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4 Mar 22: Who Is Aldrich Kemp? Chapter Three: The Black Windmill
By Julian Simpson. Clara and Kennedy find some parallels in their quests and a new name crops up - Conrad Spijker. But whose side is he on? Clara Page ..........Phoebe Fox, Mister Bartholomew ...........Tim McInnerny, Aldrich Kemp ........ Ferdinand Kingsley, Mrs Boone/Eleanor Peck....Nicola Walker, Sebastian Harcourt ......Kyle Soller, Nakesha Kemp ........Karla Crome, Aunt Lily ......Susan Jameson, Kennedy Fisher........Jana Carpenter, Conrad Spijker........Steven Mackintosh. Recorded on location in Hove, London and at The Royal Pavilion in Brighton. Music composed by Tim Elsenbur. Sound Design: David Thomas. Director: Julian Simpson. Producer: Sarah Tombling. Executive Producer: Karen Rose. Indie (Sweet Talk)

29 Oct 2015: Fugue State
A man in hospital is a fugue state holds the key to strange eventswhich have occurred in a remote village. Can sound recordings prompt his brain into remembering what has happened? Doctor Fallon: Nicola Walker, Patient: Steven Mackintosh, Johnson: Tim McInnerny, Simon: Ferdinand Kingsley, Phoebe/cyclist: Phoebe Fox, other parts: Ben Crowe. Producer: Karen Rose.

5 Jun 14. Afternoon Play; a thriller by Julian Simpson about cyber-terrorism. A computer virus - incredibly advanced and coded in a language no one understands - is released onto the internet, encrypting every piece of information held on every system. All information is being held hostage. Alice Price is sent in to negotiate the safe return of the information before the world descends into chaos. But who are the terrorists and why have they asked for her? Levine ....... Robert Glenister, Daguero ....... Rufus Wright, Pantalone ....... Tim McInnerny, Harlequin ....... Louise Brealey, Columbina ....... Hermione Norris, Alice Price ....... Nicola Walker. Director: Julian Simpson. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie. (Sweet Talk).

10 Oct: Afternoon Drama. In July 1518 a terrifying and mysterious plague struck the medieval city of Strasbourg. By the time the epidemic subsided, heat and exhaustion had claimed many lives, leaving thousands bewildered and bereaved.....now it's the South Bank, London. 2011. Is it happening again? By Julian Simpson. Based on an original idea by Anita Sullivan. With Robin Lustig, Jim Libby, Jana Carpenter, Tom Salinsky, Deborah Frances White, Matt Banister, Jessica Pidsley, Jessica Regan. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie (Sweet Talk Productions).

7 Jan 2011, Friday Play by Julian Simpson. Creepy supernatural thriller. Five bodies are found in a cellar, which is how the story begins. The police are called in, and the corpses are found to be nearly seventy years old. This is odd, because they died only five years ago. But one of the deceased has some audio recordings in his pocket.... perhaps when they're cleaned up and examined they'll give a few clues....

This is one best listened to with a friend, in the sunshine; the sound effects are frightening.

Cast: Nicola Walker, Rupert Graves, Steven Mackintosh, Anthony Calf, Jana Carpenter, Oscar Richardson, Imogen McCurdy, Rohan Nijhawan, Ted Powell. Producer Karen Rose, director Julian Simpson.

    'R', from the BBC messageboard: ............I listened to this while making soup in the kitchen and in broad daylight and I still found myself looking over my shoulder.

    Beautifully written and acted. Well done and thank you, Mr Simpson and the cast! You've certainly changed my plans for Saturday afternoon. I was going to tidy up my cellar, but suddenly, I feel it can wait a while ...

    (The play was a Sweet Talk Production for BBC Radio 4)

THE HOST....2009
Another sequel to Journey into Space, created by Charles Chilton; written by Julian Simpson, broadcast 27 Jun 09.
    Gillian Reynolds (Daily Telegraph) commented on Charles Chilton's hugely industrious and successful BBC career, encompassing features, Variety, Westerns and science fiction. David Jacobs plays "The Host" in this very effective one-hour play. Toby Stephens played Jet Morgan (better casting, perhaps, than "Frozen in Time") and Charles Chilton himself (93 in Jun 09) read the closing credits. David Chilton, Charles' son, was responsible for sound design and music, and the producer was Nick Russell-Pavier of Goldhawk Productions. The play was reviewed by Paul Donovan for the Sunday Times, 21 Jun 09; the article is online. (date is correct; reviewers get preview discs)

Roger Howe of VRPCC has interviewed Charles Chilton, and his interesting account is shown on the radio articles page.

22 Aug 08. Julian Simpson's psychological sci-fi thriller about a man trying to uncover his true identity, set against the backdrop of a war on terror. Cast: Mark Willis ...... Mark Bazeley, Mia ...... Indira Varma, Doctor Gruber ...... Nicola Walker, Samson ...... Mark Lewis Jones, Charlie ...... Jimmy Akingbola, Lenny ...... Paul Panting. Friday play. Producer Karen Rose, for Sweet Talk Productions.

Written and directed by Julian Simpson, 3 Feb 06, rpt. 31 Aug 07. Teenager Kelly Ryan and her parents move to Pleasant Green, an exclusive village 40 minutes from London. They are an affluent family and she has a good education. Yet two months later she has murdered a retired Royal Marine. Why? Cast:Grant ...... John Carlisle, Kelly Ryan ...... Sarah Smart, Mrs Ryan ...... Lesley Sharp, Mr Ryan ...... Philip Glenister, Carter ...... Daniel Ryan, Haynes ...... Sean Gallagher, Mrs Wilson ...... Nicola Walker, Dr Mortimer ...... Will Keen.
    Julian Simpson was the author of another repeated Friday Play, FRAGMENTS (R4, 2102, 31 Aug 07) in which a teenage girl is accused of the murder of a retired Royal Marine. There seems to be no motive; the evidence is circumstantial, and the convoluted plot flicks between police interviews, recordings from electronic "bugs", and uncomfortable conversations between the girl and her mother. John Carlisle played the 70-year-old Grant, Lesley Sharp was mother, and Sarah Smart was Kelly, indistinguishable from a genuine spoilt teenager. The producer was Karen Rose, for Sweet Talk Productions, and the author directed. (ND, VRPCC newsletter, Sep 07)

28 Nov 03. Short story: 5/5. Writer's Block. By Julian Simpson. Read by Mark Heap and William Hootkins. A writer stares at the empty page and wishes for words. Perhaps a walk will give him inspiration and where is Aristotle when you need him? (BBC Publicity)

Director Lisa Osborne for Sweet Talk Productions.

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