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Katie Hims was the writer in residence at BBC Radio Drama in 2002. Her plays are well-written and full of action, and not just for radio; she also writes for stage and TV. Since 2014 Katie has written for the radio series Home Front, including five seasons as lead writer. Other radio work includes Black Eyed Girls (Audio Drama Award, Best Original Drama), Lost Property (Audio Drama Award, Best Original Drama), The Gunshot Wedding (Writer’s Guild Best Original Radio Drama) and The Earthquake Girl (winner of the Richard Imison Award). Radio adaptations include The Martin Beck Killings by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo. She has also written for the long running television series Casualty.

The BBC drama website contains an interesting quote by Katie: "When I wrote my first radio play I put in a lot of sound effects...I felt they ought to be there...my producer said the script was all right but why were there so many lousy sound effects? Sometimes these detract from the scene.."

Greg Linden sent the following transcription of Jeremy Mortimer's introduction to "The Disappearance of Shirley McGill" on BBC7's "Producer's Choice":

.."Every so often, a writer appears on the scene who just takes your breath away. Katie Hims' first radio play, 'The Earthquake Girl', won a Richard Imison Award in 1998, and since then her work has never failed to make an impression. In Katie's world there is a semblance of normality but underneath all that you can be sure that something strange -- and rather magical -- is going on. I think that radio drama is at its best when it looks at the world through a slightly distorting lens, and Katie uses this to show us her stories of meek people doing heroic deeds and unlikely couples finding love. Stories which can make us laugh, and make us cry." (Jeremy Mortimer on BBC7, 22 January 2004).

BBC Broadcasts

The Earthquake Girl, 13 March 1997
(rpt 10 July 1998) Edie works in a library and is terrified of causing a world catastrophe. Her sister-in-law Lila thinks she should go out and find a man, but Edie would rather stay in and write a gothic romance. In fact, Edie would be a library if she could. With Saskia Reeves, Barbara Marten and Jean Alexander. Director Kate Rowland.

*Roberto Sultana, 6 May 1998 (rpt 14 Sep 1999)
Nine-year-old Shelly writes to her hero Roberto Sultana who is away looking for a man with a limp. Her mother will not eat, talk or get out of bed. Shelly needs some help. With Sarah Tingle, Christopher Horner and Liz Smith. Director Melanie Harris.
I seem to remember this as a frenetic comedy.

Bangers and Mash.1999
11 Jan - 15 Feb 1999; 6 x 30m serial - a comic drama. Jimmy works in the small Manchester catering business run by his brother, who is in debt to loan sharks. At the end of the first episode, the brother disappears, along with most of the furniture. Jimmy has six weeks to find £2500. Stars Gerard McDermott, Mark Straker, Catherine Harvey, Roger May, Jane Whittenshaw.

Child of the Suburbs: Milton and Sylvio's Story .2000
19 June 2000 (3rd in an Afternoon Play 5-play cycle called "Child Of Our Time") The story of identical twins growing up in Belford Roxo, one of Brazil's most dangerous suburbs. They belong to the Candomble religion, brought to Brazil by the slaves, and they find escape from the violence around them by flying their kites. With Ike Hamilton and Bradley Martin. Director: Kate Rowland.

Lulu .2000
7 Sep 2000. Meet Lulu, the tallest girl in the world, aged six, 12 and 18. She has grown up with a terrible secret. She made wish one day on the way to the beach, and it came true. She wished something would happen to her sister Angela - and it did. With Polly Lister, Daniel Poyser, Nicola Millington, Holly Grainger, Christine Mackie and Rob Pickavance. Director: Melanie Harris.

Cops and Robbers* .was another excellent play by Katie Hims (R4, 1415, 30 Apr 01). A dry cleaner's assistant falls for a customer but as he crosses the road outside the shop he is knocked down by a car. As she gets to know him it transpires that perhaps this was not an accident. Amanda Root and Philip Jackson were Marion and the Inspector, and the shady Jonny was played by Nicholas Boulton; Peter Kavanagh directed. ND, VRPCC newsletter, Sep 01

Lila's husband has died, and her two brothers-in-law start to fall in love with her.R4,1415, 17 Jul 01 (rpt 8 Aug 03). With Denise Black, JeffHordley, John Bramwell, Michelle Davenport. Directed in Manchester by Melanie Harris.

