Jimmie Chinn Radio Plays

19/03/86 Too Long An Autumn
11/02/87 In Room 504
21/06/88 A Woman Who Does
13/07/88 A Different Way Home
11/08/98 Pity About Kitty
25/05/00 Looks Like Rain
12/07/01 Looks Like Rain Again
24/11/03 Perfect Timing

date nk Room 504


13 Jul 88. A play about a middle-aged bachelor who has just lost his mother. It's a monolgoue, skilfully acted by Bernard Cribbins, produced by Gerry Jones.

Broadcast 11.08.98; rpt. 1.4.99. Dora Bryan plays all three characters involved in the untimely demise of Awkward Horace.

LOOKS LIKE RAIN*, by Jimmie Chinn (R4 1415 25 May 01) was a well-written northern drama starring Bernard Cribbins and Dora Bryan. Joyce and Stan have just been to their mother's funeral. They sort through her belongings and their memories. And what about brother Charlie - is he really family? Cribbins and Bryan acted superbly, as ever. Directed by Martin Jenkins; SM Robin Cherry. Originally written as a one-off play, but it was well received, and there were two sequels (below). Repeated 9 Aug 04.

LOOKS LIKE RAIN AGAIN*, by Jimmie Chinn The saga continues....Charlie is a nasty piece of work...and Joyce is almost as gormless and gutless as Stan...with Dora Bryan, Bernard Cribbins, Roy Barraclough.

RAIN ON THE JUST*, by Jimmie Chinn (R4 1415 1 Apr 03) revealed more family secrets... or are they fabrications by the unctuous and plausible Charlie? Have they led to murder? Has Stan killed his long-lost brother? And why did he come out of the woodwork in the first place? An excellent end to the trilogy begun some time ago; Stan expertly played by Bernard Cribbins, Beryl by Joan Kempson, and Charlie by Roy Barraclough. "Possibly the best radio play of the year" (a listener on the BBC Radio 4 website)....directed by Martin Jenkins, who is now an independent radio producer.

R4, 1415, 24 Nov 03. With Roy Barraclough, Bernard Cribbins and Dora Bryan. Long-forgotten events involving a snake and a mysterious theatre fire become part of a heated argument following a reunion of three music hall entertainers on board a cruise ship...-Radio Times

ND comments..........a lovely play with an excellent cast. Two old-stagers, Gus and Dudley, think they're top of the bill. Maisie has some surprises for them, and not just on stage. Directed by Martin Jenkins

7.6.08 - especially written for Dora Bryan. 2/5. Keep Taking the Tablets. Amy prepares for a painful interview with Mr Purvis and Mr Peach - a meeting which will profoundly affect her marriage.

ROOM 504 ....date nk
Dir. Gerry Jones.

Asterisked items known to exist in VRPCC collections.

Info. from own collection, and thanks to Greg Linden for supplying details of a play I missed.

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