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8 Jun 03
Three important animals - in history, that is; looked at from their point of view. First is Jonah's whale, who accidentally swallows a human and then has to pay for it. Next we have a monkey, dressed up as Napoleon and facing execution as a spy. Finally we have Laika, the dog sent up in an early rocket launch. The animals are surprisingly articulate, if a little thick, and their respective monolgues were sharply written and interesting.

Radio Times: "Three animals who have suffered at the hands of humans have their say. A whale recalls how his life was ruined when he was chosen by God to swallow a man; a monkey finds himself on trial for espionage in Hartlepool, and a young puppy is sent to the moon never to return".

Parts taken by Sam Kelly (Smiffy the whale), Mark Chatterton (Pierre the monkey) and Carla Henry (Laika the dog). Directed by Nadia Molinari.

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