Judith French, actress and writer: I've listed some of her plays and an interesting programme in which she was involved regarding period music....

Real Women ....1998
Judith French's three stories of extraordinary 18th-century women, told through the writings of the day. 1: `Miss Linley's Matrimonial Excursion'. In which the foremost young soprano of the day, Miss Elizabeth Linley, becomes entangled with aspiring young playwright Richard Sheridan, and all of fashionable England is agog. With Sarah-Jane Holm, David Bamber and James Fleet. Director Jonquil Panting. 4 Nov 98.

2: `Condemn'd for Piracy'. In which the real-life trial of the notorious female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read gets a little out of hand... With Pauline McLynn, Charlotte Coleman and Robin Bailey. Director Jonquil Panting. 5 Nov 98.

3: `A Spinster of No Profession' focuses on the French mathematician Sophie Germain. Growing up in revolutionary France, she was barred by her sex from entering uninversity, Using an assumed name, she corresponded with Carl Friedrich Gauss, the most famous mathematician of the day. With Kathryn Pogson and Nigel Anthony. Director Jonquil Panting (3/3). 6 Nov 98,

Writing Music, New Series .... 2000
11 Apr 2000. In a six-part series, Peter Stead explores how music is used in our best-loved novels. 1: He enters the world of Jane Austen's `Pride and Prejudice' with musician Derek McCulloch, actress Judith French and historical dance expert Madeleine Inglehearn to discover whether Darcy's observation that `a woman must have a thorough knowledge of music, singing and dancing' was sound advice or a monumental insult.

R4, 29 Nov 01; a London court case in 1738. The city was fascinated by it. In an elaborate blackmail plot, a famous actor had forced his wife to have an affair. An account of the case can be found on this Wikipedia page . Cast: Tim McInerny [Cibber], Gavin Muir [Stint], Tilly Gaunt [Susannah], Judith French [Jane Phillips], Sean Baker [Murdertext], Jonathan Forbes [Luckless], Ewan Bailey [Thomas Arne] and Chris Godwin [The Prosecution]. Producer Rachel Horan.

2 Dec 02; a painting of a child on a market stall makes Kathleen re-live the experience of finding an abandoned child.

A creepy re-working of the tale about the phantom ship which prowls the southern oceans, after a captain commits a terrible crime and pays for it with his soul.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice....2004
By Goethe, adapted by Judith French. 28 Dec 04. The magical story of the apprentice magician left alone in his master's workshop - and the disastrous results which follow.

Hexenmeister ...... Paul Rhys
Copernicus ...... Harry Towb
Peter ...... Zac Fox
Broom ...... Nicholas Boulton
Freda ...... Jennifer Veal
Clock ...... Emily Wachter
Music composed by David Pickvance.
Directed by Marc Beeby.

Classic Serial. May 2005. 2 x 55m.

Pamela is a girl who won't say yes. But she's the prettiest young serving maid of a master who won't take no for an answer. A battle of wits begins between high estate and low, in this rollicking romantic comedy, dramatised by Judith French from the novel by Samuel Richardson.

Pamela ...... Sheridan Smith
Squire B ...... Tim McInnerny
Lady B ...... Avril Elgar
Mr Williams ...... Ewan Bailey
Lady Davers ...... Liza Sadovy
Mrs Jervis ...... Joanna McCallum
Goodman Andrews ...... John Rowe
John the Coachman ...... Jon Glover
Harpsichord played by Alastair Ross. Anyone know who produced it?

A celebration of the life of Woodbine Willie, the first world war preacher and poet. He was the Rev. Studdert Kennedy. There was another biographical play about his life approximately twenty years ago; can't remember who wrote it ... this one went out as an afternoon play and starred Conleth Hill in the title role, with Helen Ayres, Carolyn Pickles, Jonathan Guy Lewis, Jon Glover and Stuart McLoughlin. Producer - Jonquil Panting.

Afternoon play, 25 Sep 08. Characters in "Pride and Prejudice" sort out their differences off-stage. Stars Jodie Whittaker, Clare Corbett, Gunnar Cauthery, Jill Cardo, Chris Pavlo, Stephen Critchlow, Janice Acquah. Producer Jonquil Panting.

Asterisked plays known to exist in VRPCC collections

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