Radio Plays: Primates

1958 Children of the Archbishop, by Norman Collins
1985 *Chimera, by Steve Gallagher
1990 Alpha Male, by Christopher Hedgethorne
1997 *Kingdom Come, by Roy Kendall
1998 *The Gemini Apes, by Dirk Maggs
1999 *Beauty and the beasts, by Mike Harris
nk.....*Body and Soul, by R.Kendall


Children Of The Archbishop....1958
10 episodes, Light Programme, beginning 18.5.1958: Gladys Young, James Thomason, Duncan McIntyre,Simon Lack.

By Steven Gallagher, adapted from his own novel. SNT 20 Apr 85. At a secret research establishment strange creatures are being bred. Debateably not appropriate for this page, but to explain would constitute a spoiler. (AW)

ALPHA MALE....1990
R4, 16 June 1990, with Iain Cuthbertson, Michael Feast. Saturday Night Theatre. The hierarchy in a colony of apes. The "alpha" is the dominant male.

BBC World Service play of the week. 2eps x 60min. The King changes his religion to Hindu and causes problems for the Archbishop and the government. A sequel to BODY AND SOUL, 1997. Excellent play, with Michael Williams as the Archbishop of Canterbury, & Penelope Wilton as his long - suffering wife.

R4, 25 Dec 98, 90min. Two lab chimps return to Earth after 40 years marooned in orbit, possessing exceptional intelligence, exceptional compassion and the key to saving a child's life. With Christopher Lee.

Beauty & the Beasts....1999
rpt. 22 Jun 01; excellent play about some decorators behaving like apes when they work in an intelligent young woman's flat. Just listen to the sound effects...and she's an anthropologist..... Friday play, 60m. With Stella Gonay, Trevor Peacock, Darren Tye. Directed by Clive Brill.

BODY & SOUL....date nk
A priest returns after a sex change...is he still entitled to preach in his former parish? With Michael Williams. Sounds like mid-80s.

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