Marc Beeby Radio Plays

No biographical notes, unfortunately - if Marc or anyone else with information contacts me, I'd be grateful. Meanwhile, here is a list of a few of the plays Marc has directed; notes are below for some of them.

2018 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
2018 The Mysterious Island
2018 War Of The Worlds, 2 x 55m
2018 Elsinore, 4 x 45m
2014 Pilgrim, series 6
2014 The Once and Future King
2014 Hancock's Ashes
2014 Golden Years: Monty St, Mansfield
2014 Golden Years: Friedrichstrasse, Berlin
2014 Classic Serial - The Stuarts
2014 Classic Serial - The Divine Comedy
2014 Chiwawa
2014 Hamlet
2014 Andy Warhol's Wig
2013 Good News
2013 Is Anything Broken?
2013 Pilgrim
2013 The Morpeth Carol
2013 Classic Serial - Sword of Honour
2013 Rumours
2013 Classic Serial - The Radetzky March
2013 Devil in the Fog
2013 Tom Thumb Redux
2013 Pilgrim, another series
2013 Art & Gadg
2012 Classic Serial: Frankenstein
2012 Norman Birkett: Red Stains
2012 The Third Eye: Lopsang Rampa
2012 Classic Serial: Mrs. Dalloway
2012 Mountain of Light
2012 Is Anything Broken?
2012 Classic Serial: The Cruel Sea
2012 Pilgrim series 3
2008 Tamburlaine: Shadow of God, R3
2006 Classic Serial: The Brothers Karamazov
2006 Skomer
2006 Another Country
2006 House Rules
2006 The Lodsell Cod
2006 Duty
2006 Just One More Day
2006 The Promise
2006 Classic Serial: To Serve Them All My Days
2005 The Employee
2005 Red in tooth and claw, by Simon Bovey
2004 Masks, by Jennie Buckman
2004 The Pallisers, by Trollope,,ad. Martyn Wade
2004 The Promise, by Pat Davis
2004 Drama on Three - Romeo & Juliet in Southwark
2004 The Sorceror's Apprentice, by Goethe, ad. Judith French
2004 Richard III, by Shakespeare
2004 Vanity Fair, by Thackeray, 24 part narration by Stephen Fry
2004 White Out, by Andrew Walsh
2004 The Lodsell Cod, by Dan Jamieson
2003 Hadji Murat, by Tolstoy, 2 x 55m Classic Serial
2003 The story of Mata Hari, 10 x 15m, by Michael Butt
2003 The wit and wisdom of Martin Truelove, by Dan Sefton
2003 She came to stay, by Vicky Payne
2003 A night in '54, by Moya O'Shea
2002 Where the wild things are, by M.Sendak,ad. Peter Wolf
2002 By the coast of Coromandel, by Lavinia Murray
2002 Any other name
2002 Dead Line, by William Stanton
2002 The tears of war, by Charlotte Fyfe
2001-2004 May and Ferdie: several separate plays
2000 A Country House


29 Jul 18: Classic Serial slot: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
By Jules Verne, dramatized by Gregory Evans. Captain Nemo is a renegade submariner who will have nothing to do with the human race. The story is about his travels under the sea. Captain Nemo: Sagar Arya, Professor Aronnax: Neil McCaul, Connie Arronax: Madeleine Hatt, Ned Land: David Seddon, Capt. Farragut: Philip Bretherton. Producer: Marc Beeby.

5 Aug 18: Classic Serial slot: The Mysterious Island
By Jules Verne, dram. Gregory Evans. Sequel to 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Three people escaping the American Civil War become stranded on Captain Nemo's island. Nemo: Sagar Arya, Cyrus Harding: Nathan Osgood, Grace Spilett: Kerry Gooderson, Neb: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Tom Ayrton: Rupert H Evans. Producer: Marc Beeby.

4 Aug 18: Saturday Play slot: The War Of The Worlds, 2
By Herbert Wells; famous science fiction story of the Martian invasion of Earth. Robert: Blake Ritson, curate: Carl Prekopp, Billy: Sam James, Mrs. Hatton: Georgie Glen, Bridgenorth: Nick Murchie, Lydia: Sarah Ridgeway, Margaret: Sanchia McCormack, doctor: David Sterne, man 1: John Dougall, man 2: David Sturzaker. Producer: Marc Beeby.

1 Jan 18: Elsinore
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Prequel to 'Hamlet', set in an alternative Denmark (and Europe) in the 1930s, 4 x 45m, 1-4 Jan 2018. Claudius, Hamlet's brother: John Light, King Hamlet: John Heffernan, The Dauphin: Ed Gaughan, Captain True: Chetna Pandya, Polonius: Clive Hayward, Anders/Dr. Swiss: Neil McCaul, Olssnon: Rupert H Evans, Yorick/Guard: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Katya: Isabella Inchbald, Beatrix: Abbie Andrews, Archimdes and the Prosecutor: David Reakes, Horatio and Schroeder: Philip Bretherton, Lascio: Adam Fitzgerald, Uncle: Ben Crowe, Helena: Clare Corbett, Gertrude: Lyndsey Marshal, Mrs. Helgeland: Sudha Bhuchar. Producers: Marc Beeby and Sasha Yevtushenko.

29 Dec 2014: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 2/4: St. Lewin. In search of silver and gold, Pilgrim comes to St. Lewin, where an old enemy is causing havoc. Pilgrim - Paul Hilton, with Janice Acquah, Zubin Varia, Helen Longworth, Ian Conningham, Paul Heath, Shaun Mason, David Acton, Bettrys Jones, Agnes Bateman. Producer: Marc Beeby.

