Earl Cameron Radio Plays

This is to remember Earl Cameron, a lovely kind warm hearted actor with a long career mostly in film and television but also some radio drama- born 8 August 1917; died 3 July 2020.

49/08/27 Deep Are The Roots- as Brett
56/10/29 Mathry Beacon as Gunner Olim (also on Radio 3)
56/11/04 ... And Also Much Cattle as The Preacher
56/12/24 The Green Pastures as Gabriel (also Light Program)
57/11/02 The River Man as Braveboy
60/04/28 No Word From Charlie as Inch
60/11/07 The Lady from the Sea as A Stranger
61/01/13 The Leper Who Made People Sing as Harcourt White (also Light Program titled The Leper)
63/05/18 A Matter of Policy as Benjamin Dowdall
64/06/22 Brother Man as Brother Man
66/06/22 reading The Raffle
66/07/11 Wind Versus Polygamy as Chief Ozuomba (also R4)

68/07/24 The Shield - as James
70/03/23 A Country Without Rain as Marcus
70/07/31 Wind versus Polygamy as Chief Ozuomba
70/07/31 A Dead Liberty as The Doctor (also on R3)
70/12/13 The Georgia Story as Jim
71/03/15 The Death of Bessie Smith - playing Jack (Also R3)
71/12/13 The Black Jacobins - as Toussaint L'Ouverture
73/08/11 Two Ladies from Philadelphia - as King Henri Christophe
73/08/19 Of Mice and Men as Crooks
75/03/12 Port of Call as Mr Bolsover
79/01/06 The Investigation of a Murder as Charlie
95/10/21 The Race of the Dugout Canoes as Nakafu
2003/10/15 Giles Wemmbley Hogg - as Headmaster
2004/11/02 Giles Wemmbley Hogg - as Headmaster
2017/12/30 Anansi Boys - as the dragon

56/06/18 and repeats - Mathry Beacon as Gunner Olim (also on Home Service)
57/03/03 and repeats - The Member of the Wedding -as Honey Brown
58/10/05 and repeats- Under the Sun -as Brother Hugh
60/08/17 and repeats - The University of Hunger - as Sutlej
64/10/15 A Dead Liberty as The Doctor (also on R4)
69/03/30 The Death Of Bessie Smith as Jack (also on R4)
69/11/21 reading Return to My Native Land
70/04/19 Tomorrow, from Any Window as The Black Soldier

BBC Light Program:
49/08/29 & repeats Deep Are The Roots As Brett (also Home Service)
49/10/25 The Green Pastures as Cain (also Home Service)
60/05/16 - The Leper - as Harcourt White
65/02/19 More Things in Heaven and Earth as Jimmo Mampouya
65/11/14 & episodes The File On Richard Questor - as Clinton Parker
65/12/26 & episodes: Cover Story - as Clinton Parker
66/01/16 & episodes The Hunterdown Project- as Clinton Parker

April/May 1969- reading Strength to Love

Compiled by Stephen Shaw, 4 July 2020 / Diversity website. Many thanks, Stephen - Ed.

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