Jonathan Holloway Radio Plays


01.05.94 The Hammer
23.11.96 Seaton's Aunt (de la Mare), dram
05.10.97 The Lifted Veil (George Eliot), dram
27.12.97 The Affair at Grover Station
20.04.98 Spring Tide
27.07.98 The Fall
14.05.99 Now you see it, now you don't
??.08.99 The Surprise Summer
25.01.00 Mr. Loveday's Little Outing (Waugh), dram
04.09.00 Murke's Collected Silences (Boll), dram
27.10.00 Naples 44 (Norman Lewis), dram
03.09.01 The Flanders Panel (Reverte), dram
19.01.03 Strangers & Brothers (C.P.Snow), dram, 4 x 60m
01.06.03 Strangers & Brothers (C.P.Snow), series 2, dram, 4 x 60m
25.12.03 No Conferring, 30m
30.03.04 Heart Transplant (2 x 45m), 2nd half 31.03.04; rpt. 2006.
24.07.04 Old-World (Ariadne Nicolaeff), dram, 60m.
26.12.08 The Loved One (Waugh), dram, 60m
17.08.09 Rep, 45m
24.08.09 The Quest, 5 x 12m
12.11.09 The Railway Siding, 45m
02.10.10 The Kane Conspiracy, 55m
17.04.15 The Carter Mysteries: Incident of the Russian Visitors


THE HAMMER....1994
Rather frightening thriller; excellent sound effects. Cast: Joseph Bennett as Gregory Linton, Deborah Finlay as Elizabeth Chinworth, Martin Jarvis as Frederick, Crawford Logan as Lord Chinworth & William Cecil, Tim McInnerney as Matthew Carter, Trevor Nicholls as Colin Stockbridge, Bill Nighy as Simon Skinner, Sarah Todd as Michelle Robinson and Melinda Walker as Sarah Carter. Music by Adrian Johnston; produced by Nick Russell Pavir and David Chilton; written and directed for Radio 3 by Jonathan Holloway.

Based on a short story by Walter de la Mare. Cast: Samuel West as Rupert Withers, Margaret Robertson as Seaton's Aunt, Andrew Wincott as Arthur Seaton, Tereas Gallagher as young Seaton, young Withers by Melinda Walker, Patience Tomlinson as de Witt. Music composed & played by Adrian Johnston; directed by David Hunter.

A ghost story based on a short story by Willa Cather. Terrapin Rodgers recounts to Will Carter the riddle of his friend's death. Carter becomes involved, and terrified. Stars Kerry Shale, Nancy Crane, Stuart Milligan. Dir. David Hunter.

5 x 12m. Set in Cornwall. Cast: Elaine Pyke, Tim McInnerney, Iwan Thomas, Becky Hindley. Dir. David Hunter.

Broadcast as the Classic Serial, 2 x 60m. Latimer can read thoughts and can see into the future. But it doesn't do him much good. Stars Toby Stephens, Tim Pigott-Smith, Edward Michie. Dir. Jane Morgan.

THE FALL....1998
5 x 12m. Social story set in Cornwall. With Charlotte Coleman, Elaine Pyke. Dir. David Hunter.

Missed this, so no information apart from the cast: Tristan Sturrock, Alison Pettitt; dir. David Hunter.

Set on the Edinburgh Fringe...John, an ex-teacher, takes his one-man show there; he has a treacherous manager and less than ideal love affair. Stars Stephen Critchlow, Tracy Wiles. Dir. David Hunter. 5 x 12m.

Angela Moping visits her father in the asylum. His loyal secretary is Mr. Loveday. Stars Charlotte Attenborough, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Stephen Throne. Dir. David Hunter.

Translated by Leila Vennewitz, and adapted by J.H. Murke is a radio producer obsessed with silences. Stars Dominic Letts, Jeremy Wilkin, Roger Walker; dir. David Hunter. This story has also been adapted for radio by Alison Leonard (q.v.).

NAPLES 44....2000
This is an adaptation for radio of material taken from the diary of Norman Lewis, a travel writer who was in Naples just after it was liberated from the Nazis. His job was that of Army Intelligence officer. With Jamie Glover, Dominic Frisby, Robert Rietty, Tayana Colomnbo. Dir. Jeremy Howe.

A hidden inscription in an old oil painting depicts a chess game. But the clues to a long-forgotten murder are hidden in the picture. There are also uncanny parallels with events in the present. Stars Lizzie McInnerney, James Greene, Philip Joseph, Geraldine Fitzgerald. Dir. David Hunter.