22 Dec 2014: Pilgrim, series 6
A new series of four plays by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, featuring the immortal wanderer, William Palmer, also known as Pilgrim. Ep. 1 series 6: Jackson's Mill. He discovers that an old friend is being haunted by a malevolent spirit. Meanwhile, homeless people are disappearing from a local shelter. William: Paul Hilton, Morgan: Justin Salinger, Hartley: Matthew Tennyson, Liam: Shaun Mason, Karen: Bettrys Jones, Gabriel: Paul Heath, Gaynor: Jane Slavin, the girl: Agnes Bateman. Producer: Marc Beeby.

9 Nov 2014: Classic Serial: The Once and Future King
Dramatised by Brian Sibley in six episodes from the book by Terence ('Tim') White, a.k.a. T.H.White. This is a retelling of the story of King Arthur. In the first episode, Merlyn and Arthur meet to discuss England's turmoil and decide what has forced the country into such a perilous position. The action proceeds in the present and (by flashbacks) in Arthur's childhood. Arthur: Paul Ready, Merlyn: David Warner, The Wart (Young Arthur, before he knows who he is): Edward Bracey, Young Kay (young Arthur's brother): Ethan Hammer, Archimedes: Bruce Alexander, Sir Ector: Michael Bertenshaw, Guinevere: Lyndsey Marshal, Sir Kay: Paul Heath, Lyo-Lyok, the goose: Elaine Claxton, The Ant Controller: Jane Slavin, Tom the Page: Monty D'Inverno, Mustard Pot: Bettrys Jones. Producers: Gemma Jenkins, Marc Beeby, David Hunter. Music composed for the series by Elizabeth Purnell.

    One of the biggest radio events for a while was THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING, by 'Tim' White, dramatised by Brian Sibley in six one-hour episodes, broadcast in the Classic Serial slot (R4, 1500, beginning 9 Nov 14). Neville Teller's 'The Sword in the Stone' is part of this tale, but this is the first setting of the whole thing by the BBC.

    Laurence Joyce, writing in radio Times, reviewed the drama very favourably, calling it a tale of vast breadth; the Arthurian legends used as a framework to explore themes of war and human responsibility, both at the kingly and personal level; a world of magic and anachronism in which owls and mustard pots speak. "An oddball masterpiece, enhanced by a dramatic score by Elizabeth Purnell. Paul Ready (Arthur) and David Warner (Merlin) lead a superb cast." The producers were Gemma Jenkins, Marc Beeby and David Hunter. More information on the production, including a fairly complete cast list, can be found on the NOTES page for 2014.
    (....ND, Diversity Website radio review, Dec 2014)

30 Oct 2014: Hancock's Ashes
By Caroline and David Stafford. A drama based on a true event. In 1968, Wille Rushton brought Tony Hancock's ashes back from Australia to Britain. This play looks at what might have happened on the way. Willie Rushton: Ewan Bailey, Brian Foster: Richard Dillane, Danny: Paul Heath, Stewardess: Roslyn Hill. Produced by Marc Beeby.

23 Oct 2014: Golden Years: Monty Street, Mansfield
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Another play with a rock & roll motif. A suburban couple discover a dead rock star in their bath. Ezra: Robert J Purdy, Lottie: Esther Coles, Bruno: Ken Bones, Miranda: Jaimi Barbakoff, Shrek: Harry Myers, Maggie: Elaine Claxton. Producer: Marc Beeby.

22 Oct 2014: Golden Years: Friedrichstrasse, Berlin
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A play about rock & roll. When artist Karin gives an interview about her new exhibition, she reveals the long-hidden true story behind an iconic photo of herself and a 1970s rock star. Karin: Emma Fielding, Petra: Francesca Annis, Holger: Wilf Scolding, Christina: Elaine Claxton. Producer: Marc Beeby.

24 Aug 2014: Classic Serial - The Stuarts
By Mike Walker. 3/3. James II - The Storms of This Deceitful World. Mike's epic chronicle looks at James II's short four-year reign, exploring how it all went wrong before he flead England in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. A policy of religious tolerance and the birth of a Catholic heir resulted in an explosion of political tension and the armed invasion of the country. James - James Fleet, with Clive Hayward, Michael Bertenshaw, Michael Shelford, Jaimi Barbakoff, Alex Waldemann, Jane Slavin, Nicholas Murchie, David Cann, Damian Lynch, Mark Edel-Hunt, Matthew Watson. Producers: Sasha Yevtushenko and Marc Beeby.

17 Aug 2014: Classic Serial: The Stuarts
2/3. By Mike Walker. 'The Long Lease of Pleasant Days'. Charles II fathered a dozen illegitimate children, but his wife Queen Catherine was unable to produce an heir. The play tackles the thorny issue of succession. Charles II - Pip Torrens, James, Duke of York - James Fleet, George, Marquis of Halifax - Clive Hayward, James Scott, Duke of Monmouth - Alex Waldemann, with Olivia Ross, Stephanie Racine, Elaine Claxton, David Cann, Damian Lynch, Michael Bertenshaw, Mark Edel-Hunt. Producers: Marc Beeby and Sasha Yevtushenko.

13 Apr 2014: Classic Serial - The Divine Comedy
By Dante, dram. Stephen Wyatt. The journey comes to its final stage, as Beatrice leads Dante through the various parts of Paradise and into the presence of God. As they go from level to level, they meets some souls who have achieved blessedness. Blake Ritson as Dante the poet, Older Dante by John Hurt, with David Warner as Virgil, Sam Dale, Michael Bertenshaw, Priyanga Burford, David Cann, Clive Hayward, Steve Toussaint, Carolyn Pickles, Hattie Morahan, Cassie Layton. Producers Marc Beeby and Emma Harding.

6 Apr 2014: Classic Serial - The Divine Comedy
Dante, dram. Stephen Wyatt. 2/3. Dante continues up Mount Purgatory, where he meets some souls who have begun their route to betterment and eventual salvation. Blake Ritson as Dante the poet, Older Dante by John Hurt, with David Warner as Virgil, Sam Dale, Michael Bertenshaw, Priyanga Burford, David Cann, Clive Hayward, Steve Toussaint, Carolyn Pickles, Hattie Morahan, Cassie Layton. Producers Marc Beeby and Emma Harding.

