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Mike Bartlett (not to be confused with Michael Bartlett, author of many radio plays in the 1980s) is currently writing a new play for R4 and his five part series The Family Man has recently been broadcast on Woman’s Hour. Theatrical productions include Artifacts which won the Old Vic New Voices Award 2006, and My Child which was recently performed at the Royal Court. He wrote a stage version of The Love Contract for the Royal Court Main House.

By Mike Bartlett. 6 Dec 13; rpt (not sure of the original broadcast date). A primary school teacher has just retired, but she is bewildered by the violent mood swings of her husband; the result of stresses at work. It may threaten their marriage. Susan: Alison Steadman, Steve: Nicholas Farrell, Jackie: Joanna Monro. Produced by Claire Grove. The play was repeated as a tribute to Claire Grove, who died about a fortnight before.

By Mike Bartlett, Radio 3, 20 Nov 11. A gay man falls for a woman during a break from his boyfriend. John....Ben Whishaw, M.....Andrew Scott, W.....Katherine Parkinson, F.....Paul Jesson. Producer Mary Peate; director James MacDonald. 90 min.

    ....John, the only character in the play given a name, can't decide whether he is gay or straight. The language is pretty basic and vulgar here and there but not offensively so... it's a good play.

25 Mar 09. Two girls want the title 'Charities Queen 1961'. One is pretty, the other is brainy but plain. 45m With Joe McFadden, Ellie Haddington, Tracy Wiles, Tom Mannion, Sandy Walsh, Caroline Guthrie. Producer Claire Grove.

From 'The Man in Black', presented by Mark Gatiss, BBC7.

Producer Claire Grove.

THE STEPS....2008
A very atmospheric play about a woman who becomes involved with a man whom she does not love. There's young Rosie, aged about 5, middle aged Rosie,who looks after her Dad, and old Rosie, who lives in a home. We meet all three characters as the different parts of her life intertwine in the old lady's mind. The play was repeated in 2009. Radio 3, 70m. Cast (taken from the recording; apologies for any spelling mistakes): Geraldine McEwen, Julia Ford, Lauren Mote, Robert Lonsdale, Philip Jackson, Janice Aqua, Jonathan Tafler; produced by Claire Grove.

What an unusual play... R4, 14 Nov 07. Emma works in a large office complex, supervised by her manager. It's only when she begins seeing Darren, one of her colleagues, after work, that she realises how closely she's being watched. She's in serious danger of breaking her contract.

The play was a well-constructed two-hander; Emma played by Claire Rushbrook and her manager, subjecting her to a series of increasingly intimidating interviews, by Ellie Haddington. Echoes of Orwell's "1984". Repeated 29 Oct 08.

The producer was Claire Grove.

.......A powerful, contemporary drama that both shocks and edifies. The author cleverly weaves together dysfunctional characters and diverging timelines to create a compelling narrative where two different generations of characters seek a dubious and at times dangerous consolation in “not talking”.

....Mike explores the corrosive power of silence through his grandfather's experiences as a "conshie" during World War 2, alongside a contemporary story from the armed forces. With Richards Briars, June Whitfield, Carl Prekopp and Lyndsey Marshal. The director was Steven Canny and the producer Claire Grove. 2 Mar 06, 60m, 10-11pm, "The Wire", Radio 3.

This play was joint winner of the Tinniswood Award for best play of 2006. It also won the Imison Award - the best radio script by a newcomer.

Repeat: Radio 3, Saturday December 29 2007

Claire Grove, who produced the play, adds: Mike was absolutely thrilled to win in both categories (Imison and Tinniswood - ND). His next play Love Contract goes out on Radio 4 on Wed 14th November 14.15-15.00. His stage version of the play will be seen at the Royal Court in the Spring. Beginning life on radio and transferring to the theatre is unusual but Love Contract is a very special play. Tune in and see what you think.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

Readers may also be interested in Mike's article on radio drama "Shouting Quietly", written for the Society of Authors shortly before the first-ever BBC Audio Drama Awards in late January 2012.

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