried about which public school their son should attend. Meanwhile Rumpole has his head turned by his new, attractive female assistant. Benedict Cumberbatch as Rumpole, with Jasmine Hyde as his wife, Nigel Anthony as Erskine-Brown, Ewan Bailey as Sir Cuthbert, Cathy Sara as Phillida Trant, Stephen Critchlow as the judge and Stehen Lucas. Producer - Catherine Bailey. Indie (Catherine Bailey).

12 Feb 2014: The Gestapo Minutes
By Adam Ganz. Rpt from 2012. Under the Nazis , lawyer Michel Oppenheim is made head of the Jesish community in Mainz. The minutes of his meetings with Schwoerer, a member of the Gestapo, still exist. When the war ends, Schwoerer begs him to supply a testimonial which might save him from the US war crimes trial and execution. Oppenheim has to decide whether he wishes to help the ex-Gestapo member from six years earlier. Oppenheim: Julian Rhind-Tutt, Shwoerer: Ed Stoppard, with Tamzin Griffin and Robin Lustig. Producer Catherine Bailey. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions)

19 Nov 2012: Two-Pipe problems
By Michael Chaplin. 2/2. William and Sandy travel to Suffolk in search of inheritance. Stanley Baxter, Geoffrey Palmer, Linda Broughton, Stephen Critchlow. Producer - Catherine Bailey. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

18 Nov 2012: Two-Pipe problems
By Michael Chaplin. 1/2. 'I get by with a little help from my friends'. The first of the two final episodes of the comedy with Geoffrey Palmer taking over the role of Richard Briers, who died in February. Stanley Baxter, Geoffrey Palmer, Felix Dexter, Tracey Wiles, David Holt, David Shaw-Parker, Terrell Forde. Producer Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey).

12 July 2012: Afternoon Drama - Rumpole and the Explosive Evidence
By John Mortimer, adapted by Richard Stoneman. Rumpole is in bed with flu, but more than happy to be called into work to escape the twenty four hour baby minding duties.The case is the defence of a well known safe blower with lots of previous form. Rumpole ...... Timothy West, Younger Rumpole ...... Benedict Cumberbatch, Hilda ...... Jasmine Hyde, Joyce Pringle ...... Alison Pettitt, Sam Ballard ...... Michael Cochrane, DI Dickerson ...... John Ramm, Sir Oliver Oliphant ...... Geoffrey Whitehead, Philbeam ...... Geoffrey Whitehead, Erskine-Brown ...... Nigel Anthony, Charlie Wheeler ...... Nigel Anthony, Henry ...... Adrian Scarborough, Mr Fingleton ...... Adrian Scarborough. Produced by Marilyn Imrie. Indie. (Catherine Bailey).

5 July 2012: Afternoon Drama - Rumpole and the Man of God
By John Mortimer; adapted by Richard Stoneman. It's 1959, and Rumpole is faced with defending a clergyman accused of shoplifting who, although innocent of the crime, is curiously reluctant to be cross examined under oath. Rumpole .......... Timothy West, Younger Rumpole .......... Benedict Cumberbatch, Hilda .......... Jasmine Hyde, Mr Pratt .......... Stephen Critchlow, George Frobisher .......... Stephen Critchlow, Reverend Mordred Skinner .......... Adrian Scarborough, Evelyn Skinner .......... Cathy Sara, Ida Tempest .......... Cathy Sara, Mr Justice Vosper .......... Nigel Anthony, Claude Erskine-Brown .......... Nigel Anthony. Directed by Marilyn Imrie. Indie. (Catherine Bailey production).

22 Apr 2012: Afternoon Drama - Two Pipe Problems, I Love a Lassie
By Michael Chaplin. Sandy decides to travel to Greenock on Clydeside to collect his Freedom of the City award. As he has no living relatives or close friends, he invites William to accompany him on condition he behaves himself. When Sandy and William arrive, they meet the Provost's secretary. It becomes clear that his hosts really know virtually nothing about Sandy - in fact the secretary asks to interview him so she can write up the Provost's speech for the ceremony. The following day, Sandy shows William around his birthplace. They visit the tenement where he was born and meet a man he was at school with. He isn't wholly friendly. It soon becomes clear why... Sandy Boyle ....... Stanley Baxter, William Parnes ....... Richard Briers, Provost ....... John Sessions, Station Assistant ....... John Sessions, Moira ....... Gabriel Quigley, Janice ....... Maureen Beattie, Macca ....... Gordon Kennedy, Train Guard ....... Gordon Kennedy. Producer : Marilyn Imrie. Indie. (Catherine Bailey).

