J.G.Walther Keyboard Music

J.G.Walther wrote a lot of arrangements of chorales for organ, a bit like those of Zachow, Handel's teacher. He was famous for something else, too: a musical dictionary. His dates are 1684-1748.

His pieces are very competent, not very distinctive and, to be honest, a bit plain. Most of the music doesn't suit the piano, but chorale 17 is simple and effective.

The problem with a lot of Walther's music for the pianist is that the clarity of the tunes is spoiled by semiquaver runs which muddy the texture. They sound ok on the organ but do not work on the piano.

There may be one or two other chorale settings in the collection (in the D.D.T. series) which are suitable - I haven't explored every one. There are about 50 pieces to go through. Avoid the ones full of semiquavers and you may be lucky.

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