Football Stories for Girls ..2002
10 to 14 June 02. Five short plays for "Woman's Hour" telling football stories from a woman's perspective. The characters include a professional footballer, a girl who goes to the football matches with her dad, a woman who keeps falling for goalies, the ghost of a 1966 footballing hero and a changing-room cleaner.

Tuesday is library day*.2002
Jessica has two mothers; why? R4, 8 Jan 02, 45m. Afternoon play. With Ellie Bevan as older Jessica, Laura Popplewell as younger Jessica; also stars Suzanne Hedcote, Sophie Shad, Carolyn Pickles, Christopher Godwin, David Timpson, Anna Popplewell and Victoria O'Donnell. Director Sue Broom. ..+see note below

Man with Travel Hairdryer*.2002
R4, Friday play, 60m, 13 Sep 02. An unarmed man is accidentally shot dead by a police officer. Directed by Toby Swift.

*The Disappearance Of Shirley McGill, 27 Feb 2003
Shirley has put up with marriage to her overbearing husband Vernon for 20 years. Her only friend is the butcher, and it is to the butcher she turns when she finds that, in spite of plenty of greens and red meat, she becomes at first translucent and then completely invisible. With Lesley Manville, Philip Jackson, Shaun Dingwall, Emma Woolliams and Scott Brooksbank. Director: Jeremy Mortimer.

Wild Lunch*.2003
R4, 25 Nov 03..RT..an absurdist comedy.a terribly English, civilised lunch party gradually disintegrates on the day a man is hanged by an unspecified government. Even when the world is falling apart around them, there are those who will cling to the reality which suits them...with Claudia Harrison, Ben Miles, Richenda Carey, Ian Masters, Stephen Critchlow, Tracey Wiles, Kenny Blyth. Directed by Toby Swift.

+ Apologies -my recording is not very clear and I may have mis-spelled the names of some of the actors; please email any corrections to me.

The Day We Caught The Train..2003
Two mysterious visitors arrive to pay their respects to the deceased but are horrified to see that her corpse has been dressed in black. Starring Paul McCrink, Duncan Preston and Thelma Barlow. (Woman's Hour drama; series title "Don't Step On The Cracks")

(R4, 1415, 17-20 Sep 07) CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN occupied the afternoon play slot for 4 days, and gave a less indigestible version of the well-known story. It's a romantic tale set during World War II on the island of Cephallonia. Pelagia is engaged to Mandras, an fisherman who has joined the Greek army. But whilst still engaged she falls for Captain Corelli, who is technically the enemy, and they decide to marry. Then Corelli disappears, only reappearing forty years later, during which time Pelagia has remained alone, waiting for him. The cast included Celia Meiras as Pelagia, Daniel Philpott as Corelli; Tom Goodman-Hill narrated. The dramatisation was by Katie Hims, and the producer was David Hunter. .ND, VRPCC newsletter, Dec 07..

Five interlinked dramas for Woman's Hour around Valentine's Day. 11-15 Feb 08. The meaning of kissing, with illustrated examples - a boy and girl's goodbye kiss, an old lady's first kiss, an imagined kiss, a father who never kissed his son, and how every girl in the class wants to kiss the class hunk.

18 Nov 2010. Second of two plays commissioned for BBC Children in Need. Actors and carers tell the story of a young girl with responsibilities beyond her years. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

17 Jun 2011: Lilo
By Katie Hims. Childhood sweethearts meet up after nearly 20 years, wondering whether they should have stayed together. Trystan and Simone haven't seen each other for eighteen years. They went to school together, grew up together and fell in love. It ended badly and then Trystan went off to university. To Trystan's disappointment Simone is still married, to his arch enemy no less. They even have kids. Trystan has no family but a successful career. They both claim to be happy. They both claim to have no regrets. But as the evening progresses they wonder if they have wasted the last eighteen years. Cast: Simone ... Maxine Peake, Trystan .. Trystan Gravelle, Simone (11 yrs) .. Shannon Flynn, Trystan (11 yrs) .. Euan Brown. Sound Design by Eloise Whitmore. Producer: Melanie Harris. Indie production (Sparklab).

