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50 Berkeley Square....2006
9 Mar 06. The setting is Victorian England and a house, rumoured to be the most haunted in London, is about to give up its dark secret. In the series "Voices From The Grave", a series of four dramas inspired by British ghost stories. Commissined by BBC7 (now called Radio 4 Extra).

The New Lands of Charles Fort....2005
23 April 05. A fictional story which takes for its inspiration events in the life of Charles Fort, whose work led to the founding of The Fortean Society. With Allan Corduner, Geraldine James, Alex Kelly, Susan Jameson, and Stephen Hogan. Directed by Rachel Stanton.

The Salamander Letter....2005
15 Jan 05. The Salamander Letter explores one of the most remarkable episodes in the history of The Church of the Latter Day Saints a fraud aimed at the heart of the Mormon faith, and which led to murder. It is 1987 and Salt Lake City has been rocked by a series of mysterious, seemingly random letter bombs, which have left two people dead and one severely injured. All the evidence seems to point to Mark Hofmann, the respected dealer of rare and antique documents, who was himself the victim of the third attack. However, police have no idea as to the motive and, in a plea-bargain arrangement, decide to commute his sentence in exchange for a full confession. This play follows the course of the interview. Mark Hofmann ...... Adam Sims, Special Investigator William Keefe ......Glenn Conroy, Dorie Hofmann ...... Laurel Lefkow, Mark's Father/Ken Rendell ...... Stephen Hogan , Mark's Mother ...... Helen Longworth, Special Investigator Tom Jameson/Todd Axelrod ...... Nicholas Boulton, Gordon Hinckley ...... Hugh Dickson, Announcer ...... Emily Wachter, Interviewer ...... Susan Jameson, Ronald Yengich/Justin Schiller ...... Jason Chan, Witness ...... Ndidi del Fatti , Announcer ...... Robert Hastie. Directed by Ned Chaillet.

Mr Bensley's Pram ....2002
23 Nov 02; The Saturday Play. The true story of an extraordinary wager accepted in 1907 by Harry Bensley. Disguised in an iron helmet, Bensley had to push a pram around the world. Featuring James Purefoy as Harry Bensley.

The Hunting Of The Snark....2000
Based on the poem by Lewis Carrol First broadcast 27 Dec 00. A surreal odyssey in which a bizarre group of characters set off in search of the elusive and mysterious Snark. With Nigel Anthony, David Bamber, James Fleet and Jasmine Hyde. Directed by Karen Rose.

Gallery Girl
The Dream Workings and Brain Sayings of James Tilly Matthews

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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