...............A steady stream of good drama has been put out since Christmas, a lot of it involving Evelyn Waugh to mark his centenary. But to begin with we had STRANGERS AND BROTHERS, by C.P.Snow (R4 beginning 19.01.03, broadcast as the Classic Serial. This is the story of Lewis Eliot; his humble beginnings in Leicester, early legal work, getting a Fellowship at a Cambridge college, the election of a Master, and the many gifted, unusual and odd people he met on the peripheraries of academia and Whitehall. For those familiar with the novels, the titles of the episodes were: 1)Time of Hope, 2)The Conscience of the Rich, 3)The Masters, 4)The Masters (sic), 5)The Light and the Dark. Particularly well-done was the election of the new college Master; clever academics jockeying for position throwing poison darts at each other whilst the old Master lies dying. The plays starred Adam Godley, David Haig, Clive Merrison, Andy Taylor, David Calder and Jeremy Child, and the dramatisation was by Jonathan Holloway; Sally Avens & Jeremy Howe directed. (N.D., VRPCC newsletter, Apr 03)

...........A second series of adaptations of C.P. Snow's epic novel sequence Strangers and Brotherswent out during June 03. (R4, Classic Serial, 4 instalments beginning 1st June). Episode 1 was about the development of the first atomic pile in England, in the race to beat Germany to the atomic bomb. (see also Neil Brand page - Manhattan Project). Episode 2 covered the aftermath of the Bomb and the first years of the Cold War. Next we had an academic scandal and cover-up based in a Cambridge college, with a physicist accused of faking evidence, and finally "The Corridors of Power", about a Tory politician who enlists Lewis Eliot's help to formulate a nuclear policy which will advance his own career. These stories are truly outstanding, as are the dramatisations. The cast included David Haig, Tim McInnerney, Jeremy Child, Hugh Quarshie, Geoffrey Whitehead, Jonathan Coy, Sean Barrett, Clive Merrison, Peter Blythe, David Acton, David Tennant, Iain Glen, Juliet Aubrey, David Leonard, John Carlisle, Christopher Rozycki, Julia Watson...this list is getting too long .......Ronald Pickup, Jeremy Swift, Rolf Saxon, Avril Clark, Richard Firth. The directors were Sally Avens & Jeremy Howe, as in the previous series.

.....Further notes on the 'Strangers and Brothers' series, and about C.P.Snow.....

R4,11 pm, 25 Dec 03. A chiller for Christmas...a "bonding" week in an isolated moorland cottage for participants in "University Challange", 1983. It goes horribly wrong. With Damian Lynch, Lydia Leonard, Kenny Blyth, Peter Darney, Jaimi Barbakoff; Bamber Gascoigne and Jeremy Paxman star as themselves. Directed by David Hunter.

......the first Sting in the Tale play, Jonathan Holloway’s No Conferring, a gripping late-night listen....at the end, it actually raised the hairs on the back of my neck. Its title refers not just to its University Challenge theme (Jeremy Paxman and Bamber Gascoigne play themselves) but also to its plot, which echoes I Know What You Did Last Summer. A Sting in the Tale sounds reminiscent of television’s Tales of the Unexpected, celebrated for its denouements. In fact, it owes more to a fondly remembered Radio 4 series, Fear on Four.....(from an article by Paul Donovan, Times, Dec 04)

Broadcast on successive days, 30-31 Mar 04. The story of the world's first heart transplant operation. Christiaan Barnard, with his team of surgeons, transplants the heart of young Denise Darvall into 50-year-old ex-boxer Louis Washansky in Cape Town, South Africa, in December 1967. Written by Jonathan Holloway and narrated by Rosie Goldsmith. This is an outstanding dramatisation of a key event in medical history. With Miles Anderson as Barnard and Ian McNeice as Louis. Also stars Stephen Critchlow, Carl Oatley, Chris Porter, Robert Portal, Eva Haddon, Charlie Simpson. Producer: Jeremy Howe. Repeated 2006.

............extract from Leicester Mercury, 6 Jan 1968:
When he died on the verge of a Christmas he was looking forward to so much, Louis Washansky's heart was still beating strongly. His new heart had not failed him. The surgery had been a complete success. It was not rejection of the heart which killed him; it was pneumonia which developed because his body was open to attack by disease. Professor Barnard believes the treatment given to ensure that Washansky's body did not reject the transplant could have been too enthusiastic. In other words, he could have been given an overdose of the anti-rejection drugs. These left no defence mechanism and allowed the pneumonia infection in.