    Stephen Wyatt's new dramatization of DANTE'S DIVINE COMEDY, lasting three hours (R4, Classic Serial, 1500, beginning 30 Mar 14) tells of Dante's imaginary journey through hell, purgatory and paradise. It was published seven hundred years ago. The imagined 35-year-old Dante finds himself in the middle of a dark wood, in crisis and on the verge of suicide. Hope of rescue comes when he encounters the shade of the Roman poet Virgil, who offers to lead him through the afterlife, beginning in the depths of hell. He proceeds to Mount Purgatory, where he meets some souls on their journeys of spiritual salvation. Finally he is led to the different levels of Paradise by Beatrice, a woman he loved when he was a young man. The word 'comedy' in the classical sense refers to a work which reflects belief in an ordered universe, in which events resolve to a conclusion, influenced by Providence which steers events in the direction of ultimate good. Paradise, for example, begins with the traveller's moral confusion and ends with the vision of God.

    The rhyming structures of the original have been replaced by a flowing narrative which gives an evocative, visual feel to the story. There are clear descriptions of what can be seen as the traveller makes his journey. The three central characters - Dante the younger, Dante the elder, and Virgil, are played by Blake Ritson, John Hurt and David Warner. Beatrice, his companion at the end of the story, was played by Hattie Morahan and the producers were Emma Harding and Marc Beeby.
    (....ND, Diversity Website radio review, Apr 2014)

31 Mar 2014: Chiwawa
By Melissa Murray. (I thought it was spelled 'Chihuahua'- Ed). When a writer is found to have written scathing reviews of his rivals' work, his wife persuades his assistant to take the blame, with unexpected consequences. Pippa Nixon, Fenella Woolgar, Michael Bertenshaw, Cassie Layton, Elaine Claxton, Clive Hayward, Heather Craney. Producer Marc Beeby (who seems to have had a hand in 7 of the 8 plays broadcast in the afternoons since last Monday).

30 Mar 2014: Classic Serial - The Divine Comedy, 1: Inferno
By Dante, dram. Stephen Wyatt. From the epic 700-year-old poem telling of a man's journey through hell, purgatory and paradise. The imagined Dante finds himself in the midst of a dark forest, on the brink of suicide, aged 35, in extreme personal and spiritual crisis. Hope of rescue comes in the form of the shade of the poet Virgil, who leads Dante on an odyssey through the afterlife. This play is described in more detail on the reviews 2014 page. Blake Ritson as Dante the poet, the older Dante by John Hurt, with David Warner as Virgil, Sam Dale, Michael Bertenshaw, Priyanga Burford, David Cann, Clive Hayward, Steve Toussaint, Cassie Layton. Producers Marc Beeby and Emma Harding.

24 Mar 2014: Hamlet
By Shakespeare, split into five episodes of 45 minutes. Brave of the BBC to split this classic stage play into 5 episodes and broadcast it on radio. There are only minor edits; there was no editor credit in RT. Comment on the plot is superfluous; if you don't know it, look on Wikipedia. Jamie Parker, David Seddon, Paul Hilton, Anastasia Hille, James Laurenson, Tom Mison, Lizzie Watts, Robert Blythe, Ben Crowe, Michael Shelford, Carl Prekopp, Harry Myers, Rick Warden, Will Howard, Nicholas Murchie, Hannah Wood. Producer Marc Beeby.

6 Mar 2014: Andy Warhol's Wig
By David Lemon. Thomas, a nerdy teenager studying art, worships an eccentric artist from the sixties whom no-one seems to have heard of. As part of a student assignment, he visits his hero and gets tangled up in an unexpected adventure. Joal MacCormack, David Schofield, Carys Eleri, Priyanga Burford, Arthur Hughes, David Seddon, Carolyn Pickles, Harry Jardine, Georgie Fuller. Producer Marc Beeby.

22 Jul 2013: 15 Minute Drama - Good News
By Melissa Murray. Five 15m episodes. Notes to part 1: Following a serious misdiagnosis, Adrienne is forced to confront some unexpected issues. Adrienne - Rosie Cavaliero; Mal - Neil Dudgeon; Fred - Aimee-Ffion Edwards; Louise - Christine Absalom; Doctor - Nicholas Murchie; Cashier - Hannah Wood; Robot - Ben Crowe; Barman - Michael Shelford; Mary - Philippa Stanton; Alan - Robert Blythe; Larry - Nicholas Murchie; Guest 2 - Nicholas Murchie; Luke - Michael Shelford; Guest 1 - Hannah Wood; Guest 3 - Philippa Stanton; Jenny - Joanna Brookes; Olaf - Will Howard; Dave - Ben Crowe; Waiter - Ben Crowe; Teacher - Amaka Okafor; Teacher - Rick Warden; Director/Producer - Marc Beeby; Writer - Melissa Murray.v

24 Dec 2013:: Is Anything Broken?
By Daniel Davies. Comedy. An architect negotiates his way through an airport; a stressful ordeal made worse when he learns that his son has had an accident at school, forcing him to balance his hectic personal and business lives whilst at the same time trying to reach the departure gate on time. Adam Kotz, Emerald O'Hanrahan, Kasper Hilton-Hille, Tracy Wiles, Susie Riddell, Christine Absolom, Don Gilet, Gerard McDermott, Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Harry Livingstone, Beverly Tagg. Producer Marc Beeby.

12 Dec 2013:: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 4/4. Parsons' Mount. More supernatural happenings. Willam Palmer has to travel toa forbidden location. Paul Hilton, James Fleet, Amaka Okafor, Lizzy Watts, John Norton, Joel McCormack. Producers Marc Beeby & Jessica Dromgoole.

