Radio Plays based in & around Hotels

2005 The Bride's Chamber - Charles Dickens
2004 How to leave Badenweiler - Michael Butt
2002 Ladies' night at Finbar's hotel - M.Binchy
2000 Hotel Europa - John Dryden (series)
2000 Summer of love - Chris Thompson
1997 The Hydro - Ronald Frame (series)
1997 Letters to Mam - William Ingram
1996 Bertram's hotel - Agatha Christie (serial)
1996 "People like us" - The Hotel Manager (Chris Langham)
1986 Unto The Grave - John Penn
1985 In Heidelberg - Johnny Morris (not a play, but worth including)
c1985 Stolen Kisses - Bill Taylor, 90m
1979 Arrived safe, writing later - Stephen Dunstone
1977 Events at the Salamander Hotel - Don Haworth
1977 The Grand Babylon Hotel - Arnold Bennett
nk - Plaza Hotel - Neil Simon
nk - Events on a hotel terrace - Ayckbourn
nk - The guest before you
nk - Hotel Cristobel (R3)
nk - Hotel du Lac (Classic Serial, Anita Brookner)
nk - Cheap in August - Graham Greene

and two plays in a "guest house" type setting:

1978 Remember Me - Jill Hyem
1988 The turning of the tide - Nick Fisher

Most of the above known to exist in VRPCC collections.


How to leave Badenweiler....2004
-see Michael Butt's page. Chekhov-related. The famous author has just been chucked out of a better-class hotel because he can't stop coughing. The waiter is an aspiring author. Nuff said.

Ladies' night at Finbar's hotel....2002
Shenanigins at an Irish hotel...co-written with a couple of other writers; can't remember their names... -very amusing romp.

Hotel Europa....2000
see John Dryden's page. It's a psychological thriller.

Summer of love....2000
Details to follow.

The Hydro....1997-99
Twelve episodes...see Ronald Frame page.

Curious murder story set in a hotel.

Bertram's hotel....1996
-see Agatha Christie page. Serial.

"People like us" - The Hotel Manager....1996
Another episode of the excellent comedy series starring Chris Langham.

Thorne Investigates: Unto the Grave....1986
Murder for Christmas, Sunday 28 Dec1986 & SNT 22.08.1987. Set in 1953 at a country house hotel in the Cotswolds. The first of three Thorne mysteries. When a body is found floating in the pool of a luxurious hotel in the Cotswolds, Superintendent Thorne is called in to investigate. Dramatised by Melville Jones. Supt Thorne: John Castle, Miranda: Tessa Worsley, John Kempton: Stephen Thorne, Rose: Diana Bishop, Tom Latimer: Jonathan Tafler, Polly Raven: Karen Ascoe, Vern Raven: James Goode, Mrs Fowler: Pauline Letts, Mr Fowler: Alan Dudley, Mrs Blair: Sheila Grant, Mr Blair: Tim Reynolds, Paul Kempton: Kim Wall, Helen Dearden: Eve Karpf, Roy Mortlake: John Hollis, Cassandra Gray: Jennifer Piercey, Canon Hurley: Peter Howell, Mrs Hurley: Rachel Gurney, Alice Hurley: Deborah Makepeace, Sgt Abbott: Andrew Branch, Dr Band: Gordon Reid, Margery Swinson: Jo Manning Wilson, Producer: Martin Jenkins. (....details sent by AJ; thank you.)

In Heidelberg....1985
Johnny Morris stays the night in Heidelberg, and chats about it in his inimitable style.

Based in a hotel - a relationship develops between one of the waitresses and a guy attending a conference ... but there's a jilted boyfriend, Gerard, who is determined to even the score.

Arrived safe, writing later....1979
-see Stephen Dunstone page.

Events at the Salamander Hotel....1977
-see Don Haworth page.

The Grand Babylon Hotel....1977
R4,29.1.1977; Peter Vaughan / Angela Pleasence / Simon Cadell / Philip Bond. Saturday Night Theatre.

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