When "spare part" surgery was first tried doctors tried to beat this rejection - by first subjecting the patient to a massive dose of X- rays. This "cooked" the patient's blood so that it had a completely neutral reaction both to tissues and to any organism that might enter it. This method made possible the first kidney transplants but it exposed the patient to the dire peril of picking up every infection going the rounds and necessitated the strict ritual of barrier nursing.

............extract from Daily Telegraph, 6 July 1968:
Dr. Philip Blaiberg, 59, the longest surviving heart-transplant patient, has developed lung complications "which are giving rise for concern", the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town announced today. The former dentist has lived for more than six months with another man's heart. A month ago he was readmitted to hospital with hepatitis, a liver complaint.

The bulletin today said that although his liver condition was improving steadily, there were now "pulmonary complications". Medical observers said this could mean pneumonia. It was pneumonia that killed Mr. Louis Washansky, 55, the world's first heart-transplant patient. He died 18 days after the operation.

............extract from Daily Telegraph, 24 May, 1969:
Hundreds of birthday messages poured into the home of Dr. Philip Blaiberg, the world's longest-surviving heart transplant patient, who is 60 today, says Reuter from Cape Town. The former dentist, who has been living with another man's heart for 16 months, went home yesterday after a week's hospital treatment. His wife, Eileen, said today he was feeling fine but a little tired.


26 Dec 08; Friday Play. By Evelyn Waugh; adapted by Jonathan Holloway. BBC publicity: California; just after the Second World War: An elderly Englishman; who once made a living as a Hollywood scriptwriter; has taken in a younger version of the same species who is also struggling to make his way in the new world. He thought he was a poet once; but now earns a living in a pet cemetery. Preoccupied with dead things; he meets a young female embalmer and suddenly everything begins to go right. Evelyn Waugh's novel has been called 'one of the funniest and most significant books of the 20th century'. Dennis Barlow ...... Julian Rhind-Tutt Mr Joyboy ...... Mark Gatiss Aimee ...... Jennifer Lee Jellicorse Sir Francis Hinsley ...... Clive Swift Sir Ambrose Abercrombie ...... David Troughton Mrs Heinkel/Mrs Joyboy/Telephonist ...... Barbara Barnes Mr Heinkel/Schultz/Slump ...... Peter Marinker. Can't remember who directed this, but I guess it was either Tim Dee or David Hunter.

Jonathan Holloway had two drama items broadcast over the summer, and one of them was REP (R4, 1415, 17 Aug 09). An actor has a brief spell in what is, for him, an unfamiliar situation; one of Britain's last surviving repertory theatres. He has some scrapes and romantic encounters, and the play evokes the spirit of 'rep' very effectively. The leads were taken by Jay Villiers, Lucy Liemann and Michael Fenton Stevens, and direction was by Tim Dee. (....ND, VRPCC newsletter, Sep 09

THE QUEST....2009
24 Aug 09. Woman's Hour Drama: 5 episodes. A modern take on the works of Sir Thomas Malory and Alfred Tennyson. In the first episode, King Arthur has been mortally wounded; and talks to Merlin as death approaches. Arthur ...... Julian Rhind-Tutt, Merlin ...... Mark Gatiss, Percival ...... Mark Meadows, Morgan Le Fay ...... Jasmine Hyde, Lancelot ...... Stephen Noonan, Leodegrance ...... Paul Mundell, Guinevere ...... Eleanor Tremain, Lot ...... David Collins. Directed by Tim Dee. Imaginative use of radio; this is not an ordinary re-telling of some of the best-known episodes in Arthur's life, but a radically different version, re-composed, if that is the right word, for the 21st century.

BBC blurb: When struggling architect Jack is forced to take the overnight train from Haverfordwest to Paddington; he encounters a garrulous guard and a spookily familiar young woman. All is not quite what it seems. Jack ...... Sam Dale, Train Guard ...... Ewan Hooper, Hope ...... Lydia Leonard, Stationmaster/Tom ...... Mark Lewis. Directed by David Hunter. ....Note from ND - I always like plays set on old stations and trains. This one is excellent.

THE KANE CONSPIRACY, by Jonathan Holloway (Saturday Play, 2 Oct 2010, R4) was set in the run-up to the 1941 Oscars.The young Orson Welles is pushing his film 'Citizen Kane', in spite of vigorous negative lobbying by FBI chief J Edgar Hoover and the newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. Hearst was very unhappy with the way his thinly disguised 'alter ego' was portrayed in the film, and Hoover and Hearst were determined to strangle the production; they almost succeeded.

The writer based the play on documentary evidence, and it was an interesting listen for anyone who has seen 'Citizen Kane'. This was Welles' first and most famous venture as a Hollywood director but seems to have done little for his future career.