1 Jan 2014: Listening to the Dead
3/5 The Great Pretender - A small-time 1950s psychic hungers for fame, despite his inability to read the thoughts of anyone, let alone the woman he works with. By Katie Hims. Narrator - Anne Metcalfe, with Ralf Little, Lizzy Watts, Joanna Monro, Sean Murray, Carolyn Pickles, Carys Eleri, Arthur Hughes, Harry Jardine. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

2 Jan 2014:
4/5 Ruby's Shoes. Ruby Tully grows up unaware of her clairvoyant heritage, and finds that her gift is a curse in the 1970s age of experimental psychology. By Katie Hims. Nell Herrin, Ami Metcalf, Leon Human, Hamza Jeetooa,Lisa Stevenson, David Seddon, Michael Bertenshaw, Carys Eleri, Rosa Yevtushenko, Arthur Hughes, Georgie Fuller. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

3 Jan 2014:
5/5 Tuesday's Child. Tuesday grows up assuming her mother abandoned her, despite the voices in her dreams which try to tell her otherwise. By Katie Hims. Jenny Spark, Rose Hilton Hille, Rosa Yevtushenko, David Seddon, Lisa Stevenson, Carolyn Pickles, Ami Metcalf, Paul Bazely, Joel McCormack, Michael Bertenshaw, Harry Jardine, Georgie Fuller, Sean Murray. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

30 Aug 2014: Saturday Play: Martin Beck, play 2 of 10
The Man Who Went Up In Smoke, rpt. Adaptation by Katie Hims of the Joan Tate translation. Story from 1966. Inspector Beck travels to Hungary looking for a missing journalist. It's a difficult case. Beck - Steven Mackintosh, Kollberg - Neil Pearson, Gunnarson - Justin Salinger, Szluka - Patrick Brennan, with Georgia Groome, Lucy Black, Robert Blythe, Harry Livingstone, Christine Absalom, Amaka Okafor, Joe Sims, Sam Alexander, Don Gilet, Sally Orrock, Lesley Sharp, Nicholas Gleaves. Produced by Mary Peate. 75m.

6 Sept 2014: Saturday Play: Martin Beck, play 3 of 10
A murder is going after young girls in Stockholm's parks. With only a mugger and a three-year-old as witnesses, Beck has to rely on his intuition to get on the trail of the killer. Translated by Alan Blair and adapted by Katie Hims. Steven Mackintosh as Beck, Kollberg - Neil pearson, Larsson - Ralph Ineson, Melander - Adrian Scarborough, Karin - Beth Goddard, with Katie Angelou, Susie Riddell, Greta Dudgeon, Christine Absalon, Patrick Brennan, Sam Alexander, Don Gilet, RRobert Bylthe, Joe Sims, Harry Livingstone, Amaka Okafor, Kellie Shirley, Lesley Sharp, Nicholas Gleaves. produced by Mary Peate. 60m.

20 Sept 2014: Saturday Play -Martin Beck
Episode 5. Rpt. from 24 Nov 2012: The Fire Engine That Disappeared. By Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo, translated by Joan Tate, dramatised by Katie Hims. The apartment of a suspect being staked out by Gunvald Larsson explodes, killing three people. Arson and murder isn't at first suspected - much to Larsson's fury - but when it becomes clear that the fire was started on purpose, the case hinges on the needle-in-a-haystack chance of finding a man who fits an impossibly vague description who was somewhere in the area around the time of the fire. Martin Beck .. Steven Mackintosh, Lennart Kollberg .. Neil Pearson, Larsson .. Ralph Ineson, Ronn .. Russell Boulter, Gun Kollberg .. Sally Orrock, Nadja .. Christine Absalom, Mansson .. Stuart McQuarrie, Zachrisson .. Joe Sims, Stromgren .. Harry Livingstone, Hammar .. Patrick Brennan, Hjelm .. Robert Blythe, Skacke .. Sam Alexander, Mrs Borg .. Susie Riddell, Ingrid Beck .. Lauren Crace, Doris Martensen .. Keely Beresford, Mats .. Greta Dudgeon, Narrator 1 .. Lesley Sharp, Narrator 2 .. Nicholas Gleaves, Original Music composed by Elizabeth Purnell. Producer Mary Peate.

1 Jan 2015: Hair of the Dog
By Katie Hims. An ensemble drama following different characters in the pub on New Years Day. Hair of the Dog is recorded 'as live', in a single take, on location in a London pub. (I wonder which one- Ed) The resolutions aren't going so well - but what does the year hold for the relationships and the dreams for the future? We move through the bar, between characters and stories, between an old way of life and a new one. This is truly a New Years Day, with all its humour and sadness, its desire and its frustration - and the anticipation for a good year to come. Sound by Alisdair McGregor. Written by Katie Hims. Produced by Boz Temple-Morris. Indie (Holy Mountain). Nick .. Nicholas Gleaves, Jo .. Madeleine Bowyer, Clare .. Sarah Belcher, Marine .. Sharlit Deyzac, Kara .. Silvana Montoya, Darren .. Rasmus Hardiker, Benedict .. John Benfield, Producer .. Boz Temple-Morris.

