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by Gary Ogin (R4, 1415, 6 Dec 06), repeated from a few months ago, was a classic comedy. A prospective bridegroom wants to get out of his impending marriage without upsetting anyone. He meets a man in a pub who tells him about the Malingerers' Club. There's a subscription, then a questionnaire to assess your "quotient" - your plausibility when giving an excuse. Along comes an unexpected social engagement. You tell the Malingerers' Club and they supply your get-out, with detailed instructions on how to use it. Imaginative, witty, and a lovely twist at the end. This was Wodehouse standard. The cast included Andy Taylor, Katherine Heath, Christian Rodska and Rupert Vansittart, and the director was Jeremy Howe.

HEART (day 1) and TRANSPLANT (day 2)....2006
by Jonathan Holloway, narrated by Rosie Goldsmith (R4,1415, 14-15 Dec 06) was a re-run on two successive days of the story of the world's first heart transplant. A ex-boxer, Louis Washansky, is waiting to receive a heart; he's dying. the heart of a young girl. It's 1967, Cape Town, and Christian Barnard, a charismatic medic, goes into action with his team of surgeons. Unmissable, it starred Miles Anderson as Barnard and Ian MacNeice as Washansky; Jeremy Howe directed.

by C.P.Snow (R4 beginning 19.01.03, broadcast as the Classic Serial. This is the story of Lewis Eliot; his humble beginnings in Leicester, early legal work, getting a Fellowship at a Cambridge college, the election of a Master, and the many gifted, unusual and odd people he met on the peripheraries of academia and Whitehall. For those familiar with the novels, the titles of the episodes were: 1)Time of Hope, 2)The Conscience of the Rich, 3)The Masters, 4)The Masters (sic), 5)The Light and the Dark. Particularly well-done was the election of the new college Master; clever academics jockeying for position throwing poison darts at each other whilst the old Master lies dying. The plays starred Adam Godley, David Haig, Clive Merrison, Andy Taylor, David Calder and Jeremy Child, and the dramatisation was by Jonathan Holloway; Sally Avens & Jeremy Howe directed. (N.D., VRPCC newsletter, Apr 03)

...........A second series of adaptations of C.P. Snow's epic novel sequence Strangers and Brotherswent out during June 03. (R4, Classic Serial, 4 instalments beginning 1st June). Episode 1 was about the development of the first atomic pile in England, in the race to beat Germany to the atomic bomb. (see also Neil Brand page - Manhattan Project). Episode 2 covered the aftermath of the Bomb and the first years of the Cold War. Next we had an academic scandal and cover-up based in a Cambridge college, with a physicist accused of faking evidence, and finally "The Corridors of Power", about a Tory politician who enlists Lewis Eliot's help to formulate a nuclear policy which will advance his own career. These stories are truly outstanding, as are the dramatisations. The cast included David Haig, Tim McInnerney, Jeremy Child, Hugh Quarshie, Geoffrey Whitehead, Jonathan Coy, Sean Barrett, Clive Merrison, Peter Blythe, David Acton, David Tennant, Iain Glen, Juliet Aubrey, David Leonard, John Carlisle, Christopher Rozycki, Julia Watson...this list is getting too long .......Ronald Pickup, Jeremy Swift, Rolf Saxon, Avril Clark, Richard Firth. The directors were Sally Avens & Jeremy Howe, as in the previous series. Are there further volumes?

NAPLES 44....2000
By Jonathan Holloway. This is an adaptation for radio of material taken from the diary of Norman Lewis, a travel writer who was in Naples just after it was liberated from the Nazis. His job was that of Army Intelligence officer. With Jamie Glover, Dominic Frisby, Robert Rietty, Tayana Colomnbo. Dir. Jeremy Howe.

See Lockerbie article.

Cider with Rosie ....1998
Dram. Nick Darke. Laurie Lee's famous autobiography, recorded in and around the Slad valley, in two episdoes. (1)With Sunny Leworthy, Jennifer Compton, Paul Currier; (2) with Tim McInnerney, Niamh Cusack, Sunny Leowrthy and Emily Parrish. Dir. Viv Beeby and Jeremy Howe. Broadcast as "The Classic Serial;".

When the Barbarians Came....1992
A very unusual political thriller by Don Taylor. Dir. Jeremy Howe; stars Norman Rodway. The Romans watch the Goths enter the Imperial Gate on the television.

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