15 Apr 2012: Afternoon Drama - Two Pipe Problems, A Rose by Any Other Name
In tribute to Richard Briers. By Michael Chaplin. Sandy and William find a cardboard box in the doorway to the Old Beeches; inside, a tiny baby, clutching a small toy. There is no message and no sign of the mother. From the moment Sandy carries the box into the breakfast room, the discovery causes a sensation in the closet world of the home. Everyone is enchanted by the child - a little girl - and horrified at the implications of her being abandoned. Sandy Boyle ...... Stanley Baxter, William Parnes ...... Richard Briers, The Girl (Stephanie) ...... Joan Iyiola, Karen ...... Tracy Wiles, Mary ...... Jillie Meers, Nellie ...... Anne Reid, PC Marlowe ...... David Holt, Old Beeches Residents ...... David Holt. Directed by Marilyn Imrie; produced by: Catherine Bailey. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

8 Apr 2012: Afternoon Drama - Two-Pipe Problem, The Case of the Missing Meerschaum
In tribute to Richard Briers, who co-starred in this series for six years and who died very recently... Starring the late Richard Briers and Stanley Baxter. William and Sandy are to appear at a Sherlock Holmes Convention, held at a hotel just around the corner from Baker Street. Sandy isn't keen but succumbs to William's desperate need to be in the spotlight once more. Sandy finds the display of 'fandom' absurd - the packed memorabilia stalls and one fan's observation that he thought he'd died years before... Sandy Boyle ........ Stanley Baxter, William Parnes ........ Richard Briers, Mortimer Tregennis ........ Geoffrey Palmer, Roger Butterworth ........ James Fleet, Beryl Butterworth ........ Joanna David, Underground Worker ........ Matt Simandl, Hotel Receptionist ........ Matt Simandl, Autograph Hunter ........ James McGregor, Souvenir Stallholder ........ James McGregor. Producer Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey).

6 Nov 2011: Classic Serial - The Heat of the Day, Episode 2
By Elizabeth Bowen. Details- see last week. Cast: Screenwriter ..... Henry Goodman, Harrison ..... Matthew Marsh, Stella ...... Anna Chancellor, Robert ...... Tom Goodman-Hill, Louie/ Anne/ Mary/Waitress ...... Teresa Gallagher, Roderick ...... Daniel Weyman, Ernestine ...... Honeysuckle Weeks, Mrs Kelway ...... Tina Gray, Donovan ...... Nigel Anthony. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Production).

30 Oct 2011: Classic Serial - The Heat of the Day, Episode 1
Adapted by Tristram Powell and Honor Borwick. Elizabeth Bowen's wartime novel of betrayal, adapted from a screenplay by Harold Pinter. Part love story, part spy thriller, in which the beautiful Stella's allegiances are tested. Stella discovers that her lover, Robert, who works for British Intelligence, is suspected of selling classified information to the enemy. Harrison, the man who has tracked Robert down, wants Stella as the price for his silence. Caught between these two men, not sure whom to believe, Stella finds her world crumbling as she learns how little we can know of those around us...........The novel was first published in 1949. In it she draws on her affair with Charles Ritchie, a Canadian diplomat, to whom the book is dedicated. The nature of their affair is reflected in Stella's relationship with Robert. Robert and Stella share the same ages (and age difference) as Bowen and Ritchie. Bowen's preoccupation with the cracks below the surface and the psychology of hurt and betrayal is echoed in Harold Pinter's work. Pinter's style and Bowen's dialogue find a perfect marriage in this adaptation. Cast: Screenwriter ..... Henry Goodman, Harrison ..... Matthew Marsh, Stella ...... Anna Chancellor, Robert ..... Tom Goodman-Hill, Louie/ Anne ...... Teresa Gallagher, Roderick ...... Daniel Weyman, Ernestine ...... Honeysuckle Weeks, Mrs Kelway/ Mrs Tringsby ...... Tina Gray, Cousin Francis/ Blythe ...... Nigel Anthony, Nettie ....... Gemma Jones, Peter ...... Ben Baker. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. Directed by Tristram Powell. Indie (Catherine Bailey production).

10 Jun 2011: Afternoon Drama-The Antisocial Behaviour of Horace Rumpole,2: Going for Silk
Rumpole has successfully rebutted his colleagues attempts to quash his ebullient lifestyle with an ASBO, and now turns his attention back to the continuing case against young Bertie Timson whose sole 'crime' seems to be playing football in the street. Why are the residents pursuing their case against the boy quite so strongly? Could they have more sinister reasons for wanting him off their street? And could it be connected in any way to the lonely death of a prostitute across town, in which the prime suspect is a hapless young bachelor protesting his innocence; a call to arms Rumpole can scarcely ignore? Cast: Horace Rumpole ..... Timothy West, Hilda Rumpole ..... Prunella Scales, Bonny Bernard ..... Nicholas le Prevost, Police Doctor ..... Roger May, Anna McKinnon ..... Jillie Mears, Graham Wetherby ..... David Holt, Prosecutor Noakes ..... Matthew Morgan, Detective Inspector Belfrage ..... David Shaw-Parker , Judge Barnes ..... Geoffrey Whitehead. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. Catherine Bailey Productions (indie).

