Brock's Hill Community Orchard, Oadby

UPDATE Oct 2015

We have recently received new information about the trees at Brock's Hill which is shown below.

This is an interesting community orchard, with 100+ apple trees and a pleasant visitor's centre.

Leicestershire Heritage Apples has taken part in apple events at Brock's Hill in the past, and we are scheduled to attend another on 13 Oct 2013.

Unfortunately few of the trees in the orchard are labelled, so although the fruit is excellent, few people know what varieties they are enjoying.

Eventually we hope to produce a map showing what is where.

To get the ball rolling - if anyone knows the identity of particular trees, we would be pleased to hear from you. Information will be displayed on this page.

The planting list is as follows:

APPLES: Allington Pippin, Annie Elizabeth, Barnack Beauty, Bramley, Brownlees Russet, Cox Pomona, Dumelow's Seedling, George Cave, Golden Pippin, Newton Wonder.

CHERRY: Elton Heart.

COBNUT: Kent Cob.

DAMSON- Merryweather.


PEAR: Beurre Hardy, Clapps Favourite, Conference, Durondeau.

PLUM: Cambridge Gage, Early Rivers, Pershore Yellow Egg.

WALNUT: Black.

My sketch map of the orchard (and a later one obtained from Brock's Hill) is below. Click the thumbnail for the detail. Mine (on the left) points North.


Bottom left hand corner of the orchard on the diagram is mainly pears with some plums slightly higher up. Apples and cherries to the right and middle, including near to the Visitor Centre.

My attempt to map this in Feb had to be abandoned; fingers started to freeze!

The trees; apples unless stated otherwise. Note that some of the varieties on the original planting list seem to have disappeared.

A10-A18: Allington Pippin
B1-B10 Brownlees Russet
B11-12 Cherry: Elton Heart
C1-C8 Annie Elizabeth, planted Jan 2003
G1-G9 Dumelow's Seedling (aka Dumeller's Seedling)
H1-H9 Barnack Beauty
H10-H12 Golden Pippin
J1-J3 Bramley
J4-J6: Annie Elizabeth
J7-J8 Golden Pippin
K1-K6 Bramley
K7 Newton Wonder
K8-K9 George Cave
L1-L6 Newton Wonder
L7 George Cave
M1-M2 Newton Wonder
M3-M5 Cox's Pomona
M6 George Cave
N1-N2 Cox's Pomona
V2-V5 Clapp's Favourite
W1-W4 Conference pear
X1 Beurre Hardy pear
X2-X3 Conference pear
Y1-Y3 Beurre Hardy pear
Z1-Z2 Beurre Hardy pear

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