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1991 The Confidence
1991 The active citizen
1993 The battle for hairpin twelve (30 minute theatre)
1993 The Concert of Europe
1996 The Fourth Foreigner
2003 Terror
2004 Faith
2004 Hope
2004 Charity


Saturday Drama 4 Sep 2010 - Translations
By Brian Friel, adapted by Michael Duke; a play about language and power. It's the summer of 1833. In a hedge-school in Donegal, the schoolmaster's prodigal son is about to return from Dublin. With him are two army officers. Their aim is to create a map of the area, and, in the process, replace the Irish place-names with English equivalents. It's an act with unexpected and violent consequences. Yolland.....Samuel Barnett, Lancey......Mark Bazeley, Doalty......John Paul Connolly, Jimmy Jack......Dermot Crowley, Sarah........Roisin Gallagher, Manus......David Ireland, Bridget.....Aoife McMahon , Hugh........Gerard McSorley, Owen......Eugene O'Hare , Maire......Eileen Walsh. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

28 September 2004, 1415, with Julie Austin/Peter Grimes/Gary Lewis/Deirdre Davis/Julie Duncanson/Eliza Langland. 45m.

    Genome notes, edited:
    Afternoon Play. 1/3. Mairi lives in a top floor flat, mostly happily, always alone. Lately she listens to the man downstairs: Singing as he cooks lunch; arriving and leaving; showering. She knows his CD collection; she hears him on the phone; she likes his laugh - but she's never actually seen him. Her friends begin to worry that she's developing an obsession. Mairi's losing it and she won't be saved. When she finally meets the man, she's certain that there's something between them - they laugh together, he invites her to dinner, and Mairi returns to her friends triumphant. She borrows clothes for the date, comes downstairs at the appointed time, and knocks on his door and it's now that Mairi's faith in the man existence begins to look like nothing more than pure folly... Mairi ...... Julie Austin, Duncan ...... Gary Lewis, Tina ...... Julie Duncanson, Mr Ferguson ...... Peter Grimes, Mrs Ferguson ...... Deirdre Davis, Hilary ...... Eliza Langland. Producer: Patrick Rayner.

29 September 2004, 1415, with Raymond Dormer/Gary Lewis/Wendy Seager/Peter Grimes/Steven McNicholl/James Bryce. 45m.

    Genome notes, edited:
    Afternoon Play 29 Sep 04 - Hope
    Vincent's willingness to talk about his painful experience of the Troubles in Northern Ireland has made him a media celebrity but brought him no personal peace dividend. Julia has her own secret reasons for wanting to know what life is worth in the shadow of those who died. They seem, on the surface at least, to make a hopeless pair. Vincent ...... Richard Dormer, Julia ...... Wendy Seager, Stewart ...... Steven McNicoll, Duncan ...... Gary Lewis, Interviewer ...... Peter Grimes, Father ...... James Bryce. Produced by Patrick Rayner.

30 September 2004, 1415, with Peter Grimes/Julie Austin/Deidre Davis/Wendy Seager/Gary Lewis/Richard Dormer. 45m.

    Genome notes, edited:
    Afternoon Play 30 Sep 04 - Charity
    Final part of the trilogy. Robin's wife is fed up with his dull and unromantic nature. To save his marriage, he embarks upon a Good Samaritan mission. Producer: Patrick Rayner. Most of cast: as 29 Sep.

Friday play, 31 Oct 03. 55m.
Contemporary thriller following a group of international aid workers on their way home after a tour of duty in Uzbekistan. What starts out as a party on a train becomes a nightmare journey into the clutches of an unseen enemy. Paul ...... Peter Grimes, Gloria ...... Nancy Crane, Soren ...... Crawford Logan, Greg ...... John Guerrasio, Jerry ...... Nick Underwood, Lamb ...... John Paul Hurley, Kim ...... Molly Innes, Mina ...... Gayanne Potter. Not sure of the producer but I think it was Patrick Rayner.

The Beautiful Game: Saturday Playhouse 25 May 96: The Fourth Foreigner
Michael Duke 's play follows the fortunes of a star Scottish goalkeeper in the glamorous Italian league. Danny Maxwell leaves Dundee with a lucrative contract and high hopes. Danny: Peter Grimes, Jack: John Buick, Craig: Kevin McKidd, Fiona: Molly Innes, Hazhir: Tom Smith, with Richard Greenwood , Michael MacKenzie. Rosaleen Pelan , Richard Low and Paul Nivison. Producer: Patrick Rayner.

The Monday Play 19 Jul 93: The Concert of Europe
Comic drama about the rise of nationalism in Europe. A group of young British professional singers travels to Marseilles to take part in a European harmony festival, with distinctly unharmonious consequences. The singers are united only against their ambitious but ineffectual chorusmaster. Carl: Mark Straker, Clark: Finlay Welsh, Hazel: Fiona Francis, Philip: Kenneth Glenaan, Colin: Melvin Whitfield, Gabby: Fenella Kerr, Dominique: Vari Sylvester, Wilf: John Ramage. Singers: Jeni Bern (soprano), Raphael Rojas (tenor). Dennis Haggerty (tenor). Pianist: Michael Lester-Cribb. Producer: Patrick Rayner.

The Battle For Hairpin Twelve....1993
13.7.1993/1400 - with Stuart McQuarrie/Lucinda Baillie/Nils den Hertog. This play starts as a light-hearted look at fans watching a cycling race. But it gets grimmer, and there's a terrific twist at the end. 30m. TMT.

    BBC notes:
    If things are on schedule, today is a rest day in the Tour de France, as the best cyclists in the world prepare for the assault on the Col d'lzoard. A comedy of international misunderstanding set on a hillside campsite where a motley band of cycling fans awaits the arrival of their heroes. Jack: Stuart McQuarrie, Lucy: Lucinda Baillie, Eddy: Nils Den Hertog, Florence: Ann-Louise Ross, Finney: Gordon Munro, Best Man: Gordon Munro, Producer: Patrick Rayner.

BBCR4 19/8/91 (rebroadcast 17/4/93) 75min. Future terrorists who fight against the state.

    The Monday Play 19 Aug 91: The Active Citizen
    A political comedy set in an illegal organisation's 'safe house', where there may be a 'mole' in the bedroom. Callaghan .......... Stuart McQuarrie, Carmel .......... Alison Peebles, Taylor .......... Finlay Welsh, Chief .......... Ralph Riach, Ross .......... Sandy Welch, Derek .......... Robert Paterson, Doreen .......... Barbara Rafferty, Norris .......... Jim Twaddale. Producer: Patrick Rayner.

The Confidence....1991
4.6.1991/1500, with Barbara Rafferty/Andrew Barr/Simon Donald. Missing play - I don't know anything about it. If you've a recording and you'd like to send a copy, please email.

    Thirty-Minute Theatre: 4 Jun 91 - The Confidence
    Maureen is up to something in the evenings - and her husband is pretty sure it's not car maintenance classes. Gerry: Andrew Barr, Maureen: Barbara Rafferty, Neil: Simon Donald, Trish: Cara Kelly, Barbara: Mabel Aitken, Interviewer/Iain: Lawrence Douglas. Producer: Patrick Rayner.

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