3 Jun 2011: Afternoon Drama - Rumpole on Trial
John Mortimer's two part Radio 4 Rumpole story brings us the magician of the Old Bailey at his implacable best as he defends our ancient freedoms, while remaining uneasy about exactly what his wife Hilda is up to in her continuing friendship with a high court judge. Cast: Horace Rumpole ..... Timothy West, Hilda Rumpole ..... Prunella Scales , 'Soapy Sam' Ballard ..... Michael Cochrane, Bonny Bernard ..... Nicholas le Prevost , Prosecutor Parkes ..... Roger May , Madam Chair of Magistrates ..... Jillie Mears , Graham Wetherby ..... David Holt , Lars Bergman ..... Matthew Morgan , Judge Bullingham ..... David Shaw-Parker , Fig Newton ..... Geoffrey Whitehead. Producer: Marilyn Imrie Made by Catherine Bailey Productions (indie).

23 Feb 2011 Afternoon Drama - Two Pipe Problems, Have You Come Far?
Sandy appears in the honours list but a trip to Buckingham Palace to collect his award provides another mystery for the veteran sleuths to solve. Cast: Sandy Boyle ..... Stanley Baxter , William Parnes ..... Richard Briers , Karen ..... Tracy Wiles , Postman ..... David Shaw-Parker , Charles, Equerry to HRH ..... Julian Rhind-Tutt , Doctor Mortimer ..... Geoffrey Whitehead , Marvin ..... Stephen Critchlow , Elsie ..... Linda Broughton. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. A Catherine Bailey production.

22 Feb 2011 Afternoon Drama - Two Pipe Problems.
Episode 1. By Michael Chaplin. We return to The Old Beeches, a retirement home for elderly thespians, in the company of William and Sandy; two actors who still nurse a certain affectionate animosity towards one another since they starred as Holmes and Watson in a 1960s television series. Our two elderly thespian residents of the Old Beeches home for retired members of the Acting profession become embroiled in making sure the course of true love DOES run smooth. It all begins with a proposal, leading swiftly to a wedding, involving two residents - a Shakespearian knight called Sir Trelawney Hope and an ex-nightclub chanteuse called Dolores Sweet, with William as Trelawney's best man and Sandy giving Dolores away. But as the old couple stand there, Trelawney drops a bombshell - he no longer wishes to go through with it. There's uproar, Trelawney strides away, refusing to say any more. Our two heroes are once again pressed into service to solve a mystery; just why does the bridegroom suddenly call the wedding off? Cast: Sandy Boyle ..... Stanley Baxter , William Parnes ..... Richard Briers, Dolores Sweet ..... Julia McKenzie , Sir Trelawney Hope ..... John Rowe , Godfrey ..... Joseph Mydell , Mary Winter ..... Jillie Meers , Isadora Klein ..... Susan Wooldridge , Hugo ..... Stephen Critchlow. Saxophonist ..... Julie Hodge. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. A Catherine Bailey production.

.......Gillian Plowman, author of a number of radio plays which explore relationships, including the spooky "Sea Change" from 1995, was the author of BONIFACE AND ME (R4, 1415, 4 Dec 07), an outstanding play looking at the situation in Zimbabwe (ex-Rhodesia) and the consequences for the charismatic head teacher of a village school. A divorced woman begins to write to an African child she met on a holiday. Soon she is writing to several children, and helping with their education. She finds more love and friendship from them than she does from her own family. Harriet Walter was Nell, Boniface was Jude Agoutika, and the producer and director were Catherine Bailey and Annie Castledine. A number of writers to the messageboard said that the play had them in tears; another person pointed out that this is hardly helpful; we must accept that there are some things we can only observe, and perhaps one of them is the tragedy which is Zimbabwe. ....ND, VRPCC newsletter...

Breakfast with Mugabe....2006
A Royal Shakespeare Company Production by Catherine Bailey Ltd, for BBC Radio 3. Sony Award winner.

By Richard Hughes, dram. Bryony Lavery. The Bas Thornton children live in Jamaica. But a hurricane hits the island, and they are sent home to England, which is supposedly safer. On the way their ship is taken over by pirates. With Robert Glenister, Hatty Jones, Kiera Knightley; dir. Catherine Bailey. Broadcast as Classic Serial. 28 May 00.

Superb play about the rogue trader Nick Leeson and how his activities led to the downfall of Barings' Bank. With Richard Briers, Paul Chan, Leena Dhingra, Andrew Lincoln. Directors Catherine Bailey and John Dove. 55m.

Nigel Deacon, Diversity website

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