David Jackson Young

....one of which we've heard before, were Aidan Dooley's Homecoming and Holy Water, by Alan Butler (R4, 1415, 14-15 Dec 04). In the first, a deceased poet is shipped back into the remote Irish village of Kildargon, where his grave gives the local economy a much needed boost. The sequel concerns a local rogue who decides to bottle water from the local spring. He plans to sell it in the local store, but the woman who owns the spring won't give him access to it. This doesn't stop his scheme, however. The cast included Bryan Murray, Marcella Riordan and Jim Norton, and the plays were directed by David Jackson Young. ......ND, VRPCC newsletter

State of the Art ....2001
Ali Smith's comic play about a man who hires an electronic guide on a visit to an art gallery. Soon he is being given information about a lot more than the paintings... With Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Vivienne Dixon, Monica Gibb and Emma Currie. Directed by David Jackson Young. 28 Jun 01.

Mamihlapinatapai ....2001
In a series of scenes and sketches, Eliza Langland's play explores moments of `mamihlapinatapai' - a word from Tierra del Fuego that describes the situation where two people look at one another, each hoping that the other will offer to do something which both much desire, but are unwilling to do. With Eliza Langland, Crawford Logan, Johnny Meres and Gayanne Potter. Directed by David Jackson Young. 5 Jun 01.

The Fairy Godmother ....2001
By Susie Maguire. When her best friend's marriage looks threatened by infidelity, relationship guidance counsellor Ann Sallis decides on a direct approach to solving the problem. With Phyllis Logan, Simon Tait, James Bryce and Martha Leishman. Directed by David Jackson Young. 5 Apr 01.

In the Treacle Well....2000
ND - A housewife finds her husband having an affair - she gets some guidance from Celia Johnson and Bette Davis.

...RT comment: - By Patricia Hannah. When she discovers that her husband is having an affair, a genteel Edinburgh housewife seeks guidance from two unlikely sources: Bette Davis and Celia Johnson playing their respective roles in `All about Eve' and `Brief Encounter'. With Leigh Biagi, Robert Paterson and Nora Elwell Sutton. Director: David Jackson Young. 15 Mar 00.

Woman's Hour Drama: By Ann Marie Di Mambro. Joanna and Douglas investigate the desecration of a local church. Meanwhile Kate attempts to come to terms with Philip's abrupt departure. With Ann Scott-Jones and Emma Currie. Director David Jackson Young. 25 episodes; concluded 11 Dec 98.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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