10 Dec 2013:: The Morpeth Carol
By Timothy Atack. It's Christmas Eve, and all young boys and girls are excited. A nine-year-old goes for a walk and finds that a big sledge has crashed; there's a reindeer in sorry shape, and a Santa who is nothing like the one he saw on the telly. Harry - Paul Copley, young Harry - Ellis Hollins, with Alun Raglan, Rachel Davies, Philippa Stanton, Paul Stonehouse, Matthew Watson, David Seddon. Producer Marc Beeby.

5 Dec 2013:: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiwicz. Fantasy drama, 3/4. Woolmere Walter. The man who cannot die is forced to help an unusual couple in their courtship. Paul Hilton, Michelle Terry, Ralf Little, Joel McCormack, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Priyanga Burford, Michael Bertenshaw. Producers Marc Beeby and Jessica Dromgoole.

28 Nov 2013:: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 2/4. Gallowstone Hill. Supernatural drama continues ... whilst looking for the 'Radiant Boy', Pilgrim comes to a village cursed with a dangerous collective madness. Paul Hilton, Lee Ross, Arthur Hughes, Carys Eleri, Priyanga Burford, David Seddon and John Norton. Producers - Marc Beeby and Jessica Dromgoole.

21 Nov 2013:: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. The popular fantasy drama about William Palmer, the man who cannot die. He uncovers a disturbing family secret. Paul Hilton as William Palmer, with Sean Murray, Michael Bertenshaw, Annette Badland, Carolyn Pickles, Priyanga Burford, James Lailey and Georgie Fuller. Producers Marc Beeby and Jessica Dromgoole.

20 Oct 2013:: Classic Serial - Sword of Honour
4/7. By Evelyn Waugh, dram. Jeremy Front. Guy's unit is posted to Egypt, where the men are surrounded by more rumour than action, and the chaos of war approaches. Narrator- Tim McInnerney, Guy- Paul Ready, Major Hound- John Dougall, Tommy- Nicholas Boulton, Ludovic- Carl Prekopp, Virginia- Lydia Leonard, Trimmer- Lee Ingelby, General Whale- Sean Murray, Kilbannock- Oliver Chris, with Polly Frame, Michael Bertenshaw, Arthur Hughes, Ben Crowe, Sam Pamphilon, John Norton, Carys Eleri, Joel McCormack, David Seddon. Producer Marc Beeby.

    SWORD OF HONOUR, by Evelyn Waugh, adapted by Jeremy front, occupied the Classic Serial slot for almost two months, starting on 29 Sep 2013. This is a satire on the futility of war, seeming to consist of one part heroics and ninety-nine parts cent boredom, time-wasting, foul-ups and general folly. It is semi-autobiographical, dealing with Waugh's experiences in WW2, and Waugh is represented by Guy Crouchback, an aristocrat with few social skills who doesn't seem very bothered about anything except the disappearance of old-fashioned values and chivalrous ways. It has a rich cast of characters, exhibiting by turns nobility, devoutness, promiscuity, selfishness, snobbery, courage and craziness.

    The production wasn't quite as lavish as the 11-part Barry Campbell / Jane Graham version which went out in 1974 (11 x 55m with 90 actors will never happen again) but it still involved around 40 actors over the seven weeks. Tim McInnerney was the narrator, with Paul Ready as Guy Crouchback, Adrian Scarborough as Apthorpe, Tim Piggott-Smith as Ben, along with a host of other well-known radio names. The producer was Marc Beeby; unaccountably not credited in RT.
    (....ND, Diversity Website radio review, Dec 2013)

21 Sept 2013:: Saturday Drama - Rumours.
By Colin Shindler. 75m. The play looks at the Profumo affair, from behind the scenes. In 1963, the satirical magazine Private Eye was caught up in the wave of scandal associated with John Profumo which brought down the government. This coincided with a cultural shift away from some of the values of the past. Richard Ingrams - Harry Hadden-Paton, Willie Rushton - Ewan Bailey, Christopher Booker - Gunnar Cauthary, Horld MacMillan - John Rowe, Timothy Bly - Nicholas Murchie, Sylvia - Philippa Stanton, Sandra - Joannah Tincey, Frank - Ben Crowe, Randolph Churchill - Sean Murray, Harold Wilson - Paul Stonehouse, reporter - David Seddon. Producer Marc Beeby.

9 June 2013:: Classic Serial -The Radetzky March
By Joseph Roth, dram. Gregory Evans. 2/2. Carl Joseph has been posted to a remote outpost of the Austro-Hungarian near the Russian border where his life, and the life of the Empire, is about to take a turn for the worse. Joseph Roth ....... Henry Goodman, Carl Joseph ....... Paul Ready, Franz Von Trotta ....... Sam Dale, Chojnicki ....... David Schofield, Zoglauer ....... Gunnar Cauthery, Emperor Franz Joseph ....... John Rowe, Valli ....... Joannah Tincey, Onufrij ....... Ben Crowe, Brodnitzer ....... Chris Pavlo, Wagner ....... David Seddon, Hirschwitz ....... Philippa Stanton, Skowronneck ....... Robert Blythe, Sgt Slama ....... Paul Stonehouse, Piano and Trumpet played by Peter Ringrose. Producer Marc Beeby.

2 June 2013:: Classic Serial - The Radetzky March
By Joseph Roth, dram. Gregory Evans. 1/2. The end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as seen through the lives of three generations of the Trotta family. The Trottas are a family of Slovenian peasants ennobled when Lieutenant Joseph Trotta saved Emperor Franz Joseph's life at the Battle of Solferino in 1859. Most of the action is set much later (early 1900s) and concerns the next two generations of Trottas, a bureaucrat and a soldier. Joseph Roth ....... Henry Goodman, Carl Joseph ....... Paul Ready, Franz Von Trotta ....... Sam Dale, Demant ....... Scott Handy, Barenstein ....... Gunnar Cauthery, Moser ....... Chris Pavlo, Eva ....... Joannah Tincey, Jacques ....... John Rowe, Josef Von Trotta ....... Paul Stonehouse, Onufrij ....... Ben Crowe, Kovacs ....... Robert Blythe, Kindermann ....... Matthew Watson, Sternberg ....... David Seddon, Frau Slama ....... Hannah Wood, Aunt Resi ....... Joanna Brookes. Piano and Trupet played by Peter Ringrose. Producer Marc Beeby.

