R4 Drama and Readings 2012

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To make it easier to scan through the entries I have used one paragraph per play throughout, with italics for the production details.

Plays made by independent production companies are indicated by 'Indie'.


1 Jan: Classic Serial - The Mumbai Chuzzlewits, Episode 1
By Ayeesha Menon.Reworking of Charles Dickens' 'Martin Chuzzlewit', set amongst the Catholic community in modern-day Mumbai (Bombay), India. Convinced his relatives are after his money, miserly old recluse Martin Chuzzlewit adopts an orphan girl, Mary, to be his carer. As she will inherit nothing upon his death, he believes she will do her utmost to keep him in good health. But when his grandson Mickey falls in love with her, Martin's plans are thrown into disarray. Disinheriting him, Martin triggers a complex web of deceit, betrayal and manipulation as the extended family and hangers-on close in, in pursuit of his fortune. The story is told from the point of view of an orphan, Thomas. Cast: Martin ..... Roshan Seth, Thomas ..... Karan Pandit, Mickey ..... Zafar Karachiwala, Pinto ..... Rajit Kapur, Mercy ..... Preetika Chawla, Charity ..... Ayeesha Menon, Anthony ..... Sohrab Ardeshir, Joseph ..... Nadir Khan, Mary ..... Nimrat Kaur, Mrs. Gomes ..... Radhika Mital, Louis ..... Rohit Malkani, Doctor ..... Shernaz Patel, Monty ..... Arghya Lahiri, Manek ..... Vivek Madan, Young Mickey ..... Zaal Madon, Young Thomas ..... Nominath Ginsburg. Sound Recordist: Ayush Ahuja. Sound Design: David Chilton. Music: Sacha Puttnam. Producer and Casting: Nadir Khan. Producer: John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk Essential).

2 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Hoffnung: Drawn to Music
By Alan Stafford. Rpt. It is 1956, and the fruity-voiced raconteur, tuba player and occasional Quasimodo impersonator Gerard Hoffnung is about to unveil his latest madcap scheme, a Hoffnung Music Festival: a full-scale symphonic concert that will bring many of his cartoon creations to life and poke fun at the pomposities of classical music. Will he succeed in filling the Royal Festival Hall with laughter, or will the whole enterprise come crashing to earth like a barrel of bricks? Cast: Gerard Hoffnung/ Psychiatrist 2 ..... Matt Lucas, Annetta Hoffnung ..... Gina McKee, Donald Swann/ Ian Messiter ..... Stephen Boswell, Malcolm Arnold/ Bean ..... Nicholas Jones, John Amis/ Roy Plomley/ Richard Dimbleby ..... Jon Glover, Arthur Drummer ..... Hugh Bonneville, Susan Drummer/ Announcer ..... Felicity Montagu, Tuba player ..... Geoff Webb, Pianist ..... .Alan Stafford, Annetta Hoffnung (present day) ..... herself. Producer: Adam Bromley. Indie (Above The Title Productions)

3 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Birkett and the Blind Soldier
By Caroline and David Stafford. 1 of 4 Birkett cases. A blind WW1 veteran, accused of murdering his wife, is defended by Norman Birkett, the most celebrated advocate of the inter-war years. The casebook of Norman Birkett KC (1883-1962) covers pretty much every story that entertained the readers of News of the World between the wars. Birkett was a busy man who, in those days before legal specialisation, could at any one time be dealing simultaneously with a juicy murder, a society divorce or a livid libel action. The four stories in this series cover some of Birkett's most famous cases, including the dramatic trial of Buck Ruxton, the doctor accused of murdering and dismembering his wife and maid; the scandalous Dennistoun affair; and the very peculiar events surrounding the mysterious cyclist Ronald Light. Norman Birkett.....Neil Dudgeon, Billie.....Bonnie Engstrom, Edgar.....Alun Raglan, Lady Pearson.....Adjoa Andoh, Arthur.....Carl Prekopp, MacCormac.....Paul Moriarty, Frazer/Warder.....Adam Billington, Humphreys.....James Lailey, Sgt Waller.....Gerard McDermott, Randall/Clerk..... Rikki Lawton, Grace/Margaret.....Alex Rivers, Woman.....Victoria Inez Hardy. Can't remember who produced this.

4 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Dolly Would
By Alison Carr. When Denize falls in love with washed-out Kenny Rogers impersonator, Martin, her dreams of being a singer are long forgotten. But then 'Kenny' asks her to be his 'Dolly'. The play is a romantic comedy about the highs and lows of pretending to be Dolly Parton. Denize ... Sharon Percy, Joanne ... Libby Davison, Martin ... Lee Ross. Other parts played by Tracy Wiles, Gerard McDermott and Victoria Inez Hardy. Producer James Robinson.

5 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Lamia
Adaptation of Keats' sensual narrative poem about the ill-starred love affair of the serpent Lamia and the innocent mortal Lycius. Narrator ...... Paterson Joseph, Lamia ...... Charlotte Emmerson, Lycius ...... Tom Ferguson, Hermes ...... Jonathan Keeble. With original music by John Harle. Singer: Sarah Leonard. Producer....?

6 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Coalition
By Sarah Wooley. A contemporary thriller set in the world of post-Coalition politics. Like most Liberal Democrats, Iris never thought she'd ever have a Cabinet post, and so has never worried about the past. But is it now coming back to haunt her? Iris ..... Maureen Beattie, Bill ..... Nicholas le Prevost, Ruby ..... Melody Grove, Mackenzie ..... Robin Laing, Mary ..... Monica Gibb, Headmaster/Dan Lucas ..... Simon Donaldson. Producer Gaynor MacFarlane.

7 Jan: Saturday Drama - The Quest of Donal Q
By David Ashton. Based on the template of Don Quixote, The Quest of Donal Q, is the story of two rival brothers who journey through Scotland in search of a childhood sweetheart. Written for and starring Brian Cox and Billy Connolly. Donal and Sandy have been separated as kids in an orphanage. Donal was adopted by a rich couple and taken off to grow up in sunny California, Sandy was never chosen and lived all his life in Dundee. It's ten years since the brothers last met since they had a fierce falling out. Now Donal turns up at Sandy's tobacconist shop to demand that his brother drops everything and travels on an urgent mission. The Quest is to find a girl they were both in love with at the Orphanage. CAST: Donal ....... BILLY CONNOLLY, Sandy ...... BRIAN COX , Hamish/Mr Quigley.... JOHN KIELTY, Jeanette/Leonora ...... SANDY McDADE, Fergus/Mungo .......... FORBES MASSON, Mother/Maybelle ....... LINDY WHITEFORD, Mary ........ HELEN MACKAY, Margo/Mrs Quigley.... TRACY WILES, Gilchrist.... CARL PREKOPP, Prester John/Ernie .... DAVID ASHTON, Candy ...... VICTORIA INEZ HARDY. Producer.......David Ian Neville.

8 Jan: Classic Serial - The Mumbai Chuzzlewits, Episode 2
By Ayeesha Menon. Cast: Martin ..... Roshan Seth, Thomas ..... Karan Pandit, Mickey ..... Zafar Karachiwala, Pinto ..... Rajit Kapur, Mercy ..... Preetika Chawla, Charity ..... Ayeesha Menon, Anthony ..... Sohrab Ardeshir, Joseph ..... Nadir Khan, Mary ..... Nimrat Kaur, Mrs. Gomes ..... Radhika Mital, Louis ..... Rohit Malkani, Doctor ..... Shernaz Patel, Monty ..... Arghya Lahiri, Manek ..... Vivek Madan , Young Mickey ..... Zaal Madon, Young Thomas ..... Nominath Ginsburg. Sound Recordist: Ayush Ahuja. Sound Design: David Chilton. Music: Sacha Puttnam. Producer and Casting: Nadir Khan. Producer: John Dryden. Indie. (Goldhawk Essential).

9 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Network
By Tony McHale. Thriller. Discovering a stash of mobile phones belonging to his out-of-work step-daughter Charlie, Darren Collins stumbles across an ominous voicemail message. Curious as to how Charlie can afford so many phones and what the message might mean, Darren decides to investigate and calls the number on the phone. Unwittingly, Darren uncovers a network of individuals apparently using mobile technology to arrange various protests and demonstrations. As he starts to get drawn into the world of the network Darren begins to wonder if there something more sinister at work at its core. Cast: Darren..........Shaun Dingwall, Natasha.........Sara Griffiths, Charlie..........Ciara Janson, Lennox..........Karl Collins, Jango............Iain Robertson. The Network...Christopher Webster, Victoria Inez Hardy, Jonathan Forbes, Michael Shannon, John Anthony and Laura Conway. Other parts played by members of the cast. Producer/Director: Heather Larmour.

10 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Birkett and the Green Bicycle
By Caroline and David Stafford. 2/4. A story of murder, pacifism and chocolate taken from the casebook of Norman Birkett. Norman Birkett...Neil Dudgeon, Billie...Bonnie Engstrom, Edgar...Alun Raglan, Sir Edward...Nicholas Jones, Cadbury...James Lailey, Cox/Enoch...Adam Billington, Judge...Gerard McDermott, Lily/Muriel...Francine Chamberlain, Ronald...Christopher Webster, Graham...Simon Bubb. Producer...not known...

11 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Blurred
By Frazer Flintham; his first radio play. When old University friends Nikki and Hannah meet up a decade after they lost touch, Nikki makes a shocking revelation. Hannah ..... Naomi Frederick, Nikki ..... Rosie Cavaleiro, Ben ..... Simon Bubb, Caroline ..... Adjoa Andoh, Pam ..... Tracy Wiles, Jerry ..... Christopher Webster. Producer Mary Peate.

12 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Erebus
A poetic drama by Jo Shapcott about the search for the North-West Passage. The 1845 expedition led by John Franklin was lost in the ice and never returned. The mysteries remain. In the intervening time rescue and, subsequently, archaeological expeditions have gone in search of clues as to what went wrong. Fragments of evidence have been found in the ice and latterly frozen bodies too. Why did the mission fail? Cast: Russell Boulter, David Birrell, Peter Marinker, John Mackay and Jasmine Hyde. Music by Jon Nicholls. Produced by Tim Dee.

13 Jan: Afternoon Drama - You Drive Me Crazy
By Paul Dodgson. Once he loved powering down the motorway; now the very thought brings on a cold sweat. Paul Dodgson's play reflects on living with his newly-acquired fear of driving. Looking back on the cars in his life to try and trace the source of his anxiety, he remembers being 'Prince of the back seat' at six years old in his parents' half timbered Morris Traveller. Then, as a teenager, he couldn't wait for his 17th birthday and the chance to get behind the wheel of the family's Austin Princess himself. Later, as a young man in his thirties, he fell in love with his red MG Midget - enjoying nothing more than belting down country lanes blasting music way too loud. Then, something changed, and a fear began to take hold, a fear that would suddenly skew his vision, make the road seem to slide away, and his heart beat violently in his chest - a fear that quickly turned into a debilitating terror. Paul Dodgson writes and narrates his own story of living with driving anxiety disorder. Paul . . . . Paul Dodgson, Dad . . . . Ewan Bailey, Mum . . . Sally Orrock. BBC Wales, producer Kate McAll.

14 Jan: Saturday Drama - Tom and Viv
By Michael Hastings. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the story of TS Eliot's marriage to Viv Haigh-Wood. Radio 4 commemorates the recent death of Michael Hastings with this his best known play. Its subject is the marriage of the young TS Eliot and Vivienne Haigh-Wood. Tom ..... Benedict Cumberbatch, Viv..... Lia Williams, Maurice....David Haig, Rose..... Judy Parfitt, Charles.. John Rowe, Louise....Emily Randall, Janes..... Chris Pavlo, Dr Todd.... Gunnar Cauthery, Barrister... Jonathan Tafler. Adapted and produced by Peter Kavanagh.

15 Jan: Classic Serial - The Mumbai Chuzzlewits, Episode 3
By Ayeesha Menon.Convinced his relatives are after his money, miserly old recluse Martin Chuzzlewit, adopts orphan girl, Mary, to be his carer. As she will inherit nothing upon his death, he believes she will do her utmost to keep him in good health. But when his grandson Mickey falls in love with her, Martin's plans are thrown into disarray. Disinheriting him, Martin triggers a complex web of deceit, betrayal and manipulation as the extended family and hangers-on close in, in pursuit of his fortune. Told from the point of view of orphan Thomas, an observer into the world of the Chuzzlewits, this is a fast-paced drama full of intrigue, romance, suspense and murder... Cast: Martin ..... Roshan Seth, Thomas ..... Karan Pandit, Mickey ..... Zafar Karachiwala, Pinto ..... Rajit Kapur, Mercy ..... Preetika Chawla, Charity ..... Ayeesha Menon, Anthony ..... Sohrab Ardeshir, Joseph ..... Nadir Khan, Mary ..... Nimrat Kaur, Mrs. Gomes ..... Radhika Mital, Louis ..... Rohit Malkani, Doctor ..... Shernaz Patel, Monty ..... Arghya Lahiri, Manek ..... Vivek Madan , Young Mickey ..... Zaal Madon, Young Thomas ..... Nominath Ginsburg. Sound Recordist: Ayush Ahuja. Sound Design: David Chilton. Music: Sacha Puttnam. Producer and Casting: Nadir Khan. Producer: John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk Essential).

16 Jan: Afternoon Drama - What to Do If Your Husband May Leave
Mel Hudson stars in her surreal comedy about a woman facing a marital breakdown. After 22 years of marriage and three children, Mel discovers that her husband Dick is having an affair. She turns for support and solutions to all the usual sources- friends, the NHS, homeopathy, spiritual healing, wine. None are helpful. Desperate and paranoid, Mel attempts to track down the mistress and events become increasingly bizarre. Cast: Mel - Mel Hudson, Dick / Daan - Richard Laing, Katinka / Auntie Gwen - Mia Soteriou, Dr Bryant - Laura Shavin, Nicky / Big Bird - Kate O'Sullivan, Librarian - Amy Clifton, Joe - Gabriel Kelly. Director - Alison Crawford.

17 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Birkett, Birkett and the Red Stains on the Carpet
By Caroline and David Stafford. 3/4. Norman Birkett defends a doctor accused of murdering and dismembering his wife and maid. Birkett.....Neil Dudgeon, Billie.....Bonnie Engstrom, Edgar.....Alun Raglan, Jackson.....Adam Billington, Buck Ruxton.....Sagar Arya, Shaw.....Gerard McDermott, Glaister.....James Lailey, Bennett.....Rikki Lawton, Alfred.....Christopher Webster , Susan/Gracie.....Victoria Inez Hardy, Mary.....Alex Rivers. Producer...?

18 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Edith's Story
By Robin Glendinning. The true story of Edith Scholem, 16-year-old daughter to the leader of Germany's communists, who in 1934 was forced to flee Berlin in a desperate attempt to find sanctuary for her family. Edith Scholem ...... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Emmy Scholem ...... Haydn Gwynne, Heinz Von Hackebeil ...... Michael Shelton, Headmaster ...... Nigel Hastings, Hackebeil's Niece ...... Tessa Nicholson, Von Hackebeil ...... Mark Lambert , Frau Von Hackebeil ...... Stella McCusker, Gestapo Officer ...... Miche Doherty. Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.

19 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Twelve Years
By Alexandra Wood. A love story told across the two New York blackouts of 1965 and 1977. Larry and Nancy meet during the first blackout, while the prosperous city enjoys a spontaneous holiday. Twelve years on, the city is very different: rioting and looting accompany the blackout in a time of economic depression, and the couple must fight for their survival in a world which seems irrevocably changed. Nancy.... Megan Ketch Larry...... Brian Hastert. Producer: Lu Kemp.

20 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Scummow - Things Washed Up by the Sea
By Annamaria Murphy. When a delirious Irishman arrives in a Cornish harbour, baker Mary Kneebone takes him in, and soon the sick and gullible are queuing at her door. Mary Kneebone ..... Mary Woodvine, Edna Lugg ..... Barbara Jefford, Declan Credan ..... Stephen Hogan, Virgin Mary ..... Alison Pettit, Eamon Credan ..... John O'Mahony, Davey Ellis ..... Charles Barnecut. Producer..... Claire Grove.

21 Jan: Saturday Drama - The Jinx Element
By Stephen Wakelam. Edith Wharton's private life was as dramatic as many of her novels. An encounter with a journalist was to have an enormous effect on her marriage and work. Edith Wharton ..... Fenella Woolgar, Henry James ..... Allan Corduner, Morton ..... Patrick Baladi, Teddy Wharton ..... Nathan Osgood, Cook/Manservant ..... James Lailey, Mrs Gross/French Admirer ..... Rachel Atkins, English Waiter/French Waiter ..... Simon Bubb. Produced by Sally Avens.

22 Jan: Classic Serial - The Spy, Ep. 1
By James Fenimore Cooper, dramatised by Dave Britton. New York State, 1778. Henry Wharton, a young soldier for the British in the American War of Independence, creeps into no-man's land to spend an evening with his family. But the happy reunion is cut short when American troops surround the house. Can the mysterious peddler Harvey Birch provide Henry with a means of escape? Cast: Harvey Birch . . . . . Burn Gorman, Frances . . . . . Rose Leslie, Henry . . . . . Alex Waldmann, Mr Wharton . . . . . James Lailey, Sarah . . . . . Francine Chamberlain, Mr Harper . . . . . Timothy Watson, Caesar . . . . . Richard Pepple, Peyton Dunwoodie . . . . . Simon Bubb, Captain Lawton . . . . . Gerard McDermott, Colonel Wellmere . . . . . Adam Billington, Isabella Singleton . . . . . Victoria Inez Hardy. Produced by Sasha Yevtushenko. SMs: Anne Bunting, Jenni Burnett, Alison Craig. Editor: Anne Bunting. Production Co-ordinator: Beverly Tagg.

23 Jan: Afternoon Drama - The Great Swim
Adapted by Anita Sullivan from the book by Gavin Mortimer. In the roaring twenties the world was changing at an electric pace. In science, commerce and art, everything seemed possible and the challenges were there to be confronted. By 1926, only five men had ever conquered the English Channel, and the race to become the first woman to swim the Channel captivated two continents. Many doubted that a woman could do it. Gertrude Ederle, a brilliant young swimmer, was the 19-year-old daughter of a German migrant to the United States. Her father Henry Ederle ran a successful butcher's business in New York. Ederle's cross-channel swim was sponsored by the New York Daily News. The News sent a crime reporter, Julia Harpman, to accompany the swimmer and cover the story and this drama is told through Julia's eyes. Cast: Julia Harpman ..... Madeleine Potter, Trudy Ederle ..... Emily Bruni, Lillian Cannon ..... Samantha Dakin, Bill Burgess/Rutherford ..... Philip Jackson, Arthur Sorensen ..... Nathan Nolan, Joe Costa/Frank Pegler/Williams ..... Sam Dale, Henry "Pop" Ederle/Abbot ..... Nathan Osgood. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie production (Sweet Talk).

24 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Birkett, Birkett and the Naked Toreador
By Caroline and David Stafford. 4/4. Blackmail, snobbery, scandal and bullfighting. Home Office Pathologist Norman Birkett's most famous case. Norman Birkett.....Neil Dudgeon, Billie.....Bonnie Engstrom, Edgar.....Alun Raglan, Lady Caernarvon.....Joanna Monro, Sir Edward.....Nicholas Jones, Dennistoun.....Carl Prekopp, Mlle Cina.....Victoria Inez Hardy, Dorothy.....Adjoa Andoh.

25 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Burns and the Bankers
By Helen Simpson, dramatised for radio by Liz Lochhead, Scotland's Makar (national poet). When Nicola Beaumont (English, partner in a law firm, mother of four) sits down to a long-winded corporate Burns Supper, she sweeps us up in her private account of the evening's events. At first impatient with all the whisky-fuelled pomposity around her, Nicola finds herself surprisingly moved as the traditional rituals of a Burns Night unfold. What she comes to learn about the eighteenth-century Scots poet, Robert Burns, brings new self-knowledge which will help her through the night's violent emotions and climactic events. Helen Simpson's story 'Burns and the Bankers' is part of her collection 'Hey Yeah Right Get a Life' (Jonathan Cape, 2000); her latest book is 'A Bunch of Fives: Selected Stories' (Vintage Classics, 2012). Cast: London taxi driver ..... Maynard Eziashi , Nicola Beaumont ..... Sophie Thompson , Torquil Cameron ..... John Sessions , Charlie Beaumont ..... Greg Wise, Donald Forfar ..... Peter Forbes , Iain Buchanan ..... David McKay, Susan Buchanan ..... Angela Darcy , Professor Sydney Campbell-Douglas ..... Siobhan Redmond, Gemma Goodman ..... Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Recorded on location at the Caledonian Club, London, with violinist Sam McGregor. Sound Design: David Chilton. Producer/Director: Amber Barnfather. Indie production (Goldhawk Essential)

26 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim - Series 3, Crowsfall Wood
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 1 of 4. Pilgrim is called upon to help an old friend who is possessed by a deadly forest spirit . The first of four new dark fantasy adventures featuring the immortal William Palmer. CAST William Palmer ..... Paul Hilton , Tadek ..... Karl Johnson, Cecilia ..... Faye Castelow, Ewa ..... Susan Engel, Macadam ..... Dudley Sutton , Cripps ..... John Rowe , Henselow ..... Adam Billington , Grainger ..... Rikki Lawton. Producer Marc Beeby.

27 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Nyama
David Pownall's tale about a money-crazed entrepreneur who transports a pickled whale from the Cape of Good Hope round Southern Africa and makes a fortune. HUDSON...............VINCENT EBRAHIM, SILAS.....JUDE AKUWUDIKE, ARLENE...............JOANNA MONRO, BUSH HERMIT......JOSEPH MARCELL, DOCTOR CASS....BRUCE ALEXANDER, DE SOTO.............NIGEL HASTINGS, CULT LEADER......RUFUS WRIGHT, WOMAN...............PAMELA NOMVETE. Other parts played by Alison Pettitt, John Biggins, David Seddon, Michael Shelford and Keeley Beresford. Music composed and performed by Russell Taylor and Steve Cooke. Producer Peter Kavanagh.

28 Jan: Saturday Drama - The Believers
Liverpool, 1963. By Frank C Boyce; comedy drama. The Merseybeat boom is about to take off. And with it, The Believers, a Christian pop band determined to spread the Word. If only they were all singing from the same hymn sheet. James.........Ray Quinn, Debbie.........Samantha Robinson, Billy.......Kieran Lynn, Warren.........John Biggins, Reverend Michaels......Rufus Wright, Elder Wardle......Gary Bleasdale, Jenny.......Alison Pettitt. Other parts played by Joanna Monro, David Seddon, Laura Molyneux, Jill Cardo and Keely Beresford. Original music by Carl Hunter and Mel Bowen. Produced by Toby Swift.

29 Jan: Classic Serial - Uncle Fred in the Springtime, Episode 2
Dramatised by Archie Scottney. Charismatic Uncle Fred is still at Blandings Castle masquerading as a brain doctor. The Duke of Dunstable's lunatic pig-napping scheme continues. He calls in nephew Ricky. Money is involved, and maybe a chance for Ricky to marry Polly Pott. Lord Emsworth's prize-pig Empress of Blandings is purloined - and hidden. Cast: Uncle Fred ..... Alfred Molina , Lady Constance ..... Patricia Hodge, The Duke of Dunstable ..... Christopher Neame , Rupert Baxter ..... Jared Harris, Ricky Gilpin ..... Rufus Sewell , Horace Davenport ..... Lloyd Owen , Mustard Pott ..... Julian Holloway , Polly Pott ..... Sophie Winkleman, Lord Emsworth ..... Martin Jarvis , P.G. Wodehouse ..... Ian Ogilvy, Lord Bosham ..... Simon Templeman, Pongo Twistleton ..... Matthew Wolf , Beach ..... Kenneth Danziger , Valerie Twistleton ..... Moira Quirk , Webster/Footmen ..... Darren Richardson, Singing Gardener ..... Mark Holden. Director: Martin Jarvis; producers: Rosalind Ayres and Martin Jarvis. Indie production (Jarvis & Ayres).

30 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Lost Property,1, The Wrong Label
By Katie Hims. London, 1941, and Alice knows that to stop your children from being evacuated is to tantamount to siding with Hitler. Cast: Narrator ..... Rosie Cavaliero, Alice ..... Alex Tregear, Queenie ..... Katie Angelou, Ray ..... Daniel Cooper, Jim ..... Daniel Rabin, Mr Nightingale ..... Stuart McLoughlin, Miss Pearl ..... Bethan Walker, Miss Stanwyck ..... Sally Orrock, Mr Jones ..... Sean Baker, Mrs Jones ..... Joanna Monro. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

31 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Lost Property,2, The Year My Mother Went Missing
As yesterday; episode 2. Cast: Narrator ..... Rosie Cavaliero, Ruthie ..... Shannon Flynn, Vincent ..... Ceallach Spellman, Marcus ..... Elliot Griffiths, Dad ..... Ralph Ineson, Ray ..... Daniel Rabin, Alice ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Queenie ..... Sally Orrock, PC O'Hara ..... Stuart McLoughlin, DI Driscoll ..... Sean Baker. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

1 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Lost Property, A Telegram from the Queen
As yesterday, episode 3. By Katie Hims. Cast: Ruthie ..... Rosie Cavaliero, Alice ..... Edna Doré, Ted ..... Gary Beadle, Vincent ..... Daniel Rabin, Marcus ..... Stuart McLoughlin, Ray ..... Sean Baker, Queenie ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Roseanna ..... Alex Tregear, Ella May ..... Joanna Monro, Receptionist ..... Sally Orrock. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole. Rpt. The troliogy won the 2011 BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Drama, where Rosie Cavaliero won the Best Actress award.

2 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim - Series 3, Sookey Hill
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 2 of 4. When Pilgrim investigates a story about a man being turned into a hare, he meets a dangerous new enemy. CAST: William Palmer ..... Paul Hilton , Colonel Coburn ..... Ralph Ineson, Birdie ..... Kate Fleetwood, Barry ..... Carl Prekopp, Nathan ..... Gerard McDermott , Mary ..... Alex Tregear, Dale ..... Simon Bubb. Produced by Marc Beeby.