2014-08-04 Home Front 4 August 1914 - Kitty Wilson
By Katie Hims. Epic new drama series set in Great War Britain on this day a hundred years ago. As Britain waits for Germany's response to their ultimatum, in Folkestone, Kitty Wilson has a deadline of her own. Home Front is a ground-breaking new Radio Four radio drama - its biggest ever at around 600 episodes - set in Britain during the Great WarFiction, set against a backdrop of fact. Each episode is set a hundred years to the day before broadcast, and follows one character's day. Season One is set in Folkestone, a fashionable Edwardian seaside resort that quickly became one of the hubs of the military machine, and close enough to France to hear the fighting. Future seasons will be set in Newcastle and Devon. Kitty .. Ami Metcalf, Ralph .. Nicholas Murchie, Adam .. Leo Montague, Dieter .. Joe Sims, Albert .. Harry Myers, Customer .. Craige Els, Cynic .. Wilf Scolding, Man .. Michael Bertenshaw, Woman .. Rachel Shelley, Producer .. Jessica Dromgoole.

2014-08-05 12-00 Home Front 5 August 1914 - Gabriel Graham
Folkestone has woken up to new responsibilities as a part of the war machine. Music: Matthew Strachan Directed by Editor: Jessica Dromgoole. Gabriel .. Michael Bertenshaw, Hilary .. Craige Els, Sylvia .. Deborah Findlay, Freddie .. Freddie Fox, Dieter .. Joe Sims, Director .. Jessica Dromgoole.

2015-01-09 12-04 Home Front - 9 January 1915 - Kitty Lumley
The Graham household is a hive of activity as they await a special delivery. Kitty .... Ami Metcalf, Adam .... Leo Montague, Connie .... Felix Lailey, Esme .... Katie Angelou, Edna .... Lara West, Florrie .... Claire Rushbrook, Mrs Grimes .... Amelda Brown, Isabel .... Keely Beresford, Juliet .... Lizzie Bourne, Sylvia .... Deborah Findlay, Walter .... Joel MacCormack. Produced by Lucy Collingwood. Editor: Jessica Dromgoole.

14 Nov 2015: Saturday Play - Black Dog
A woman abandoned by her husband; left to care for her seven year old son and a black dog. 90m. Claire Rushbrook as Clare, with Ralph Ineson, Alexander Aze, Adam T Wright, Will Howard, Caolan McCarthy, Nahel Tzegal, Karl Queensborough, Stephen Critchlow, Rachel Davies, Peter Wright, Amelia Lowdell, Rosa Yevtushenko, Greta Dudgeon, Rebecca Ineson, Deeivya Meir, Debra Baker, Jessica Turner, David Houslow, Evie Killip and Chris Pavlo. Producer: Mart Peate; music: Nina Perry; cellist: Danny Keane.

2016-05-02 15 Minute Drama - Clouds in Trousers: Ice, Sun, Rain, Shelter, Flood
Katie Hims' drama, inspired by Alexandra Harris' book 'Weatherland', imagines Zoe as a woman growing up weathered, for whom every turn of her life is marked by the weather. The 5 episodes (titles above) were broadcast on successive days. Young Zoe . Sydney Wade, Young Alice ... Sydney Wade, Young Shaun ...Rhys Gannon, Older Zoe ...Patsy Ferran, Older Shaun . David Reed, Juliet ... Laura Elphinstone, Jim ... Sam Troughton, Zoe's Mum ... Katy Carmichael, Zoe's Dad ...Tristan Sturrock, Music by Jon Nicholls. Producer: Tim Dee.

2016-08-16 Home Front - 16 August 1916 - Hugh Cavendish
On this day in 1916, the French gained a mile of trenches at the Somme, and in Folkestone, Hugh Cavendish resists the incursions of Cecil Cameron. Hugh Cavendish ...Alex Wyndham, Juliet Argent ... Lizzie Bourne, Gabriel Graham ... Michael Bertenshaw, Sylvia Graham ...Joanna David, Cecil Cameron ...Justin Salinger, Connie Cavendish ... Felix Lailey, Grace Cavendish ... Grace Doherty, Marieke Dupont ... Olivia Ross, Esme Macknade ... Katie Angelou, Johnnie Marshall ...Paul Ready. Written by Katie Hims; directed by Allegra McIlroy.