23 Apr 2013:: Afternoon Drama - Devil in the Fog
By Leon Garfield. Dram. Martin Jameson. Ep. 1 of 2. 14 year-old George is the oldest of the seven Treet children. Captained by their larger-than-life father, the Treets are touring thespians, forever on the edge of poverty. But their normally happy lives are shadowed by the twice yearly arrival of "the Stranger" who hands Mr Treet a sum of money and disappears. This year, however, the Stranger appears for the last time and Mr Treet reveals to George that he is the son of a nobleman, Sir John Dexter. Now, George must, reluctantly, be returned to him. At the gloomy Dexter family home, George is welcomed by Sir John, who is recovering from a pistol wound received in the course of a duel with his black-hearted brother Richard. Richard has been imprisoned as a result. George does his best to settle into life in his forbidding new home, but trouble is waiting. Mr Treet ....... Tim McMullan, George ....... Joe Dempsie, Lady Dexter ....... Juliet Aubrey, Sir John ....... Sam Dale, Joseph ....... Sean Baker, Dr Newby ....... Iain Batchelor, Mrs Montague ....... Joanna Monro, Captain Richard ....... Ben Crowe, Hotspur ....... Raymond Karimi Taheri, Jane ....... Lauren Mote, Edward ....... Hugo Docking, Rose ....... Fern Deacon. Producer: Marc Beeby.

7 Mar 2013:: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Ep. 3. Wedlowe Sound. Pilgrim must tackle an old adversary and save the community of Wedlowe Sound when it is threatened by a giant. William Palmer ....... Paul Hilton, Wedlowe ....... Ronald Pickup, Massey ....... Paul Stonehouse, Neil ....... Will Howard, Gwen ....... Liza Sadovy, Dreamer ....... Ben Crowe, Girl ....... Agnes Bateman, Producer ....... Marc Beeby.

21 Feb 2013:: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim - Series 4
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Episode 1: Mullerby Fair. In an attempt to settle an age old dispute, Pilgrim must confront the ruthless Mr Speed, but he has a secret weapon: the Abaeron, a book of powerful magic which protects its owner. William Palmer ....... Paul Hilton, Richie ....... Joe Dempsie, Maxine ....... Rachel Davies, Mr Speed ....... Kim Wall, Carter ....... Paul Copley, Laura ....... Leah Brotherhead, Cassie ....... Sarah Thom, Girl ....... Agnes Bateman. Produced by Marc Beeby.

15 Jan 2013:: Afternoon Drama - Art & Gadg
By Gregory Evans. After ten years of estrangement, Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan, two giants of American theatre reflect on how their friendship was destroyed by the great moral and political dilemma of the time: un-American activities. Arthur Miller ....... Nathan Osgood, Elia Kazan ....... Karl Johnson, Barbara Loden ....... Fenella Woolgar, Producer...... Marc Beeby.

11 Jan 2013:: Afternoon Drama - Tom Thumb Redux
By Melissa Murray, rpt. A research biologist is losing his funding, his waistline and his young second wife Val. But his problems are about to get smaller - an awful lot smaller. Tom..Ron Cook, Val..Helen Longworth, Peter..Jonathan Forbes, Macready..Patrick Brennan, Lab Assistant..Sarah Thom, Producer..Marc Beeby.

    Melissa Murray's play TOM THUMB REDUX (1415, 11 Jan 13) was a fascinating bit of science fiction, where a research biologist triggers a weird process which makes him shrink. As a scientist I have sometimes wondered what it would be like to get smaller and smaller and what might happen to the senses, especially sight and hearing. Isaac Asimov pointed out in 'The Incredible Voyage' that muscular strength would increase enormously since weight decreases as the cube of the linear dimension, but muscles only decrease as the square. So if you shrank to half the height, your weight would decrease 8 times but your muscular strength would only shrink by a factor of 4. You would be able to lift twice as much, relative to your body weight. If you shrank to one-hundredth the size, you would be probably be able to lift another human being without difficulty with one hand. Ron Cook played the shrinking man, with Helen Longworth, Jonathan Forbes, Patrick Brennan and Sarah Thorn; the producer was Marc Beeby.

    (....ND, Diversity Website radio review, Apr 2013)

28 Oct 2012: Classic Serial - The Gothic Imagination, Frankenstein: Part 1
M.Shelley, dram. Lucy Catherine. A new production of Mary Shelley's modern myth. While sailing through the Arctic wastes, Captain Walton picks up an unexpected passenger. Close to death the man begins to tell Walton his strange and terrible story. ep. 1 of 2. Frankenstein ......... Jamie Parker, The Monster ......... Shaun Dooley, Elizabeth ......... Susie Riddell, Walton ......... Alun Raglan, Father ......... Robert Blythe, Clerval ......... Sam Alexander, Mother ......... Christine Absalom, Waldman ......... Patrick Brennan, Justine ......... Emma Hook, Sailor ......... Joe Sims, Lieutenant ......... Don Gilet, Producer....... Marc Beeby.

17 Oct 2012: Afternoon Drama - Norman Birkett and the Red Stains on the Carpet
By Caroline and David Stafford. 3/4. Norman Birkett defends a doctor accused of murdering and dismembering his wife and maid. Norman Birkett.....Neil Dudgeon, Billie.....Bonnie Engstrom, Edgar.....Alun Raglan, Jackson.....Adam Billington, Buck Ruxton.....Sagar Arya, Shaw.....Gerard McDermott, Glaister.....James Lailey, Bennett.....Rikki Lawton, Alfred.....Christopher Webster , Susan/Gracie.....Victoria Inez Hardy, Mary.....Alex Rivers. Not sure who produced this, but I think it was Marc Beeby.

