UK International
Radio Drama Festival 2018:
Romanian entries

There are two entries from Romania:

1. Ping-Pong, by Sandu Macrinici (40m)
2. Explosiv (40m)

The National Radiophonic Theater in Romania also qualified for this festival in 2015, when it won the second prize in the Short Theater category with the Countdown, the script by Mihnea Chelariu and Ion Andrei Puican, produced by Ion Andrei Puican.

Ping-Pong is the Sandu Macrinici's first play. It was first broadcast on 21 Sep 2017 with Mihnea Chelariu as the producer, as part of the First-Drama program of the National Radio Theatre. Sandu obtained his degree in History and Philosophy at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca in 2014. He obtained his Masters degree in Drama at the University of Arts Tārgu Mures and is continuing his studies in the drama department at Regie. The play is about the relationship between the generations; between the young and the old.

Production details: The radio adaptation, production and sound design are by Mihnea Chelariu. In the cast: Oliver Toderita, Mihaela Betiu, Vlad Bīrzanu, George Ciobotea. Music is by George Mark. Help with land records: Marius Toghina and Bogdan Dumitrescu. Location Manager: Simona Vasiliu. Studio director: Janina Dicu. Editor: Oana Cristea Grigorescu. TNR Production, September 2017.

3 Mar 18

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