10.00 Welcome
10.30 13m, Dad's Ashes, in English
10.45 21m, To the Infernal Rhythym of the Bomba, in French & Spanish
11.15 26m, Munch and Munch, in Croatian
11.45 9m,   This is a poem that heals fish, in Slovenian
12.00 22m, Late Awakening, in Danish
12.30 23m, The Lift, in Farsi
14.00 52m, Frequency Interference, in English
15.00 26m, No Words, in English
15.40 41m, The lesson, in Spanish
16.15 44m, When weather was Wildlife, in English

10.00 45m, Christie, in English
11.00 58m, Radio Amateur, in Polish
12.15 38m, The Boxer and the Bomber, in English
14.00 15m, Bots & Spammers Dating Club, in Russian
14.15 49m, A funeral march for the first cosmonaut, in English, German and Arabic
15.10 33m, The Cavendish Gift, in English
15.45 4m,   The other side of the bridge, in Lithuanian
15.50 6m,   Secret Voyage, in Serbian
16.00 4m,   Lili Marlene - Serbian cutting, in Serbian
16.05 6m,   Love, in Slovenian
16.15 55m, The Wonderful World of Dissocia

9.30   35m Macbeth, pt.1, in English
10.10 34m, Human Things, in Polish
10.55 4m,  Tattoo, 4m, Automated, 6m, Alien. All in Czech
11.15 30m, Doubt is our Product, in English
11.45 6m,   In Transit, in English
11.52 4m,   Birds on a Wire, in English
11.56 3m,   Public House, in English
12.00 23m, The Call of the Void, in English
12.30 23m, Schools in Marseilles, Watch the Work, in French
13.00 41m, Autopoiesis, from Belgium and in French
LATE LUNCH (no afternoon session)

10.00 17m, The Day the Internet Stood Still, in English
10.20 33m, Several ...episodes about Soaps, in Georgian
10.45 17m, Ess...y, in Czech and Slovenian
..........4m, A Christmas Story, in Spanish
..........6m, War News, in Farsi
..........1m, To Clear Conscience, in Russian
..........7m, Toys, in Romanian
..........7m, The Fun They Had, in Spanish
..........3m, Three Minutes of Silence, in Dutch
11.30 55m, Fifty Shades of Dave, 1, in English
12.30 7m, Mom Kills the Giant, in Romanian
12.40 10m, The Listening Jar, in English
13.45 50m, Kosingas - The order of the Dragon, 1, in Serbian
14.45 47m, Someone should walk the Dog, in Slovenian
15.35 13m, The Project, from Italy and in English
..........7m, Previously, 1 - The Party at the Country Club, in Italian
..........7m, Fly Me, in French
..........7m, Grandfather and Grandmother, in Polish
16.15 28m, All Of These Things, in English
16.45 42m, 101 FM, in Romanian

10.00 57m, Hanna, a life from the perspective of the Securitate, in German
11.00 50m, The Goblins and the gravedigger, in English
12.00 47m, Pig's Weather, in French
12.50 43m, The Beautiful Now, in English
13.40 6m, Next Revolution, Please!
..........4m, Adore, in English
..........3m, Consumers, in English