7 Aug 2012: Afternoon Drama - The Third Eye and the Private Eye
By David Lemon and Mark Eccleston. Based on fact, this is the story of one of literature's greatest and most long-lived hoaxes, featuring yetis, owls and talking cats. The story of Lobsang Rampa. According to his bestselling 1956 autobiography 'The Third Eye', Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was born into Tibetan aristocracy and chosen as a boy to become a Lama. According to others, including the private detective employed to delve into his background, he was somebody else entirely. Lobsang Rampa's books are still in print and have sold millions of copies. Long may it continue. Warburg ........ David Haig, David ........ Patrick Brennan, Pamela ........ Christine Absalom, Burgess ........ Joe Sims, Rampa ........ Don Gilet, Harrer ........ Ben Crowe, Buttercup ........ Susie Ridell, Macrae ........ Robert Blythe, Producer........ Marc Beeby.

    Long overdue for a radio play, Tuesday Lopsang Rampa was the subject of a mainly-factual biography in David Lemon and Mark Ecclestone's THE THIRD EYE & THE PRIVATE EYE (R4, 1415, 7 Aug 2012). Rampa is best known for his incredible life story; known in real life as Cyril Hoskin, he said he was the reincarnation of a dead Tibetan Lama. His biography 'The Third Eye' has sold countless copies, and he followed it with about twenty more books. In the play, a private detective is hired to delve into the background of the writer to check the authenticity of 'The Third Eye'; the manuscript is with Warburgs and they have decided to publish. The gumshoe's job is to find out whether 'Lopsang Rampa' ever existed.

    The play was described in BBC 'blurb' as the story of one of literature's greatest hoaxes; a tale of auras and astral projection; jealous rivals and embarrassed publishers. According to 'The Third Eye', Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was born into Tibetan aristocracy and chosen as a boy to become a Lama. According to others, including the private detective employed to investigate his background, this was bunkum.

    Lobsang Rampa's books are still in print and have sold millions of copies. One of them, he said, was dictated to him, astrally, by his cat. The play starred David Haig as Warburg, Don Gilet as Rampa, Patrick Brennan as David and Christine Absalom as Pamela. The producer was Marc Beeby.
    (....ND, Diversity Website radio review, Dec 2012)

27 May 2012: Classic Serial - Mrs Dalloway, From Afternoon to Nightfall
Dramatised by Michelene Wandor.Virginia Woolf's classic novel set on a single day in June. As Clarissa Dalloway makes her final preparations for an important party, Septimus visits another doctor and becomes increasingly troubled. Ep. 2 of 2: From afternoon to nightfall. Mrs Dalloway ..... Fenella Woolgar, Richard ..... Sam Dale, Septimus ..... Paul Ready, Rezia ..... Susie Riddell, Peter ..... Scott Handy, Sally ..... Liza Sadovy, Elizabeth ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Lucy ..... Amaka Okafor, Sir William ..... Patrick Brennan, Miss Kilman ..... Christine Absalom, Dr Holmes ..... Peter Hamilton Dyer. Producer Marc Beeby.

14 April 2012: Saturday Drama - Mountain of Light
By Simon Bovey. 1851: London buzzes with the wonders at The Great Exhibition in Hyde Park. To John Rayverne, housebreaker, it's harvest time as fine houses stand empty while the occupants attend the spectacle. But his activities are spotted...... In return for not being delivered to the police, he is forced to agree to the impossible - to attempt to steal the Koh-i-Noor diamond, the largest in the world. John.......Carl Prekopp, Emily.......Lizzy Watts, Hawkesworth....Ben Crowe, Rilke.......Harry Myers, Hobbs....Sam Dale, Galloway......Michael Shelford, Cobbet.....David Seddon, Wyatt.....Nigel Hastings. Producer Marc Beeby.

13 April 2012: Afternoon Drama - Is Anything Broken?
By Daniel Davies; his first play for radio. Patrick, an architect en route to a major sales meeting, is negotiating the airport obstacle course when he learns that his son has had an accident at school. This is a real-time comedy drama about modern life, set during one of the most stressful journeys known to humanity - the trip from Arrivals Hall to Departure Gate. Patrick ..... Adam Kotz, Oriane ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Oscar ..... Kasper Hilton-Hille, Maya ..... Tracy Wiles, Emily ..... Susie Riddell, Kimberley ..... Christine Absalom, Norbert ..... Don Gilet, Peter ..... Gerard McDermott, Tibor ..... Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Steward ..... Harry Livingstone, Tannoy ..... Beverly Tagg. Produced by Marc Beeby.

    IS ANYTHING BROKEN? (R4, 1415, 13 Apr 12) was a comedy by Daniel Davies. An architect is on his way to catch a plane for an important meeting when he learns of a domestic emergency. He attempts to sort everything out in the way managers usually operate - by getting other people to run around and do all the work. The problem is, he only has his mobile 'phone. Will the people do as they are told, and will he reach the departure gate? Adam Kotz was the stressed businessman, Emerald O'Hanrahan his long-suffering P.A, and Marc Beeby was the producer.
    (....ND, Diversity Website radio review, Apr 2012)

4 Mar 2012: Classic Serial - The Cruel Sea, Episode 2
Dramatised by John Fletcher. 2 of 2. The second part of Nicholas Monsarrat's searing classic novel about the war in the North Atlantic. Lockhart ..... Gwilym Lee, Ericson ..... Jonathan Coy, Hallam ..... Tracy Wiles, Wainwright ..... David Seddon, Raikes ..... Gerard McDermott, Phillips ..... Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Ferraby ..... Carl Prekopp, Gregg ..... Harry Livingstone, The Operator ..... Adam Billington, Coxswain ..... James Lailey. Sound by Caleb Knightley. Produced by Marc Beeby.

