Dogs Radio Plays

02.12.61 The Little Dog Laughed, by Leslie Godfrey
08.09.62 One man and his dog, by Andrew Sachs
01.10.62 A Dog's Life, by Derek Hoddinott
15.01.64 Give A Dog A Bad Name, by Lydia Ragosin
12.04.74 Lady with the little dog, by Chekhov
21.04.76 Dog and his Day, by Mike Arblaster
??.??.75 The dog it was that died, by Tom Stoppard
??.??.76 Dog in a Manger, by Jill Hyem
28.12.77 Camp of the dog, by Sheila Hodgson / Algernon Blackwood
22.11.79 The Dog's Life, by Martyn Wade
06.12.94 Stay Stum, by Sheila Goff
??.??.95 Hair of the dog, by Lesley Danes
19.01.00 Stay, by Georgia Pritchett
??.??.03 About a dog - series by Debbie Barham / Graeme Garden
29.05.04 Greyfriars Bobby, by Ronald Frame
08.06.05 Talking to Sticky, by Christine Marshall
2007 About a dog, series 2, by Graeme Garden.

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Schrodinger's Dog, CBC
Hound of the Baskervilles,dramatisations; most recent Bert Coules


Amusing play about a husband who doesn't know when he's well off. He wants to leave his wife because he's bored. Unknown to him, so is she...it's the dog which brings matters to a head. And his wife's friend adopts a strategy which doesn't work out as intended. With Basil Moss as George, Richard Coleman as Rowley, Judy Cornwall as June Norma Ronald as Fenella. Percy Edwards plays Basil the dog... Produced by Kay Patrick.

STAY STUM ....1994
With Peter Sallis.

ABOUT A DOG....2003
Based on an idea by Debbie Barham; written by Graeme Garden and starring Alan Davies as the dog. Two short comedy series: 2003 and 2007.

Greyfriars Bobby .... 2004
Greyfriars Bobby's master, John Gray served as an Edinburgh policeman for several years and like other officers on the beat at the time he had to provide his own police dog. In this new adventure specially written for radio, Ronald Frame follows the fortunes of John Gray and his dog, Bobby. With petty thieves at work in the High Street and a gang of ruthless house breakers at work in both the Old and New Town area of the city, the new recruits have their work cut out.

Bobby ....... Crawford Logan
Jocki (John Gray) ....... Paul Young
Aeneas Cauirncross ........ Kenny Blyth
Bridie ........ Gayanne Potter
Lachlan Cairncross ........ Simon Tait
Sergeant Mitchell ......... Iain Agnew
McCrae .......... Steve McNicholl
Lady Cairncross ........ Vivienne Dixon
Produced and directed by David Ian Neville

By Christine Marshall. Jean lives with her best friend and confidante, the ever faithful dog, Sticky. The week's highlight is going up the crematorium on Tuesdays to tag onto funerals with Jean's pal, Ida. Life is blissful, but Sticky is old...

Jean ...... Tina Gray
Ida ...... Ann Rye
Sandra ...... Rachel Priest
Directed by Jenny Stephens.

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

Later plays above known to exist in VRPCC collections

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