3 Feb: Afternoon Drama - The Pearl
Dramatisation of John Steinbeck's novella by Donna Franceschild. Parable set in a small Mexican fishing village about the greatest pearl ever found and the impact its discovery has on one young family. Cast: Narrator ... Gary Lewis, Kino ... Kyle McPhail, Juana ... Hannah Donaldson, Juan Tomás ... Robin Laing, Apolonia ... Claire Knight, Doctor ... Simon Tait, Coyotito ... Daniel Smith. Other parts played by Simon Donaldson and Nick Underwood. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

4 Feb: Saturday Drama - Private Peaceful
By Michael Morpurgo; dramatised by Simon Reade with music by Coope Boyes and Simpson. In WW1 over 300 British soldiers were executed by firing squad, some for desertion and cowardice. Many were traumatised by shell-shock. Some 90 years later they received posthumous pardons from the British Government, after a campaign helped by Michael Morpurgo's novel Private Peaceful . Recorded on location in Iddesleigh - the Devon village where the book is set with Michael Morpurgo playing the Vicar and Nicholas Lyndhurst Seargent Hanley. YOUNG TOMMO Ted Allpress, YOUNG CHARLIE Harvey Allpress, YOUNG MOLLY Amy Reade, YOUNG JIMMY Daniel Houghton, TOMMO Paul Chequer, CHARLIE Mark Quartley, MOLLY Annette Chown, JIMMY Ben Allen, HAZEL/ANNA Alison Reid, MR MUNNINGS/FARMER COX Nick Brimble, JAMES/MOLLY'S FATHER/PATRON Christopher Bianchi, COLONAL/OLD MAN Peter Ellis, VICAR Michael Morpurgo, TOMMO Paul Chequer, CHARLIE Mark Quartley, SERGEANT HANLEY Nicholas Lyndhurst, JIMMY Ben Allen, CAPTAIN WILKES/BRIGADIER Jonathan Keeble, BUCKLAND/DOCTOR Terence Mann. Organist - Marjorie Cleverdon Music - Coope Boyes and Simpson. Producer Susan Roberts.

5 Feb: Classic Serial - Gulliver's Travels, Episode 1
Jonathan Swift's classic satire, dram. Matthew Broughton. Gulliver is shipwrecked on the Island of Lilliput where the natives are tiny people living in a miniature society. With his unique overview of this realm, Gulliver discovers a world of petty politics and small minds. Coerced into a war between two nations who disagree on the best way to eat boiled eggs, Gulliver finds himself betrayed by friends and battered by enemies - escape is his only option if he wants to survive. This is a story of dishonest politicians, mindless ceremony and wars based on unconvincing arguments, written at a time when there was no freedom of speech. BBC Wales, producer Sam Hoyle. Cast: Arthur Darvill as Gulliver. Other members of the company: Matthew Gravelle, Sam Dale, Bethan Walker, Judith Faultless, Richard Nichols, Chris Pavlo, Claire Cage, Lynne Seymour.

6 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Blue Flu
A contemporary drama set in the near future. It explores the 'what if' scenario of a 'police strike' and the fallout of the strike across one day. Mick Harley is a dedicated frontline police officer; Jackie Raymond a senior member of the police federation (which represent officers) and Tom Dunkley, the junior minister who has inherited the responsibility of implementing cuts to a disaffected police service. CAST: Mick Harley - Shaun Dooley, Jackie Raymond - Roberta Taylor, DAC Chad Parker - Ron Cook, Tom Dunkley - Don Gilet, Lisa Harley - Nina Sosnaya, Ian Marsh - Harry Livingstone, PC Darren Woolcraft - Philip Correia, Jack Benjamin - Peter Hamilton Dyer, Nurse Sharon - Tracy Wiles, DI Richard Jarrett - Peter Bleksley. Produced by Stephen Wright.

7 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Referee
By Nick Perry. Geoff is a football referee at the top of his profession. But after a controversial game, he's heavily criticised and dropped from the upcoming Cup Final. Andrew Scott's performance as Walter Koch won the 2011 BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Supporting Actor. Cast: Geoff . . . . . Mark Addy, Don . . . . . Ralph Ineson, Koch . . . . . Andrew Scott, Pritchard . . . . . Sean Baker, Lisa . . . . . Denise Gough, Karen . . . . . Sally Orrock, Jamie . . . . . Rielly Newbold, Manager . . . . . Brian Bowles, Players . . . . . Stuart McLoughlin & Daniel Rabin. Produced by Sasha Yevtushenko. Studio Manager (SMs): Colin Guthrie and Mike Etherden. Editors: Caleb Knightley and Peter Ringrose. Production Co-ordinator: Selina Ream.

8 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Gerontius
By Stephen Wyatt. Destined to be the first English saint for centuries, the great theologian, poet and Catholic convert Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-90) insisted in his will that he was to be buried in the same grave as fellow convert Fr Ambrose St John whom he had known for over thirty years. This play won the Tinniswood Award. Cast: Cardinal Newman ...... Derek Jacobi, Fr Ambrose St John ...... Nicholas Boulton , Fr Faber ..... Geoffrey Whitehead, Angel ..... Karl Davies, Demon ....... Michael Jayston , Reporter ...... Ben Warwick, Lecturer ...... Jane Whittenshaw. Producer Martin Jenkins. Indie (Pier Productions).

9 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim - Series 3, Aisley Bridge
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 3 of 4: Following the mysterious absence of a local girl, Pilgrim is drawn into the strange world of the lanes, and the immortal children who live there. William Palmer ..... Paul Hilton, Lily ..... Victoria Inez-Hardy, Mr Hendrickson ..... James Lailey , George ..... Kasper Hilton-Hille , Effie ..... Nishi Malde , Cecilia ..... Faye Castelow, Audrey ..... Lizzy Watts, Everett ..... Simon Bubb, Conor ..... Adam Billington. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

10 Feb: Afternoon Drama - HighLites
By Steve Chambers and Phil Nodding. A small-town farce set in and around mean-minded Bev's hairdressing salon, High-Lites, where a little lie spreads through the village like wildfire. Beverley ..... Lorraine Ashbourne, Shirley ..... Rosie Cavaliero, Matthew ..... Rhys Jennings, Alice ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Enid ..... Kate Layden, Nigel ..... John Biggins, Lois ..... Joannah Tincey, Butt ..... Ewan Hooper, Paramedic ..... Joseph Cohen-Cole. Producer: Jessica Dromgoole The play is the pilot for the comedy series starting next week in Woman's Hour.

11 Feb: Saturday Drama - Freud: The Case Histories, Dora
Deborah Levy's dramatisation of Sigmund Freud's case study 'Dora' translated by Shaun Whiteside.1899 finds a father imploring Sigmund Freud to treat his daughter after discovering her intention to end her life. When Dora first comes to Freud she suffers from a loss of voice, a debilitating cough and a limp. Dream analysis is the key to unlocking the causes of Dora's condition. Freud.....Robert Glenister, Dora.....Olivia Hallinan, Papa.....Gerard McDermott, Mama.....Tracy-Ann Oberman, Herr K/Coachman....Alun Raglan, Frau K..... Susie Riddell, Madame Petrova....Tracy Wiles. Producer Elizabeth Allard.

12 Feb: Classic Serial - Gulliver's Travels, Episode 2
Jonathan Swift's classic satire continues from last Sunday. Now he's in the land of the giants - Brobdingnab. Cast: Arthur Darvill as Gulliver. Other members of the company are Matthew Gravelle, Sam Dale, Bethan Walker, Judith Faultless, Richard Nichols, Chris Pavlo, Claire Cage, Lynne Seymour, Gareth Pierce, Ewan Bailey and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. BBC Wales, producer Sam Hoyle.

13 Feb: Afternoon Drama - The Interrogation, Episode 1
By Roy Williams. 1/3 The story of Rod, a Premier League footballer accused of rape, who discovers his skill, wealth and fame make no odds in a police station. Cast: DS Max Matthews ..... Kenneth Cranham, DC Sean Armitage ..... Alex Lanipekun, Rod Tyler ..... Joe Sims, Helen Cottol ..... Katie Angelou, Mother ..... Tracy Wild. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

14 Feb: Afternoon Drama - The Interrogation, Episode 2
By Roy Williams. 2/3. The story of Jermaine, a ruthless and amoral young gang member, who is over-keen to confess to a crime. DS Max Matthews ..... Kenneth Cranham, DC Sean Armitage ..... Alex Lanipekun, Jermaine ..... Anthony Welsh. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

15 Feb: Afternoon Drama - The Interrogation, Episode 3
By Roy Williams.3/3. The story of Sarah, married into a racist family, who has been holding out against its influence for years. Cast: DS Max Matthews ..... Kenneth Cranham, DC Sean Armitage ..... Alex Lanipekun, Sarah ..... Claire Louise Cordwell, Danny ..... Carl Prekopp. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

16 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim - Series 3, Lindie Island
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 4 of 4: In exchange for a precious bargaining chip in his negotiations with the King, Pilgrim is asked to sacrifice a man he has kept safe for centuries. William Palmer ..... Paul Hilton , Viv ..... Pamela Merrick, Henselow ..... Adam Billington, Marcellus ..... Jimmy Akingbola , Goat Lord ..... Nicky Henson, Randell ..... Carl Prekopp, Birdie ..... Kate Fleetwood. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

17 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Occupied
By Glen Neath and John Jordan. A play about why people protest in the UK. It includes recordings of protests mixed with drama recordings. The play is made in collaboration with artist and activist John Jordan. It contains sound from within a Fortnum and Mason sit-in and the sound of activists camping outside St Paul's cathedral. Cast: Simon: Simon Kane, James: James Lance, Iain: Iain Robertson, Emma: Louise Ford, George: Niall Ashdown, Theo: Dominic Hawksley, Gemma: Gemma Brockis. Other parts played by Katie Bentley and Benjie Dudgeon. Sound and music by Alisdair McGregor and Howard Jacques. Producer Boz Temple-Morris. Indie production (Holy Mountain).

18 Feb: Saturday Drama - Freud: The Case Histories, The Wolf Man
Deborah Levy's dramatisation of Sigmund Freud's case study 'The Wolf Man- The History of an Infantile Neurosis' translated by Louise Adey Huish. It is 1910 when the depressed son of a wealthy Russian landowner arrives in Vienna. Sergei Pankejeff, 24 years old, is suffering from debilitating fears and phobias. Freud's treatment of Pankejeff is centred around an enigmatic dream his patient had as a very young child; a dream of white wolves. Freud invites Sergei to return to his childhood as a means of understanding his current depression. Analysing the child inside the man Freud unlocks the meaning of the wolves that haunt Sergei's dreams FREUD.....Robert Glenister, SERGEI PANKEJEFF (80).....Andrew Sachs, SERGEI PANKEJEFF (23).....Blake Ritson, SERGEI PANKEJEFF (10).....Ted Allpress, FATHER/FENCING MASTER.....Alun Raglan, MOTHER.....Susie Riddell, ANNA.....Amelia Clarkson, NANJA.....Elaine Claxton, GRANDFATHER/LATIN MASTER/BOOKSELLER.....Jonathan Oliver, TAILOR.....Simon Bubb, VIOLINIST.....Ruth Schulten. Producer Nadia Molinari.

19 Feb: Classic Serial - Gulliver's Travels, Episode 3
Jonathan Swift's satire, last episode, adapted by Matthew Broughton. Gulliver finds himself on the floating Island of Laputa, where he encounters mad scientists and the terrifying ghosts of the great and the good. He flees from these intellectual and spiritual horrors, only to finally find a kind of Eden with the Houyhnhnms, a race of intelligent and gentle horses. However, in this land, humans - or as they are called, the 'Yahoos' - are considered vermin. The dark and traumatizing experiences Gulliver has in this land change his life (and his wife and family's lives) forever. With the satire here focused on crazy scientific experimentation, superstition, and finally spiritual desolation - Gulliver's Travels is as modern and potent now as it has ever been. Arthur Darvill as Gulliver. Other members of the company are: Matthew Gravelle, Sam Dale, Bethan Walker, Judith Faultless, Richard Nicol, Chris Pavlo, Claire Cage, Lynne Seymour, Gareth Pierce, Ewan Bailey and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. BBC Wales, producer Sam Hoyle.

20 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Number 10 - Series 5, See Glasgow and Die
By Jonathan Myerson. Scotland has legalised assisted dying. Now a couple has been arrested on the way to the new Dignitas clinic in Glasgow. Meanwhile, Simon's partner Alan seems to have insulted a visiting Crown Prince - and now a new Oil exploration contract is under threat. Cast: Simon Laity ...... Damian Lewis, Nathan Toltz ...... Mike Sengelow, Georgie ...... Gina Mckee, Sir Hugo ...... Julian Glover, Amjad Hemmati ..... Arsher Ali, Connie ...... Stella Gonet, Emyr Rhys ....... Steven Speirs, Natalie Warren ...... Jane Slavin, Alex/Andy Mcgrue ...... Jasper Britton, Milo Howman/Copper/ Tv Journo ...... Theo Fraser Steele, Crown Prince ....... Chinna Wodu, Chief Constable ...... Steven Speirs, Tess, Tannie, Lennie ..... Alana Ramsay. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie production (Pacificus).

21 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Number 10 - Series 5, Democracy in Traction
By Anders Lustgarden. A routine council eviction has blown up into a full scale riot and the police have been heavy-handed resulting in two hospitalised civilians. With a policeman also in hospital - the Met Commissioner is demanding increased police powers. Meanwhile - Nathan is expected to go on a foreign trip with the PM only to discover that his visa has expired. Cast: Simon Laity ...... Damian Lewis, Nathan Toltz ....... Mike Sengelow, Georgie ....... Gina Mckee, Sir Hugo ....... Julian Glover, Amjad Hemmati ...... Arsher Ali, Connie ....... Stella Gonet, Alan ....... John Hollingworth, Mike Holmes ...... Rob Hudson, Dave Pulis ...... Matthew Marsh, The Governer Of The Bank Of England ......Nicholas Woodeson. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie (Pacificus).

22 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Number 10 - Series 5, The Emperor's New Speech
By Jonathan Myerson. It's the Party Conference in Brighton...and only 11 hours until the PM is due to deliver his speech with only one problem - it's not yet written. Cast: Simon Laity ...... Damian Lewis, Nathan Toltzn ....... Mike Sengelow, Georgie ...... Gina Mckee, Sir Hugo ...... Julian Glover, Amjad Hemmati ...... Arsher Ali, Connie ...... Stella Gonet, Alan ...... John Hollingworth, Mike Plimpton ...... David Troughton, Rodney Birch ....... Matthew Marsh, Tejan Mahoi ....... Chinna Wodu, Lord Hendrik Rudolph ...... Paul Jesson, Tess, Tannie, Lennie ..... Alana Ramsay. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie (Pacificus).

23 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Number 10 - Series 5, Episode 4
By Jonathan Myerson. Alan is now wheelchair bound and eating through a tube - yet Simon still cannot find the time he promised to spend with him. Alan is talking about going across the border to the Dignitas Clinic in Glasgow. Meanwhile - Rudolph Media are now gunning for the government at every turn and will stop at nothing in their hunt for stories to embarrass the government. Especially when they uncover something about someone who works very close to the PM. Cast: Simon Laity ...... Damian Lewis, Nathan Toltz ...... Mike Sengelow, Georgie ....... Gina Mckee, Sir Hugo ....... Julian Glover, Amjad Hemmati ....... Arsher Ali, Connie ..... Stella Gonet, Alan ...... John Hollingworth, Mike Plimpton ...... David Troughton, Monica Smith ....... Sasha Behar, Adam Armstrong ....... Antony Sher, Tess, Tannie, Lennie ..... Alana Ramsay. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie (Pacificus Productions).

24 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Those Hard to Reach Places
'Cleaner...only dirtier' is not how your average domestic cleaner describes themselves. But then Rita is anything but an average domestic cleaner as an unfortunate former mayor is about to discover in Daniel Thurman's sparkling comedy. Fawcett ..... Geoffrey Whitehead, Mrs Randle ..... Anne Reid, Rita ..... Janet Dibley, Bus Driver ..... Piers Wehner, Phone voice ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan. Produced by Toby Swift.

25 Feb: Saturday Drama - Noughts and Crosses
By Malorie Blackman, dramatised for radio by Janice Okoh. Callum and Sephy have known each other since they were babies, when his Mum worked for hers. But Callum is a Nought - a second class citizen - and Sephy a Cross, one of the elite. Her father is also one of the country's leading policiticians. No matter how much they may want to be together, the world is telling them they can't. And soon bigger things will prevail. Like the bombing.......... Sephy ..... Zawe Ashton, Callum ..... Rikki Lawton, Meggie/Jasmine ..... Adjoa Andoh, Ryan/Andrew Dorn ..... Carl Prekopp, Jude ..... Alex Lanipekun, Lynette/Sarah ..... Tracy Wiles, Kamal ..... Jude Akuwudike, Kelani Adams ..... Nikki Amuka Bird, Mr Pingule ..... Israel Oyelumade, Mr Stoll ..... Richard Pepple, Soanes ..... Gerard McDermott, Shania ..... Victoria Inez Hardy. Producer Marion Nancarrow.

26 Feb: Classic Serial - The Cruel Sea, Episode 1
Dramatised by John Fletcher. 1 of 2. The first part of Nicholas Monsarrat's searing classic novel about the men and ships who fought who fought in the North Atlantic during the 2nd World War. Lockhart ..... Gwilym Lee, Ericson ..... Jonathan Coy, Ferraby ..... Carl Prekopp, Wainwright ..... David Seddon, Phillips ..... Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Gregg ..... Harry Livingstone, Mavis ..... Tracy Wiles, Coxswain ..... James Lailey, Donnelly ..... Adam Billington. Sound by Caleb Knightley. Produced by Marc Beeby.

27 Feb: Afternoon Drama - Stone, Sleep Tight
By Cath Staincliffe. Ep. 1. When two year old Brianna disappears one night from her family home, DCI Stone and his team are called upon to lead the investigation. The first of a new series of the intelligent detective series tackling morally ambiguous, complex and challenging subjects created by Danny Brocklehurst and starring Hugo Speer as DCI John Stone. DCI STONE ... Hugo Speer, DI MIKE TANNER ... Craig Cheetham, DS SUE KELLY .. Deborah McAndrew, CARA .. Rachel Austin, JEN .. Sarah McDonald Hughes, CROW/EDOZIE .. Chris Jack. Directed by Nadia Molinari. Produced by Charlotte Riches. Made by Radio Drama North.

28 Feb: Afternoon Drama - The Great Squanderland Roof
By Julian Gough. A play about a puzzling area of modern economics. Jude lives in a henhouse with no roof, in the bankrupt Republic of Squanderland. Purchased for ten million euro at the height of the credit bubble, his henhouse has been rated the asset in Europe most likely to default. To solve this small but symbolic problem and restore confidence in the markets, Europe's leaders need a plan. Sadly, putting a roof on Jude's henhouse quickly escalates out of control. Cast: Jude - Rory Keenan, Finian - Dermot Crowley, Bertrand Plastique - James Lailey, Helen Dunkel - Adjoa Andoh, Heidi - Clare Corbett, Stephanie Flanders - herself. Producer Di Speirs.

29 Feb: On Mardle Fen - Series 4, If You Build It
By Nick Warburton. Trevor Peacock is back as inspirational chef Warwick Hedges who runs an idiosyncratic restaurant in the Cambridgeshire Fens with his permanently anxious son Jack. In the first of a new series Warwick hits on an idea for putting the restaurant on the map; a music festival. Jack is dead against it but Warwick has plans. Warwick Hedges...Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges...Sam Dale, Marcia Hedges...Kate Buffery, Zofia...Helen Longworth, Samuel...John Rowe, Sebastian...Adam Billington. Produced by Claire Grove.

1 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Rumpole and the Man of God
By John Mortimer, adapted by Richard Stoneman. It's 1959, and Rumpole is faced with defending a clergyman accused of shoplifting who although he clearly did not commit the crime, is curiously reluctant to be cross examined under oath, where he would have to tell the truth, but save himself from being be defrocked. Meanwhile Rumpole's fellow barrister and friend Frobisher, a bachelor, announces his engagement to a very merry widow, whom Rumpole seems to remember he has met somewhere before... Cast: Rumpole ... Timothy West, Younger Rumpole ... Benedict Cumberbatch , Hilda ... Jasmine Hyde , Mr Pratt/ George Frobisher ... Stephen Critchlow , Reverend Mordred Skinner ... Adrian Scarborough , Evelyn Skinner/ Ida Tempest ... Cathy Sara , Mr Justice Vosper/Claude Erskine-Brown ... Nigel Anthony. Produced by Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey productions).

2 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Rumpole and the Explosive Evidence
By John Mortimer, adapted by Richard Stoneman. It's 1960. Hilda's had a baby son,Nicholas. Rumpole, awash with flu, defends a safe-blower, and exposes the dubious dealings of a senior police officer. Rumpole is in bed with flu, but more than happy to be called into work to escape the twenty-four hour baby minding duties. The case is the defence of a well known safe blower with previous form... Cast: Rumpole ..... Timothy West, Younger Rumpole ..... Benedict Cumberbatch, Hilda ..... Jasmine Hyde, Joyce Pringle ..... Alison Pettitt, Sam Ballard ..... Michael Cochrane, D.I. Dickerson ..... John Ramm, Sir Oliver Oliphant/ Philbeam ..... Geoffrey Whitehead, Erskine-Brown/Charlie Wheeler ..... Nigel Anthony, Henry/ Mr Fingleton ..... Adrian Scarborough. Producer: Marilyn Imrie Indie production. (Catherine Bailey)

3 Mar: Saturday Drama - An American Rose
By Charlotte Jones. The Kennedys were the most famous family in England when Joseph became American Ambassador in London. But daughter Rosemary's behaviour began to cause the family increasing concern. Rosemary Kennedy ..... Fenella Woolgar, Kathleen Kennedy ..... Lydia Wilson , Rose Kennedy ..... Lisa Eichhorn, Deborah Mitford ..... Tilly Gaunt, Billy Hartington ..... Carl Prekopp , Dr Freeman ..... Don Gilet, Sister Margaret ..... Tracy Wiles, John White ..... Harry Livingstone. Produced by Claire Grove. Directed by Sally Avens. The play is inspired by the lives of two of JFK's sisters, 'Rosemary' Kennedy, who died in 2005, but underwent a prefrontal lobotomy aged 23 and Kathleen 'Kick' Kennedy who married the heir to the Duke of Devonshire.

4 Mar: Classic Serial - The Cruel Sea, Episode 2
Dramatised by John Fletcher. 2 of 2. The second part of Nicholas Monsarrat's searing classic novel about the war in the North Atlantic. Lockhart ..... Gwilym Lee, Ericson ..... Jonathan Coy, Hallam ..... Tracy Wiles, Wainwright ..... David Seddon, Raikes ..... Gerard McDermott, Phillips ..... Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Ferraby ..... Carl Prekopp, Gregg ..... Harry Livingstone, The Operator ..... Adam Billington, Coxswain ..... James Lailey. Sound by Caleb Knightley. Produced by Marc Beeby.

5 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Stone, Demons
Dramatized by Martin Jameson.Second in a new series of the detective drama created by Danny Brocklehurst. When a young man, Emir, is fatally stabbed in a Manchester street in front of his twin brother Jamal, DCI Stone and his team investigate whether it could be a case of mistaken identity. Emir's father believes it to be a racist attack and has serious concerns about Stone's investigation. As tension mounts, racial unrest begins to spread through the city and Stone's investigation comes under scrutiny. DCI STONE.....Hugo Speer, DI MIKE TANNER.....Craig Cheetham, DS SUE KELLY.....Deborah McAndrew, JAMAL.....Darren Kuppan, SYED.....Shiv Grewal, MUMTAZ.....Harvey Virdi, DALE/CONNOR.....Matthew McNulty, MCCAFFREY.....Jonathan Keeble. Produced by Nadia Molinari. Audio Drama North.

6 Mar: Afternoon Drama - The Tobacco Merchant's Lawyer
Glasgow 1780. Lawyer Enoch Dalmellington represents the ambiguities of Scottish society since the Union. He detests the corruption of Glasgow's merchants, but can't resist being bought off by them; he dreams of Scottish independence, but is too canny to mention it. And there's a wake-up call to a city whose history has always been more rich, varied and morally ambiguous than the dominant narrative of victimhood allows. Dalmellington ..... Ian McDiarmid. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

7 Mar: On Mardle Fen - Series 4, Wives
By Nick Warburton. Trevor Peacock stars as inspirational chef Warwick Hedges who runs an upmarket restaurant in the Cambridgeshire Fens with his son Jack. Warwick's granddaughter is back from college and she's curious about the family. She wants to trace her roots. In particular she's been wondering about her grandmother but her request touches a nerve. Warwick Hedges...Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges...Sam Dale, Marcia Hedges...Kate Buffery, Zofia...Helen Longworth, Samuel...John Rowe, Imogen...Victoria Inez Hardy. Produced by Claire Grove.

8 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Love Virtually
By Daniel Glattauer, dram. by Eileen Horne. Emmi Rothner and Leo Leike communicate exclusively by e-mail. They first "meet" when Emmi mistakenly sends an e-mail to Leo's inbox. A romance ensues that allows them to live out a shared secret life far removed from their day-to-day existences. But to what extent does it rely on fantasy and escapism, and will it survive a real-life meeting, bearing in mind that Emmi is married. Produced by Clive Brill. Indie. (Pacificus Productions).

9 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Not Just for Christmas
By Roddy Doyle. It was always Danny and Jimmy, Jimmy and Danny. They were blood brothers, inseparable, them against the world - until the one big row that drove them apart. Now twenty years on Jimmy is on the phone, he wants to meet. Jimmy wants to make his peace with his estranged brother, even if it involves a little white lie or two... Cast: Danny.....Simon Delaney, Jim..... Michael McElhatton, Karen.....Barbara Bergin, Barman....Gerry O'Brien, Billy Dunne....Miche Doherty, Billy Dunne's Girlfriend....Deirdre O'Kane, Teen Danny.....Sam Keeley, Teen Jimmy.....Donal Gallery, Young Danny....Adam Brown, Young Jimmy.....Scott Graham, Kay......Seainin Brennan, Father......Paul Kennedy. Producer/Director Gemma McMullan.

10 Mar: Saturday Drama - Rebus: Strip Jack, Rebus: Strip Jack, part 1.
Ian Rankin's Edinburgh detective, Inspector Rebus, investigates the disappearance of an MP's wife. Ron Donachie stars in a two-part dramatisation by Chris Dolan.

