Finally the day is here...the dictionary is out!

    Authoritative Ekegusii Dictionary now published

    The first 2000 copies are finished, and the launch has taken place.....

    My own copy has arrived, and I've taken a few shots to give a flavour of what it contains.

    It's an astonishing piece of work, meticulously researched and compiled.

    Here's a picture of the volume; it runs to 1400 pages. There are 1000 pages of Ekegusii - English dictionary and a 400-page lexicon at the back which goes in the opposite direction.

    So.......click on the thumbnails...

    Authoritative Ekegusii Dictionary now published...

    The main contents:

    Authoritative Ekegusii Dictionary now published...

    Sample pages from the dictionary and lexicon:

    Authoritative Ekegusii Dictionary now published... Authoritative Ekegusii Dictionary now published...

    The acknowledgements, where 'Diversity' gets a mention, and part of our addition to the foreword:

    Authoritative Ekegusii Dictionary now published... Authoritative Ekegusii Dictionary now published

    Kennedy Bosire and Gladys Machogu have been working tirelessly on this project for many years. It is the culmination of an enormous effort, without which the language was almost certainly set to disappear within a couple of generations.

    'Diversity' has been associated with the project in a small way since 2006.

    This dictionary, along with its online companion, is the best way of ensuring that the young people of the Abagusii have access to authoritative work on their language and heritage, and that the language itself goes from strength to strength.

    There is a Facebook page for those who wish to be more interactive. I'll be putting details online shortly.

    Nigel Deacon, England, July 2013

    Mr.K.M.Bosire, Ekegusii Encyclopedia Project Director


    Masoge. (Hi).

    Ekegusii Encyclopedia Project (EEP) is a Community Based Organization whose primary objective is to document and to revitalize the community’s endangered language, Ekegusii. We also collaborate with other organizations documenting equally endangered indigenous. A language is endangered when it experiences a steady decline in its use and lacks demonstrated policy/trend enabling its speakers from effectively transmitting it and preserving it for the majority of the language’s community members especially the youth. Such is the current scenario with Ekegusii. With much endeavor, over a period of twelve years, EEP has generated the first ever Ekegusii-English dictionary complete with English-Ekegusii index, Illustrations, Examples, Expounded proverbs and Common phrases, Riddles, Brief history & Lives and Times of Omogusii. A product suitable for use by speakers and learners of Ekegusii.

    Our further works are found in the project’s website: www.ekegusiiencyclopedia.com .
    EEP is also registered with the Kenya Library Services as Author and Publisher.


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