Fruit Pictures

Seedling Sylvaner vine from Lorch, Rhine valley
Grape - Alicante Bouschet, unripe, Leicestershire, 25 Jul 06.
Grape - Alicante Bouschet on a wall, 1 Oct 05; red-juiced Champagne grape.
Grape - Alicante Bouschet, another picture. 1 Oct 05.
Alpine Strawberries - Schumacher; superb aroma and flavour
Blackberry - Himalayan Giant; good for dessert in sunny years; good for jam / winemaking every year.
Cherries - Nabella, nearly ripe.
Cherries - Nabella, leave until nearly black; double netted against birds.
Cherry tree - grown as a fan, variety Nabella, netted.
Cherry tree - grown as a fan, variety Nabella, netted.
Cherry tree - pruned immediately after fruiting.
Cherries, 5 types - from flowering cherries, courtesy of the County Council tree planters.
Cherries - wild, July 2009
Cherries - wild, July 2009
Grape - Seyval Blanc: winemaking grape, outside, 18 Aug, south wall.
Grape - Sylvaner: winemaking grape, outside, 18 Aug.
Grapes, outdoor - grown from a cutting; I think Seyval Blanc
Grapes, outdoor - Sylvaner, German, from seed, 7 Nov, Midlands
Greengages - Leicestershire
Jostaberry - cutting, 12 months old.
Kangaroo Apple, blossom, Jul 2009 - member of solanum family
Mahonia berries - we're trying these for winemaking; reputedly good
Medlar, Nottingham Ratby community orchard, Leics
Plum: Magnum Bonum Croft, Leicestershire, Sep 07
Black Mulberries - better flavour than the purple variety
Black Mulberries - larger variety
Nectarine blossom -nearly at petal-fall, 15 Apr 05
Nectarine blossom -nearly at petal-fall, 16 Apr 06
Nectarine - from the garden; tree grown from a stone.
Nectarines - newly set, end - April 05
Nectarines off tree, Aug 2006
Nectarines on tree, Aug 2006 - close-up
Nectarine tree, 14 Aug 06 - further away
Nectarine tree, 1 Aug 04 - biggish file (37kB) for detail.
Nectarine tree, 18 Aug 04 - Old wood cut out; new wood tied in.
Pepino, Jul 2009 - as grown at Hadlow College; member of solanum family
Pepino, Jul 2009 - another picture
Pepino, Jul 2009 - and another
Pepino, Jul 2009 - sliced
Peach blossom 1 Apr 05 - two blooms
Peach, Leicestershire, outdoor, 4 Aug 06
Plum: Magnum Bonum Croft, Leicestershire, Sep 07
Plum: Merryweather Croft, Leicestershire, Sep 07
Plum: Warwickshire Drooper Croft, Leicestershire, Aug 07
Plum Hunt - flowering prunus, 2010 tasting of apricots, melons, plums, Aug 10

varied plums from flowering prunus, fruiting before maincrop plums

Quince: Vranja Ratby, Aug 07
Redcurrants - private garden, Leics.
Red Bullaces - private grounds, Leics.
Red plum - well camoflagued fruit from red-leaved "prunus", late July
Four varied types of plum from "flowering prunus" trees, Aug 06
Unidentified red plum from Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, Jul 06
Raspberries, yellow - grown from seed (fruit from a punnet)
Raspberries, yellow - close - up
Raspberries, yellow - on plant
Raspberry, red - mid season; grown from a loganberry seed
Wineberry - unusual member of rubus (raspberry, loganberry) family

American blight - first traces, on a gooseberry - look carefully....
Peach Leaf curl - affects peaches, nectarines, almonds but not apricots

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