Natalia Power Radio Plays

18.12.01 Get Stuffed: Georges Feydeau
08.01.01 Whims and Oddities: Thomas Hood
15.01.04 Sally go round the moon
09.09.07 Seven Wonders of the Divided World
26.03.07 Miss Prism
16.12.06 Revenge of the Celebrity Mummies BBC7 4 eps.
23.03.06 The man who built tunnels: the Duke of Portland
08.11.05, rpt. 05.04.07 From Paradise to Heaven: John Masefield
05.07.99 Sappho's Orchard
20.04.98 Hermit Thrush at Morn: Amy Beach, composer


Seven Wonders of the Divided World: The Palestinian Conflict: a comedy....2007
9 Sept 07. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

Leah: Miriam Karlin
Salim: Nadim Sawalha
Nadia: Jennie Stoller

Miss Prism or the Dreadful Secret, from The Importance of Being Earnest....2007....
26 Mar 07. By Natalia Power. Woman's Hour drama. Miss Prism has a dreadful secret and Oscar Wilde is determined to prise it out of her. Producer Claire Grove.

Miss Prism ...... Selina Cadell
Oscar Wilde ...... Sam Dale
Bosie ...... Anthony Glennon
Cecily ...... Jasmine Callan

Revenge of the Celebrity Mummies....2006
BBC7 commission, 16,23,39 Dec 06, 6 Jan 07. Producer Gemma Jenkins. Comedy-horror set in the British Museum. The dead are on the move and the living are on the menu.

Jennie: Tracy Wiles
Ralph: Carl Prekopp
Lavinia: Christine kavanagh
Lindow: Gerard McDermott
Ginger: Simon Trinder
Brian: Richard Pepple
Steve: Joseph Kloska
Kiwi: Paul Richard Biggin
Staines woman: Miranda Keeling
Skeleton: Sam Dale
Tooth: Emma Noakes
N. American: Saikat Ahamed
French sk + Mum: Bethan Walker
SMs: Studio: Peter Ringrose, Grams: Graham Harper.

The Man who Built Tunnels....2006
23 Mar 06. Alec McCowen and Emma Fielding star in a haunting play of unrequited love - in which the 79-year-old Duke of Portland receives a visitation from a once-famous opera singer.

Cast: The Duke ...... Alec McCowen, Adelaide ...... Emma Fielding , John Hargreaves ...... Anthony Glennon , Lodge-Keeper ...... Stephen Critchlow, Wheatley ...... Kim Wall , Maisie ...... Ella Smith . Producer Martin Jenkins. SM: Richard Beadsmore.

From Paradise to Heaven....2005
8 Nov 05, 5 Apr 07. Natalia Power's account of the life of former Poet Laureate John Masefield. Pain and sorrow alternate with joy and triumph as he travels from his spiritual home in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside to many other parts of the world and back again to a curious but not totally unsuccessful marriage.

John Masefield ...... Adrian Scarborough
Constance ...... Jennie Stoller
Isabel ...... Susan Jameson
Enid ...... Colleen Prendergast
Arnold ...... Wayne Foskett
Young John Masefield ...... Steven Williams
Directed by Cherry Cookson. SM Colin Guthrie.

Sting In The Tale....2004
4/5. Sally Go Round The Moon, by Natalia Power. 15 Jan 04. A chilling short drama. Are the pressures of her job the reason Sally is hearing the voice of a child which no-one else can hear? Or is she being haunted?

Cast: Sally ...... Jaimi Barbakoff,
Voice ...... Jessica Crossley,
Laura ...... Rachel Atkins,
Old Lady / Receptionist ...... Frances Jeater,
Stacey Wilson / Conductor ...... Ioan Meredith,
Simon / Male Nurse ...... David Thorpe.
Pianist and Musical Director: Clement Power.
Producer: Pauline Harris.
SM: Keith Graham.

Get Stuffed! The Farcical Life of Georges Feydeau ....2001
18 Dec 01. Georges Feydeau's farces were grounded in his parents', and later his own, bitter marriage. The worse domestic life got, the funnier the plots became. Producer: Peter Kavanagh.

Georges Feydeau: Nigel Anthony
Young Georges etc. Jonathan Forbes
Dr. Bour: Geoffrey Whitehead
Leocadie etc: Carolyn Pickles
Gruyere etc: Chris Godwin
Marie-Anne etc: Rosie Fellner
Ribardier: Ewan Bailey
SM: Richard Beadsmore

Whims and Oddities....2001
8 Jan 01. Thomas Hood (1799-1845) wrote many poems and ditties, and is best known for his political treatise on behalf of working men and women, `The Song of the Shirt'. His life was happy, but he died young.

Thomas Hood: David Troughton
Jane: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Tom/Lady/Charlotte: Clare Corbett
Browning etc: Charlie Simpson
Vicar/Dickens etc Kenny Blyth
Maid Etc: Helen Ayres
Hood's mother etc: Richendra Carey
SM: Richard Beadsmore.

BBC publicity said that the play starred Anton Lesser; I think this is an error. Producer: Cherry Cookson.

Sappho's Orchard ....1999
5 Jul 99. When Kate realises her ambition to study classics at Cambridge, she finds her life in emotional turmoil as she is torn between two very different people. Producer Cherry Cookson.

Kate: Julia Ford
Sappho/Andrea: Carolyn Jones
Helen: Emma Fielding
Alex: Jonathan Cake
Kate's father/Lecturer: David Alister
Kate's mother: Tessa Worsley
Melanie: Elizabeth Conboy
SM (Soundhouse) Wilfredo Acosta.

Hermit Thrush at Morn ...1998
20 Apr 98. Natalia Power's play is based on the life of Amy Beach (1867-1944), the first and most important American woman composer. She wrote a lot of excellent piano music-N.D.. Producer Cherry Cookson.

Amy Beach: Deborah Findlay
Dr. Beach: Henry Goodman
Amy's mother: Carolyn Jones
Amy's father: William Roberts
Chadwick: Stuart Milligan
MacDowell: Gerard McDermott
Arthur Foote/Dvorak: John Rowe
Child: Alison Pettit
Narrator: Iwan Thomas
Piano played by Stuart Hitchinson.
Sm: Alick Hale-Munro

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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