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20.12.99 Nobody
03.09.04 Loaded* (Friday play)


R4, 20 Dec 99, A man gets back from the office, but finds his home occupied by another family, and no-one recognizes him. A little like a Daphne du Maurier short story I read some years ago. Rpt. BBC7, Xmas 2007.

Interesting play about the conflict between two ways of living: career go-getters and less ambitious, family types who want a quiet life ("losers", as some of the career men will have it). A young man and his wife go to Australia to visit his dying father. His brother, a high-flying salesman, shows him what he could do if he put his mind to it. I thought it was going towards a tame finish, but there was an unexpected twist at the end. Some strong language, too, but it was a first class piece of writing and an excellent production. 60m, Friday play. Directed by Nadia Molinari. With James Nickerson, Nicholas Sidi, Kaye Wragg and Sarah Vandenburgh.

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