Mike Stott Radio Plays

19.07.04 Norman
19.09.87 The Fancy Man
03.11.73 The bringer of bad news
06.10.73 The Doubting Thomases
09.08.72 The old man dies (Simenon/Stott)
04.03.72 Early Morning Glory
23.09.70 Lucky


He's not quite all there...everyone seems to know what's happening, except him. But even Norman's unhappy life can't go on forever. This comic monologue, performed by Johnny Vegas, gradually reveals Norman's poignant story and his guilty secret. In between his limericks and his creeping understanding of sex, Norman finally achieves happiness. First-class writing and a typically energetic performance from Vegas make this a treat. (Geoff Ellis, RT, slightly edited)

The Fancy Man....1987
SNT; with Julia Ford/Pearce Quigley

The Doubting Thomases....1973
SNT; Alan Downer/Caroline John/Margot Boyd/Geoffrey Beevers

Early Morning Glory....1972
SNT; Peter Jeffrey/Derek Seaton

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