11 Mar: Classic Serial - Out of the Hitler Time, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
By Judith Kerr, dramatised by Beaty Rubens. This first book of a trilogy tells the story of a Jewish family forced to flee from Germany in 1933 - told from the perspective of nine year old Anna. Young Anna ... Lauren Mote, Max ... Hugo Docking, Mama ... Adjoa Andoh, Papa ... Paul Moriarty, Julius ... James Lailey, Elsbeth ... Xenia Mainelli, Omama ... Eleanor Bron, Fraulein Lambeck ... Tracy Wiles, Aunt Sarah ... Sheila Steafel, Herr Rosenfeld ... Gerard McDermott, Passport Officer ... Christopher Webster, Concierge ... Alex Rivers. Producer: David Hunter.

12 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Stone, Taken
By Richard Monks. Third in a new series of the detective drama created by Danny Brocklehurst and starring Hugo Speer as DCI John Stone. Following a spate of attacks on Eastern European businesses in the region, a man of Polish descent is attacked in the lead up to local elections. Stone suspects the involvement of members of the English Nationalist League, an extremist right wing political party led by the charismatic Keith Dowd. When Dowd's teenage daughter goes missing, Stone is forced to investigate whether the two cases are linked. DCI STONE.....Hugo Speer, DI MIKE TANNER.....Craig Cheetham, DS SUE KELLY.....Deborah McAndrew, DOWD.....Kevin Doyle, SARAH.....Kathryn Hunt, ROSA.....Shannon Flynn, DCI WISE/STEFAN.....James Nickerson, TOMASZ.....Paul McCleary, ABE/CAIN/MULWINNEY.....Dermot Daly. Produced by Nadia Molinari. Audio Drama North.

13 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Apple Jelly
By Adrian Middleton. A snapshot of austerity Britain in 2011/2012 based on interviews with people who have been affected by the cuts. After starting a family, Sam transformed herself into a high achieving personal fitness trainer. When she is asked by a residential rehabilitation project for young mothers with drug and alcohol addictions to run a weekly fitness programme she agrees, little realizing that her personal journey has only just begun. Sam's bittersweet true story blends verbatim with fictionalized dramatized scenes and is interwoven with interviews from a people who have been at the sharp end of the cuts. Cast: Sam ..... Jo Mcinnes, Chrissie ..... Petra Letang, Janie ..... Catrin Stewart, Maisie .... Abigail Thaw, Rachel ..... Jessica Pidsley, Fran ..... Lisa Gardner, Pippa ..... Rachel Atkins, Mark ...... Adrian Middleton. Writer Adrian Middleton's first play for radio was 'London Pride'. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie production: Sweet Talk.

14 Mar: On Mardle Fen - Series 4, Goose Feathers
By Nick Warburton. Trevor Peacock stars as inspirational chef Warwick Hedges who runs an upmarket restaurant in the Cambridgeshire Fens with his son Jack. Warwick is after celebrity endorsement for the restaurant but Jack is hesitant. Just who does Warwick consider to be a celebrity? And would Jack want them in the restaurant? Meanwhile a silent guest turns up in the restaurant and mysteriously disappears. Warwick Hedges...Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges...Sam Dale, Marcia Hedges...Kate Buffery, Zofia...Helen Longworth, Samuel...John Rowe, Special Guest...Gyles Brandreth. Producer Claire Grove.

15 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Interiors
Based on a play by Johnny Vegas, Stewart Lee and Rob Thirtle. Johnny Vegas welcomes you to the tasteful home of Jeffrey Parkin. "Now you may notice as we begin our tour in earnest that there are some design initiatives around the house that aren't, strictly speaking, finished... I terms of the decor I've been playing around with some ideas. Not all the colour schemes have been finalised yet but I think you'd all agree, that's a veritable bonus. Most of the hard work's done so I'm basically handing you a colour-by-numbers dream home come true. You just paint in between the guiding lines that my vision has provided you with, and you're laughing." Johnny Vegas as Jeffrey Parkin, with Ben Crompton, Jo Enright, Catherine Kinsella, Joe Ransom, Rachael McGuinness, Peter Slater. Directed by Dirk Maggs. Produced by Sally Harrison. Indie production (Woolyback).

16 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Waiting for the Boatman
By Stephen Wakelam. The painter Mario Minniti has travelled to Naples to seek out his old friend and former mentor Caravaggio. But on arrival, the great painter is nowhere to be found. In a bid to find him, Mario retraces Caravaggio's last known movements. His search reveals a life lived dangerously. Cast: Mario Minniti . . . . . David Tennant, Piero . . . . . Anton Lesser, Abraham Vinck . . . . . Peter Hamilton Dyer, Cecco . . . . . Joe Dempsie, Marchesa di Colonna . . . . . Tracy Wiles, Guard . . . . . Harry Livingstone. Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko. Editor: Colin Guthrie. Studio Managers (SMs): Colin Guthrie, Keith Graham, Alison Craig. Production Coordinator: Nicole Fitzpatrick.

17 Mar: Saturday Drama - Rebus: Strip Jack, Rebus: Strip Jack, part 2
Final part of Ian Rankin's crime thriller. Inspector Rebus investigates the death of an MP's wife. Set in Edinburgh and the Highlands in 1992. In Edinburgh a man confesses to the murder of two women - but Rebus isn't convinced. Much to his superior's dismay, Rebus ignores the confession and disappears north to investigate a wild party deep in the Scottish countryside. D.I. Rebus ..... Ron Donachie, D.S. Holmes ....... Andy Clark, WPC Moffat.... Lisa Gardner, Gregor Jack.... Gavin Kean, McMillan....Liam Brennan, C.S. Watson..... Douglas Russell, Ronald Steele.... Robin Laing, Helen/Cathy ..... Emma Currie, Costello/Rab ..... Lewis Howden, Patience...... Monica Gibb, Kemp..... Laurie Brown. Other parts played by the cast. Producer/director Bruce Young.

18 Mar: Classic Serial - Out of the Hitler Time, Bombs on Aunt Dainty
By Judith Kerr, dramatised by Beaty Rubens. The second book in the trilogy. Having been forced to flee the Nazis, Anna and her family have now arrived in London. Both Anna and her brother Max face the challenges of life as refugees rather better than their parents. Anna ... Anna Madeley, Max ... Adam Billington, Mama ... Adjoa Andoh, Papa ... Paul Moriarty, Dainty ... Thelma Ruby, Louise ... Susan Engel, Mrs. Hammond ... Joanna Monro, Mrs. Riley ... Ann Beach, Barbara ... Tracy Wiles, Cotmore ... Gerard McDermott, George ... Harry Livingstone, Otto ... Jack Holden, Sam ... Malcolm Tierney. Producer: David Hunter.

19 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Stone, One of Our Own
By Danny Brocklehurst. Final episode in the new series of the detective drama created by Danny Brocklehurst DCI STONE ..... Hugo Speer, DI MIKE TANNER ..... Craig Cheetham, DS SUE KELLY ..... Deborah McAndrew, MCCAFFREY/FULLERTON ..... Jonathan Keeble, MIRIAM/WAITRESS ..... Maggie Fox, LEAH ..... Vivienne Harvey, BILLY/LANDLORD ..... Greg Wood. Produced by Charlotte Riches Audio Drama North. (I think this is what was formerly called BBC Radio Drama North. If anyone knows differently, please email me)

20 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Noise
By Alex Bulmer. A sound-driven mystery about memory loss and trust. Kit struggles to regain her identity after an accident. (Alex Bulmer was one of the writers on the 2008 dramatisation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.) Noise is her first original play for R4. It was inspired by Dramalab, a weekend workshop for writers run by Sparklab with funding from a BBC Audio and Music development grant. After the workshop, Alex came up with the idea to write a play driven by sound, rather than dialogue. She wanted to write a piece about someone decoding and understanding the world through sounds, similar to the way she herself does, since she is blind. She spent time with a sound engineer recording and gradually the story emerged. Alex says that because she doesn't rely on her eyes to identify the origin of a sound, she can't always understand its meaning straight away. A sound might be a meaningless noise for a while, until she can put it into context. Music composed by Alice Trueman, Sound Designer: Eloise Whitmore, with the cast as follows: Kit ..... Effie Woods, Dan ..... Jonas Khan , Helena ...... Sarah Waddell, Matt ...... Richard Teverson. Producer: Polly Thomas. Indie Production: Sparklab.

21 Mar: On Mardle Fen - Series 4, The Old Lost Road
By Nick Warburton. Trevor Peacock stars as inspirational chef Warwick Hedges who runs an upmarket restaurant in the Cambridgeshire Fens with his son Jack. An invitation turns up for "Mr Hedges" to read a poem at a large charity do in the cathedral on Christmas Eve. Both Jack and Warwick begin to practice using the heavily pregnant Zofia as a sounding board. Warwick Hedges...Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges...Sam Dale, Marcia Hedges...Kate Buffery, Zofia...Helen Longworth, Samuel...John Rowe. Producer Claire Grove.

22 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Jailbird Lover
By Craig Hawes; his first afternoon play. Mid-Wales: a lonely bachelor avoids personal contact, despite the efforts of his well-meaning next door neighbours.Gwilym Lloyd whiles away his time, pottering in the garden, learning the harmonica and writing letters to women serving long-term prison sentences in various jails around the world. Women that he knows he'll never have to meet.Then Layla O'Dowd is released on early parole and suddenly shows up on the the doorstep of his cottage. Gwilym ..... Charles Dale, Layla ..... Claire-Louise Cordwell, Mrs Davies ..... Suzanne Packer, Owen Davies ..... Iestyn Jones, Consuelo ..... Manon Edwards. Music was played by harmonica virtuoso Julian Jackson. BBC Wales; producer Emma Bodger.

23 Mar: Afternoon Drama - The British Club
By Ben Musgrave; his first play for radio. Sub-Inspector Mondol is a Bangladeshi detective with a few problems: a body in a pool, a tight, ex-pat British community and a Superintendent who doesn't want to rock the boat. All too swiftly, Mondol finds himself in the murky world of unregulated property development, heroin addiction and bribery. Mondol.....Sanjeev Bhaskar, KP.....Samantha Bond, Superintendent.....Paul Bhattacharjee, John.....David Thorpe, Adam.....Sam Pamphilon, Douglas.....Peter Hamilton Dyer, Anjali.....Susie Riddell. Pianist.....Dave Morecroft. Cultural Consultant.....Sabir Mustafa. Language Advisor.....Manoshi Barua. Produced and directed by Sarah Bradshaw.

24 Mar: Saturday Drama - Otherwise Engaged
A new production of Simon Gray's play. A London publisher is at home trying to enjoy a Saturday afternoon at home listening to Wagner. SIMON......JAMES PUREFOY, STEPHEN......ALEX MACQUEEN, JEFF...... EWAN BAILEY, DAVINA......HATTIE MORAHAN, WOOD......NIGEL PLANER, BETH......TRACY WILES, DAVE......RIKKI LAWTON. Producer - PETER KAVANAGH.

25 Mar: Classic Serial - Out of the Hitler Time, A Small Person Far Away
By Judith Kerr, dramatised by Beaty Rubens. The third book in the trilogy. It's now 1956 and Anna is married and settled in London when she gets a worrying telegram about her mother who has been living back in Berlin for 7 years. Anna ... Anna Madeley, Mama ... Adjoa Andoh, Max ... Adam Billington, Konrad ... Simon Treves, Richard ... Carl Prekopp, Hildy ... Sara Kestelman, Nurse ... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Ken ... James Lailey, Curator ... Peter Hamilton Dyer, Gunther ... Harry Livingstone. Producer: David Hunter.

26 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Pandemic, The Present
By John Dryden. Dr Jan Roldanus, a microbiologist and WHO advisor on infectious diseases, arrives in Bangkok to give a keynote lecture at a medical conference. Whilst there, he is invited to observe the local authority's handling of an outbreak of bird flu. But when a new virulent strain, 'Red Eye', emerges, he finds himself trapped in Thailand, unable to fly home to his wife and son. As the virus spreads at a terrifying pace, his investigations lead him to one inescapable and terrible conclusion... Cast: Dr Jan Roldanus ..... Ben Daniels, Kanya ...... Sasapin Siriwanij, Dr Ahmai ...... Pawit Mahasarinand, Minister Laksan ...... Danai Thiangdham, Sumi ...... Jaturachai Srichanwanpen. Other parts played by Ellie Marleen, Ulli Schneider, Chanida Yasiri, Teerawat Mulvilai, Jarunun Phantachat, Ornanong Thaisriwong, Kosin Pomiam, Soontorn Meesri, Andrea Lowe and Marene Vanholk. Production Team: Casting: Marilyn Johnson and Nadir Khan. Production Manager: Jarunan Phantachat. Sound Recordist: Ayush Ahuja. Sound Design: Steve Bond. Music: Sacha Putnam. Producer : Nadir Khan. Executive Producer: Gordon House. Recorded in Bangkok, Thailand. Producer/Director: John Dryden Indie production: Goldhawk.

27 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Pandemic, The Future
By John Dryden. Diane, a British civil servant, is sent to the Oxfordshire countryside to investigate the suicide of a government scientist. It is five years after a devastating pandemic which has wiped out half the world's population. Diane's young daughter died during the outbreak and she can't get over it. When she discovers that the dead scientist had been briefing a journalist who has subsequently gone missing, she absconds from her job and looks into the origins of the outbreak. Cast: Diane ...... Emily Beecham, Mark ...... Keir Charles, Mary ...... Alison Steadman, Father John ...... Ian Hughes, Rebecca ...... Mia Jenkins, Amit ...... Munir Khairdin. Other parts are played by Paul Slack, Andrea Lowe and Charlie Morton. Production Team: Casting: Marilyn Johnson. Production Manager: Sarah Tombling. Sound Recordist: Ayush Ahuja. Sound Design: Steve Bond. Music: Sacha Putnam. Executive Producer: Gordon House. Producer/Director: John Dryden Indie: Goldhawk.

28 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Pandemic, The Past
By John Dryden. At a climate change conference in Copenhagen, a group of eco-warriors attempts to discredit a right-wing Danish scientist. When it all goes wrong, Richard Frankel, one of the conspirators, gives up 'direct action' and returns to his life in Leeds as a teacher. But when he discovers his co-conspirator and ex-girlfriend has given birth to a child, which might be his, he goes in search of her. The journey takes him into a dangerous world of environmental espionage and a conspiracy which will have a profound impact on the world. Cast: Richard ...... Paul Fox, Anna ...... Marene Vanholk, Josh ...... Michael Maloney, Tariq ...... Pushpinder Chani, Anna's mum ....... Louis Jameson, Victor ...... Lars Arentz-Hansen. Other parts are played by Paul Slack, Charlie Morton, Andrea Lowe, Mia Jenkins, Munir Khairdin. Production Team: Casting: Marilyn Johnson. Production Manager: Sarah Tombling. Sound Recordist: Ayush Ahuja. Sound Design: Steve Bond. Music: Sacha Putnam. Executive Producer: Gordon House. Producer/Director: John Dryden Indie: Goldhawk.

29 Mar: Afternoon Drama - The Man with Wings
By Rachel Joyce. It is 1947 and there is a gloomy and desolate feel to the small Gloucestershire village where young Jack Leach's boy lives. It is a village almost entirely populated by women and children; the men have yet to return from the war - and many will never return. To this village comes a group of travelling nuns who set up a homestead in a deserted farmhouse. Then comes the man - back from the war - who is badly injured, but is nursed back to health by the women in the farmhouse. He is befriended in particular by Mireille, one of the women, and by the young boy, for whom he professes to have a secret. Cast: Narrator ...... Ian McDiarmid, Mireille ...... Niamh Cusack, Man ...... Tom Goodman-Hill, Boy ...... Jo Joyce-Venables, Sister Mary ..... Kate Binchy, Mother ..... Emily Joyce, Neighbour ...... Alex Tregear. Music composed by Lucinda Mason Brown. Producer: Gordon House. Indie: Goldhawk.

30 Mar: Afternoon Drama - The Waste Land
Poetry reading, not a play. Eileen Atkins and Jeremy Irons read The Waste Land by T.S.Eliot introduced by Dr Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury, Jackie Kay, Matthew Hollis and Sean O'Brien.

31 Mar: Saturday Drama - The Jubilee Singers
By Adrian Mitchell. Play about the Jubilee Singers of Fisk University, Tennessee, who in the years immediately after slavery brought their great 'Sorrow Songs' from the plantations to Europe. Mitchell, who died suddenly in 2008, was a poet, playwright and human rights campaigner. He was inspired to write this musical play by the true story of the Welsh journalist who toured with the black American Jubilee singers in their first European tour in the late nineteenth century. The singers enchanted Queen Victoria and Gladstone, and Swing Low Sweet Chariot was heard in England for the first time when they sang it to packed concert halls throughout the country. Mitchell's play was conceived for the theatre but it has not yet had a stage production; this is its premiere; adapted for radio under the guidance of Adrian's widow Celia Mitchell. The play stars London black gospel choir Nitrovox, with musical directors Felix Cross and Allyson Devenish and a black cast. Cast: Adjoa Andoh, Felix Dexter, Nadine Marshall, Tanya Moodie, Alibe Parsons, Clive Rowe, Ray Shell, Jonathan Pryce. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. Indie: A Pacificus production.

1 April: Classic Serial - Plantagenet: Series 3, Henry V - True Believers
By Mike Walker, inspired by Holinshed's Chronicles. Young prince Hal will inherit an unstable throne, and a kingdom riven with heresy and rebellion. Victory over the rebel Hotspur, and then the French, will bring peace to England and glory to the king - but at what cost to the man? Hal ...Luke Treadaway, Catherine...Lydia Leonard, Thomas of Earlham...James Lailey, Sir John Oldcastle...Nicky Henson, Henry IV...Paul Moriarty, Badby...Simon Bubb, Bradmore...Carl Prekopp. With Rikki Lawton, Gerard McDermott and Christopher Webster. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Sasha Yevtushenko.

2 April: Afternoon Drama - The People's Passion, 1/5: Coming to Jerusalem
By Nick Warburton. R4's series for Holy Week looks at life in our cathedrals now. A week of original dramas set in a fictional cathedral, and daily features from real ones, exploring how our great cathedrals offer an image of the contradictions of faith in twenty-first century Britain. The People's Passion Mass and Easter Anthem have been composed specially for the series by Sasha Johnson Manning, with lyrics written by the poet Michael Symmons Roberts. The People's Passion Mass and Anthem will be broadcast in full on Easter Sunday, as part of Sunday Worship for Easter Day, from Manchester Cathedral............... Monday morning. Ellen's in early, looking for peace. Paul's at the gates, refusing to pay. Is the Cathedral concentrating on the right things? The Old Man ..... David Bradley, Ellen ...... Adjoa Andoh, Graham ...... Kim Wall, Paul ..... Jim Norton, Clive ..... Don Gilet, Caroline ..... Alex Tregear, Robert ..... James Fleet, Priest ..... Tracy Wiles. Produced by Jonquil Panting. Music performed by Manchester Chamber Choir, directed by Christopher Stokes, with Jeffrey Makinson (organ), Rob Shorter (tenor), Rebecca Whettam (cello), Jahan Hunter (trumpet) and Holly Marland (recorder). BBC Singers with Eleanor Gregory (soprano), Margaret Cameron (alto), Chris Bowen (tenor), Stephen Charlesworth (bass) and Andrew Earis (piano). Andrew Kirk (organ), and the choir of Saint Mary Redcliffe, Bristol.

3 April: Afternoon Drama - The People's Passion, 2/5: Betrayal
By Nick Warburton. Callum has no job and nothing to fill his days, but he loves to sing in the Cathedral's Voluntary choir. With the choir, he is rehearsing the newly commissioned Easter Anthem, to perform on Good Friday. Who would dream of stopping him? But temptation can whisper in all sorts of ears... The Old Man ..... David Bradley, Robert ..... James Fleet, Callum ..... Harry Livingstone, Sonia ..... Rina Mahoney, Paul ..... Jim Norton, Clive ..... Don Gilet, Graham ...... Kim Wall. Other production details - as Monday.

4 April: Afternoon Drama - The People's Passion: 3/5: Last Supper
By Nick Warburton. When Clive, the Cathedral's Vice Dean, invites his girlfriend Jo to tea; and Graham, one of the vergers, is bullied into feeding a troublesome visitor... neither man knows quite what's in store for him. The Old Man ..... David Bradley, Jo ..... Tracy Wiles, Clive ..... Don Gilet, Paul ..... Jim Norton, Graham ...... Kim Wall, Hannah ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan, with Adjoa Andoh and James Lailey. Produced by Jonquil Panting.

5 April: Afternoon Drama - The People's Passion: 4/5: Trial
By Nick Warburton. Who are all the statues in the Cathedral? Who remembers all the people named on the monuments? And why are there empty spaces? When Samir comes to the Cathedral, with a half-formed plan in his head and the means to carry it out in his bag, he finds out why. The Old Man ..... David Bradley, Robert ..... James Fleet, James Greenstock ..... Gerard McDermott, Samir ..... Shane Zaza, Hannah ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan. Produced by Jonquil Panting.

6 April: Afternoon Drama - The People's Passion: 5/5: The Road to Emmaus
By Nick Warburton. Good Friday is a big day for Robert, the Cathedral's Director of Music. And despite his attempts to clear his mind, it all keeps going out of kilter. In fact, as the Cathedral fills and empties for the afternoon service and the big evening performance by the Voluntary choir, no one - from lost tourists to late singers - seems to be quite themselves... The Old Man ..... David Bradley, Alice ..... Sarah Gordy, Graham ..... Kim Wall, Robert ..... James Fleet, Rebecca ..... Claire Rushbrook, Lynne ..... Tina Gray, Callum ..... Harry Livingstone, with Peter Hamilton-Dyer. Produced by Jonquil Panting.

7 April: Saturday Drama - The Voysey Inheritance
Harley Granville Barker's play from 1905. Edward discovers that in inheriting his father's impressive family business, he is inheriting a Ponzi scheme. For years his father has been making free with clients' capital and speculating, as his own father did before him. Edward must decide whether to continue the business and try to put matters right - a seemingly impossible task - or to expose the crime and bring his family to certain ruin. Edward............ Samuel Barnett, Mr Voysey............ . Clive Merrison, Mr George Booth........... Gawn Grainger, Trenchard Voysey.......... Richard Dillane, Major Booth Vosey............ Alan Cox, Denis Tregoning............. Joseph Arkley, Mrs Voysey............... Phyllida Law, Honor Voysey........... Amanda Lawrence, Peacey......... Paul Moriarty. Adapted for radio and produced by Lu Kemp.

8 April: Classic Serial - Plantagenet: Series 3, Henry VI - A Simple Man
By Mike Walker, inspired by Holinshed's Chronicles. The once-great England of Henry V is bankrupt and losing territory in France. The times call for a strong man who can unite the kingdom. Not the weak, idealistic Henry VI, pleading for peace and incapacitated by bouts of insanity. As the House of York grows in power, Queen Margaret is forced to take up arms to protect her royal line. Henry VI... Al Weaver, Margaret...Aimee Ffion Edwards, York... Shaun Dooley, Cardinal Beaufort...Paul Moriarty, Warwick...Gerard McDermott, Somerset...Carl Prekopp, Edward of York...Simon Bubb. With Rikki Lawton, James Lailey and Christopher Webster. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Sasha Yevtushenko.

9 April: Afternoon Drama - The Judas Burner
By Jeff Young. Past and present collide when an old man refuses to leave his home which is due for demolition. He looks back to his past and finds strength and meaning in a strange ritual from the time of his childhood. The burning of an effigy of Judas Iscariot was performed every Good Friday in an area of Liverpool known as The Dingle. Jim ....... David Schofield Noreen ..... Eileen O'Brien Young Jim ....... Jordan Edwards Micky Daz ...... William Gilby Eileen ..... Lottie Holloway Councillor Biggs ...... Conrad Nelson Butchers ...... Carl Cockram Dixie Boy ..... Simon Lennon With contributions from Winifred Connolly nee Jones, Gerard Laverty and George Taylor, who took part in the 'Judas' ritual years ago. Producer Pauline Harris.

10 April: Afternoon Drama - White Noise
By Matthew Broughton. A dark hymn to Dagenham in East London. Freddy wants to be an artist. Danny wants to clean up the streets. And Kath just wants the pictures to come back to her TV. As the Olympics loom large, something world-changing is about to happen to one family. Freddie .. Theo Barklem-Biggs, Danny .. Ricci Harnett, Kath .. Louise Jameson, Astrid .. Ayesha Antoine, Johnny .. Matthew Gravelle. Produced by James Robinson.

11 April: Afternoon Drama - Red and Blue, Hearts and Minds
By Philip Palmer. Red and Blue, Philip Palmer's trilogy of plays, focuses on Bradley Shoreham. After leaving the British Army, Shoreham became a Consultant Subject Matter Expert. He spends his working life creating war games for training purposes. Fictional they may be but the higher the level of authenticity the greater their value to the participants. And when governments are paying for training they expect a high return for their money. Bradley Shoreham ..... Tim Woodward, Emma Macintosh ..... Tracy Wiles, Fergus O'Donnell ..... Lloyd Hutchinson, Cooper ..... Peter Hamilton Dyer, Lt.Col. Mackay ..... Don Gilet, Major General Gibbs ..... James Lailey, Brigadier Harper ..... Gerard McDermott, Sergeant Evans ..... Tom Meredith, Desk Sergeant ..... Harry Livingstone. Produced by Toby Swift.

12 April: Afternoon Drama - Rough Magick
Good to see a Shakespeare-related play close to the Bard's birthday.......By Marty Ross; comedy drama set in 1605 in the Scottish Highlands in which the Royal playwright Shaxberd saves King James from assassination and attempts to save an innocent girl from being burnt as a witch..... Fearing further terrorist activity following the gunpowder plot, King James transports his court to the Scottish Highlands, complete with The King's Men, his favoured theatre company. This includes middle-aged, careworn, neurotic and pox-troubled playwright William Shaxberd (although he prefers being called 'Shakespeare').............The play takes its prompt from historical facts: James's obsession with witchcraft and the political paranoia post-Gunpowder Plot; Shakespeare's being sometimes credited as 'Shaxberd' (might it have been his actual name?), his awkward position at court as a Catholic glove-maker's son, his rewriting of Scottish history in 'Macbeth' to flatter King James (Banquo's descendant); as well as the probably apocryphal story that The King's Men may have toured Scotland prior to the writing of 'Macbeth'. CAST: William Shaxberd. . . JOHN PAUL HURLEY, King James . . . RICHARD CONLON, Lord Riddrie. . . ROBERT JACK, Shona . . . SALLY REID, Courtier . . . TERRY WALE, McIver . . . STEVEN McNICOLL, McGlee . . . DAVID WALKER. Producer/director: David Ian Neville.

