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By Wilkie Collins; well-known mystery story dramatized in four one-hour episodes as the Classic Serial, beginning 23 Jan 2011. The dramatist is Doug Lucie, working for Goldhawk Essential (Independent Production Company) alongside David Chilton (music) and Janet Whitaker (producer). Stars Kenneth Cranham, Jasmine Hyde, Steve Hodson, Paul Rhys, Eleanor Bron, Stephen Critchlow, Alison Pettitt.

No credit for 'Goldhawk' in 'Radio Times', incidentally ........

15-16 Mar, 2 x 45m, broadcast on successive days.

RT blurb: Welcome to the wedding of Emma and Richard. The couple have done their best to keep their respective families apart, but as their nuptials approach, it's time for their inlaws to meet. Doug Lucie's satire on the obsession with weddings and happy-ever-afters. Producer Heather Lamour.

Cast: William Gaunt, Sylvia Sims, Lydia Leonard, Joe Armstrong, Stephen Moore, Frances Barber, Nicky Henson, Ian Reddington, Cheryl Campbell.

R4, 27 Nov 08. A comedy about the credit crunch. Mike is a successful property developer, until the market begins to fall. At that point his problems begin. Stars Mark Bazely, Samantha Spiro, Amy Schindler, Ashley Cook, Larissa Kouznetsova, Basher Savage. Producer Janet Whitaker. Afternoon play, 45m.

This play is discussed at length by Larry Slade on his radio drama blog:
A BBC fan in New York - Larry Slade's reviews

Shut Eye....2004
9 Mar 04. Dramatised by Doug Lucie from the book by Adam Baron.

Notes on the first episode (of 4): A serial set in the seamy back streets around King's Cross where ex-cop Billy Rucker looks for runaways, but this time it's murder he gets involved in.

Billy Rucker ...... David Morrissey
DI Gold ...... Danny Webb
Sharon ...... Li-Leng Au
Sir Peter Morant ...... Edward de Souza
Alex Mitchell ...... Matt Day
Rollo ...... Declan Wilson
Mrs Lewes ...... Rachel Atkins
Secretary ...... Gbemisola Ikumelo
Directed by Janet Whitaker.

The Gypsy*....2003
3 Mar 03. An eerie tale of love and loss by Agatha Christie, adapted for radio by Doug Lucie.

Dickie Carpenter, a war-wounded sailor, is haunted by strange visitations from a ghostly woman. His friend Robert sets out to solve the mystery of these visions, and finally of Dickie's death, only to find himself fighting for his own life in a terrifying battle between love and death.

Dickie Carpenter ...... Michael Fenton-Stevens
Robert MacFarlane ...... Hilton McRae
Alison Haworth ...... Vivien Heilbron
Rachel Lawes ...... Eleanor Tremaine
Mrs Rowse ...... Jennie Stoller
Directed by Dirk Maggs.

20 Jan 02, rpt. 18 Aug 02. A satirical look at the contemporary art world, where a young artist is being courted by different patrons who all have their own agendas. Drama on 3, 90m.

Small Earthquake* ....2002
3 May 02; Friday play. A modern divorce story about two thirtysomethings unwittingly obeying a fundamental law of nature - adapt or perish. With Lia Williams and David Morrissey.

Guesses at Most*....2000
2 Jul 00, R3. Lucie's theatre plays are scathing satires on aspects of modern Britain, and in his first radio play, he explores life under New Labour for two middle-class sisters. Diana Quick (Jill), Bill Nighy (Stan), Julie Legrand (Lisa), Amy Shindler (Daisy), Andrew Howard (Ash), Victoria O'Donnell (Zoe). Sunday Play. Director: Janet Whitaker.

Asterisked plays known to exist in VRPCC collections.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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