Imison Award 2002

THE WALTZER (winner '02) by Rhiannon Tise
Sally gets ready for her first date with school heart throb Brian Wilcox. She wanted her best friend Paula to help her decide what to wear but Paula doesn't want to know - because she's jealous, Sally reckons. Boys never took any interest in Sally before, except Kevin Anderson and he doesn't count because he's really ugly, but now Brian is taking Sally to Fair in the local park and she can hardly believe her luck. Sally's been going to the fair with her dad for as long as she can remember. The Waltzer is their favourite ride, they eat loads of candy floss and go on the Waltzer. They know they're going to feel sick after it, but they always do it, it's their tradition. Now Sally's broken the tradition and is going to the fair with Brian instead. She hopes they'll go on the rides, hang out with Paula and have a good time at the fair but Brian's got different ideas and he leads her off away from her friends and the fair and into the bushes to ply her with rum and crush all Sally's dreams of the romantic date with the boy she's fancied for as long as she can remember.

Specially Commended were: Mary Baker for The American Dentist, Philip Braithwaite for Blood, Jamila Gavin for God at the Gate, and Daragh Carville for Regenerations.

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