13 April: Afternoon Drama - Is Anything Broken?
By Daniel Davies; his first play for radio. Patrick, an architect en route to a major sales meeting, is negotiating the airport obstacle course when he learns that his son has had an accident at school. This is a real-time comedy drama about modern life, set during one of the most stressful journeys known to humanity - the trip from Arrivals Hall to Departure Gate. Patrick ..... Adam Kotz, Oriane ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Oscar ..... Kasper Hilton-Hille, Maya ..... Tracy Wiles, Emily ..... Susie Riddell, Kimberley ..... Christine Absalom, Norbert ..... Don Gilet, Peter ..... Gerard McDermott, Tibor ..... Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Steward ..... Harry Livingstone, Tannoy ..... Beverly Tagg. Produced by Marc Beeby.

14 April: Saturday Drama - Mountain of Light
By Simon Bovey. 1851: London buzzes with the wonders at The Great Exhibition in Hyde Park. To John Rayverne, housebreaker, it's harvest time as fine houses stand empty while the occupants attend the spectacle. But his activities are spotted...... In return for not being delivered to the police, he is forced to agree to the impossible - to attempt to steal the Koh-i-Noor diamond, the largest in the world. John.......Carl Prekopp, Emily.......Lizzy Watts, Hawkesworth....Ben Crowe, Rilke.......Harry Myers, Hobbs....Sam Dale, Galloway......Michael Shelford, Cobbet.....David Seddon, Wyatt.....Nigel Hastings. Producer Marc Beeby.

15 April: Classic Serial - Plantagenet: Series 3, Richard III - The Three Brothers
By Mike Walker. Despite his rebellious brother Clarence, and the formidable dowager Queen Margaret, Edward IV manages to bring a modicum of stability to the kingdom of England. But discontent at the power of his wife and her family erupt into civil war after his death, and his brother Richard is forced to take increasingly drastic steps to uphold Plantagenet power. Last ep. of the series. Queen Elizabeth...Nancy Carroll, Edward 4th...Simon Bubb, Richard 3rd...Carl Prekopp, Clarence...Christopher Webster, Margaret...Aimee Ffion Edwards, Warwick...Gerard McDermott, Stafford...Adam Billington, Lewis...James Lailey, Bishop...Paul Moriarty. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Sasha Yevtushenko.

16 April: Afternoon Drama - Burned to Nothing
By Rex Obano. Matthew returns to Nigeria, the land of his birth. He has come to secure the release of his son who has become caught up in the politics of a land in turmoil; a land he has fallen in love with. Matthew .... Lucian Msamati, The General .... Jude Akuwudike, Medina .... Lorraine Burroughs, Keith .... David Ajala, Sunday .... Obi Abili, Inenevwerha .... Gbemisola Ikumelo. Director: Femi Elufowoju, jr.

17 April: Afternoon Drama - DeLorean
By Glenn Patterson. Northern Ireland was a very dark place in the 1980's. A hunger strike was looming and street violence and tit-for-tat murders were an everyday occurrence. In a factory in Dunmurry, west Belfast, a unique new sports car was being built, a DMC 12, the DeLorean; the car with gull-wing doors. For two years John DeLorean brought hope to communities flattened by the Troubles in Northern Ireland, where every other person was out of work and the unemployment rate was the highest in Western Europe. This is the story of that two year period as seen through the eyes of key employees - including a union representative, an assembly line worker and a supervisor. 9,000 DMC's were produced during this period, cars which today still retain their cult status. Cast: Liz - Michelle Fairley, Anto - Richard Dormer, T.C. - Rhys Dunlop, Al Benetar - Stuart Milligan, James Callaghan - Anton Lesser, Robert - Patrick Fitzsymons, Various Roles - Paul Kennedy. Producer - Clare Delargy. Director - Gemma McMullan.

18 April: Afternoon Drama - Red and Blue, Behind Enemy Lines
By Philip Palmer. Play 2 of 3. Troy is at war with Sparta in Bradley Shoreham's latest war game. A team of British Special Forces is about to face a challenge which will test it to the limit. Bradley Shoreham . . . . . Tim Woodward, Tom . . . . . Ifan Meredith, Ricky . . . . . Warren Brown, Julie . . . . . Liz White, Andy . . . . . Don Gilet, Jim . . . . . Paddy Wallace. Produced by Sasha Yevtushenko.

19 April: Afternoon Drama - Lilo
By Katie Hims. Childhood sweethearts meet up after nearly 20 years, wondering should they have stayed together, but a childhood act of violence attracts and repels them in equal measure. Trystan and Simone haven't seen each other for eighteen years. They went to school together, grew up together and fell in love. It ended badly and then Trystan went off to university. To Trystan's disappointment Simone is still married, to his arch enemy no less. They even have kids. Trystan has no family but a successful career. They both claim to be happy and to have no regrets. But as the evening progresses they realise that they are not so sure. Cast: Simone ...... Maxine Peake, Trystan ..... Trystan Gravelle, Simone (11 yrs) ..... Shannon Flynn, Trystan (11 yrs) ..... Euan Brown. Sound Design by Eloise Whitmore. Producer: Melanie Harris. Indie production (Sparklab).

20 April: Afternoon Drama - My One and Only
By Dawn King. A thriller about obsessive love and modern technology. Cast: Layla ..... Katherine Parkinson, Noah ..... Carl Prekopp, Ben ..... Simon Bubb, Amy ..... Victoria Inez Hardy, Katy ..... Alex Rivers, Florist ..... Francine Chamberlain, Mhairi ..... Tracy Wiles, Jeroen ..... Adam Billington. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

21 April: Saturday Drama - An Inspector Calls
By J. B. Priestley. The Birlings are celebrating the engagement of their daughter Sheila when a police Inspector calls. Each member of the family is questioned about their relationship with a young woman, Eva Smith. And they each have to face up to their role in her tragic story. Inspector Goole ... Toby Jones, Arthur Birling....David Calder, Sibyl Birling...Frances Barber, Sheila Birling ... Morvern Christie, Eric Birling ... Sam Alexander, Gerald Croft ...Geoffrey Streatfeild, Edna... Vineeta Rishi. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

22 April: Classic Serial - Uncle Fred in the Springtime, Episode 1
Dramatised by Archie Scottney. Charming Earl of Ickenham (Uncle Fred) has received a plea from affably dotty Lord Emsworth to help foil a plot to steal his prize-winning pig. And to examine the sanity of eccentric Duke of Dunstable. Delighting in such entertainment, Uncle Fred arrives at Blandings in the guise of "brain specialist" Glossop, with nephew Pongo posing as his secretary. Lively Polly Pott is the third imposter, secretly engaged to Dunstable's nephew Ricky and hoping to charm her prospective uncle-in-law. Emsworth's devious secretary Rupert Baxter spots them but can't call their bluff for fear of blackmail. Emsworth's sister Connie suspects they are jewel thieves. Bosham, Emsworth's son, thinks all is above board. But then Polly's detective Dad is called in. Will the pig-napping happen? Cast: Uncle Fred ..... Alfred Molina , Lady Constance ..... Patricia Hodge, The Duke of Dunstable ..... Christopher Neame , Rupert Baxter ..... Jared Harris , Ricky Gilpin ..... Rufus Sewell , Horace Davenport ..... Lloyd Owen , Mustard Pott ..... Julian Holloway, Polly Pott ..... Sophie Winkleman, Lord Emsworth ..... Martin Jarvis , P.G. Wodehouse ..... Ian Ogilvy, Lord Bosham ..... Simon Templeman, Pongo Twistleton ..... Matthew Wolf , Beach ..... Kenneth Danziger, Valerie Twistleton ..... Moira Quirk, Webster/Footmen ..... Darren Richardson, Singing Gardener ..... Mark Holden. Director: Martin Jarvis. Producer: Rosalind Ayres. Indie production: Jarvis & Ayres.

23 April: Afternoon Drama - Odour
A cardiologist is driven to distraction by a persistent odour. Where is it coming from? It pervades the whole of his life and he becomes obsessed by it. When he finally discovers the cause, he is devastated. A comedy by James O'Neill. Phillip............Tim McInnerny, Alex...............Kathryn Hunt, Susan............Fiona Clark, Roger/Consultant.....Conrad Nelson, Mary..............Yusra Warsama. Producer Gary Brown.

24 April: Afternoon Drama - The Biggest Issues
Sally Stone, a shock jock who hosts a show entitled 'The Biggest Issues', has made her name by stirring up local grievances; everything from mistreated dogs to the issue of free gastric bands. Sally is well aware that her listeners have a healthy appetite for Health matters, and a love hate relationship with the NHS. When Sally gets a call from a listener complaining that her elderly mother has died of neglect at the local hospital she immediately begins a campaign of attrition against the accused doctor and the hospital she works at. But in their eagerness to follow the story, Sally's researcher has failed to reveal that the woman was a walking health disaster, caused mainly by heavy smoking. Untroubled by the facts, Stone's radio show 'The Biggest Issues' pursues the story with vigour... Sally Stone ..... Eleanor Methven, Jill McEwan ...... Maureen Beattie, Jerry Cartwright ..... Conleth Hill, Dorothy Megarry ...... Stella McCusker, Clive Watson ...... Ian McElhinney, Bill Campbell ..... Patrick FitzSymons, Tim Webb ...... Ryan McParland, Jane Douglas ..... Katy Gleadhill, Sharon Harvey ..... Aine McCartney. Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan in Belfast.

25 April: Afternoon Drama - Red and Blue, Terror
By Philip Palmer. Part 3 of trilogy about war games. Military consultant Bradley Shoreham has been invited to discuss possible war game scenarios involving new terror attacks on London. But just how hypothetical is this consultation? Bradley Shoreham . . . . . Tim Woodward, Brigadier Fraser . . . . . Bill Paterson, The Waiter . . . . . James Lailey, Defence Secretary . . . . . Christine Absalom, Head of Intelligence . . . . . Peter Hamilton Dyer. Produced by Sasha Yevtushenko.

26 April: Afternoon Drama - That's Mine, This Is Yours
By Peter Souter. A couple has split up. Now they are sorting through the debris of their marriage and possessions. Juliet ..... Tamsin Greig, Sam ..... Alex Jennings, Amanda ..... Eleanor Butters. Directed by Gordon House... Tamsin Greig is known to R4 as 'Debbie' in 'The Archers'.

27 April: Afternoon Drama - The Hedge
By Anita Sullivan. Marion and Richard live a quiet life in their perfect garden, sheltered from a turbulent world by their manicured hedge. Then one day, after an explosive row with their daughter Sophie, out of the hedge emerges a mysterious hand. Slowly the outside world starts to bleed into their fragile haven. An allegorical tale about a family and its fears. Marion: Fiona Shaw, Richard: Peter Ellis, Sophie: Tanya Franks, The Narrator: Dorien Thomas. Producer James Robinson. BBC Wales.

28 April: Saturday Drama - The Caretaker
By Harold Pinter. Two brothers shelter an elderly, homeless man after a fight in a café. But his problems are far from over. Davies... David Warner, Aston... Tony Bell, Mick... Daniel Mays. Producer Peter Kavanagh.

29 April: Classic Serial - Uncle Fred in the Springtime, Episode 2
Dramatised by Archie Scottney, episode 2...more wonderful comedy from one of the best writers of the twentieth century, P.G.Wodehouse. Cast: Uncle Fred ..... Alfred Molina , Lady Constance ..... Patricia Hodge, The Duke of Dunstable ..... Christopher Neame, Rupert Baxter ..... Jared Harris, Ricky Gilpin ..... Rufus Sewell , Horace Davenport ..... Lloyd Owen , Mustard Pott ..... Julian Holloway , Polly Pott ..... Sophie Winkleman, Lord Emsworth ..... Martin Jarvis , P.G. Wodehouse ..... Ian Ogilvy, Lord Bosham ..... Simon Templeman, Pongo Twistleton ..... Matthew Wolf , Beach ..... Kenneth Danziger , Valerie Twistleton ..... Moira Quirk, Webster/Footmen ..... Darren Richardson, Singing Gardener ..... Mark Holden. Director: Martin Jarvis. Producer Rosalind Ayres. Indie production (Jarvis & Ayres)

30 April: Afternoon Drama - Through the Wire
By Helen Macdonald. This documentary tells the story of the British POWs who survived incarceration in German camps in World War II. While some of their fellow prisoners plotted escape and dug tunnels, men like John Buxton, Peter Condor and George Waterston watched the birds which flew overhead on migration and also at those which flew through (and bred in) the camp. With a lot of time to spare, but no binoculars or equipment, the birdmen turned 'watching' into a way of getting through the war. They recorded their observations on scraps of old cigarette packets. After the war some of their studies were published and became texts for the birds they were writing about. Several of the birdmen went on to become well-known figures in ornithology and bird conservation. The music is by Olivier Messiaen, the French composer and bird lover, who was also incarcerated in a prison camp. Cast: Arthur: David Bamber; John Buxton: Lorcan Cranitch; Peter Condor: Jay Villiers. Producer: Tim Dee.

1 May: Afternoon Drama - What the Bishops Knew
By Hugh Costello. An accusation of child abuse by a fictional Catholic Priest in Ireland, and the alleged cover-up over several decades. Mary Dowdall - Brid Brennan, Bob McCabe - Mark Lambert, Barry Glynn - Patrick Fitzsymons, Barry, aged 10 - Peter Gilmore, Fr Brand - Kevin Flood, Monsignor Milligan - Pat Laffan, Professor McGovern - Niall Cusack, Bishop Culleton - Gerard Murphy, Cardinal Finnerty - Des Nealon, Producer - Eoin O'Callaghan.

2 May: Afternoon Drama - What the Nun Discovered
By Harriet O'Carroll. Sr. MaryJo returns home to Ireland after 25 years as a missionary in Uganda, to a disillusioned public and a Church which has lost so much of its moral authority. But with an honesty and simplicity learned in another continent she sets in train a quiet but radical revolution. MaryJo - Marcella Riordan, Fr Paul - Pat Laffan, Sr Frances - Lise-Ann McLaughlin, Sr Agnes - Julia Dearden , Sr Bernadette - Stella McCusker, Cathy - Ali White, The Mayor - Des Nealon. Producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

3 May: Afternoon Drama - Bite
By Welsh writer Emily Steel's. Comedy drama. Dee has had problems with food since childhood. She keeps it under wraps but it makes life very complicated, especially on dates. Dee ... Lucy Montgomery, Julie ... Jodie Whittaker, Ray ... Tim Key. BBC Wales.

4 May: Afternoon Drama - Betsy Coleman
By Katie Hims. When Betsy Coleman was 11 years old, her father was convicted of murdering her mother. Now 37, Betsy has drifted through her life, committing to nothing and no one. She sees an ad looking for volunteers to take part in some neurological research at the local University, and, in need of some extra cash, she signs up. She finds that her memories are so vivid that revisiting her past becomes compulsive, particularly when she gets to spend some virtual time with her late Mother. Betsy .... Maxine Peake, David ..... Benedict Wong, Young Betsy ..... Shannon Flynn, Mick ..... Ralph Ineson, Carla ..... Alison Pettit, Des ..... Tony Bell, Julie ..... Christine Kavanagh. Written by Katie Hims. Produced by Mary Peate.

5 May: Saturday Drama - A Month in the Country
By J. L. Carr, dramatised by Dave Sheasby; his last work for radio. WW1 survivor Tom Birkin spends a summer uncovering a medieval mural in the Yorkshire village of Oxgodby. Here he discovers treasures, riches he thought the war had blown away for ever. Cast Birkin ..... Rupert Evans Alice ..... Hattie Morahan Keach ..... Stephen Critchlow Moon ..... Blake Ritson Kathy ..... Leah Brotherhead Station Master ..... Tony Bell Produced by David Hunter

6 May: Classic Serial - The Great Gatsby, Episode 1
By F Scott Fitzgerald, dramatised by Robert Forrest. portrait of the Jazz Age. Nick Carraway arrives in Long Island and is reacquainted with his distant cousin, Daisy Buchanan. He falls in with her wealthy crowd. His neighbour, the self-made millionaire, Gatsby, is the man who has everything. Nick ..... Bryan Dick, Gatsby ..... Andrew Scott, Tom ..... Andrew Buchan, Daisy ..... Pippa Bennett-Warner, Jordan ..... Melody Grove, Wolfsheim ..... Karl Johnson, Klipspringer ..... Sam Dale, Wilson ..... Gerard McDermott , Myrtle ..... Susie Riddell, Catherine ..... Tracy Wiles, Chester ..... Patrick Brennan, Lucille ..... Christine Absalom, Alice ..... Amaka Okafor. Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane.

7 May: Afternoon Drama - Dear Arthur, Love John
By Roy Smiles. It's often assumed that it was Dad's Army which made John Le Mesurier and Arthur Lowe well known. This is not so; they were well-known already, but it was Dad's Army, late in their lives, which brought them fame, fortune and the oddest of friendships. Arthur was a ex-grammar school boy, John a public schoolboy who'd shamed his family by going into show business. ; Arthur was Tory, John a life-long Liberal; Arthur had a happy marriage, John notoriously difficult ones - his first wife (Hattie Jacques) had left him for a car-dealer, his second wife (Joan) had left him for the comedian Tony Hancock. In 1982, well after 'Dad's Army' had finished, John writes to Arthur. We flashback to Dad's Army: the first read through; the reaction to getting 21 million viewers; Lowe's hatred of being recognised by the public; the rivalry between John Laurie and Arnold Ridley; Lowe's hostility to Clive Dunn and socialism; the affection Le Mesurier had for them all, particularly Jimmy Beck; and how, after initial snobbery about the show, the cast came to realise it was the best time of their lives. Cast: John Le Mesurier ..... Anton Lesser, Arthur Lowe ..... Robert Daws, John Laurie ..... Kenny Ireland, James Beck ..... James Lance, Ian Lavender ..... Matt Addis. Producer: Liz Anstee. A CPL Production (Indie).

8 May: Afternoon Drama - The Dreamer
By Ronald Frame. The son of a Nazi hunter attempts to retrieve a stolen Matisse painting in a musician's apartment. Paulette is a music teacher in Nice and the daughter of an SS officer. The art-hunter, when cornered, claims that he wants to take up the piano. Paulette Dubois - JANE ASHER, Howard Levin - WILLIAM GAMINARA. Producer: David Ian Neville.

9 May: Afternoon Drama - Ink Deep
By Vivienne Franzmann; her first original play for radio. Annie has rebuilt her life following a nervous breakdown. She lives in an isolated cottage on Mull. She is in a new relationship with a local artist, Ed. Her children are healthy and attend a secondary school on the mainland, but she isn't happy. Annie............Gillian Kearney, Ed.....Derek Riddell, Jess...............Sarah McDonald Hughes, Leo............... Charles Swinford, Jacqueline.....Barbara Marten. Producer Gary Brown.

10 May: Afternoon Drama - Stopgap
By Julie Mayhew. New graduate Max takes a temp job while on her way to bigger things. She considers her colleague Emma to be a victim of dull office life, but Emma's secret postcards tell a very different story. Emma ..... Liz White, Max...... Claire Harry, Ian..... Iain Batchelor, Producer: Jeremy Mortimer.

11 May: Afternoon Drama - Mrs Lowry and Son
By Martyn Hesford. The artist Lowry lived all his life with an over-bearing mother. Bed-ridden and bitter, Elizabeth actively tried to dissuade her bachelor son from pursuing his artistic ambitions, whilst never failing to voice her opinion at what a disappointment he is to her. This play imagines the impact she had on Lowry's life. L S Lowry ..... Reece Dinsdale, Elizabeth Lowry ..... Lynda Baron. Directed by Gary Brown. Produced by Charlotte Riches.

12 May: Saturday Drama - Othello
Northern Broadside's version of Shakespeare's tragedy of love turned sour by unfounded jealousy. Othello's descent into deluded rage is orchestrated by the dazzling villainy of his lieutenant Iago. Original stage production created by Northern Broadsides and West Yorkshire Playhouse and staged in London by Sonia Friedman Productions. IAGO ..... Conrad Nelson, RODERIGO ..... Matt Connor, BRABANTIO ..... Geoff Leesley, OTHELLO ..... Lenny Henry, CASSIO ..... Richard Standing, DUKE / GRATIANO ..... David Beckford, SENATOR / LODOVICO ..... Simon Holland Roberts, DESDEMONA ..... Jessica Harris, MONTANO ..... Andy Cryer, EMILIA ..... Sara Poyzer, HERALD / GENTLEMAN ..... Chris Pearse, BIANCA ..... Victoria Gee. Director: Barrie Rutter. Producer: David Hunter. Music arranged by Conrad Nelson and performed by the cast.

13 May: Classic Serial - The Great Gatsby, Episode 2
By F Scott Fitzgerald, dramatised by Robert Forrest. Nick has fallen in with the wealthy crowd on Long Island. His neighbour, Gatsby, asks Nick to engineer a meeting with his lost love. Nick ..... Bryan Dick, Gatsby ..... Andrew Scott, Tom ..... Andrew Buchan, Daisy ..... Pippa Bennett-Warner, Jordan ..... Melody Grove, Wolfsheim ..... Karl Johnson, Klipspringer/Michaelis ..... Sam Dale, Wilson/Gatz ..... Gerard McDermott, Myrtle ..... Susie Riddell, Alice ..... Amaka Okafor. Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane.

14 May: Afternoon Drama - Severed Threads, God's Clothing Firm Jim Nostrand, proprietor of Cheap Threads, a church-owned clothing firm in Minnesota, becomes the scapegoat when news-reports implicate the company in a child-labour scandal. Four thousand miles away, in a boarding school in the British countryside, troubled twelve-year-old loner Ben, seems obsessed with school-shootings and vengeance. In India, British/Asian journalist Prem Sharma is making a radio documentary for the BBC about children working in factories. But after rescuing a young boy and taking him back to his village, the reception he gets there is not what he expected.Over three episodes, these three stories interweave and revolve around each other revealing connections and layers as they build to one climatic resolution. Cast: Jim ..... Brian d'Arcy James, Prem ..... Ameet Chana, Ben ..... Hugo Docking. US Cast: Ruth ..... Marsha Dietlein, Faith ..... Amanda Scot Ellis, Pastor McGiven ..... Tom Tammi, Kyle ..... Matt Bennett, Sheila ..... Janet Foster, News Anchor ..... John Leonard Thompson, Billy ..... Jacob Knoll, Harry ..... Craig Bockhorn, Casey/Waitress ..... Felicity Jones, Prison Priest ..... Miles Chapin. India Cast: Rahul ..... Ankur Vikal, Amit .....Vijay Yadav, Amit's mother ..... Ayesha Raza, Amit's brother ..... Sagar Shinde, Welfare Officers ..... Veruschka Menon, Pushan Kripalani, Dr Khunna ...... Shaikh Sami Usman , Factory Owner ..... Kenneth Desai, Factory Workers ..... Rupa Kasbe, Jyoti Reddy, Shabana Sheikh, Rita John, Neeta Chavan, Eisy T. John, Pramod Yedke and children from the Akanksa Foundation, Mumbai (Bombay). UK Cast: Fiona .... Natasha Little, Timms ..... Henry Goodman, Elgood ..... Francois Testory, Jones ..... Gethin Anthony, Psychologist ..... Kate Fitzgerald, Travel Agent ..... Joanne Ferguson, Heyward ..... Daniel Bridle, Boy .....Callum Francis. Production Team: India Line Producer ..... Nadir Khan. Assistant Director ..... Tasneem Fatehi. India Sound ..... Ayush Ahuja. US Producer ..... David Rapkin. US Line Producer ..... Kim Moarefi. US Casting ..... Janet Foster. US Sound ..... Frederick Greenhaigh. UK Broadcast Assistant ..... Sarah Tombling. UK Production Assistant ..... Lucy Howe. Music ..... Sacha Puttnam. Written and Directed by John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk Essential).

15 May: Afternoon Drama - Severed Threads, If Thy Hand Offend Thee
Second part of John Dryden's epic story of inter-connected lives, set on three continents.

16 May: Afternoon Drama - Severed Threads, The Reckoning
Third part of JD's trilogy. Vengeance is all that's on schoolboy Ben's mind as he pieces together the events surrounding his father's death. Four thousand miles away in India, journalist Prem is drawn deeper into a dangerous world of exploitation and corruption. In the US, as Jim's life takes a nose-dive and he is gradually stripped of all he holds dear, his unquestioning faith turns to simmering rage. As these three stories converge, they build towards a terrifying and climatic resolution.

17 May: Afternoon Drama - Dream Repair
By Thomas Legendre. Emma uses a powerful, illegal, and highly addictive device to try to alleviate the pain of her disturbing nightmares. As her dependency spirals out of control she is prepared to betray her loved ones, until finally she's forced to face the real reason behind her addiction. Georgia Taylor ..... Emma, David Gysai ..... D.I. Ambrose, Matthew Gravelle ..... Sam, Carl Prekopp ..... Chet, Lynne Seymour ..... Vicky. Produced by Emma Bodger. BBC Wales.

18 May: Afternoon Drama - The Sensitive - The Protector
Alastair Jessiman's psychic detective returns for another investigation. Thomas Soutar is asked to investigate the disappearance of a family friend. It's believed the missing man may have committed suicide. The voices in Thomas's head suggest a different explanation - but before he can solve the mystery he's shocked by a revelation about a secret hidden deep in his own past. Thomas........Robin Laing, Mrs Soutar......Sheila Donald, Kat...........Julie Duncanson, Jean Harvey.....Anne Downie, David/Minister.....John Buick. Producer: Bruce Young.

19 May: Saturday Drama - Kind Hearts and Coronets - Like Father, Like Daughter
Sequel to a well known radio and film classic. The action takes place some years after the death of the 10th Earl of Chalfont, a man who has systematically murdered his family in order to inherit his title. David Spicer's new version of this brilliantly simple story has something to offer both those who know the original and those who come to it for the first time. The cast includes Natalie Walter, Simon Greenall, Jane Whittenshaw, Sally Orrock, David Holt, Steve Hodson....and Alistair McGowan as the entire Gascoyne family. Producer: Frank Stirling. Indie (Unique production).

