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29 Apr 21: The Cairn
By Donna Franceschild. Sometimes scattering ashes stirs up more than just grief. Drama set on the Kintyre Peninsula. Agim …Nebli Basani, Eilidh …Fiona MacNeil, Arlene … Olivia Morgan, Isla ... Rosie Smith, Wilma … Gerda Stevenson, Alex …Paul Young. Directed by Kirsty Williams.

A welcome repeat of the first (one-off) programme, 2 Apr 13, first broadcast in 2008. Set in the Western Highlands. Three more episodes followed on 3,4,5 Apr.

1. 2 Apr. Autumn Leaves: About to abandon all hope, an ex-jazz pianist whom everyone has forgotten hears a strange noise in the bathroom. It is a sheep farmer playing the double bass.

2. 3 Apr. The Gig at the Red Stag. As the quartet prepares for its first gig, the lead singer's home life spins out of control.Note that the part of Iain is played in this and the following episodes by a different actor, Garry Collins. Rest of cast: Kate Murphy, Gerry Mulgrew, Callum Cuthbertson, Ann Scott Jones, Gavin Mitchell, Sally Reid, Wendt Seager, Anne Lacey, Gavin Mitchell, Anita Vettesse. Producer Kirsty Williams; music by Eoin Millar.

3. 4 Apr. The Music Festival. The drummer receives a surprise when a woman saying she is his daughter walks into the local pub. Cast-see yesterday.

4. 5 Apr. Almost Top Of The Bill. As the band search around to get a gig, the bass player finds his home and livelihood in jeopardy.

By John Steinbeck. 2 Sep 12 and the two following Sundays...dramatized by Donna Franceschild. Michelle Fairley won the 'best actress' award for 2012 for her performance in this play. Produced by Kirsty Williams, BBC Scotland for R4. The play was repeated on R4extra, 3 episodes, 2012.

THE PEARL....2012
By John Steinbeck, 3 Feb 12. Dram. Donna Franceschild. Discovery of a pearl in a Mexican village and its impact on a family.

1 Apr 11. A play about the unlikely friendship between an asylum seeker and a migrant worker who find a stray lottery ticket and think it may be the answer to all their problems. Orig. broadcast 18 Feb 09. Cast: Salih...............Nitzan Sharron, Jacek..............John Kazek, Woman...........Meg Fraser, Producer: Kirsty Williams.

Original broadcast 2008; rpt. 2 Feb 11. Comedy-drama.With his life empty, except for dreams of former glory as a jazz musician, music teacher Robbie accidentally gains a jazz quartet. Robbie ...... Gerry Mulgrew, Stuart ...... Callum Cuthbertson, Iain ...... Stephen McCole, Delilah ...... Katy Murphy, producer Kirsty Williams. This was an excellent play by someone I had not heard about ... well done, DF.

    .........................Another musical play, QUARTET, by Donna Franceschild (R4, 1415,13 Nov 08) was a little moral tale about not turning down opportunities. A musician who was once on the brink of fame finds himself years later in a dead end job living in the middle of nowhere. But one by one, musicians start to appear. This was a light comedy starring Gerry Mulgrew, Callum Cuthbertson, Stephen McCole and Katy Murphy, produced by Kirsty Williams.(.......ND, 'VRPCC Review, Dec 2008.)

The CA'D'ORO CAFE....2010
26 Jan 10. Comedy about love, money and desperation. Melanie ...... Elspeth Brodie, Billy ...... Robin Laing, Tramp ...... John Kazek. Producer Kirsty Williams.

25 Mar 08. A teenager struggling to stay sane turns a corner when emails promising to change his life get mysteriously personal. Angel ...... Jimmy Chisholm, Kevin ...... Finn Den Hertog, Teacher ...... Louise Ludgate, Liam ...... Richard Madden, Louie ...... Amy Manson, Mr McNabb ...... Gavin Mitchell, Mum ...... Katy Murphy. .

24 May 99-28 May 99; rpt. 19-23 Jun 00. Part of Radio 4's TimeBank week. First story: `You've Never Heard My Music' by Donna Franceschild and Simon Little. A story of four people who ring the Samaritans and find that the volunteers have a sympathetic ear and a tender heart. With Ken Cranham, Emma Fielding and Jasper Britton. Producer: Bill Bryden. Four more stories broadcast on the days following. 5 x 12m.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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