2017-05-29 Home Front - 29 May 1917 - Alice Macknade
On this day in 1917, the national press were allowed to publish the news that Folkestone was the centre of a great air raid, and locally, the first seven funerals for victims took place. By Katie Hims. Alice Macknade ....... Claire-Louise Cordwell, Esme Macknade ....... Katie Angelou, Oscar Hendricks ....... Pierre Elliot, Florrie Wilson ....... Claire Rushbrook, Walter Hamilton ....... Joseph Kloska, Bill Macknade ....... Ben Crowe, Ralph Winwood ....... Nicholas Murchie, Producer....... Allegra McIlroy, Series Editor ....... Jessica Dromgoole.

2018-03-19 Home Front - 19 March 1918 - Dorothea Winwood
On this day in 1918, the House of Lords discussed the founding of a League of Nations, and in Folkestone, Dorothea puts together a mixed dinner party. By Katie Hims. Story-led by Sarah Daniels. Dorothea Winwood ....... Rachel Shelley, Dolly Clout ....... Elaine Claxton, Elizabeth Chance ....... Kika Markham, Isabel Graham ....... Keely Beresford, Rev Ralph Winwood ....... Nicholas Murchie, Rev Alec Poole ....... Tom Stuart, Rev Walter Hamilton ....... Joseph Kloska, Olive Hargreaves ....... Rhiannon Neads, Producer....... Jessica Dromgoole.

2018-03-26 Home Front - 26 March 1918 - Alice Macknade
On this day in 1918, Married Love by Marie Stopes was published, and in Folkestone, Alice isn't feeling enamoured with Bill. Written by Katie Hims. Story-led by Sarah Daniels. Directed by Ciaran Bermingham. Editor: Jessica Dromgoole. Alice Macknade ..... Claire-Louise Cordwell, Private Casey ..... Ryan Early, Harry Toomer ..... Ian Masters, Esme Macknade ..... Katie Angelou, Bill Macknade ..... Ben Crowe, Captain Morrison ..... Clive Hayward, Gabriel Graham ..... Michael Bertenshaw, Eric Morton ..... Paul Rainbow, Hilary Pearce ..... Craige Els, Inspector Forrester ..... Nigel Hastings.

2018-11-10 Home Front - A Fragile Peace
A special edition of Home Front, Radio 4's epic drama series marking the centenaries of the First World War. It's 10 November, 1919, a year and a day after the last episode, and Folkestone is preparing for the first Remembrance Day, and contemplating a new post-war world. Cast: Florrie Wilson ..... Claire Rushbrook, Albert Wilson ..... Jamie Foreman, Kitty Lumley ..... Ami Metcalf, Victor Lumley ..... Joel MacCormack, Adam Wilson ..... Billy Kennedy, Jessie Moore ..... Lucy Hutchinson, Alice Macknade ..... Claire Louise Cordwell, Esme Macknade ..... Katie Angelou, Gabriel Graham ..... Michael Bertenshaw, Isabel Summer ..... Keely Beresford, Charles Summer ..... Rufus Wright, Ralph Winwood ..... Nick Murchie, Mrs Edkins ..... Rachel Davies, Bill Macknade ..... Ben Crowe, Norman Harris ..... Sean Baker, Marion Wardle ..... Laura Elphinstone, Edie Chadwick ..... Kathryn Beaumont, Other roles ..... Bea White, Rex Wood, Jonah Collingwood Harrold, Isobel Barry, Olivia Wales, Emma Handy, John Lightbody, Sean Murray, Ryan Whittle and Lewis Bray. Written by Katie Hims. Directed by Jessica Dromgoole. Producer: Ciaran Bermingham. Assistant Producer: Hannah Ratcliffe. Production Coordinator: Sarah Morrison. Production Management Assistant: Leanne Allen. Production Management Assistant: Graham Eveleigh. Sound: Martha Littlehailes. Composer: Matthew Strachan.

9 Aug 20: Classic Serial slot: Short Stories: Katherine Mansfield. Part 1.
(1)Marriage a la Mode, where Isabel’s new friends come between her and husband William.

<2)Something Childish and Very Natural, where Henry and Edna meet and fall in love, just as passionately as they always hoped they might.