20 May: Afternoon Drama - The Barber and the Ark
By Marcia Layne. Issachar has been given an ultimatum by Yvonne, either the dreadlocks go or she does. But the veteran barber he visits has other ideas. Over a bottle of his 'special ingredient roots tonic' the barber shares his dream of discovering the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia. A dream that will change Isaachar's life. Issachar ...... Everal A Walsh, Errol ...... Ram John Holder, Yvonne ...... Kay Purcell, Malachi ...... Tachia Newall, Abdullah ...... Faz Singhateh, Producer ...... Nadia Molinari.

21 May: Afternoon Drama - Falling
By Bethan Roberts. Fertility treatment. Dawn is proud to be her clinic's number one fertility nurse. But despite her expertise in impregnating women, she always maintains a professional distance from her patients; she never gets too close. In fact Dawn never gets too close to anybody. But when she struggles to help new patient Tasha conceive, Dawn starts to break her own rules. Produced by James Robinson. BBC Wales. Dawn ...... Sinead Keenan Tasha ...... Sarah Smart Matt ...... Alun Raglan Simon ...... Matthew Gravelle.

22 May: Afternoon Drama - The Eggy Doylers
By Jane Purcell. A comedy about the pre-PC age. It's 1979, before the National Curriculum, lesson plans or risk assessments. Flares were still fashion items rather than emergency equipment. Child-hating PE teacher Peter Gunn finds himself leading a school biology field trip which veers a long way from the straight and narrow educational path. Peter Gunn ..... Ralph Ineson, Maggie Beecham ..... Lydia Leonard, Ferret ..... Joseph Drake, Ellen ..... Amaka Okafor, Linda ..... Louise Brealey, Wayne ..... Alex Lanipekun, with Sam Alexander, Robert Blythe, Guy Rudin and Joe Sims. Producer Jonquil Panting.

23 May: Afternoon Drama - The Diabolical Gourmet
By Alex Shearer. Death by fine dining: the true story of Pere Gourier and his string of perfectly legal murders in the finest restaurants of 1790s Paris. Bored with his wife and home life, the well-off landowner begins to amuse himself by taking hard-up acquaintances every day to the best restaurants in Paris and dining them to death. Everyone knows about it but - as he isn't doing anything against the law - no one can stop him. Dealing with a succulent batch of topics - food, wine, fine dining, the effects of over-indulgence, a loophole in the law and a murderer who can't be stopped - this true story unfolds from the perspective of Ameline, the executioner's assistant who volunteers to take on the murdering bon vivant Gourier at his own game in the richest restaurants in Paris. The intensity and opulence of Gourier's deadly feasts (he would order 15 steaks at a sitting, trying to kill off his fellow diner) lead to a final dining-room confrontation between him and Ameline, the table groaning under the weight of course after course of rich, deadly food - the murder weapon of a rich, deadly gourmet. Ameline ..... Mark Benton, Gourier ..... Ian McNeice, Chavette ..... Royce Mills, Gaston/Bayard/Antoine/Victor/Hubert/Henri/Charles ..... Jon Glover, Widow/Magdalene/Madame Cambertin ..... Rachel Atkins. Producer: Neil Cargill. Indie (Pier Productions).

24 May: Afternoon Drama - The Grudge
Two hundred years ago this month, a British prime minister was shot as he entered the House of Commons. And, as the turbulent elections of 1997 loom, that event is set to change the political landscape of a sleepy rural constituency, its settled incumbent and unwitting electorate. Henry Bellingham ..... Robert Bathurst, Roger Percival ..... Stephen Critchlow, Corrine ..... Christine Absalom, Georgia ..... Lizzy McInnerny, Café owner/Librarian/Reporter ..... David Holt, Party Chairman/George Turner ..... Peter Hamilton Dyer, Marjorie ..... Tracy Wiles, Martin ..... Harry Livingstone, Labour Candidate ..... Gerard McDermott. Producer ..... Peter Kavanagh.

25 May: Afternoon Drama - Prospero, Ariel, Reith and Gill
Gary Brown's comedy about artist Eric Gill's clash with the BBC over his famous sculpture of Prospero and Ariel. Inspired by real events, the play charts a clash between the BBC's Governors and the artist over a one of the figures having very prominent genitals. Gill became quite a celebrity as he carved the statue in situ on scaffolding in front of Broadcasting House. In his trademark smock and beret, he drew the attention of the tabloids. Eric Gill . . . . . Anton Lesser, John Reith . . . . . Tim McInnerny, Newsreel Reporter . . . . . Jon Glover, Lady Snowden . . . . . Tina Gray, Charlie . . . . . David Seddon, Father Sean . . . . . Stephen Darcy, Nanny . . . . . Alison Pettitt. Producer . . . . Peter Leslie Wild.

26 May: Saturday Drama - The Haunted Hotel
By Wilkie Collins; dramatised by Rod Beacham. This gothic horror tale is a powerful combination of ghost story and detective mystery. In 1860, the formidable Countess Narona marries a rich young aristocrat in London - but shortly after travelling to Venice her husband dies, apparently of natural causes, leaving the Countess a rich woman. Years later, guests in a Venetian hotel encounter the terrifying apparition of a murder victim seeking revenge. Henry Westwick ............. HARRY LLOYD, Agnes Lockwood ............ JASMINE HYDE , Countess Narona............ ADJOA ANDOH , Francis Westwick ........... SIMON BUBB , Suzannah Westwick....... KATHERINE IGOE, Emily Ferrari ..... ALEX RIVERS, Megan ..... ........JOSIE KIDD , Doctor Wybrow........ ......GERARD McDERMOTT, Carstairs ....... JAMES LAILEY , Doctor Bruno............... ...ROD BEACHAM. Other parts played by the cast. Producer: Bruce Young.

27 May: Classic Serial - Mrs Dalloway, From Afternoon to Nightfall
Dramatised by Michelene Wandor.Virginia Woolf's classic novel set on a single day in June. As Clarissa Dalloway makes her final preparations for an important party, Septimus visits another doctor and becomes increasingly troubled. Ep. 2 of 2: From afternoon to nightfall. Mrs Dalloway ..... Fenella Woolgar, Richard ..... Sam Dale, Septimus ..... Paul Ready, Rezia ..... Susie Riddell, Peter ..... Scott Handy, Sally ..... Liza Sadovy, Elizabeth ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Lucy ..... Amaka Okafor, Sir William ..... Patrick Brennan, Miss Kilman ..... Christine Absalom, Dr Holmes ..... Peter Hamilton Dyer. Producer Marc Beeby.

28 May: Afternoon Drama - Cry for Me: The Battle of Goose Green
By Adrian Bean. To mark the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Goose Green, this drama-documentary looks at the events of the 28th - 29th May 1982 from the Argentinian perspective. The drama tells the story of two fictional Argentine conscripts. Luis is looking forward to graduating and becoming a famous writer. Diego is praying for a swift Argentine victory (in the forthcoming World Cup). Neither chose to live under a military dictatorship. Nor did they choose to become soldiers. And they certainly didn't choose to take on the might of the British army for the sake of 'the Malvinas'. Luis .... Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Diego .... Michael Socha, Sergeant Hernandez .... Alun Raglan, Piaggi .... Sam Dale, Narrator .... Eiry Thomas. Directed by James Robinson. BBC Wales.

29 May: Afternoon Drama - Homeowners
By Kellie Smith. Distracted by the excitement of moving into their first home, Kate and Mark receive the shock of their lives when they discover that the house's previous owners have neglected to move out. Their dream home suddenly turns into a nightmare. Kate ... Rebecca Callard, Mark ... Graeme Hawley, Penny ... Frances Barber, Derek ... Russell Richardson. Produced by Pauline Harris. Directed by Charlotte Riches.

30 May: Afternoon Drama - One Hot Summer
By Juliet Gilkes-Romero. Liverpool 1919. In desperate times, with high poverty levels and spiralling unemployment, tensions are rising between the different ethnic groups in the city, and for Jamaican soldiers Johnson and Charlie and their mixed-race British friend, Sam, life is getting harder. Based on real events, One Hot Summer tells the story of the race riots which occurred in Liverpool in 1919.The play includes verbatim newspaper reports from the time. CAST: Sam ..... Lloyd Thomas, Johnson ..... Ben Bennett, Ibrahim ..... Don Gilet, Charlie ..... Richie Campbell, Rose .... Susie Riddell, Ahmed ..... George Long, Liverpool Courier/ Rioter ..... Patrick Brennan, Liverpool Echo/ Drunk ..... Joe Sims, Evening Express/ Barman ..... Robert Blythe, Drunk/ Rioter ..... Harry Livingstone. Produced by Mary Peate. The events of June 1919: When armistice was signalled on 11 November 1918, the war time boom for black soldiers and labour fizzled out as quickly as it had begun. Demobilisation had greatly increased Liverpool's black population of which a large proportion was now out of work. By May black men walking the streets of Liverpool were being openly attacked and on June 4th two Scandinavian sailors stabbed a West Indian, John Johnson when he refused to give them a cigarette. Johnson was severely wounded in the face and news spread quickly. The next evening Johnson's friends returned to the pub seeking revenge and a violent fight ensued. The incident unleashed a race riot which engulfed the city and saw the destruction of many black homes and boarding houses and the lynching of a young black seaman, Charles Wotten, at Liverpool's Queen's Dock. Some 700 black people including women and children were interned at the city's police station, a development unheard of during peacetime.

31 May: Afternoon Drama - The Patience of Mr Job
By Justin Butcher. This is the Job story from the Old Testament with a new twist - a comedy set in Africa about the topical subjects of globalisation and climate change. We are in the fictional West African country of Ghanzania. Mr Job is the unofficial head of his village. He trusts the West's promises of rich rewards if they give up traditional farming in favour of large scale production of cash crops. Mrs Job is less certain. So the villagers cut down their forests, sell their goats and pour chemicals into the soil, but their children get sick, the hill slides into the lake, a hurricane floods the coast, and Mr Job is left clinging to the roof of his house. As the waters close over his head he hears the voice of God. Will his patience be rewarded? ........Justin Butcher has also written, for radio, 'Seven White Masks of Scaramouche Jones', 'The Madness of George Dubya', and 'A Weapons Inspector Calls'. Mr Job ..... Jude Akuwudike, Mrs Job ..... Adjoa Andoh, Mr Eliphaz ..... Danny Sapani, Mr Bildad ..... Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Mr Achebe ..... Lloyd Thomas, Mr Lucy ..... Paul Courtney Hyu. Produced by Claire Grove.

1 June: Afternoon Drama - Depth Charge
By Fiona Mackie. Den, a retired submariner, is short on cash and short on dreams until Joe enters his life and promises him the chance to breathe again. Den ..... David Calder, Irene ..... Susan Brown, Joe ..... Ben Crowe, Shiner ..... Sam Dale, Funeral Plan Agent ..... Christine Kavanagh, Producer ..... Sally Avens.

2 June: Saturday Drama - The Forgotten
By Hattie Naylor. A young girl emerges from a forest after a nameless war, knowing nothing of where she has come from or where she has been. She finds the local doctor, Charonne, trapped in the briar. After she has freed him he takes her back to his village where she lives in secret in his house. But she has been spotted by the villagers who wish to call Charonne to account for his conduct in the war. As the pressure on Charonne mounts he disappears into a familiar story in which the young girl takes a leading role. A retelling of the story of The Sleeping Beauty. Cast: Anton ...... John Biddle, Ireena and Rosa ...... Laura Greenwood, Young Charonne ...... Harry McEntire, Charonne ....... Tim McMullan, Sylvanne ....... Ruth Mitchell, Marie ....... Sally Orrock. Producer: Paul Dodgson. Indie (Pier productions).

3 June: Classic Serial - Publish and Be Damn'd: The Memoirs of Harriette Wilson, Episode 1
Adapted by Ellen Dryden. Harriette Wilson, one of the most infamous women of the early 19th century; an upper-class prostitute. Her lovers included aristocrats, adventurers and even the Duke of Wellington himself. And when they all ceased to support her after her retirement, she had a simple bargain for them - 'pay up, and I'll keep you out of my memoirs'. Her memoirs reveal a sharp-witted, good-hearted, adaptable woman who took on the patriarchy of the time and did something close to beating them at their own game. Cast: Harriette ...... Nancy Carroll, Ponsonby/ Melbourne ...... Charles Edwards, Wellington ...... Barnaby Kay, Argyle ....... Blake Ritson, Julia....... Leila Hackett, Fanny ...... Anna Francolini, Amy/Old Woman ....... Abigail Burdess, Tom Sheridan ....... Jonathan Dryden Taylor, Frederick/ Alvanley ....... Richard Galazka, Mrs Porter ...... Sarah Finigan. Producer: Ellen Dryden. Indie (First Writes).

4 June: Afternoon Drama - Circus Train
Margarita Sharapova's tale, based on working in a Russian circus, adapted by Louis Nowra. While their train is waiting at a remote rural station, animal trainer Orest and his assistant Alex take the dog out to relieve herself and their long circus train leaves without them. With no papers or money and not knowing where they are, they embark on a madcap journey, hopping goods trains and hiding away in carriages. Some are full of contraband, others have stowaways and one clattering goods train is carrying mysterious chemicals. Alex and Orest encounter a host of eccentric characters who are finding new and often desperate ways to survive. As they manically switch trains to try to rejoin the circus, they explore the hinterland of Russia. Recorded by a Russian-speaking repertory cast. Orest Anderlect ... Yasen Peyankov, Alex/Alyona ... Anne Bobby, Nastya ... Angelique Doudnikova, Berg ... Michael Levi Harris, Gorlogryzov ... Stass Klassen, Bruskov ... Moti Margolin, Hayk ... Peter Von Berg, Train Dispatcher ... Tatyana Zbirovskaya. All other parts played by members of the cast. Music composed by Gene Pritsker. Sound design by Peregrine Andrews. Producer: Judith Kampfner. Indie: Waters Company production.

5 June: Afternoon Drama - Operation Black Buck
By Robin Glendenning. During the Falklands War 30 years ago, the RAF staged the world's longest bombing run, in an attempt to damage the runway at Port Stanley. Using ageing Vulcan bombers, crews flew a round trip of 8000 miles from Ascension Island to the South Atlantic. Such a journey required not just in-flight refuelling, but re-fuelling of the refuelling planes - a hazardous undertaking which had never before been attempted. Not only were the raids themselves difficult to pull off, but even getting the aircraft ready for the flights was a major task. Aviation museums across the world were raided for spares, and key parts retrieved from junkyards. No casting details. Producer: Jolyon Jenkins.

6 June: Afternoon Drama - Take a (Virtual) Girl Like You
By Nicholas Pierpan. Alex Tilly is a radio psychiatrist who cures people of cyber addiction. But he's prepared to sacrifice his scruples to get his own TV show, and begins moonlighting for a firm which manufactures virtual girlfriends. Alex's assignment is to make their digital creations as addictive as possible but he soon realises that the virtual world has very real consequences. Cast: Alex . . . . . Sam Alexander, Dawn . . . . . Jemima Rooper, Julie . . . . . Susie Riddell, Dr Lark . . . . . Gerard McDermott, Beth . . . . . Tracy Wiles, Vanessa . . . . . Christine Absalom, George . . . . . Harry Livingstone, DJ . . . . . Peter Hamilton Dyer. Director: Sasha Yevtushenko. Production Co-ordinator: Jessica Brown. SMs: Peter Ringrose, Jenni Burnett.

7 June: Afternoon Drama - Belarus
By Hugh Costello; afternoon play. A London priest and a Belarus dissident. The priest is a traditionalist; he likes the ideas of the new Pope Benedict. There may be a chance of a secondment to Rome, but this prospect is interrupted when one of his parishioners, a woman from Belarus, tells him about her father, imprisoned in Minsk. He took part in demonstrations in late 2010 against the rigged elections which returned Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko to power. Like hundreds of others, he has been detained without charge or trial. The family have heard nothing of him for months. Shocked both by Max's plight and by his own ignorance of these events going on within Europe, Philip resolves to inform his superiors. If the church can be persuaded to speak out it might shame Lukashenko into releasing some of those held. Fr. Philip Meade was played by Jonathan Firth, with Lia Williams, David Calder, Jane Slavin, Jonathan Tafler, Paul Freeman, Jon Glover. Produced in Belfast by Eoin O'Callaghan.

8 June: Afternoon Drama - People Don't Do Such Things
Dramatised by Mike Walker from a short story by Ruth Rendell. It is 1979 and hapless accountant Arthur (a winning Reece Shearsmith) and his wife Gwen (Laura Pyper) have made a new friend. Flashy novelist Reeve (Michael Maloney) is everything they're not - carefree, charismatic and seemingly irresistible. At first, his friendship seems to offer an enticing window into a world beyond their cloistered suburban existence, but it doesn't take long for the relationship to slip into rather more sinister territory. With unfussy performances and a rumbling documentary-style soundscape, the grimness of late-70s suburbia is palpable throughout. From the moment colossal egotist Reeve arrives on the scene, it's clear that Arthur and Gwen don't stand a chance. Cast: Arthur ...... Reece Shearsmith, Gwen ...... Laura Pyper, Reeve ...... Michael Maloney. Other parts are played by Rachel Atkins and David Holt. Sound Design: Steve Bond Directed by John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk Essential Productions).

9 June: Saturday Drama - Talking It Over
By Julian Barnes, dramatised by Julia Stoneham. Stuart and Oliver have been friends since school but are rather different. Oliver is charismatic and has this way of talking. Stuart is shy and no good at saying what he means. But then Stuart meets Gillian and things begin to change . Stuart ................ Carl Prekopp, Oliver .... Nicholas Boulton, Gillian ................ Hermione Norris, Madame Rives .... Tracy Wiles. Directed by Tracey Neale.

10 June: Classic Serial - Publish and Be Damn'd: The Memoirs of Harriette Wilson, Episode 2
Adapted by Ellen Dryden. Harriette Wilson was one of the most infamous and talked-about women of the early 19th century. . Her lovers included aristocrats, adventurers and even the Duke of Wellington, and when they all ceased to support her after her retirement, she had a simple bargain for them - 'pay up, and I'll keep you out of my memoirs'.Her memoirs reveal a sharp-witted, good-hearted, adaptable woman of tremendous spirit. Cast: Harriette ...... Nancy Carroll, Ponsonby ....... Charles Edwards, Wellington ....... Barnaby Kay, Argyle ...... Blake Ritson, Fanny ....... Anna Francolini, Amy ....... Abigail Burdess, Matthew Lee ...... Jonathan Dryden Taylor, Poodle Byng/ Doctor/ Beaufort ..... Gus Brown, Porter/ Brougham ....... Jonathan Coote, Leinster ....... Andrew Mudie, Worcester ....... Nigel Thomas. Producer: Ellen Dryden. Indie; made by First Writes.

11 June: Afternoon Drama - Page of Wands
By Carole Hayman. Comedy drama. When Peggy and Ken come to the South Coast town of Warfleet they imagine they will exhibit their prize winning pigeon at a convention in the Winter Gardens, then head off to nearby Canterbury to celebrate their 35th Wedding anniversary, with a few days off and a visit to the Chaucer experience. But life takes a different turn when Peggy, out for a walk in the town, sees a flyer for Rumer, the psychic healer, and goes for a tarot reading above the Delphinium Tea Rooms. So begins a chain of events that means Peggy's life will never be the same again.Cast: Peggy ...... Gwen Taylor, Rumer ...... Louise Plowright, Ken ...... Alan Leith , Jim ....... Peter Pacey , Teddy ....... Dan Goode, Jeremy/bouncer ....... Paul Mundell, Darryl/Someone ........ James Joyce, Waitress / Woman ....... Sally Orrock. Director: Paul Dodgson. Indie; Pier Productions.

12 June: Afternoon Drama - Kicking the Air
By Christine Murphy; her first play for radio. Facing deportation from the UK, a young Iranian student, Reza Mostafai, claims asylum on the grounds that he is homosexual, fearing for his safety if he is returned to his homeland. With the help of his barrister Fiona and best friend Lulu, Reza must try and find a way to prove his sexuality in time to halt his removal. Can they find someone to come forward to testify to the truth of Reza's claim? Stars Jamie Harding as Reza, Sophia Myles as Fiona, and Vicky McClure as Lulu, with Ben Caplan, Zubin Varla, Ian Beattie and Maggie Cronin. Not sure who produced this.

13 June: Afternoon Drama - Digging for Victory
By Moya O'Shea. Members of a family attempt to dig a basement room to their flat. It isn't as simple as they thought. Mum ..... Cathy Murphy, Dad .... Don Gilet, Gran ..... Christine Lohr, Gil ...... Harry Livingstone, Alec ..... Scott Smith, Henry .... Daniel Cooper, Tess ..... Rhianna Hosmer, Mick ..... Carl Prekopp, Doctor .... Tracy Wiles, Mr. Mowson ......... Paul Moriarty. No producer details available, unfortunately.

14 June: Afternoon Drama - Bell in the Ball
By Lloyd Peters. Danny was blinded in a fight on New Year's Eve 2008. He's angry about it - in fact he's angry about everything. So his long suffering girlfriend suggests he joins a blind cricket team. It's surprisingly competitive and skilful. There's only one problem - Danny hates cricket. Comedy drama. Danny........Jason Done, Beth.....Victoria Brazier, Floyd.....Marlon G Day, Lucy......Julia Rounthwaite, Brian......Robert Hudson, Derek......David Acton, Roger....Greg Wood. Producer Gary Brown.

15 June: Afternoon Drama - Philip and Sydney
By Allan Pollock. In 'This Be The Verse', Philip Larkin bemoans the impact parents have on their children. In 'Philip and Sydney', Alan Pollock uncovers some of the reasons why Larkin may have had such a profound sense of anguish. In 1937, Philip Larkin's father took him on holiday to Germany. Sydney was Coventry's City Treasurer and had a keen interest in the Nazi regime. It was a holiday that Philip never spoke of. But, taking inspiration from Sydney's diaries, the play imagines what might have happened during their trip. Cast:Tim McInnerny as Sydney; Pip Carter as Philip. No info. on producer.

ULYSSES DAY, 16 June 2012
A marathon for radio drama listeners: a day devoted to 'Ulysses', by James Joyce.

    Broadcast at 9.10am: 'Stately plump' Buck Mulligan calls Stephen Dedalus to the top of the Martello tower overlooking Dublin Bay - and so begins James Joyce's celebrated account of the 16th June 1904. The combined stories of Stephen and Leopold Bloom as they meander through the city. In a landmark project a new dramatisation of Ulysses is broadcast across one day - morning, afternoon and evening. With live commentary from Mark Lawson, broadcasting from Dublin. Dramatised by Robin Brooks. Narrator...Stephen Rea, Stephen Dedalus...Andrew Scott, Malachi 'Buck' Mulligan...Kevin Trainor, Haines...Harry Livingstone, Mary Dedalus...Janet Moran, Young Man...Ronan Raftery, Singer Daire Halpin. Pianist Colin Guthrie. Produced and Directed by Jeremy Mortimer. Executive Producer Claire Grove. (Ulysses chapter 'Telemachus').

    Broadcast at 9.30am: 8.15 am and Stephen Dedalus breakfasts with Mulligan and the Englishman Haines before walking out along the strand to the swimming place at Forty Foot hole. Narrator...Stephen Rea, Stephen Dedalus...Andrew Scott, Malachi Mulligan...Kevin Trainor, Haines...Harry Livingstone, Young Man...Ronan Raftery, Produced and directed by Jeremy Mortimer. (Ulysses chapter 'Telemachus').

    Broadcast at 10:15: Stephen Dedalus collects his wages from Headmaster Deasy, who wants Stephen to deliver a letter about the recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease to the editor of the Evening Telegraph. Narrator...Stephen Rea, Stephen Dedalus... Andrew Scott, Mr Deasy...Jim Norton, Sargent...Joshua Ellershaw, Usher...Aidan Dunlop. (Ulysses chapter 'Nestor').

    Broadcast at 10.30am: 7 Eccles Street, Dublin. The home of Leopold and Marion (Molly) Bloom. Bloom, we are told, 'eats with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls' and cooks himself a pork kidney for breakfast. While Molly receives a letter from her concert promoter Hugh 'Blazes' Boylan who has arranged to visit her later in the day. Bloom prepares to attend Paddy Dignam's funeral at Glasnevin cemetery. Narrator...Stephen Rea, Leopold Bloom...Henry Goodman, Molly Bloom...Niamh Cusack, Milly Bloom...Grainne Keenan, Martin Cunningham...Stephen Hogan, Simon Dedalus...Des McAleer, Martha Clifford... Christine Absalom, With Pip Donaghy, Jonathan Forbes, Peter Hamilton Dyer Gerard McDermott, John Rogan. (Ulysses chapters 'Calypso' 'Lotus Eaters', and 'Hades').

    Broadcast at 1200 hrs. Stephen walks on Sandymount Strand before visiting the offices of the Evening Telegraph, where he catches a glimpse of advertising salesman Leopold Bloom. Stephen takes the Editor out for a drink, while Bloom slips into Davy Byrne's pub for a cheese sandwich. Dramatised by Robin Brooks. Narrator...Stephen Rea, Leopold Bloom...Henry Goodman, Molly Bloom...Niamh Cusack, Stephen Dedalus...Andrew Scott, Simon Dedalus...Des McAleer, Miles Crawford...Jonathan Forbes, Dilly Dedalus...Bronagh Taggart, Blazes Boylan...Sean Campion, Josie Breen...Grainne Keenan, Bantam Lyons...John Rogan. With Christine Absalom, Pip Donaghy, Aidan Dunlop, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Stephen Hogan, Gerard McDermott, Ronan Raftery. Produced and Directed by Jeremy Mortimer. (Ulysses chapters 'Proteus' 'Aeolus' and 'Lestrygonians').