Jeff Harding was Orson Welles, Toby Jones was Hoover, and John Guerrasio was Herman Mankiewicz; the producer was Sara Davies. .....ND, Diversity website review, Dec 2010

2011-03-03, The Old Spies
y Jonathan Holloway; play about three former spies in an old peoples' home. They talk and remember their old missions and rage against the dying of their lights. They now have nowhere to go but hold on to the stories of their adventurous lives as they feel their own minds, memories and personalities shifting.

2013-02-10, Nineteen Eighty-Four, 1
By Orwell, dram. Jonathan Holloway. Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth. Sick and separated from his wife, he lives alone in a one-room flat in Victory Mansions in London, chief city of Airstrip One. Big Brother stares out from every poster; the Thought Police uncover every act of betrayal. When Winston finds love, he discovers that life does not have to be dull and deadening, and awakens to new possibilities. Winston Smith ..... Christopher Eccleston, Julia ..... Pippa Nixon, O'Brien ..... Tim Pigott-Smith, Parsons ..... Kim Wall, Syme ..... Sam Alexander, Prostitute ..... Susie Riddell, with....... Christine Absalom, Don Gilet, Joe Sims, Joshua Swinney. Producer: Jeremy Mortimer

2013-02-11 The Real George Orwell - Loving
By Jonathan Holloway. The third of four dramas featuring episodes in the life of Eric Blair. His relationship with the opposite sex could be a bit odd; he made awkward marriage proposals to several women. But his relationship with Eileen O'Shaugnessy, whom he married in 1935, had a huge influence on him. This drama explores the nine years of their relationship. Eric Blair ..... Joseph Millson, Eileen O'Shaugnessy/Blair ..... Lyndsey Marshal, Dorothy ..... Isabella Marshall, Lydia Jackson ..... Vera Filatova, Inspector Summerfield ..... Dick Bradnum, Len ..... Alun Raglan, with... Lyndsey Marshal; Producer ..... Kate McAll. BBC Wales.

2013-02-17, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Episode 2
Dram. Jonathan Holloway. Winston Smith has found love and comfort with Julia, and now they are determined to join the Brotherhood, a secret, counter-revolutionary organisation pledged to destroy The Party. But for The Party's enemies, deep in the Ministry of Love, there is the threat of Room 101. Winston Smith ..... Christopher Eccleston, Julia ..... Pippa Nixon, O'Brien ..... Tim Pigott-Smith, Parsons ..... Kim Wall, Charrington ..... Robert Blythe, with Christine Absalom, Sam Alexander, Don Gilet Susie Riddell Joe Sims Joshua Swinney. Producer: ..... Jeremy Mortimer.

2013-02-18, George Orwell: Jura
By Jonathan Holloway. Final play (of 4) featuring episodes in the life of Eric Blair. In 1947, the year after Eileen's death, Eric leaves London and moves to Jura, with his sister Avril, and his three year old son. He is suffering from TB but is determined to try living off the land. But most of all he is determined to finish Nineteen Eighty-Four. Eric Blair ..... Joseph Millson, Avril Blair ..... Liza Sadovy, David Holbrook ..... Adam Nagaitis, Sonia Orwell ..... Stephanie Racine, Ricky Blair ..... James Foster, Henry ..... Will Howard, Lucy ..... Alexandra Guelff, Jane ..... Lizzy Watts, Producer..... Jeremy Mortimer

2013-05-23, The Emperor's Babe
By Bernardine Evaristo, ad. Jonathan Holloway. Play set in Roman London. Zuleika, a beautiful girl of Sudanese heritage, is neglected by her parents and left to run wild in the city's streets. In 2013, Zuleika would be scouted to model for Prada or Burberry. In AD 211, her prospects are much less promising. Zuleika ..... Michelle Asante, Felix ..... Paul Chahidi, Alba ..... Alex Tregear, Valeria ..... Hannah Wood, Tranio ..... Rick Warden, Severus ..... Terence Anderson, Producer:..... Mary Ward-Lowery. 'London Calling' arranged and performed by Cousin Dim, featuring vocals by Holly Hockaday.

17 Apr 15: The Carter Mysteries: Incident of the Russian Visitors
By Jonathan Holloway. The Carter warehouse is crammed with history. When an unscrupulous pair arrives looking for a long-lost Russian table it's the beginning of a far-reaching and dangerous tale. Lisa: Jeany Spark, Phil: Stephen Greif, Gul: Sharif Dorani, Steven: Harry McEntire, Dmitri: Stephen Critchlow, Viktor: David Hounslow, Dan: Sam Dale. Produced by David Hunter.