(3)Bliss, where Bertha’s life is dedicated to happiness, and her will for happiness folds around every experience, until this one.

Casts: Marriage a la Mode: Hattie Morahan ..... Katherine Mansfield, Ellie Piercy ..... Isabel, Carl Prekopp ..... William, Charlotte East ..... Moira, Ian Dunnett Jr ..... Bobby, Joel MacCormack ..... Dennis, Luke Nunn ..... Vendor, Eliza Pearce ..... Paddy, Orla Pearce ..... Jonny.

Something Childish but Very Natural: Hattie Morahan ..... Katherine Mansfield, Joel MacCormack ..... Henry, Cecilia Appiah ..... Edna, Eliza Pearce ..... Moth Girl

Bliss: Hattie Morahan ..... Katherine Mansfield, Charlotte East ..... Bertha, Luke Nunn ..... Harry, Ellie Piercy ..... Pearl, Joel MacCormack ..... Eddie, Cecilia Appiah ..... Mary, Ian Dunnett Jr ..... Mr Norman Knight. All dramatised by Katie Hims; sound by Peter Ringrose; produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

14 Feb 21: Classic Serial - Tess of the D'Urbervilles, 1
Thomas Hardy, ad. Katie Hims in three episodes. Story about beautiful, poor, young Dorset woman Tess Durbeyfield, told from her point of view. In today's episode, Tess's father is convinced that the family's fortunes are about to improve. Tess ..... Faye Marsay, Angel ..... Matthew Tennyson, Alec ..... Robert Emms, Rosie ..... Bettrys Jones, Car D'Arcy ..... Alex Tregear, Felix ..... Hasan Dixon, Cuthbert ..... Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Joan Durbeyfield..... Maggie Service, Jack Durbeyfield..... Roger Ringrose, Abraham ..... Aaron Gelkoff, Elizabeth and Liza Lu..... Ell Potter, Isaac ..... Noah Leggott, Lily ..... Tayla Hutchinson, Mrs. D'Urberville ..... Elizabeth Counsell, Tom ..... David Seddon, Parson ..... Tony Turner. Musical arrangement: Colin Guthrie. Hardy adviser: Professor Graham White. Producer: Mary Peate.

9 Mar 21: Scenes from a Zombie Apocalypse
By Katie Hims and Paul Elliott. A modern horror story.When the world goes off track, sometimes children understand it best. Bo ..... Orla Pearce, Ellie ..... Eliza Pearce, Bernadette Strange ..... Laura Elphinstone, David Chase ..... David Sturzaker, PC Blake ..... Nicholas Murchie, PC Ackie ..... Marilyn Nnadebe, Fiona ..... Jessica Turner, Jerry ..... Tony Turner, Man ..... Joshua Riley, Alison ..... Elinor Coleman, Shopkeeper/Saeed/Lawton ..... Hasan Dixon, Mum /Paramedic ..... Jane Slavin, Driver/Dr Simms ..... Stewart Campbell. Producer: Jessica Dromgoole.

15 May 21: Saturday Play: Opening Pandora's Box
By Katie Hims. How do you turn a silent film into an audio drama? Wedekind's 'Lulu' formed the basis of the 1929 German movie, Pandora's Box. with Louise Brooks as Lulu, the ultimate 'femme fatale'. 90 years later, Katie Hims wonders what to do about Lulu. Rpt. from 9 Feb 19. The Writer/Lulu ..... Kate O’Flynn, Justin/Alwa ..... Joseph Ayre, Simone/Geschwitz ..... Ayesha Antoine, Kerry ..... Kerry Gooderson, Dr. Schön ..... Tony Turner, Schigolch ..... Michael Bertenshaw, Piani ..... Ronny Jhutti, The Kind-Faced Man ..... Christopher Harper, Rodrigo ..... Don Gilet, Dr. van Zarnikow ..... Sam Dale, Charlotte ..... Franchi Webb. Original Music by Neil Brand. Produced by Toby Swift.

29 Mar 22: Waterloo Station
By Katie Hims. Two strangers look back on an incident that happened a couple of years ago, just before their world turned upside down. It also reflects on our experience of the Covid pandemic. Ray ..... Ralph Ineson, Christa. ..... Christine Bottomley. Produced by Mary Peate. This play was the winner of Best Radio Drama at the 2023 Writers Guild Awards.

Others: (dates nk)

*Word on the night breeze
*Harry and Gloria
*Lessons in Psychic Awareness

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