    Broadcast at 1430 hrs: The Library, through the Lunchtime Streets, to the Ormond Hotel
    Stephen tries to get commissioned for an article at the National Library, while Leopold Bloom takes lunch at the Ormond Hotel and listens to Simon Dedalus and Benjamin Dollard sing at the piano. It is mid-afternoon and Hugh 'Blazes' Boylan is on his way to his adulterous assignation with Molly Bloom in Eccles Street. Narrator...Stephen Rea, Leopold Bloom...Henry Goodman, Stephen Dedalus...Andrew Scott, Molly Bloom...Niamh Cusack, Simon Dedalus...Des McAleer, Richard Best...John Rogan, John Eglinton...Peter Hamilton Dyer, Malachi Mulligan...Kevin Trainor, Patrick Dignam...Joshua Ellershaw, Hugh 'Blazes' Boylan...Sean Campion, Lenehan...Lorcan Cranitch, Benjamin Dollard...Gerard McDermott, Martin Cunningham...Stephen Hogan, Miss Kennedy...Denise Gough, Miss Douce...Bronagh Taggart, With Aidan Dunlop, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Jonathan Forbes, Grainne Keenan, Harry Livingstone. Produced and directed by Jeremy Mortimer. Indie: Goldhawk Productions. (Ulysses chapters 'Scylla and Charybdis', 'Wandering Rocks' and 'The Sirens').

    Broadcast at 17:26: Bloom gets into an argument with the 'Citizen' which climaxes in mock-heroic battle, when Bloom makes a dignified retreat and his opponent flings a biscuit tin after him. This episode is narrated by an anonymous crony of the 'Citizen', an anti-Semitic Nationalist bigot. Repulsive as he is, he provides an opportunity for Bloom to show his true heroism by arguing against prejudice and preaching a doctrine of love and understanding. Leopold Bloom...Henry Goodman, Citizen...Pip Donaghy, Unnamed Narrator...Jim Norton, Joe Hynes...John Rogan, Terry O'Ryan, Martin Cunningham...Stephen Hogan, Alf Bergan...Ronan Raftery, Lenehan...Lorcan Cranitch. Directed by Jonquil Panting. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer. (Ulysses chapter 'Cyclops').

    Broadcast at 2000 hrs: James Joyce's Ulysses - Part 6: From Sandymount Beach at Evening, to the Maternity Hospital, and into Nighttown. Bloom cannot go home. For he knows that Molly has an adulterous appointment with Hugh 'Blazes' Boylan. So he stands on the beach at nightfall watching Gerty MacDowell enjoy the fireworks. Meanwhile, at the maternity hospital in Holles Street, Mina Purefoy is still struggling - after three days - to give birth. Near the ward, Stephen Dedalus joins a raucous group of medical students and Bloom joins the party, which then moves off to Bella Cohen's brothel. Dramatised by Robin Brooks. (Contains strong language.) Narrator...Stephen Rea, Leopold Bloom...Henry Goodman, Stephen Dedalus...Andrew Scott, Molly Bloom...Niamh Cusack, Bella Cohen...Frances Barber, Gerty MacDowell...Denise Gough, Cissy Caffrey, Nurse Callan...Bronagh Taggart, Edy Boardman...Grainne Keenan, Tommy...Aidan Dunlop, Lenehan...Lorcan Cranitch, Malachi Mulligan...Kevin Trainor, Private Compton...Peter Hamilton Dyer, Private Carr...Ronan Raftery, Rudolph Bloom... Pip Donaghy, Hugh 'Blazes' Boylan... Sean Campion, Zoe... Susie Riddell, with Christine Absalom, Aidan Dunlop, Jonathan Forbes, Stephen Hogan John Rogan, Harry Livingstone, Gerard McDermott, Janet Moran. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Jonquil Panting. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer. (Ulysses chapters 'Nausicaa', The Oxen of the Sun', 'Circe', 'Eumaeus').

    Broadcast at 2215 hrs: Mark Lawson chairs a discussion about the powerful influence of Ulysses today and in the years since its publication in 1922, with guests including Anne Fogarty, Professor of James Joyce Studies at UCD, Declan Kiberd, author of Ulysses and Us. Producer: Phil Tinline.

    Broadcast at 2300hrs (last part) - From a Cabman's Shelter, to Eccles Street and Home
    Bloom takes Stephen home, and gives him a cup of cocoa. They talk, relieve themselves in the garden, and go their separate ways. Bloom joins Molly in bed, home at last. In her bed, Molly Bloom lies and muses, reliving the afternoon's sexual encounter with Blazes Boylan, and winding up all the threads and themes of the day. Dramatised by Robin Brooks. Contains very strong language. Narrator...Stephen Rea, Leopold Bloom...Henry Goodman, Stephen Dedalus...Andrew Scott, Molly Bloom...Niamh Cusack, Dilly Dedalus...Bronagh Taggart, Sinbad...Pip Donaghy. With Peter Hamilton Dyer, Stephen Hogan, Gerard McDermott, Ronan Raftery. Singer Daire Halpin. Pianist Colin Guthrie. Produced and Directed by Jeremy Mortimer. Executive Producer Claire Grove. (Ulysses chapters 'Eumaeus', 'Ithaca', and 'Penelope').

17 June: Classic Serial - Songs and Lamentations, Episode 1
By Michael Symmons Roberts, interweaving new translations of two powerful books of the Bible: the 'Song of Songs' - the most sensual biblical love poetry; and the 'Book of Lamentations' - poetry of violence and vengeance. A powerful story of the destruction of a once great city, and the love story of a couple who find hope and solace in each other offering two very different perspectives on the days leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonian armies in 587 BC. The two episodes mesh together to form a single drama looking at the same last days of Jerusalem from two very different perspectives. It is seen through the eyes of Jeremiah, the troubled prophet. Crippled by poverty and oppression, Jerusalem's streets are buzzing with talk of revolution. King Zedekiah needs a grand gesture to hold on to power. His advisers are urging him to raise an army to overthrow the Babylonians, but there is one siren voice against an uprising - Jeremiah. So Zedekiah has him arrested. Jeremiah - Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Rachel - Gillian Kearney, Pashur - Russell Dixon , Nathan - Tom Ferguson, Zedekiah - David Seddon , Thomas - Henry Devas, Samuel - Patrick Lally , Ana - Deborah McAndrew. Produced in Salford by Susan Roberts.

18 June: Afternoon Drama - Tiny
By Ben Lewis. A nervous young man lives at the dead end of a dead-end town. On his eighteenth birthday he comes into his inheritance. With a little help from an old teacher, he finds it equips him to broadcast over the internet. Living in a house where rolling news is a constant presence, he does what comes naturally - he fires up his computer and presents the news. But his news is different. It puts a spring in its audience's step. That is, until his grandma starts to grow suspicious about what this boy is getting up to, nightly in his bedroom, and tries to put a stop to the broadcasts completely. A quirky comedy about a teenager who becomes an internet phenomenon. Cast:Boy..........Joshua Jenkins, Grandma.......Julia McKenzie, Sir.......Mark Heap, Grandad......Peter Marinker, Newsreader...Alison Pettitt. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

19 June: Afternoon Drama - Flying Backwards
By Jack Klaff. Johnnie's back in Cape Town to record his new radio play - his first in his home town after decades abroad in London. In the cast, to Johnnie's surprise, is Vicki, an old flame. They revisit their earlier lives and their unrecognisable city. While in Cape Town Johnnie visits no-go areas and places from his past. Meeting after so long, Johnnie and Vicki are forced to consider what they've made of their lives. Vicki/Maureen........ALICE KRIGE, Johnnie.......JACK KLAFF, Ma................DOREEN MANTLE, Deon/Andrew/Bruce...........VINCENT EBRAHIM, Tyrone.............DON MCCORKINDALE, Michelle/Lizzie..........HELEN SZYMCZAK. Producer/Director: David Ian Neville.

20 June: Afternoon Drama - Talking to Zeus
By Don Shaw. Inspired by the book Talking To Zeus, by Jane Shaw; Greek, green, fresh and vivid, this is based on a true story set in the world renowned environmental gardens called Helikion. Perched on a steep hillside, thirty miles from Athens, Jane starts work as an intern in the Gardens which are managed by the elderly, feisty, eccentric, garden fanatic Joy. Helikion is at the forefront of the battle against global warming. World scientists come to observe and take note. When suddenly the Gardens are under threat of closure we see how Jane, Joy and the local Greek volunteers combine forces to fight the proposed demise of the Garden. (I think Don Shaw is Jane Shaw's father). Joy ..... Brigit Forsyth, Jane ..... Verity May Henry, Pavlos ..... Andonis James Anthony, Tom ..... Conrad Nelson, Debbie ..... Deborah McAndrew. Producer: Pauline Harris.

21 June: Afternoon Drama - Katie-Ann's Blog
Written by Colin Bytheway. Katie-Ann is 11 and dying of leukaemia. But she is the bravest of souls. She journals her pain, her hopes and dreams online in her blog. She talks of the treatments she endures, the daily indignities, but always remains positive. Vic is 79 and also has leukaemia, but unlike Katie-Ann, no-one cares about him. He is old, and he rails at life and his impending death alone. A writer finds the Katie-Ann blog, and decides to find out more... Cast: Vic ....... Roy Hudd, Rob ....... Carl Prekopp, Katie-Ann ....... Ella Dale, Lisa ....... Jaimi Barbakoff, Sandra ....... Jenny Funnell. Producer: Celia De Wolff. Indie; Pier Productions.

22 June: Afternoon Drama - Amours de Voyage
A new play by Mike Walker updating Arthur Hugh Clough's Victorian poem sequence of missed opportunities and moving the action from the Rome of 1848 to Egypt last year. Claude is a cynical travel writer unimpressed by everything he sees. Merry is an American on a modern version of the Grand Tour, visiting the great sights of Egypt with her parents. Circumstances throw them together and both surprise themselves by discovering that despite the worlds that separate them they might have growing feelings for each other. Meanwhile the streets of Cairo are erupting into angry life with protestors and government troops clashing. Claude is resolutely disengaged until he find himself caught in the crowd. The things he sees makes him realise he has stood on the sidelines of life for too long. But is it too late to do anything about it? Claude: Stephen Noonan, Merry: Fenella Woolgar, Dan: Peter Marinker. Producer: Tim Dee.

23 June: Saturday Drama - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Dramatized by Peter Flannery from the novel by Robert Pirsig. This is the story of a motorcycle journey across America, a meditation on values and the concept of Quality, and an allegorical tale of a man coming to terms with his past and with his young son. The narrator wrestles both with the ghost of his past and with some of the most important philosophical questions of the 20th century. 90m. Cast: Dad/Narrator/Phaedrus ...... James Purefoy, Chris ...... Max Cazier, John ...... Sean Power, Sylvia ...... Lucy Newman-Williams, Gennie ...... Caitlin Thorburn, Professor ...... Paris Arrowsmith, Students ....... Arts Ed, School of Acting. Original music: Jon Nicholls. Sound Design: Eloise Whitmore. Producer: Melanie Harris. Indie production (Sparklab).

24 June: Classic Serial - Songs and Lamentations, Episode 2
Episode 2. Although left to starve by the King, the jailed Jeremiah is kept alive by the young servant girl from the palace, who brings him food, ostensibly because she wants to help him. But she has another motive. She is meeting a man nearby, one of the King's own ministers. Love between a minister and a servant is impossible. Nonetheless they flirt and entice each other, in the poetry of the Song of Songs. Day by day, pressure mounts on the King. The people want revolution against the Babylonians, but Jeremiah's warnings are unsettling him.The impossible love of the couple in Song of Songs becomes an elegy for the city and its people. Casting details - as last Sunday.

25 June: Afternoon Drama - Hackney Baths
By Arinze Kene. When three friends break into an East London swimming pool in the middle of the night, a childhood game becomes a dark and dangerous battle for control. Part of the London Season. Aaron ... Richie Campbell, Lucy ... Seroca Davis, Mike ... Charles Mnene. Producer: Abigail le Fleming.

26 June: Afternoon Drama - Love Love Love Like the Beatles
By A.L. Kennedy. A romantic comedy drama about a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown who retreats up a tree. All his life, Oliver has never been able to say those three special words - I love you. Yesterday Oliver lost his job and today - after walking in a daze all night - he is quite literally at his wits' end and waiting for the love of his life, Jo, in a private residents' garden. Knowing that he has a tendency to bolt he has cornered himself in advance by climbing a tree and he won't come down until he sees her. Oliver ...... Bill Nighy, Jo ....... Amelia Bulmore, Mrs. Henderson ....... Brigit Forsyth, Mrs. McDonald ....... Maggie Fox, Leonard ...... David Fleeshman. Produced by Pauline Harris.

27 June: Afternoon Drama - Lord Behold Us
By Jennifer Howarth. Set in Birmingham 1958. Michael Cooper is 12 and it is the first assembly of a new school term. Amid hearty cheers, the headmaster Mr Gardner announces there will be a school play this term - The Merchant of Venice directed by charismatic English teacher Mr Dawson. Michael lands himself a small acting role. His sister goes to a different school which doesn't do proper plays. One evening Michael's father is visited by the headmaster and a fellow governor with some disturbing news about Mr Dawson.. Michael's father wants him sacked. Cast: Pat ....... Bryony Hannah, Michael ....... George Hill, Mr Dawson ....... Tom Riley, Father ....... Peter Wight, Mother ....... Jenny Funnell, Mr Gardner/Robert ...... Nicholas Boulton, Frank ....... Kim Wall , Grayling ....... Nicholas West, Janet ...... Cara Baker, Anderson ...... James Anderson. Producer: Celia De Wolff. Indie: Pier Productions.

28 June: Afternoon Drama - Road to the Borders
By Douglas Livingstone. Set in Hawick over the weekend of the Reivers' Festival - a few days when the deeds of the reivers (dictionary definition: one who makes raids or plunders) are celebrated. 'Road to the Borders' is the sixth play in the Road series, in which Douglas Livingstone and director Jane Morgan team up at an event. The particular sounds are recorded and the atmosphere absorbed before Douglas writes the play. On this occasion, he responded to the romance and melodrama of the story of the reivers. The fact that his own father was a Scot played some part in the making of the play. Indie: Unique Productions. Producer Jane Morgan. No casting details.

29 June: Afternoon Drama - The Man Who Sold the World
By Natalie Mitchell. Ticket tout Billy has a chance to start again abroad but his two oldest mates have very different reasons for wanting him to stay put. Billy ..... Lee Ross, Lou ..... Tanya Franks, Lee ..... Tom Brooke, Trevor ..... Neil Maskell, O'Shea ..... Ben Crowe, Rob ..... Joe Sims, Nurse ..... Amaka Okafor. Director ..... Sally Avens.

30 June: Saturday Drama - Strike for a Kingdom
By Menna Gallie; dramatised by Diana Griffiths.It's 1926 and in the small Welsh valleys village of Cilhendre, the miners are on strike. When the local mine's manager is found dead, the murder investigation begins to expose the tensions and secrets of this close-knit community. DJ Williams .. Paul Rhys, The Inspector .. Anthony O'Donnell, Gerwin/Jack .. Matthew Gravelle, Jess .. Eiry Thomas, Elwyn .. Iestyn Jones, PC Thomas .. Lee Mengo, Mrs Williams .. Sharon Morgan. Producer James Robinson. BBC Wales.

1 July: Classic Serial - The Diary of a Nobody, Episode 1
By George & Weedon Grossmith. A light comic novel from late Victorian times, when everyone knew their place. Dramatized by Andrew Lynch. Charles Pooter is the self-important but highly likeable clerk; he has a wife Carrie and son Lupin. Much of the action takes place in the house that the Pooters share with their maid Sarah...and the noisy sound of passing trains. The Laurels in Brickfield Terrace is frequently visited by colourful and amusing characters, not least Gowing and Cummings, Pooter's fair-weather friends. The dramatisation has a Victorian sit-com feel and stays true to the book - with a couple of twists of Lynch's own - capturing a kind of lower-middle-class aspiration that still has a tangible familiarity in 2012. Cast: Charles Pooter ...... Johnny Vegas, Carrie Pooter ...... Katherine Parkinson, William / Lupin ...... Andrew Gower, Sarah ....... Sinead Matthews, Cummings (and Horwin) ...... Adrian Scarborough, Gowing (and Borset) ....... Stephen Critchlow, Farmerson ...... Joe Ransom, Trillip ...... Adam Gillen, Daisy Mutlar ...... Sarah Sweeney. Other parts were played by members of the cast. Produced by Sally Harrison . Directed by Marilyn Imrie. Indie Production (Woolyback).

2 July: Afternoon Drama - A Nice Little Holiday
By Sarah Wooley. 1961. The South of France. On holiday with his mistress Jocelyn Rickards, John Osborne has embarked on a passionate affair with his future third wife while, in London, Osborne's current wife gives birth to a son. From the idyllic French farmhouse, Osborne sent a nasty letter back home which caused such a furore that they found themselves under siege and their holiday turned into a nightmare. Jocelyn Rickards ... Tracy Wiles, John Osborne ... Robin Laing, Tony Richardson ... Tobias Menzies, Christopher Isherwood .. Richard Greenwood, Don Bachardy ... James Anthony Pearson, Major ... Matthew Zajac. Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane.

3 July: Afternoon Drama - The Beautiful Ugly
By Lavinia Murray. This is an imagined day in the life of Hans Christian Andersen as a child. Combining fact with fantasy we explore the remarkable roots of Andresen's magical creativity and enter an icy, snowy, surreal landscape.Christian finds himself on a quest to save his father's life from the chilling grip of the Ice Maiden. Andersen was an awkward, unusual child,- unable to reconcile the poverty and dullness into which he was born. This is the day he becomes aware of his tremendous and exquisite gift for storytelling. Christian ..... Ellis Hollins, Merman ..... Jonathan Keeble, Mother ...... Fiona Clarke, Ice Maiden ..... Kathryn Hunt, Father ...... Seamus O'Neil, Producer/Director - Pauline Harris.

4 July: Afternoon Drama - The Rain Maker
By Matthew Broughton. When a father takes his son on a trip to a cabin in the woods, he has no idea what terrible horror is to come. A story about the demons that lurk in the dark forest of the mind. (Repeat) Father ..... Kenneth Cranham, Son ..... Joe Dempsie. Directed by James Robinson.

5 July: Afternoon Drama - Alone in the Garden with You
By Louise Monaghan. Rebekah faces a modern dilemma. When her ex-husband's dying wish is to be buried in the family garden, how does she square it - and the corresponding drop in house value - with Clive, her new man? Rebekah ..... Susie Riddell, Alex ..... Carl Prekopp, Clive ..... Gerard McDermott , Jack ..... Felix Lailey , Meggie ..... Lauren Mote, Sales Assistant ..... Amaka Okafor, Nurse ..... Christine Absalom. Directed by Jessica Dromgoole.

6 July: Afternoon Drama - The Last Breath
By Ben Fearnside and Anita Sullivan. The drama is set in 2018. The story is based on the hypothetical premise that by that time, assisted suicide will have been legalised in the UK. Ben Fearnside is an abstract expressionist painter. He has had some success with London galleries but his work has now fallen out of fashion. Without an audience his life-work is unwitnessed and 'uncreated'. He decides to make one final piece of art: he will capture a dying breath in a jar and exhibit it. So - he Ben invites radio producer Anita Sullivan to profile him and document the process of capturing The Last Breath. But as the date for breath capture approaches, the identity of the donor remains a mystery. The play is a blend of drama and documentary. Nicky is played by Nicola Walker. The interviewees are Derek and Mo Fearnside, Ben Fletcher, Professor Emma Jones, Anthony Chopper White, Linda Keenan and Dr Mark Gretason. The Static State artists are Kenny Watson, Alex Allan, Joseph Watts and Robert Perry. Music written and played by Nick Tettersell. Producer: Karen Rose . Indie production (Sweet Talk).

7 July: Saturday Drama - The Hound of the Baskervilles
By Arthur Conan Doyle, dram. Steven Canny & John Nicholson. When Sherlock Holmes hears the strange tale of the Hound of the Baskervilles, he despatches Watson to Dartmoor to begin solving the mystery. Hostile yokels, alarming acquaintances, an escaped murderer and the deadly Grimpen Mire conspire to make Watson more baffled than ever, until Holmes turns up to take over. This is Peepolykus Theatre Company's comic version of the tale, recorded in front of a live audience in Bristol. Sherlock Holmes .... Javier Marzan, Dr Watson .... John Nicholson, Sir Henry Baskerville .... Jason Thorpe, Stapleton / Barrymore .... Richard Nichols, Cecile / Mrs Barrymore .... Hayley Carmichael. Producer Alison Hindell. Recorded at the Queen Elizabeth's Hospital School Theatre.

8 July: Classic Serial - The Diary of a Nobody, Episode 2
Johnny Vegas and Katherine Parkinson play Mr and Mrs Pooter in Andrew Lynch's adaptation of the Grossmith brothers' comic novel of 1892. In ep. 2, Lupin's lifestyle upsets the measured balance of everyday life, Carrie hosts a seance with Mrs James, and Mr and Mrs Pooter dine with Franching in Peckham and meet a Mr Hardfur Huttle. Charles Pooter ....... Johnny Vegas, Carrie Pooter ....... Katherine Parkinson, William / Lupin ...... Andrew Gower, Sarah ....... Sinead Matthews, Cummings (and Horwin) ....... Adrian Scarborough, Gowing (and Borset) ....... Stephen Critchlow, Mrs James ....... Jo Neary, Hardfur Huttle ....... John Guerrasio, Murray Posh ........ Joe Ransom, Frank Mutlar ....... Adam Gillen, Lillie Girl / Daisy Mutlar ...... Sarah Sweeney. Other parts played by members of the cast. Produced by Sally Harrison. Directed by Marilyn Imrie. Indie production (Woolyback).

9 July: Afternoon Drama - Caterpillars
By Laura Bridgeman and Charles Lambert. Comedy drama about a robbery, set in Edinburgh. Disinherited by her stepmother, Amber Buchanan determines to honour the memory of her father by entering into the family trade. Crime. Amber ..... Claire Knight, Sasha ..... Laurie Brown, Karen ..... Rosalind Sydney, Rhona ..... Gemma McElhinney, Piers Logan ..... Jimmy Chisholm, Sean ..... Simon Donaldson, Mary ..... Monica Gibb, Child ..... Sean Graham. Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane.

10 July: Afternoon Drama - Cordite for Breakfast
By Ben Ockrent. In the world of Napoleonic-era battle re-enactments, the King's Brigade are what are known as 'hard-liners'. Every stitch is crossed just so and every button a perfect match for the original. Martin is Major General of the King's Brigade and his daughter Amy has become increasingly worried that his hobby is harming her parents' marriage. So on the most important weekend of his calendar - the Battle of Waterloo - Amy adopts the disguise of a male soldier, crosses enemy lines and stages an almighty intervention. Amy . . . . . Rose Leslie, Martin . . . . . Mark Heap, Tilly . . . . . Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Celine . . . . . Christine Absalom, Liam . . . . . Brian Fenton, Phil . . . . . Patrick Brennan. Soldiers . . . . . Joe Sims, Sam Alexander, Robert Blythe, Harry Livingstone. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko. Production co-ordinator: Selina Ream. Studio Managers (SMs): Peter Ringrose, Keith Graham, Martha Littlehailes. Editor: Peter Ringrose.

11 July: Afternoon Drama - Mr Anwar's Farewell to Stornoway
By Iain Finlay MacLeod. Mr Anwar has lived for four decades on the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Indian by birth, and a tailor to trade, he came to the UK to make his fortune. Heading north, away from London's cramped confines, he built a successful clothing business from scratch. He brought his wife to the island and the pair raised their family in the community. And yet, across the decades, he clung onto a dream from his youth: to make a fortune and retire in to India. Now, five months into retirement, things are not going as he had planned. Mr Anwar ... Vincent Ebrahim, Nadia ... Shelley King, Tormod ... Matthew Zajac, Isobel ... Anne Lacey. Mr Anwar's pipe tune composed and played by Iain MacInnes. Producer Kirsteen Cameron.

12 July: Afternoon Drama - Boom Boom
By Emily Steel; her first radio play. A car crash. A middle aged woman falls for a younger man. Unhappily married Nicola whose reclusive writer husband has little time for her or her work has settled into her existence as a café cum gallery owner. David is a teenager whom she hires as a summer help. Little by little, she finds herself drawn to him, and they become friends. When he falls in love with a girl his own age, she finds to her horror that she is jealous. As we follow the development of their relationship, we flash back and forth to an apparently unrelated car crash, caused by teenage Adam, driving his dad's car, after an illicit night out with a girl. Nicola ..... Sara MacGaughey, Stephen ..... Steffan Rhodri, David ..... Gareth Aled, Jess ..... Anya Murphy, Adam ..... Scott Arthur, Paramedic ..... Gareth Pierce, Policewoman ..... Lynne Seymour. BBC Wales production. Producer Polly Thomas.

13 July: Afternoon Drama - Sensationomics
By Philip de Gouveia. At the end of a long hard day, all a steel-nosed City trader wants to do is to get home. What he hasn't banked on is the tale his eccentric cab driver is keen to tell. About a young African girl sent by her struggling mother to live in the UK, in search of a better life. But what on earth does it have to do with him? Lacey.....Sharon D Clarke, Gloria.....Amaka Okafor, Mother.....Gbemisola Ikumelo, Murphy.....Trevor White, Passenger.....Piers Wehner, Martha.....Tracy Wiles, Ted.....Sam Alexander, Quentin.....Don Gilet. Economic Advisor Paul Mason. Producer Marion Nancarrow.

14 July: Saturday Drama - Betrayal
Harold Pinter's drama about a love affair and the intricate nature of deceit which is told in reverse time from its poignant ending to its thrilling first kiss. Emma ..... Olivia Colman, Jerry ..... Andrew Scott, Robert ..... Charles Edwards, Waiter ..... Gerard McDermott. Producer Gaynor Macfarlane. Andrew Scott won the 'best actor' award for his performance. See 2012 Audio Drama Awards.

15 July: Classic Serial - The Graduate, Episode 1
It's the summer of 1963 in suburban California and Benjamin Braddock has the world at his feet. He's just graduated from university with a teaching scholarship, his dad has bought him a fancy new Italian sports car, and all the Braddocks' friends and neighbours have been invited to a house party to celebrate. There's just one problem. Benjamin refuses to leave his room. He's worried about his future. His parents are perplexed. The stalemate is broken when Ben agrees to give the wife of his father's business partner, Mrs Robinson, a lift home. She's the same age as his mother, fabulously sexy, and bent on seduction. Adapted from Charles Webb's novel by Polly Thomas. BBC Wales. Producer Kate McAll. Benjamin Braddock ...... Danny Mahoney, Mr Braddock ...... William Hope, Mrs Braddock ...... Laura Brook, Elaine ...... Samantha Dakin, Mrs Robinson ...... Sian Thomas, Mr Robinson ...... Michael Crossman, Wendy ...... Julia Coulter, Carl ...... David Blackwell, Student ...... Stella Martin.

