Early Keyboard Music

Nigel Deacon is a pianist and composer and has written for the piano since 1975, when he was an undergraduate at St. Catharine's College, Cambridge. He has brought out some CDs, mainly of early keyboard music (played on the piano, not the harpsichord), and has published about a hundred piano pieces.

There are links to recordings below.

Boutmy: Minuet, Cm
Boutmy: Allemande, Cm
Boutmy: La Dandrieux
Pescetti Sonata, Cm, i
Pescetti Sonata, Cm, ii
Pescetti Sonata, Cm, iii
Pescetti Sonata, Cm, iv
Pescetti Sonata, A, i
Pescetti Sonata, A, ii
Pescetti Sonata, Bb, i
Pescetti Sonata, Bb, ii
Pescetti Sonata, Cm, i
Pescetti Sonata, Cm, ii
Pescetti Sonata, Cm, iii
Pescetti Sonata, D, i
Pescetti Sonata, D, ii
Pescetti Sonata, D, iii
Pescetti Sonata, D, iv
Pescetti Sonata, Gm, i
Pescetti Sonata, Gm, ii
Pescetti Sonata, Gm, iii
Scarlatti sonata L13
Scarlatti sonata L22
Scarlatti sonata L262
Scarlatti sonata L263
Scarlatti sonata L270
Scarlatti sonata L272
Scarlatti sonata L275
Scarlatti sonata L276
Scarlatti sonata L283
Scarlatti sonata L285
Scarlatti sonata L292
Scarlatti sonata L295
Wagenseil divertimento op.1. no.1, i
Wagenseil divertimento op.1. no.1, ii
Wagenseil divertimento op.1. no.1, iii
Wagenseil divertimento op.1. no.3, i
Wagenseil divertimento op.1. no.3, ii
Wagenseil divertimento op.1. no.3, iii
Wagenseil divertimento op.1. no.4, i
Wagenseil divertimento op.1. no.4, ii
Wagenseil divertimento op.1. no.4, iii
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.1, i
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.1, ii
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.1, iii
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.3, i
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.3, ii
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.3, iii
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.4, i
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.4, ii
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.4, iii
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.4, iv
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.5, i
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.5, ii
Wagenseil divertimento op.2. no.5, iii


CD 1 ......Albero, Albrechtsberger, Draghi, Espona, Freixanet, Kozeluch, Nebra, Suchon
CD 2 ......Folktune Preludes, Ben Burrows, Georg Benda sonatas
CD 3 ......Georg Benda, William Boyce, Wagenseil, Folktune Preludes
CD 4 ......Christophe Wagenseil, Folktune Preludes, Jose Lidon ONLINE
CD 5 ...... Scarlatti, Wagenseil, Rodrigues, Galles, Czerny variations ONLINE
CD 6 ...... Nichelmann, Pasquini, Ben Burrows, Geminiani, Kindermann, Pescetti ONLINE
CD 7 ......Belgian harpsichodists: mainly Loeillet, also Fiocco, Benda, Schultheiss, F.Derry
CD 8 ......Techelmann, Turini, Muffat, Mattheson, Pinto, Pleyel, Monn, T.A.Johnson
CD 9 ......Kuhlau, Martinez, T.A.Johnson,J.C.Smith, J.C.F.Bach,Lederer, Pasquini,Camidge, Techelmann,Grainger, Villeblanche ONLINE
CD 10 ......Krieger, J.W.Hertel, Gottlieb Muffat, Thomas Arne, John Robinson, Domenico Zipoli, Paradies, Techelmann, William Walond.
CD 11 ......The Couperins, Bernardo Storace, Matthew Camidge, Christopher Hales, Burrows
CD 12 ......Greyfriars Suite by T.A.Johnson, Gottlieb Muffat, Herbert Oppenheimer, Roseingrave, Sebastian Albero
CD 13 ......Marcello, Boutmy, Bach, Pachelbel, Doucet's 'Chopinata', Froberger, F.Couperin, Kuhnau, Picchi, Seixas ONLINE
CD 14 ......Benedetto Marcello, Johann Mattheson, Domenico Scarlatti, Soler
CD 14a......Arne, Zipoli, Soler, Matheson, Muffat, Scarlatti
CD 15......Arne, Scarlatti, Soler, Dornel, Dandrieu, Francois Couperin
CD 16......Arne, Scarlatti, Dornel, Francois Couperin

folktune CD Folktune preludes for piano

Much of Nigel's own music is based on English folktune, which is infinitely varied and beautiful. The pieces are reminiscent of Delius, Vaughan Williams, Ivor Gurney and John Ireland. Many of them have been broadcast by the BBC.

There are also non-folktune pieces: reductions of organ and violin music for piano and contrapuntal pieces in early style.

The pieces below can be printed off. The hymn tune is a simple piano reduction done for a friend.

Bound printed copies can be ordered from ND (please email).

Brigg Fair
Linden Lea
Londonderry Air
My Love's an Arbutus
The Brewer
Prelude, E minor

The pdf links for these pieces don't work on some browsers ...... -Ed.

Nigel writes..."it's important in music not to alienate the audience. It's only a few years since Radio 3 was wasting the BBC's licence fee in supporting composers of cacophony and driving listeners away in huge numbers. But melody, harmony and structure are important - it doesn't take a genius to work that out - just look at Haydn, Bach, Scarlatti.... ".

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