Radio Play / Radio Drama Competition

This quiz ran in April - May 2005. Because of the interest it generated, I'm leaving the web-page online. The prizes given were copies of some very interesting software called Replay Radio, enabling a person to record radio plays even when away from the house. Details of this are shown lower down the page.

These were the questions:

1)What is special about Andrew Sachs's play "The Revenge"?
2)What is unusual about the play "On a day in summer in a garden?", and who wrote it?
3)What is meant by Panel, Grams and Spot?
4)What do a sleuthing priest, a play about furniture and a very articulate unborn child have in common?

Nigel Deacon / Diversity

UPDATE: My answers are shown a lot lower down the page....

1)It's a play without words.

2)All the speaking parts are taken by plants.

3)These are terms for the three studio managers used during a radio play (see article on this site by Bert Coules)

4)The common link is Simon Brett, who wrote some of the Baldi episodes (the sleuthing priest), the "Furniture Play", where most of the speaking parts are taken by pieces of furniture - and "Womb with a view" - the articulate foetus.

Thanks to everyone who supported us by taking part. The winners were Angela Almond and Donald Craig.



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