16 July: Afternoon Drama - My Own Private Gondolier
Bethan Roberts' first play for radio. Peggy Guggenheim's troubled daughter, Pegeen, leaves her three children behind when she travels to Venice to spend the summer with her mother. Pegeen is in retreat from a marriage that has failed. She is determined to be an artist, and she shuts herself up in the dank basement, trying to paint. Meanwhile, her mother, Peggy, is much more concerned with the English sculptor who has come to visit; she wants a piece of his work to add to her collection and will use everything at her disposal to get it. Peggy Guggenheim..Fiona Shaw, Pegeen Hélion.........Hattie Morahan, Jack Vernon............Brendan Charleson, Gianni.....Francois Pandolfo, Nurse......Laurel Lefkow. Music: Vedro con mio diletto from Vivaldi's Giustino, sung by Philippe Jaroussky. Producer: Kate McAll, BBC Wales.

17 July: Afternoon Drama - The Gift
By Jane Thornton. A story inspired by real events, about how far a father is prepared to go to make his child happy. When Dan and Lori adopted Amber as a baby, Dan knew he'd never stop loving her. Now he's pulling out all the stops for her 18th birthday. But then he discovers a box of reel-to-reel recordings made by Lori's Dad Charlie, a blues singer who, a generation earlier, was either playing or on the road, and as he listens to the tapes, Dan finds that sometimes the past is best left alone. Dan...Stephen Tompkinson, Lori...Jacqueline Roberts, Charlie...Dicken Ashworth, Amber...Martha Godber, Young Lori...Sydney Wade. Guitar...Eddie Tatton. Producer...Mary Ward-Lowery.

18 July: Afternoon Drama - Miss Balcombe's Orchard
A drama-documentary by Jonathan Davidson set and recorded in an apple orchard. Miss Balcombe is getting on but she is determined to keep her apple trees. Her workers don't much care but there is a trespasser among her russets. The play features apple man Barrie Juniper, author of The Story of the Apple. Recorded on location in Oxfordshire. Producer: Tim Dee. Miss Balcombe ...... Susan Engel, Claud ...... Richard Bremmer, Barbara ...... Sonia Ritter, Sophie ...... Hayley Doherty, Participant ...... Barrie Juniper.

19 July: Afternoon Drama - The Womb-Whisperer
By Charlotte Bogard Macleod. Until the rights of children are met, the Unborn choose to die in the womb. The Unborn choose to die in incubators. The world is ending. Only Martha can help. She is pregnant and persuasive. She is the Womb-Whisperer. Martha ..... Juliet Aubrey, Ed ..... Shaun Dooley, Riot ..... Ryan Watson, Adela ..... Francine Chamberlain, Sean ..... Rikki Lawton, Sonographer ..... Adjoa Andoh. Producer: David Hunter.

20 July: Afternoon Drama - Zola
By Richard Monks. The story behind barefoot runner Zola Budd's attempt to win gold at the 1984 Olympics. Zola Budd ..... Jessica Sian, Denis Howell ..... David Calder, Frank Budd ..... Jack Klaff, Brian Vine ..... Don Gilet, Sir David English ..... Patrick Brennan, Pieter Labuschagne ..... Harry Livingstone, Geoffrey Howe ..... Robert Blythe, Andrew Landen ..... Sam Alexander, Mrs. Darbo ..... Amaka Okafor, Reporter ..... Joe Sims. Producer: David Hunter.

21 July: Saturday Drama - From Russia with Love
Ian Fleming, adap. Archie Scotney. It's 1955 and the Russians plan an act of terrorism. The target is James Bond. To be 'killed with ignominy': a major sex scandal will leave his reputation, and that of MI6, in tatters. Colonel Rosa Klebb of the KGB devises a plan to lure Bond into their trap, using beautiful Corporal Tatiana Romanova as bait - plus a Spektor, the latest Russian decoding device. MI6 learns that Tatiana wants to defect and 'M' orders Bond to Istanbul. When Tatiana makes contact she seems to be in love with him - but is she? General/Rene ...... John Sessions, Kronsteen ...... Mark Gatiss, Major/KGB director/Barman ...... Jon Glover, Rosa Klebb ...... Eileen Atkins, James Bond ...... Toby Stephens, May ...... Aileen Mowat, 'M' ...... John Standing, Moneypenny ...... Janie Dee, 'Q' ...... Julian Sands, Kerim ...... Tim Pigott-Smith, Manager/Conductor ...... Matthew Wolf, Tatiana ...... Olga Fedori, Announcer ...... Micky Stratford, Nash ...... Nathaniel Parker, Ian Fleming ...... Martin Jarvis. Music by Mark Holden and Michael Lopez. Director: Martin Jarvis. Producer: Rosalind Ayres. Indie production (Jarvis & Ayres).

22 July: Classic Serial - The Graduate, Episode 2
Now that's he's stopped sleeping with Mrs Robinson, Benjamin has become obsessed with her daughter, Elaine. Now, at last, he understands the purpose of his life. He drives through the night to Berkeley, determined to find Elaine and marry her. Elaine, however, has other plans. BBC Wales. Adapter ...... Polly Thomas, Benjamin Braddock ...... Danny Mahoney, Mr Braddock ...... William Hope, Mrs Braddock ...... Laura Brook, Elaine ...... Samantha Dakin, Mrs Robinson ...... Sian Thomas, Mr Robinson ...... Michael Crossman, Wendy ...... Julia Coulter, Carl ...... David Blackwell, Student ...... Stella Martin, Director ...... Kate McAll. Writer ...... Charles Webb.

23 July: Afternoon Drama - Big Pies
Romantic comedy by Gill Adams. Ron runs a successful chippy, but when his wife dies, he loses his heart and half his custom. Elaine is trapped at home caring for her irascible Dad, stuck in Yorkshire when she'd much rather be back in Wales. She feels her failure at school holds her back, and her dad doesn't exactly help her self esteem. Ron is fed up at being nagged by best mate Keith about his soggy batter and lack of interest in romance. Goaded into action, they both reluctantly sign on at local night school. Meanwhile, Keith and Elaine's Dad are caught up with the excitement of local UFO spotters with mysterious crop circles. Keith is adamant that if Ron will only absorb a few cosmic rays, his love life will be transformed. Ron ...... George Costigan Elaine ...... Katy Wix Dad ...... Steffan Rhodri Keith ...... Richard Nichols Linda ...... Claire Cage Producer ...... Polly Thomas. BBC Wales.

24 July: Afternoon Drama - Intends to Take Action
By Jimmie Potter & Eoin McNamee. When Belfast man Hugh Quinn is notified by the police that there is a threat against his life and that a paramilitary organisation 'intends to take action' against him he is forced to uproot his wife Kate and young daughters Emily and Hannah and move them out of the city in order to try and ensure their safety. The family try to come to terms with their new life. Looking over their shoulders at every turn, stress, fear, and suspicion threaten to tear the family apart while Kate struggles to understand what Hugh has done which is now endangering their lives. Producer Heather Larmour. Hugh Quinn ...... Marty Maguire, Kate ...... Bronagh Gallagher, Don ...... Nick Dunning, Emily ...... Amy Lee Farmer, Hannah ...... Martha Gordon, Police Handler ...... Patrick O'Kane, Wilson ...... Gordon Fulton, Paramilitary ...... Michael Liebmann.

25 July: Afternoon Drama - The Odd Job
Comedy by William Ash and Andrew Knott. An aspiring documentary maker meets a retired couple with a startling secret. Sheila and Barry are trying to raise funds for a sick child; it has reinvigorated their empty lives with purpose. Sensing a career-defining story, Clive becomes involved in their money making scheme and is soon entrenched in their increasingly perilous world. Sheila ...... Joan Kempson, Barry ...... John Henshaw, Clive ...... Burn Gorman, Gaz ...... Iain McKee, Claire ...... Samantha Power, Producer...... Nadia Molinari.

26 July: Afternoon Drama - Atching Tan: A Gypsy Wife
By Dan Allum. Colourful and authentic drama set around the goings-on of Long Summer Traveller Site. When young couple Charity and Sol arrive on the site, their new neighbours Lovvie and Nelius are forced to make some difficult decisions when they discover Sol's dark secret. Lovvie ...... Candis Nergaard, Nelius ...... Damian Le Bas, Queenie ...... Patricia Keegan, Solomon ...... Danny Dalton, Charity ...... Sian Willett, Producer ...... Charlotte Riches.

27 July: Afternoon Drama - Pythonesque
By Roy Smiles. The story of Graham Chapman's history with the Monty Python team; how he met and started writing with John Cleese, his rise through the ranks writing The Frost Report, the glory years with the Pythons and the struggle to overcome his drink problem. Messrs Cleese, Jones, Idle, Palin and Gilliam saved him from oblivion and gave him the lead in the two funniest British films of all time: Monty Python And The Holy Grail and Monty Python's Life Of Brian. Told in a Pythonesque style, apparently Chapman was recruited into the RAF at birth and flew bombing missions over Germany in a pram; Cleese got into the Footlights by doing a rather peculiar walk; Chapman had to take a test to become an alcoholic; Cleese returned to a pet shop to sing the praises of a recently purchased budgie and Chapman discovered on his last day on earth that Death likes Spam and drives a Ford Anglia. This is a tribute to a man who was part of the funniest comedy team ever. Producer: Liz Anstee Indie production (CPL). Eric Idle ...... James Lance, Terry Gilliam ...... James Lance, Michael Palin ...... Mark Addis, Terry Jones ...... Mark Addis, John Cleese ...... Mark Oosterveen, Graham Chapman ...... Chris Polick.

28 July: Saturday Drama - A Special Kind of Dark
A year ago Caspar was locked up and declared criminally insane. Finally he breaks his silence to reveal a deadly tale of love and politics. But is he telling the truth? A psychological thriller by Adrian Penketh. Adrian Penketh has written a number of plays for Radio 4, including THE WATERBUCKS, which was shortlisted for the Imison Award, and an adaptation of Balzac's THE WILD ASS'S SKIN which was runner-up for the Prix Italia in 2011. Caspar ...... Paul Rhys, Helene ...... Fenella Woolgar, Felix ...... David Schofield, Baptiste ...... Christopher Fairbank, Elodie Testoud ...... Matilda Ziegler, TV Director ...... Sam Alexander, Producer ...... Toby Swift.

29 July: Classic Serial - The Chrysalids, Episode 1
John Wyndham's post-apocalyptic science fiction classic dramatised by Jane Rogers. The 'Old People' who caused the apocalypse are like us: ' They were shut off by different languages and different beliefs. They created vast problems then buried their heads in the sands of idle faith.' The children of the future (the Chrysalids) are able to 'think-together' and so can rise above the selfish violence and conflicting religions of the past. David ...... Matthew Beard, Young David ...... Ben Hanley, Young Sophie ...... Isobel Doran, Joseph ...... Conrad Nelson, Gordon ...... Conrad Nelson, Axel ...... Jeff Hordley, Emily ...... Fiona Clarke, Anne ...... Fiona Clarke, Rosalind ...... Verity-May Henry, Harriet ...... Emma Cunniffe, Rachel ...... Emma Cunniffe, Michael ...... Henry Devas, Alan ...... Henry Devas, Inspector ...... Robert Pickavance, Petra ...... Sydney Wade, Producer ...... Nadia Molinari.

30 July: Afternoon Drama - Higher - Series 4, Clearing
By Joyce Bryant. With fees going through the roof and an eye watering twenty percent cut in funding it's important that Hayborough University keeps its recruitment numbers high. So what does Jim Blunt and his colleagues do? Panic! Jim ...... Jonathan Keeble, Karen ...... Helen Lederer, Roland ...... Lloyd Peters, Carla ...... Natalie Grady, Graham ...... Robert Pickavance, Producer ...... Gary Brown.

31 July: Afternoon Drama - Echo Point
By Louis Nowra. A couple arrive at an old hotel in the Blue Mountains - a breathtakingly dramatic beauty spot in New South Wales. Gavin has come to work on the renovations. The building used to be a Victorian spa. He has brought his pianist wife Esther for a holiday hoping that the she will find the setting restorative... Gavin Morris ...... Brandon Burke, Esther Morris ...... Lucy Bell, Mr Harrison ...... John Gaden, Graham ...... Russell Kiefel, Wozz ...... Stewart D'Arrietta, Dale ...... Asher De Grey, Waitress ...... Sandra Eldridge, Freda ...... Romy Bartz, Dr Merrill ...... Ron Haddrick, Producer ...... Judith Kampfner. Music Composed by Stewart D'Arrietta and performed by Carollyn Eden. SMs: David McCarthy and Peregrine Andrews. Produced by Judith Kampfner. Indie: A 'Corporation for Independent Media' Production.

1 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Wedding in Venice
By Louis Nowra. When a doyenne of Sydney society happens to meet a charming, intelligent and cultured European prince, she is not put off by him working as a hotel concierge. Instead, she invites him to her charity ball so he can meet her daughter. Everything goes according to plan. Any suspicions about him are unfounded. Or so she tells herself... Narrator ...... John Gaden, Charles Fox ...... John Gaden, Lady Ruth Blair ...... Sandra Eldridge, Sir David Blair ...... Ron Haddrick, Cosimo Sikelianos ...... Brandon Burke, Shelley ...... Lucy Bell, Hank ...... Nigel Turner Carroll, Jaylene ...... Romy Bartz, Nick ...... Asher De Grey, Jack ...... Stewart D'Arrietta, Signor Gozzano ...... Russell Kiefel, SMs: David McCarthy and Peregrine Andrews. Produced by Judith Kampfner. Indie (Corporation for Independent Media).

2 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Mitchener - Black Box Detective
By Alison Joseph. Mitchener is an air accident investigator, haunted by memories of a previous fatal air crash in which he was involved. Having settled into a quiet life as a mechanic in a cycle shop, he has so far resisted all attempts to draw him back into investigative work, but when a Boeing 767 crashes mysteriously in the English Channel, the wife of one its victims approaches Mitchener for help. Although fictional and with fictional characters, Mitchener's investigation in this drama is based on a real life air disaster and the science is authentic. The programme was made with the generous assistance of the Air Accident Investigation Board, an organisation with a formidable track record for painstaking work in uncovering the causes of air disasters. Producer John Taylor. Indie. (Fiction Factory).

3 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Hello Mum
By Bernardine Evaristo. Jerome was only bad for twenty-five minutes in his whole life. He wants his Mum to understand why. The story is based on Bernardine's novella, published by Penguin. Jerome ...... Anthony Welsh, Adrian ...... Damson Idris, Kimisi ...... Nadine Marshall, Delmar ...... Malachi Kirby, Keith ...... Jude Akuwudike, Dexter ...... Alex Lanipekun, with Robert Blythe and Joe Sims. Producer Jonquil Panting.

4 Aug: Saturday Drama - Spitfire!
A moving drama by Mike Walker about the most famous British fighter aircraft in history, first broadcast in September 2010 to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Framed by recollections from veteran Geoffrey Wellum, the drama features specially made recordings of RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfires, including the only Spitfire still flying today to have fought in the Battle. The drama traces RJ Mitchell's design from creation to legend and the fortunes of two young pilots who join a frontline Spitfire squadron just as the Battle of Britain begins. Many factors were important in the Battle, but it was the excellence of the Spitfire which most famously evened the odds in the fight against the Luftwaffe. Mike Walker's drama takes us close to this magnificent aircraft and gives us a feeling of what it was like to fly the legendary plane which became, in test pilot Jeffrey Quill's words, 'a symbol of defiance and victory'. Pirate ........ Rory Kinnear, Ted ........ Joel Coen, RJ Mitchell ........ Samuel West, Tony ........ Samuel Barnett, Stanley Baldwin ........ David Horovitch, Air Marshal Dowding ........ David Troughton, Squadron commander ........ Stephen Critchlow, Newsreel announcer ........ Ben Crowe, Sammy ........ Lucas Motion, Alice ........ Abigail Thaw, Daphne ........ Ruth Wilson, Producer ........ Amber Barnfather. Technical Advisor: Patrick Bishop. Original music and sound design: David Chilton. Indie (Goldhawk Essential production).

5 Aug: Classic Serial - The Chrysalids, Episode 2
John Wyndham's post-apocalyptic science fiction classic dramatised by Jane Rogers. Details- see last week.

6 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Higher - Series 4, Privatisation, the Final Battle
By Joyce Bryant. The free market winds of change are blowing through the breezeblock corridors of Hayborough University. What will the old stalwarts do? Embrace the new? Or resist and fight for academic freedom? Or will they hide and hope it will all just go away? Jim ........ Jonathan Keeble, Karen ........ Helen Lederer, Minister ........ Conrad Nelson, Jeremy ........ Conrad Nelson, Andrea ........ Julia Rounthwaite, Raymond ........ James Nickerson, Theodora ........ Kathryn Hunt, Producer ........ Gary Brown.

7 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Third Eye and the Private Eye
By David Lemon and Mark Eccleston. Based on fact, this is the story of one of literature's greatest and most long-lived hoaxes, featuring yetis, owls and talking cats. The story of Lobsang Rampa. According to his bestselling 1956 autobiography 'The Third Eye', Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was born into Tibetan aristocracy and chosen as a boy to become a Lama. According to others, including the private detective employed to delve into his background, he was somebody else entirely. Lobsang Rampa's books are still in print and have sold millions of copies. Long may it continue. Warburg ........ David Haig, David ........ Patrick Brennan, Pamela ........ Christine Absalom, Burgess ........ Joe Sims, Rampa ........ Don Gilet, Harrer ........ Ben Crowe, Buttercup ........ Susie Ridell, Macrae ........ Robert Blythe, Producer........ Marc Beeby.

8 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Eight Hundred and Thirty Seven Point Nine
By Kenneth Emerson; first radio play. Conor left Ireland at eighteen. He's lived in England ever since, much to the annoyance of his brother Gareth who still lives back in Newry. It's been a year since Gareth and Conor's younger sister died. Gareth's been talking about doing something to raise some money for a cancer charity in her honour for most of that year. But that's all Gareth does - talk. Colm ........ Kerr Logan, Gara ........ Alan Turkington, Jacinte ........ Denise Gough, Graham ........ Christian Rodska, Malcolm ........ Nicholas Murchie, School kid ........ Sam Fava, School kid ........ Lewis Smith, Producer ........ Clive Brill. Indie (Pacificus Production).

9 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Like a Daughter
By Lucy Flannery. An afternoon drama by award-winning writer Lucy Flannery. Home help Ruth cares for Harry above and beyond the call of duty. She fetches his shopping, brings him meals, makes sense of his paperwork. All in all, she's like a daughter to him.When his health begins to decline, Ruth tries to discover friends or family to care for him but Harry insists there is no one, he's all alone in the world. She becomes even more concerned when a chance discovery reveals a sizable sum of money languishing in his bank account... Ruth ........ Alison Steadman, Harry ........ Roy Hudd, Tess ........ Sally Grace, Amy ........ Polly Frame, Mr French ........ Jonathan Aris, Producer ........ Liz Anstee. Indie (CPL Production).

10 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Loveness and Me
By Gillian Plowman. A sequel to the Radio 4 drama Boniface and Me, based on a true story. Nell Porter (Harriet Walter) decides to see whether paying school fees for just one child, Loveness Matakuro, in poverty-stricken rural Zimbabwe will make a difference. Nell Porter ........ Harriet Walter, Loveness Makaturo ........ Chipo Chung, Rutendo Makaturo ........ Gracy Goldman, Celia Makaturo ........ Jenny Jules, Godfrey Rubaya ........ Denton Chikura, Susan ........ Ayo-Dele Edwards, Producer ........ Catherine Bailey. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

11 Aug: Saturday Drama - The Moscow Prodigal
By Michael Butt, based on an idea by Vitaly Yerenkov. Vasily returns to Moscow after ten years in England. His attempts to build a new life there have not been a success - he has been eking out an existence as a minicab driver. At the airport he is met by his childhood friend, Andrei, who now works for the Minister of the Interior. Andrei's expansive manner and expensive air of money and power seem to hint at a more thuggish way of climbing the ladder. Vasily ........ Yasen Peyankov, Olga ........ Anne Bobby, Irina ........ Angelique Doudnikova, Marco ........ Michael Levi Harris, Sasha ........ Stass Klassen, Andrei ........ Moti Margolin, Anna ........ Nicole Rosengurt, Gryzlov ........ Peter von Berg, Mama ........ Tatyana Zbirovskaya. Technical production by Scott Lehrer. Music composed for the play by Gene Pritzker. Producer Judith Kampfner. Indie. (Waters Company).

12 Aug: Classic Serial - Buddenbrooks, Episode 1
By Thomas Mann, dramatised by Judith Adams.An old Hanseatic merchant family fight to keep their commercial supremacy in the changing world of 1840s Europe. Four generations of Buddenbrooks try to sustain their inheritance, a once highly successful trading company in the port of Lubeck on the Baltic Sea, in a world where the old ways no longer work. Narrator Count Molln ........ Pip Carter, Johann Buddenbrook ........ Kenneth Cranham, Antoinette Buddenbrook ........ Ann Beach, Jean Buddenbrook ........ Michael Maloney, Elizabet Buddenbrook ........ Barbara Flynn, Toni Buddenbrook ........ Clare Corbett, Young Toni ........ Rosa Calcraft, Clara ........ Rosa Calcraft, Thomas Buddenbrook ........ Angus Imrie, Young Thomas ........ Thiago Los, Christian Buddenbrook ........ Scott Smith, Young Christian ........ Gene Goodman, Ida Jungmann ........ Alison Pettit, Herr Hoffstede ........ Shaun Prendergast, Dr Grabow ........ Stephen Critchlow, Herr Grunlich ........ Ben Crowe, Pilot Schwarzkopf ........ Peter Marinker, Morten Schwarzkopf ........ Carl Prekopp, Anton ........ Andrew Cullimore, Anna ........ Millie Binks, Armgard Von Schillink ........ Karolina Cybulski, Gerda Arnoldson ........ Serena Lamble, Julchen Hagenstrom ........ Priyanka Patel, Herman Hagenstrom ........ Spike White, Producer ........ Chris Wallis. Harmonium and Flute by Rick Juckes. SM David Fleming Williams. Music composed for the play by Nico Muhly. Produced by Chris Wallis. Indie. (Watershed)

13 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Tetherdown
By Scott Cherry and Gregory Evans. Terrorism in London. 1896; in the well-heeled suburb of Muswell Hill, a retired engineer, is found tied up and beaten to death in his own home. Tetherdown (the name of the road where the murder took place) views these tragic events of over a century ago through the prism of the 20th century. Every character is based on a real person connected to the case. DC Burrell ........ Nicholas Woodeson, Inspector Marshall ........ Sean Baker, Nutkins ........ Ben Crowe, Emily ........ Alison Pettit, Milsom ........ Tony Bell, Fowler ........ Jude Akuwudike, Judge ........ Ian Masters, Producer ........ Marion Nancarrow.

14 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives, Episode 1
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Return of the popular series about Frank Twist, Sarah Gold and their team of paralegal advisors. A community interpreter's girlfriend is arrested for assaulting a police officer. Frank ........ David Schofield, Sarah ........ Kathryn Hunt, Declan ........ Kerr Logan, Nina ........ Tahira Dar, Jay ........ Jonas Khan, PC Mellor ........ Andrew Westfield, PC Neslon ........ Roy Carruthers, Producer ........ Gary Brown. Original Music by Carl Harms.

15 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Other Simenon, In Case of Emergency
By Georges Simenon: a non-Maigret story. Ronald Frame dramatises three of these stories beginning with the obsessive affair between a lawyer and a jewel thief. When her plan to rob a jeweller's shop goes wrong, Yvette - young, beautiful and dangerously impulsive - asks middle-aged lawyer, Lucien, to defend her in court. When he wins the case they begin an affair but he discovers that Yvette has a boyfriend who has no intention of giving her up.Lucien ........ Jimmy Chisholm, Yvette ........ Lisa Gardner, Viviane ........ Sarah Collier, Jeanine ........ Laura Smales, Secretary ........ Laura Smales, Mazetti ........ Kenny Blyth, Inspector ........ Kenny Blyth. Produced by Bruce Young.

16 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Other Simenon, The Little Man from Archangel
More Simenon: when Gina fails to come home one night, Jonas Milk tells his inquisitive neighbours that she's visiting a friend. But the gossips in this small country town know Gina has been having flagrant affairs and when it becomes clear that she's disappeared the bookseller is drawn into a nightmare of police enquiries and painful discoveries. Dramatised by Ronald Frame. Jonas ........ Steven McNicoll, Supt Devaux ........ Crawford Logan, Gina ........ Francesca Dymond, Fredo ........ Kenny Blyth, Le Bouc ........ Kenny Blyth, Angele ........ Eliza Langland, Berthe ........ Eliza Langland, Louis ........ Gavin Kean, Pepito ........ Gavin Kean. Producer Bruce Young.

17 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Other Simenon, The Cat
Simenon: A black comedy about a couple whose marriage has foundered. Conversation between Emile and Marguerite has given way to a mute exchange of vicious notes, a shared life to separate beds and separate larders. Meanwhile the sudden deaths of two cherished family pets - a poisoned cat and a murdered parrot - block all attempts at reconciliation. Emile, at the end of his tether, packs his bags and chooses freedom - but he quickly makes a discovery that, even when affection has gone, a powerful bond still unites a man and his wife. Dramatised by Ronald Frame. Emile ........ Christian Rodska, Marguerite ........ Joanna Tope, Nelly ........ Irene Allan, Madame Martin ........ Carol Ann Crawford, Nurse ........ Carol Ann Crawford, Patron ........ Mark McDonnell, Professor ........ Mark McDonnell. Producer ........ Bruce Young.

18 Aug: Saturday Drama - These Are the Times, Common Sense
First part of Trevor Griffiths' two-part life of Thomas Paine, These are the Times. It starts with Paine's arrival in America in 1774, a penniless immigrant from England. He finds himself in the middle of the ferment of the struggle for American Independence and sets about writing for the cause with such passion and brilliance that General Washington has his words read out to the soldiers before a crucial battle. But he makes enemies as well as friends in high places. Music by John Tams. Directed by Clive Brill. Produced by Ann Scott. Indie. (Greenpoint production in association with Richard Attenborough)

19 Aug: Classic Serial - Buddenbrooks, Episode 2.
Concluding episode. For cast, see last week's entry, Aug 12.

20 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Gilda and her Daughters in Looking for Goldie
Comedy drama by film maker Carine Adler. Eccentric Romanian Gilda finds herself in the middle of yet another family argument, as her bickering daughters fight for their deceased father's fortune. Produced and directed by Charlotte Riches. Gilda ........ Sian Thomas, Amy ........ Pippa Haywood, Natalie ........ Fiona Clarke, Clarissa ........ Claire Bleasdale, Vip ........ Amerjit Deu, Dad ........ Amerjit Deu, Harry ........ Toby Hadoke, Cosmo ........ Declan Wilson. Produced and directed by Charlotte Riches.

