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10 Oct 2009; Saturday Play. Adaptation by Archie Scottney of the play by William Nicholson. The relationship between Oxford don and author CS Lewis and divorced American writer Joy Gresham.

Cast: CS 'Jack' Lewis ...... Martin Jarvis Joy Gresham ...... Joanne Whalley 'Warnie' Lewis ...... Kenneth Danziger Rev Harry Harrington ...... Julian Sands Prof Christopher Riley ...... Julian Holloway Douglas ...... Zach Callison Alan Gregg ...... Darren Richardson Registrar ...... Jean Gilpin Doctor ...... Matthew Wolf Priest/Oakley ...... Alan Shearman Nurse ...... Daisy Hydon Directed by Rosalind Ayres. Jarvis and Ayres production.

Lewis was extremely bright; he got a triple first at Oxford, then taught as a fellow of Magdalen College, from 1925 to 1954. Later he was Professor of Medieval and Renaissance English at the University of Cambridge and a fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

9 7 2008: Afternoon play. By Christopher William Hill. In 1973; Oxford academic AL Rowse published the work that would establish his name internationally - Shakespeare The Man; in which he claimed to have decoded Shakespeare's sonnets and finally discovered the identity of the playwright's mysterious Dark Lady. But was his 'discovery' based on a misreading? AL Rowse ...... Ian Richardson, Alex Laing ...... Joseph Kloska, Professor Burnett ...... Nigel Anthony ,Gillian Lawrence ...... Stella Gonet, Prosser ...... Sean Barrett. No details of producer.

By Marcy Kahan. With Alison Steadman as a student of English Literature at Oxford undergoing an oral examination to see if she is worthy of a first-class degree. Directed by Cherry Cookson.

A very funny play by Geoffrey Parkinson, who is also in the play as one of the characters... Geoffrey Beevers played Geoffrey Parkinson, studying at a college in Oxford for a diploma amongst a collection of misfits... with Julia Hills as Esther, Meg Davies as Lizzie, with Nigel Anthony, Patrick Malahide, Christian Rodska, Geoffrey Bateman, Peter Copley, Bill Wallis, Peggy-Ann Wood, Joe Anderson, Nina Holloway, Daphne Herd, David Ponting, Victoria Wickes, Michael Drew. Directed in Bristol by Shaun McLaughlin.

Not a play. John Snagge's 50 years as Boat Race Commentator. 3 Apr 81. Feature.


The Oxford don and Greek scholar Benjamin Jowett (1817-1893) is famous for his translation of the dialogues of Plato and for his academic reforms at Oxford. Through his own work and through his pupils he exerted a lasting influence on scholarship.

He was born in 1817 and educated at St. Paul's School and Balliol College. He got his degree in 1939, became a fellow, then a tutor in 1842. Years later he became Master. He spent his entire working life at the college and died in Oxford in 1893.

Through his own work and through his pupils, with whom he often remained lifelong friends, he exerted a lasting influence on scholarship.

The Great Jowett by Graham Greene, who was born about a dozen years after Jowett's death, was first written as a radio play for the BBC and broadcast 1939. A remake of the play c1980 starred Alan Bennett as Jowett. (45m).

By Jean Morris. Cranmer et al; religious historical play. With Patrick Barr; 14 Jun 76. Monday Play.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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