26 Feb 2012: Classic Serial - The Cruel Sea, Episode 1
Dramatised by John Fletcher. 1 of 2. The first part of Nicholas Monsarrat's searing classic novel about the men and ships who fought who fought in the North Atlantic during the 2nd World War. Lockhart ..... Gwilym Lee, Ericson ..... Jonathan Coy, Ferraby ..... Carl Prekopp, Wainwright ..... David Seddon, Phillips ..... Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Gregg ..... Harry Livingstone, Mavis ..... Tracy Wiles, Coxswain ..... James Lailey, Donnelly ..... Adam Billington. Sound by Caleb Knightley. Produced by Marc Beeby.

2 Feb 2012: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim - Series 3, Sookey Hill
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 2 of 4. When Pilgrim investigates a story about a man being turned into a hare, he meets a dangerous new enemy. CAST: William Palmer ..... Paul Hilton , Colonel Coburn ..... Ralph Ineson, Birdie ..... Kate Fleetwood, Barry ..... Carl Prekopp, Nathan ..... Gerard McDermott , Mary ..... Alex Tregear, Dale ..... Simon Bubb. Produced by Marc Beeby.

26 Jan 2012 2012: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim - Series 3, Crowsfall Wood
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 1 of 4. Pilgrim is called upon to help an old friend who is possessed by a deadly forest spirit . The first of four new dark fantasy adventures featuring the immortal William Palmer. CAST William Palmer ..... Paul Hilton , Tadek ..... Karl Johnson, Cecilia ..... Faye Castelow, Ewa ..... Susan Engel, Macadam ..... Dudley Sutton , Cripps ..... John Rowe , Henselow ..... Adam Billington , Grainger ..... Rikki Lawton. Producer Marc Beeby.

    Radio Times contained a good review of the first play CROWSFALL WOOD (26 Jan 2012):
    An old friend of William Palmer is possessed by a forest spirit. Happily married for fifty years, he deserts his wife for a 24-year-old and elopes into the Wood. She must be a witch.... but the old man has supernatural powers of his own. Palmer has been making libations to keep Tadek safe, but this year he forgot, and now powerful forces are awakening.... (paraphrased from Jane Anderson's remarks in RT)

    These plays were produced by Jessica Dromgoole and Marc Beeby, and Paul Hilton plays William Palmer, 'Pilgrim'.
    (....ND, Diversity Website radio review, Apr 2012)

(16-11-2008; 20:00) Tamburlaine: Shadow Of God
Radio 3; by John Fletcher. As war swirls around them, three of the most important figures in the history of the Middle and Near East are brought together in fierce debate: how can a successful society be built, and what does it need to do to endure? Ibn Khaldun - John Rowe, Tamburlaine - Jeffery Kissoon, Hafez - Conleth Hill, Mulk - Jonathan Taffler, Jahongir - Inam Mirza, Hosni - Stephen Critchlow, Vizier - Dan Starkey, Wife - Donnla Hughes, Other parts played by Chris Pavlo, Gunnar Cauthery and Robert Lonsdale. Directed by Marc Beeby. (90m)

5 Nov 2006: Classic Serial - The Brothers Karamazov
Melissa Murray's dramatisation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's classic, in 5 episodes. Notes for ep.1: Russia 1880: The Karamazovs are reunited for a meeting with their father to discuss Dmitry's inheritance. But it seems that the unpredictable Fyodor Karamazov is not going to play the game. Fyodor Karamazov ...... Roy Marsden, Dmitry ...... Paul Hilton, Ivan ...... Nicholas Boulton, Alyosha ...... Carl Prekopp, The Elder ...... Sam Dale, Mrs Khoklakova ...... Rachel Atkins, Lise ...... Emma Noakes, Katerina ...... Juliet Aubrey, Grushenka ...... Katy Cavanagh, Smerdyakov ...... Joseph Kloska, Grigory ...... Desmond McNamara, Monk ...... Paul Richard Biggin, Katerina's Servant ...... Miranda Keeling. Directed by Marc Beeby and Colin Guthrie.

30 Oct 2006: Skomer
By Mike Akers. Nick, depressed and haunted by dreams, is persuaded by Rachel to go camping in Wales. But will their relationship survive what they find there? Rachel ...... Katy Cavanagh, Nick ...... Christian Patterson, Tom ...... Paul Richard Biggin. Director Marc Beeby.

23 Sep 2006: The Saturday Play - Another Country
By Julian Mitchell. The first ever radio production of Julian Mitchell's classic about two boys at a public school in the 1930s. The two students find themselves caught up in a battle against the school's oppressive elite - a battle that threatens the very foundations of the society in which they live, and has a profound impact on the men they will become. Judd ...... Tom Hiddleston, Bennett ...... Ben Righton, Menzies ...... William Ellis, Fowler ...... Paul Richard Biggin, Devenish ...... Steven Webb, Delahay ...... Joseph Kloska, Barclay ...... Dan Starkey, Wharton ...... Josh Freeborn, Vaughan Cunningham ...... Adam Godley. Director Marc Beeby.

10 Aug 2006: House Rules
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Burnt out gambler Spike just wants a quiet life. But when his own son comes to him a proposition for one last big stakes game, how can he refuse? Even if the game is with the devil. Spike ...... Jamie Foreman, Harry ...... Roy Marsden, Jack ...... Stuart McLoughlin, Donal ...... Christopher Fox, Monique ...... Tracy Wiles, Lance/Edward ...... Kim Wall. Director Marc Beeby.

31 May 2006: The Lodsell Cod
By Dan Jamieson. A magical and moving story of two brothers in love with the same girl in 1950s Devon. Granfer ...... Geoffrey Hutchings, Tom ...... Stuart McLoughlin, Ed ..... Carl Grose, Jo ..... Clare Corbett, Den ..... Jonathan Keeble, Knocker ...... Steve Bennett, George ..... Zac Fox, Miss Dewhurst ...... Helen Longworth, Forecaster/Priest ...... Hugh Dickson. Director Marc Beeby.

