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This page is all about plays where there are no (or only minor) human characters. Some of these are radio classics:

1975 Don Haworth - On a day in a garden in summer
c1976 Andrew Sachs - The Revenge
1978 J.C.W.Brook - Giving Up
1987 Mel Calman - Sweet Tooth
1990 Louis XIV's Intestine (R3)
1990 Inside Sasha (series)
1993 Mel Calman - Pawnshop Blues
1994 The Ghost Writer - Roger Stennett
1995 David Caute - Animal Fun Park - sequel to "Animal Farm"
1996 Mel Calman - Heartache
2003 Down Red Lane (R3)
2004 Simon Brett - The Furniture Play , 60m
2005 E.H.White - Charlotte's Web, 90m

Odd - I can't seem to trace a recording of ANIMAL FARM (not that I want one - the story's too familiar).


On a day in a garden in summer....1975
Unusual play where the speaking parts are all taken by plants.

THE REVENGE....c1976
A play with no dialogue ... a radio first. 20min.

GIVING UP....1978
The little men inside our hero decide that, perhaps, he should give up smoking. Very amusing play produced by Gerry Jones; R4 15-Nov-1978. John Pullen, Anthony Newlands, Henry Knowles, Nigel Lambert, Brian Haines, Fred Bryant, Eric Allan, Michael Spice, Peter Wickham, Philip Voss, Philip Sully, Manning Wilson, John Gabriel, Andrew Branch, Timothy Bentick, Danny Schiller.

Unusual play by Mel Calman, cartoonist from (I think) the Guardian. The characters in this play are all cakes. He followed this up with *PAWNSHOP BLUES (1993), where the characters are items waiting to be reclaimed in a pawnshop. Finally he did *HEARTACHE (1996) -unfortunately I can't remember the plot.

Rather daft comedy series in which the characters are the little men inside Sasha who control his body.

This is the play about a computer with an ego of its own. The other two characters were Trevor and Celia, as in "Brief Encounter". The play starts with Rachmaninov because the main character, a playwright, is plagiarising Brief Encounter, and the concerto is its theme tune. ....(He plagiarises Round the Horne, too - ND)

2003 DOWN RED LANE....2003
With Roy Hudd. A play set in someone's gut.

Easter, 2005 ... excellent children's play, put out on successive days (2 x 45m). Charlotte the spider is determined that her friend, a fat little pig, will not end up on the dinner table.

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

Above plays known to exist in VRPCC collections

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