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An Afterlife....1995
R4, May 1995...social story with supernatural overtones. With Kate Buffery as Anna, Siriol Jenkins as Sarah, Peter Yapp as Tom. Also stars Christopher Scott, Jill Graham, Natasha Pyne, George Parsons. Directed by Cherry Cookson.

John Donne....2002
R4, 19 Sep 02. This wasn't the title of the play, but it should have been. It told of the early life of John Donne, and his love for a remarkable woman. Afternoon play, 45m. (Incidentally, the play was called "Aire & Angels".....I don't like to criticise BBC policy, but in a biographical play, what is the point of a title which doesn't mention the name of the person it's about?)

Radio Times.......Donne's earliest works were inspired by his longing for the young niece of his employer. This secret romance was to suffer many separations and setbacks. With Samuel West as Donne, Alison Pettitt as Ann, also starring John Rowe, Michael Cochrane, David Thorpe, Tom George, Jane Whittenshaw. Directed by Cherry Cookson.

Out of the Ashes....2003
R4, 3 Dec 03, 45m. Paul is a troubled 15-year old and Dan is a 55 year old fireman on the brink of retirement. Their paths cross when Paul is sent on a fire- fighting scheme for adolescent arsonists. With Danny Young as Paul, Kenneth Cranham as Dan; also stars Suzanna Hamilton, Daniel Anthony, Nick Roud, Harl Sajjan, Rachel Atkins, Lydia Leonard, Billy Sargent; directed by Pauline Harris.

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