2015-05-24, Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
by Samuel Johnson, ad. Jonathan Holloway. An African prince in search of happiness. Recorded on location at Dr Johnson's House, 17 Gough Square, London, where 260 years ago, Johnson compiled his famous dictionary and then in January 1759, wrote 'Rasselas' in a week to pay for his mother's funeral. Jonathan's drama also includes a glimpse of Johnson; a lonely 50-year-old celebrity and writer; in debt and poor health; missing his young Jamaican manservant, Francis Barber, who had run away to sea. Born a slave, Barber was freed at Johnson's insistence and treated kindly by him. Samuel Johnson .... Jeff Rawle, Arthur Murphy .... Kevin Trainor, Princess Nekayah .... Cynthia Erivo, Prince Rasselas .... Ashley Zhangazha, Imlac .... Lucian Msamati, Aeronaut .... Richard Cordery, Pekuah .... Adjoa Andoh, AJ .... Gabriel Mokake, Ahmed .... Amir El-Masry, Mohammed .... Zubin Varla, Intelligence Man .... Zubin Varla, Producer .... Amber Barnfather. Sound design: David Chilton. Indie (Goldhawk).

2014-06-15, CS slot: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, 1 of 2
By Philip Dick, dram. Jonathan Holloway. Sci-fi story which inspired Blade Runner. In a world devastated by nuclear war, a San Francisco bounty hunter is on a mission to retire a group of rogue androids. Androids are now becoming indistinguishable from human beingse, and Rick Deckard is tasked with locating and destroying a group of escaped androids who have fled a life of slavery and returned to Earth. Rick Deckard ..... James Purefoy, Rachael Rosen ..... Jessica Raine, Harry Bryant ..... Nicky Henson, Eldon Rosen ..... Anton Lesser, Luba Luft ..... Heather Craney, JR Isadore ..... Stuart McLoughlin, Polokov ..... Clive Hayward, Roy Baty ..... Danny Sapani, Jenny Bell ..... Jaimi Barbakoff, Caruso ..... Wilf Scolding, Producer ..... Sasha Yevtushenko.

2015-10-12, 14-15 The Life and Times of Arthur Miller, 1:Beginnings
Arthur Miller would have been 100 years old on October 17th this year. To mark the centenary BBC Radio 4, LA Theatre Works, and an American cast have come together to produce four new dramas by Mike Walker and Jonathan Holloway. These plays recreate some of the experiences that shaped Miller. First episode written by Mike Walker. Arthur Miller is born in New York on the 17th of October 1915 to a prosperous family in the clothing business. A poor school student, he loves making things with wood and dreams of becoming a crooner. But when the stock market crashes and the Millers face ruin, Arthur contemplates a different future. . Narrator .... Ed Harris, Arthur Miller .... Ben Feldman, Isidore Miller .... Gregory Itzin, Augusta Miller .... Kate Burton, Maid .... Anna Lyse Erikson, Kermit Miller .... Matthew Wolf, Ed .... Matthew Wolf, William Fox, Dozick and Harry .... Andre Sogliuzzo, Young Marxist .... Michael Kirby, Aunt Betty .... Jane Kaczmarek, Mary Slattery .... Devon Sorvari, Producer.... Kate McAll.

2015-10-14, Arthur Miller, 3: Sin
By Jonathan Holloway. Arthur Miller's play 'The Crucible' opened in New York City in January 1953. The reviews were mixed. The parallels with Senator McCarthy's witch hunt for Communists with the House Un-American Activities Committee were obvious. Few realised, however, that it also portrayed Miller's dying marriage to his first wife and college sweetheart, Mary Slattery. One of Marilyn Monroe's New Year resolutions of 1955 was to improve her acting by taking lessons. She moved to New York later that year to study with Lee Strasberg. Four years after she and Arthur had first met on the West Coast, they began to see each other. Narrator .... Ed Harris, Arthur Miller .... Geoffrey Arend, Morton Miller .... Andre Sogliuzzo, Marilyn Monroe .... Heidi Dippold, HUAC Congressman .... Edward Asner, Slade .... Nick Toren, Reporter .... Alan Shearer, Producer .... Kate McAll. Producer for LA Theatre Works: Susan Loewenberg. Associate Producers: Anna Lyse Erikson and Myke D Wysekopf. Sound by Mark Holden, Wes Dewberry, and Catherine Robinson. A BBC/Cymru Wales and LA Theatre Works Co-Production, directed by Kate McAll.

The play listing above is incomplete; please email if you have information about additional plays / adaptations by this author.

Nigel Deacon, Diversity Website

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