Izzy Mant Radio Plays

14 Nov 03, by Simon Brett. Fortyish sloane Miggy, dumped by her boyfriend for a younger model, contemplates the meaning of life, betrayal by men and mothers, and the practicalities of saving the planet in an afternoon. With Felicity Goodson. Director Izzy Mant.

DOT'S NET....2002
The way the internet can grab a person's imagination was demonstrated in DOT'S NET, by Neil Monaghan (R4, 1415, 18 Oct 02). Dot is cultured and erudite and in her late sixties; her son, she feels, has abandoned her by emigrating to America. But he has paid for an online computer so they can keep in touch, and for a home help Maddy, who is young and attractive. To start with, Dot won't touch the machine, but then Maddy's love life takes a turn for the worse; which is where Dot and her computer get involved. This was an excellent comedy, Antonia Pemberton playing Dot and Charlie Hayes Maddy. The producer was Izzy Mant.

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