23 May 2006: Duty
By Michael Butt. A play to mark the 100th anniversary of Ibsen's death. Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen fears he may have written his last play, until he receives a mysterious letter from a young woman. Henrik Ibsen ...... Geoffrey Whitehead, Susannah Ibsen ...... Elizabeth Bell, Sigurd Ibsen ...... Bertie Carvel, Dr Evard ...... John Rowe, Emilie Bardach ...... Tracy Wiles, Bergliot/Anna ...... Emily Wachter, Boy ...... Tom Fisher. Director Marc Beeby.

18 Apr 2006: Just One More Day
By Pat Davis. An atmospheric, magical play about family, resentment and love in which a woman is briefly reunited with her late mother. Grace ...... Barbara Jefford, Sally ...... Cheryl Campbell, Emma ...... Emma Wachter, Young Gracie ...... Ellen Howard, Woman/nurse ...... Elizabeth Bell. Director Marc Beeby.

8 Mar 2006: The Promise
By Pat Davis. Friendship and fidelity, funerals and flat-pack coffins mark Helen's emotional journey after she receives a letter from an estranged friend. Helen ...... Penelope Wilton, Karen ...... Joanne Froggatt, Jenny ...... Barbara Flynn, Postmistress ...... Joanna McCallum. Director Marc Beeby.

23 Jan 2006: To Serve Them All My Days
Five episodes. By RF Delderfield, dramatised by Shaun McKenna. Notes for episode 1: It is 1918, and Davy Powlett Jones, invalided out of the trenches, faces a new start in life. Davy Powlett-Jones ...... Oliver Milburn, Algy Herries ...... John Wood, Howarth ...... John Rowe, Carter ...... Anthony Calf, Beth ...... Alison Pettitt, Guard/conductor ...... Delroy Brown, Nipper Shawe/Youings ...... Josh Freeborn , Chad Boyer ...... Steven Williams, Briarley ...... Steven Roberts. Director Marc Beeby.

(R4, 1415, 1 Aug 03) was a very funny comedy set in the "Test Match Special" commentary box, written by Dan Sefton and featuring thinly disguised versions of Henry Blofeld, Fred Trueman, David Lloyd and Bill Frindall. A Test is in progress; everything is going smoothly; the Blofeld character is calmly talking about his colleagues' lack of sartorial elegance to three million people when an uninvited guest bursts in. The programme continues, but with move revelations than usual, including the information that a commentator's wife slept with the Glamorgan second XI, though not all at once. The TMS team was Jon Glover, Michael Maloney, Martin Hyder and Jonathan Keeble, and the outsiders Ewan Bailey, Alison Pettit, Stephen Critchlow and Liza Sadovy; Marc Beeby, who must be a TMS addict, directed. (....ND, VRPCC newsletter, Sep 2003)

2 x 60min Classic Serial. Tolstoy's last work of fiction set in Chechnya in the 1850s. A Chechen warrior offers to fight for the Russians if they will help rescue his family, held captive by the imam Shami. With Derek Jacobi, Burt Caesar, David Calder, Maynard Eziashi, Andrew Harrison, Jonathan Keeble, Gerard McDermott, Declan Wilson, Damian Lynch, Chris Moran, Ben Crowe, Stephen Critchlow, Rachel Atkins, Frances Jeater, Lydia Leonard. Dir. Marc Beeby.

- by Vicky Payne (R4, 1415, 23 Jun 03) seemed to be a love story between the owner of a secondhand bookshop and someone much younger. But there were sinister overtones as the plot developed, and a surprise twist. Frances Barber was Carina, Geoffrey Whitehead was Greg, and Helen Ayres was the wimpish but well-meaning Lindsey; Marc Beeby directed.

A NIGHT IN '54....2003
With the advent of "no-fault" divorce, this seems a very far-away world, but it's 1954, and Caroline wants to break with her husband. She pays for an actor to pose as her lover in a hotel.....directed by Marc Beeby.

A teacher disappears under suspicious circumstances. Her family is worried, and so are the police. Then an unusual tape recording arrives. With David Bamber as Philip, Teresa Gallagher as Laura; also stars Carl Prekopp, Helen Longworth, Richard Firth, Laura Doddington. Directed by Marc Beeby.

R4, 1415, 11 Nov 02. By Charlotte Fyfe; adapted by Eric Pringle. A true love story set against the background of the First World War, told with letters and poems written by the young poet May Cannan and the man she loved, te war here Bevil Quiller- Couch. With Jasmine Hyde as May, James Purefoy as Bevil, Beth Chalmers as Dorothea, Derek Waring as Sir Arthur, also stars Emma Woollams, Scott Brooksbank, Simon Donaldson. Director Marc Beeby.

Dead Line....2002
By William Stanton. R4, 26 Jul 02, 45m. A modern reworking of the Orpheus legend. Ben is a writer, but he's lost his lover and his aspirations. With Sean Duley as Ben, Alison Petitt as the women, and Jonathan Keeble as the men. Directed by Marc Beeby.

An unusual love story between two elderly people; with Bernard Hepton and Barbara Leigh Hunt. When May's husband dies, her friend Ferdy tells her that he has been deeply in love with her for 47 years. She is 76 and he is 79, and their adventures begin. Directed by Tracey Neale; repeated from about a year earlier. This play was written as a one-off, but was well-received, and several more were commissioned. See Ian Curteis's page.

    These plays often pit age against youth and inexperience. Some of them are beautifully written and quite touching - ND..

A Country House...I don't know who wrote this; no details on the BBC website and I think the author was missing from RT too. Please email if you know. Michelene Wandor, perhaps? Shortly after the First World War, in an isolated country house, a lonely young woman practices the piano. She finds her relationships with her husband and a young engineer strangely influenced by the music of Chopin and the ghostly presence of Chopin's lover, Georges Sand. Director: Marc Beeby.

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