21 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives, Episode 2
By Eve Steele. Series Created by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. More cases from Frank Twist's paralegal team. A screaming child at an airport being fought over by estranged parents. At first it seems like fall out from a tug of love case involving a foreign father. Then Sarah discovers possible child abuse. Who is telling the truth? Frank ........ David Schofield, Sarah ........ Kathryn Hunt, Declan ........ Kerr Logan, Helen ........ Julia Haworth, Mehmet ........ Jon Lolis, Shelley ........ Eve Steele, Doctor ........ Hamilton Berstock, Producer ........ Gary Brown. Original music by Carl Harms.

22 Aug: Stevenson in Love, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes
By Mike Harris. Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic travelogues, journals and personal letters. Robert Louis Stevenson ........ David Tennant, Fanny ........ Lizzy McInnerny, Peasant ........ Matthew Marsh, Monk ........ Matthew Marsh, Bob ........ Forbes Masson, Saddler ........ Nigel Cooke, RLS Father ........ Nigel Cooke, Auberge Woman ........ Jane Slavin, Belle ........ Lottie Rice, Child's Voice ........ Bethane Cullinane, Lloyd ........ Ned Leadbeater, Producer ........ Clive Brill. Indie. (Pacificus).

23 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Stevenson in Love, The Amateur Emigrant
By Mike Harris. Robert Louis Stevenson ........ David Tennant, Fanny ........ Lizzy McInnerny, Sam ........ Matthew Marsh, Irish Conductor ........ Forbes Masson, RLS Father ........ Nigel Cooke, Joshua ........ Nigel Cooke, Dutch Woman ........ Jane Slavin, Milk Woman ........ Jane Slavin, Belle ........ Lottie Rice, Nose in a Book ........ Danny Webb, Schoffelheimer ........ Danny Webb, NY Conductor ........ Chinna Wodu, Chicago Telegraph Man ........ Chinna Wodu, Ogden Conductor ........ Chinna Wodu. Producer Clive Brill. Indie. (Pacificus).

24 Aug: Afternoon Drama - A Little Bit of Latitude
By Lindsay Williams. When Marie wakes up the morning after a drunken first night at Latitude Festival, the last thing she expects is to be arrested by festival security for a suspected assault. With her boyfriend missing, her clothes soaked in blood and her memory hazy, Marie decides to take drastic action to find out the truth. A comic drama recorded on location at Latitude Festival. Marie ........ Verity-May Henry, Kitty ........ Rachel Austin, Liam ........ Damian Le Bas, Barry ........ Carl Prekopp, Melody ........ Candis Nergaard, Jamie ........ Tom Stanley, Himself ........ Stuart Maconie, Himself ........ Guy Garvey. Produced by Charlotte Riches. Directed by Nadia Molinari.

25 Aug: Saturday Drama - These Are the Times, Age of Reason
The second and final part of Trevor Griffiths' two-part life of Thomas Paine. He is again embroiled in a revolutionary situation. This time it's in France, where the struggle and outcome are totally different from his American experience. All his hopes for change, and his work for a new Constitution and the rule of Law are swept away by the Terror. He is attacked as a dangerous influence in England, imprisoned in France and makes it back to America - but to an unexpected reception. Music by John Tams. Other production details - see last Saturday's entry.

26 Aug: Classic Serial - Buddenbrooks, Episode 3
Final part of Thomas Mann's Nobel Prize winning story of a 19th Century merchant family struggling to keep pace with changing times.Dramatised by Judith Adams with music by Nico Muhly. Technical presentation by David Fleming Williams. Narrator ....... Pip Carter, Elizabet Buddenbrook ....... Barbara Flynn, Thomas Buddenbrook ....... Joseph Millson, Toni Buddenbrook ....... Clare Corbett, Christian Buddenbrook ....... Carl Prekopp, Gerda Buddenbrook ....... Colleen Prendergast, Hanno Buddenbrook ....... Gene Goodman, Hanno Buddenbrook ....... Harry Lawtey, Kai, Count Molln ....... Thiago Los, Kai, Count Molln ....... Hugo Docking, Pfhul ....... David Thorpe, Dr Grabow ....... Stephen Critchlow, Ida Jungmann ....... Alison Pettit, Dr Brecht ....... Gerard McDermott, Master 1 ....... Ben Crowe, Master 2 ....... Shaun Prendergast, Boy 1 ....... Liam Maslov-Boxer, Boy 2 ....... Scott Smith, Boy 3 ....... George Sanderson, Clementine ....... Judith Adams. Producer ....... Chris Wallis.

27 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Day We Caught the Train
By Nick Payne.It's a big day for Sally, and she's been planning it for weeks. But when her mystery man finally arrives, she's left hopelessly unprepared. Sally ....... Olivia Colman, David ....... Ralph Ineson, Anna ....... Nishi Malde, Harold ....... John Rowe, Helen ....... Jane Whittenshaw, Waiter ....... Simon Bubb. Production Team: Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko. SMs: Caleb Knightley and Keith Graham. Editor: Anne Bunting. Production Co-Ordinators: Nicole Fitzpatrick and Matthew Mills.

28 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives, Episode 3
By Eve Steele, Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Another story from the Manchester paralegal team. Declan investigates why a father wants his estranged daughter arrested for defrauding him out of hundreds of pounds worth of gifts. Frank ....... David Schofield, Declan ....... Kerr Logan, Fat Doug ....... Eric Potts, Hugh ....... Jonathan Keeble, Philip ....... Ian Redford, PC Williams ....... Shireen Farkhoy. Producer/Director Gary Brown. Original music by Carl Harms.

29 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Do You Know Who Wrote This?
By Jonathan Myerson. The BBC's Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones stars as himself in this wicked comedy about internet fakery by the creator of Number 10. When stay-at-home mum Ali finds herself lampooned on a mothers' chat site by 'BumsTooBig' and 'BubblyMummly', she can't help wishing she knew the real identity of her tormentors. But when her wish comes true, she finds she's unleashed an unstoppable global revolution. Ali ....... Lydia Leonard, Himself ....... Rory Cellan-Jones, Ned ....... Ben Crowe, Zoe ....... Lizzy Watts, Josh ....... Richard Linnell, Rachel ....... Liza Sadovy, Mark Z ....... Chris Pavlo, Archbishop of Canterbury ....... Patrick Brennan, Bret ....... Paul Stonehouse, News Anchor ....... Stephanie Racine, Reporter ....... Adam Nagaitis. Producer Jonquil Panting.

30 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Artist Is Thinking
By Mark Lawson. In an intriguing murder mystery in the art world, Mark Lawson pursues a theme which for him holds particular fascination; the desire of the artist to remain illusive and anonymous behind work which is heavily codified and seemingly impenetrable. When a brilliant young art historian flies in the face of the received wisdom regarding the work of the reclusive Anderson Perrine, the artist feels a distinct invasion of his privacy. He sets about laying a series of false trails but her pursuit of him is unrelenting and he is obliged to take radically evasive action. Emmie Callaghan ....... Hattie Morahan, Anderson Perrine ....... Joss Ackland, Professor Black's commentary ....... Miche Doherty, Radio Arts Presenter ....... Mark Lawson, Gallery Announcer ....... Robin Read, Visitor to the Gallery ....... Aine McCartney, Visitor to the Gallery ....... BJ Hogg, Visitor to the Gallery ....... Mark Lambert. Producer ....... Eoin O'Callaghan.

31 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Benefit of Time
By Terri-Ann Brumby. Debbie Green is dull and plain and works in the Personnel Department, where she has few friends. Then she visits a hypnotherapist, who exposes her past life....and now she has something to talk about in the office.... Donald Cruickshank ....... Adrian Scarborough, Debbie Wilson ....... Samantha Spiro, Original Music composed by David Chilton. Produced by Gordon House. Indie (Goldhawk Essential).

1 Sept: Saturday Drama - South Downs
The Chichester Festival production of David Hare's play, brought to radio. Set in the 60s in Lancing College, Sussex, where the author went to school. A bright young student is cut off from his fellow boys by virtue of his own intellect, background and questioning spirit. The school, with its unyielding and rigid outlook on life, leaves the boy isolated and confused but an unlikely meeting with the free-spirited mother of another pupil (Anna Chancellor) offers the boy a future with hope. Produced by Catherine Bailey. Directed by Jeremy Herrin. Indie production (Catherine Bailey).

2 Sept: Classic Serial - The Grapes of Wrath, Episode 1
By John Steinbeck. Dramatised by Donna Franceschild. A play about economic migration and the endurance of the human spirit. Set against the backdrop of America's Great Depression and Dust Bowl, a family of farmers from Oklahoma head west in search of work but discover thousands of others are also on the move. Tom ........ Robert Sheehan, Preacher Casy ........ Zubin Varla, Ma ........ Michelle Fairley, Pa ........ Steven McNicoll, Al ........ Finn den Hertog, Rosasharn ........ Melody Grove, Ruthie ........ Nicola Jo Cully, Connie ........ Nick Underwood, Grampa ........ Jim Bryce, Wilson ........ Jimmy Chisholm, Ragged Man ........ Jimmy Chisholm, Sairy ........ Irene MacDougall, Scrapyard Man ........ Gavin Mitchell, Floyd ........ Gavin Mitchell, Producer ........ Kirsty Williams.

3 Sept: Afternoon Drama - Craven: Looking for Mr King
By Amanda Bullmore. "There's between 2 and 3 murders a day in this country. Most get a mention in the local news and that's it. A handful become a hit with the public... Gavin Spinoza's murder became a star murder because it involved a rich man, a sports car and a well-known beauty spot." DCI Craven ........ Maxine Peake, Producer ........ Justine Potter. Indie (Red Production Company).

4 Sept: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives, Episode 4
By Elizabeth Heery. Series created by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Another case from the files of Frank Twist and his paralegal team. A marijuana operation is discovered at Bella Houghton's farm and she swears she knows nothing about it. But she has two grown up sons. Could they be guilty? Frank ........ David Schofield, Sarah ........ Kathryn Hunt, Declan ........ Kerr Logan, Bella ........ Joan Kempson, Kieran ........ John Catterall, WPC Budden ........ Sue Devaney, Stefan ........ Jeff Hordley, Producer ........ Gary Brown. Music: Carl Harms.

5 Sept: Afternoon Drama - The Meaning of Love
By Anna Symon. When Ed finds himself sleeping in the spare room he realises he might have to rediscover exactly what love is. But coming up with the correct definition proves harder than he imagines. Ed ........ Paul Ritter, Fiona ........ Tessa Peake-Jones, Simone ........ Aurelie Amblard, Captain Cook ........ Jonathan Forbes, Julian ........ Peter Polycarpou, Cath ........ Jane Whittenshaw, Producer: Sally Avens.

6 Sept: Afternoon Drama - A9
By Helen Cooper; her first radio play. Article 9 of the Tokyo Judgement at the end of WWII withdrew from the Japanese constitution the state's right of belligerency. Traumatised and guilt ridden for having killed enemy soldiers in war, Bernard has to attempt to coerce his children into continuing his life's work, and he makes their inheritance dependent on their abandoning their present careers and dedicating their lives to the promotion of A9. Article 9 of the Tokyo judgement,1948, reads as follows: "Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes. The right of belligerency of the State will not be recognised." Bernard Bottomly ........ David Warner, Unity ........ Rebecca Saire, Victor ........ Oliver Cotton, Claire ........ Deborah Findlay, Jools ........ Jonathan Tafler, Roger ........ Ewart James Walters, Ernest ........ Malcolm Tierney, Producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

7 Sept: Afternoon Drama - A Cold Supper behind Harrods
By David Morley. 50 years after the end of WW2, three Special Operations Executive agents meet once again to record interviews for a TV documentary investigating the murder of their colleague Patricia at the hands of the Gestapo. John Harrison ........ David Jason, Vera Atkins ........ Stephanie Cole, Leo Marks ........ Anton Lesser, Chloe Wolf ........ Sophie Roberts, Producer ........ Richard Clemmow, Director: Philip Franks. Indie (Perfectly Normal Productions).

8 Sept: Saturday Drama - Blasphemy and the Governor of Punjab
Drama-doc; John Dryden. On 4th January 2011, self-made millionaire businessman and governor of Punjab, Salmaan Taseer, was gunned down in the car park of a popular Islamabad market. He had been leading a campaign to amend Pakistan's blasphemy laws, after an illiterate 45-year-old Christian woman, Asia Bibi, from a village in his province had been sentenced to death for blasphemy. Within hours of his death, a Facebook fan page for the assassin Mumtaz Qadri had over 2000 members, before site administrators shut it down. When Qadri was transferred to jail, he was garlanded with roses by a crowd of lawyers offering to take on his case for free. President Asif Ali Zardari, an old friend of Taseer's, didn't go to the funeral for fear of inflaming public opinion. Leaders of state-funded mosques refused to say funeral prayers for the slain governor. The Interior Minister even gave an impromptu press conference announcing that he too would kill any blasphemer "with his own hands". Using his contacts in Pakistan, presenter Owen Bennett-Jones has interviewed Taseer's family and friends and the family of the assassin. He has also secured access to court documents including the killer's confession. The programme includes interviews and dramatic reconstructions. Cast:... Sagar Arya, ... Amerjit Deu, ... Asif Khan, ... Faryal Khan, ... Najma Khan, ... Abid Majid, ... Mariam Majid, ... Ayeesha Menon, ... Aatif Nawaz, ... Hassani Shapi. Presented by Owen Bennett-Jones. Sound Design - Steve Bond. Executive Producer: Jeremy Skeet. Director: John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk).

9 Sept: Classic Serial - The Grapes of Wrath, Episode 2
By John Steinbeck; dramatised by Donna Franceschild. The Joads have travelled from Oklahoma to California in search of work, only to discover thousands like them have also been on the move. Following a violent altercation with some locals, they head back on the road with their dream of a promised land temporarily in tatters. Tom ........ Robert Sheehan, Ma ........ Michelle Fairley, Preacher Casy ........ Zubin Varla, Timothy ........ Gavin Mitchell, Pa ........ Steven McNicoll, Al ........ Finn den Hertog, Rosasharn ........ Melody Grove, Ruthie ........ Nicola Jo Cully, Watchman ........ Jimmy Chisholm, Mr Thomas ........ Jimmy Chisholm, Jeff ........ Laurie Brown, Store Clerk ........ Laurie Brown, Willie ........ Nick Underwood, Producer ........ Kirsty Williams.

10 Sept: Afternoon Drama - Nuclear Reactions
By Adam Ganz. At the end of the war, Germany's most talented nuclear physicists were brought to England to discover exactly what they knew about the atomic bomb. The British were keen to discover exactly what they knew about the atomic bomb, but they also wanted to ensure that the powerhouse of German thought remained intact, and capable of regenerating a defeated nation. Major Rittner ........ Nick Dunning, Anton ........ Michael Shelford, Fee ........ Alison Pettitt, Werner Heisenberg ........ Chris McHallem, Otto Hahn ........ Nickolas Grace, Max Von Laue ........ Richard Howard, Kurt Diebner ........ Sam Dale, Friedrich Von Weizsacker ........ Michael Shelford, Professor Blackett ........ Ian McElhinney, Reader ........ Ian McElhinney, Pianist ........ Mark McGrath. Producer ........ Eoin O'Callaghan

11 Sept: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives, Episode 5
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Another case for Frank Twist and his team of paralegals. A female athletics coaching team is being hounded by online slurs and sexual innuendo. Frank ........ David Schofield Sarah ........ Kathryn Hunt Declan ........ Kerr Logan Jane ........ Fiona Clarke Harriet ........ Deborah McAndrew Stella ........ Natasha Byrne Liza ........ Lauren Gabrielle-Thomas Music composed and played by Carl Harms. Producer ........ Gary Brown

12 Sept: Afternoon Drama - Ancient Greek
By Oliver Emanuel. Since Christmas, strange words have been appearing all over the school - on the walls of the maths department, across the windows of the gym, scratched into the deputy head's Mondeo. A protest of sorts it would seem. Apparently written in Ancient Greek. On the last day of school, sixth-former Alex King walks into Head's office and admits that the work is all his. He's one of the brightest students in the school... Alex King ........ Alex Austin, Mr Desai ........ Vincent Ebrahim, Lorraine ........ Sophie Stanton, The Chorus ........ Caitlin Fitzgerald, The Messenger ........ Austin Moulton Producer ........ Lu Kemp.

13 Sept: Afternoon Drama - The Last Tudor
By Jolyon Jenkins and Abigail Youngman. A reality show contestant decides that he has a greater claim to the throne than the current Royal Family. This improvised drama, told in a documentary format, charts his rise and fall, in a satire on celebrity, delusion and spin. The story is based on the true story of Anthony Hall, a former policeman who in 1931 started to give public speeches claiming that he was the descendant of an illegitimate son of Henry VIII and therefore the last Tudor. Documents released by the National Archives show that his threats to the Royal Family started to alarm the police and Home Office, and that George V lobbied to have him quietly declared insane and put away without trial. The "documentary" is presented by real life presenter and producer Jolyon Jenkins, who devised the drama with Abigail Youngman. Murray Gray ........ Jonathan Alden, Chantelle ........ Nadia Williams, Memphis Garfield ........ Conal Dodds (a real-life music promoter). I think the producer was JJ.

14 Sept: Afternoon Drama - We Happened to Be Passing
A very funny comedy by David Nobbs. It is a quiet Saturday morning in the Hinchcliffe home. Tony and Sal, tired after a week of work, have time on their hands. The doorbell rings. It is an American couple - Monty and Janey - a rather loud duo they stayed with in Delaware years ago. They said "If ever you happened to be passing...". Well, the Americans are passing and they have no hotel booked. To Tony's horror Sal invites them to stay... Tony ........ James Nickerson, Monty ........ Kerry Shale, Jan ........ Malcolm Raeburn, Sal ........ Olwen May, Hilda ........ Maggie Fox, Janey ........ Melissa Sinden, Collette ........ Szilvi Naray-Davey, Pierre ........ Hugo Chandor, French Chef ........ Hugo Chandor, Producer ........ Gary Brown.

15 Sept: Saturday Drama - Payback
By Jonathan Myerson. 6th October 1973. Golda Meir has become Prime Minister of Israel in her seventies. Syrian and Egyptian troops are massing on Israel's borders, but despite eleven warnings of impending war in the past month, the Israeli cabinet has not called up the reserve. In Florida, Richard Nixon awaits the final verdict of the Washington Appeal court on his objections to surrendering the Watergate Tapes. In New York, Henry Kissinger is about to be woken at his room in the Waldorf Astoria, with news of a new Middle East War. The drama investigates how domestic and international politics were about to combine, to change the Middle East forever. Henry Kissinger ........ Henry Goodman, Richard Nixon ........ Peter Marinker, Golda Meir ........ Sara Kestelman, Simcha Dinitz ........ Kerry Shale, Al Haig ........ Kerry Shale, Anatoly Dobrynin ........ Ewan Bailey, James Schelsinger ........ Sam Dale, Jacob Javits ........ Sean Baker, other parts:...... Christine Kavanagh. Producer ........ Jonquil Panting.

16 Sept: Classic Serial - The Grapes of Wrath, Episode 3
By John Steinbeck, dramatised by Donna Franceschild. Just as the Joads' money and food run out, they find work on a peach farm. But Tom discovers they're breaking a strike led by their old friend Casy the Preacher. Tom and Casy are ambushed by a Deputy Sheriff and a mob of vigilantes and Casy is killed. In his fury, Tom hits back before running for his life. Tom ........ Robert Sheehan, Ma ........ Michelle Fairley, Rosasharn ........ Melody Grove, Pa ........ Steven McNicoll, Al ........ Finn den Hertog, Ruthie ........ Nicola Jo Cully, Mrs Wainright ........ Irene MacDougall, Mr Wainright ........ Jimmy Chisholm, Guard ........ Nick Underwood, Cotton Boss ........ Nick Underwood, Store Clerk ........ Laurie Brown, Boy ........ Laurie Brown, Producer ........ Kirsty Williams.

17 Sept: Afternoon Drama - Be Mine
By Jackie Malton (first play). Leaving prison for the first time in 26 years, and trying to stay sober, a charismatic ex-con moves in on the family of his AA buddy, and nearly blows it apart. Jackie is best known as the inspiration for DCI Jane Tennison, in Prime Suspect. Her police career, initially in the Leicestershire and then the Metropolitan Police Forces, was notable for her rise within the ranks of a very male, heterosexual establishment while being a woman detective who was openly gay. Malton worked in a number of areas, including The Flying Squad, Murder Squad and Fraud Squad. She also acted as a whistle-blower against police corruption in the 1980s. Since then she has worked as a consultant on TV crime dramas, as an addiction counsellor, and works in partnership with Graham Godden the ex-'M25 Bandit' on the 'Youth Empowerment Crime Diversion Scheme'. Kenny ....... Jason Watkins, Tina ....... Joann Condon, Boyd ....... Paul Hilton, Elsa ....... Jane Whittenshaw, Producer ....... Jessica Dromgoole.

18 Sept: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives, Episode 6
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. The final episode of the current series about Manchester's finest paralegal team. Frank thinks he's going to have a quiet day, but a childhood pal turns up and he is forced to revisit the past. Frank ....... David Schofield Dave ....... Ian Mercer Louise ....... Kerry Peers Music composed and played by Carl Harms. Producer ....... Gary Brown.

19 Sept: Afternoon Drama - SBLT (Single but Living Together)
By Ewa Banaszkiewicz. What happens if you separate but circumstances force you to continue to live together? Alex ....... Natasha Little, Josh ....... David Seddon, Liz ....... Sarah Smart, Duncan ....... Will Tudor, Rilla ....... Jane Whittenshaw, Nicky ....... Alex Tregear, Zoe ....... Martha Avens, Producer ....... Sally Avens.

20 Sept: Afternoon Drama - The Barber and the Ark
By Marcia Layne. Issachar has been given an ultimatum by Yvonne, either the dreadlocks go or she does. But the veteran barber he visits has other ideas. Over a bottle of his 'special ingredient roots tonic' the barber shares his dream of discovering the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia. A dream that will change Isaachar's life. Issachar ....... Everal A Walsh, Errol ....... Ram John Holder, Yvonne ....... Kay Purcell, Malachi ....... Tachia Newall, Abdullah ....... Faz Singhateh, Producer....... Nadia Molinari.

21 Sept: Afternoon Drama - Falling
By Bethan Roberts. Dawn is proud to be her clinic's number one fertility nurse. But despite her expertise in impregnating women, she always maintains a professional distance from her patients; she never gets too close. In fact Dawn never gets too close to anybody. But when she struggles to help new patient Tasha conceive, Dawn starts to break her own rules. And as her personal and professional boundaries begin to fall away, she's faced with an impossible choice. Dawn ....... Sinead Keenan, Tasha ....... Sarah Smart, Matt ....... Alun Raglan, Simon ....... Matthew Gravelle, Producer....... James Robinson; BBC Wales.

22 Sept: Saturday Drama - Private Peaceful
By Michael Morpurgo, dramatized by Simon Reade. Music by Coope Boyes and Simpson. During WW1, 300 British soldiers were executed by firing squad, some for desertion and others for cowardice. Many were traumatised by shell-shock. 90 years later they received posthumous pardons from the British Government. Some agreed with this; others, especially old soldiers, did not. Recorded on location in Iddesleigh - the Devon village where the book is set. It's a very moving play. Production details: Young Tommo ....... Ted Allpress, Young Charlie ....... Harvey Alpress, Young Molly ....... Amy Reade, Young Jimmy ....... Daniel Houghton, Tommo ....... Paul Chequer, Charlie ....... Mark Quartley, Molly ....... Annette Chown, Jimmy ....... Ben Allen, Hazel ....... Alison Reid, Anna ....... Alison Reid, Mr Munnings ....... Nick Brimble, Farmer Cox ....... Nick Brimble, James ....... Christopher Bianchi, Molly's Father ....... Christopher Bianchi, Patron ....... Christopher Bianchi, Colonel ....... Peter Ellis, Old Man ....... Peter Ellis, Vicar ....... Michael Morpurgo, Sergeant Hanley ....... Nicholas Lyndhurst, Captain Wilkes ....... Jonathan Keeble, Brigadier ....... Jonathan Keeble, Buckland ....... Terence Mann, Doctor ....... Terence Mann, Producer ....... Susan Roberts. The Organist was Marjorie Cleverdon. Music - Coope Boyes and Simpson.

23 Sept: Classic Serial - Far from the Madding Crowd, A Farmer Just Beginning
By Thomas Hardy, adapted by Graham White. 1/3 - Young farmer Gabriel Oak sees an ideal wife in Bathsheba Everdene, but she turns him down, believing in true romance. As she becomes rich, he is ruined, and the tables turn. Bathsheba ....... Alex Tregear, Gabriel Oak ....... Shaun Dooley, Boldwood ....... Toby Jones, Troy ....... Patrick Kennedy, Liddy ....... Lizzy Watts, Fanny ....... Hannah John-Kamen, Maltster ....... Robert Blythe, Jan ....... Joe Sims, Joseph ....... Sam Alexander, Henery ....... Patrick Brennan, Billy ....... Don Gilet, Cain ....... Harry Livingstone, Aunt ....... Tracy Wiles, Maryann ....... Amaka Okafor, Producer ....... Jessica Dromgoole. Musicians ... Colin Guthrie, Chris Davies, Lauren Swift.

24 Sept: Afternoon Drama - The Deportation Room
By Hannah Khalil. Amira, a student in London, is taking some drawings to an exhibition back home in Gaza. But when she lands at Cairo airport, she can't seem to get any further...The story is based on the testimony of people travelling in or out of Gaza who have spent time in a waiting room at Cairo airport. In 2011, playwright Hannah Khalil had a chance encounter with a Palestinian who had spent several days in a room underneath Cairo airport on his way back to Gaza. Whilst the room was well known amongst Palestinians, there was very little evidence of its existence. Hannah slowly located people who agreed to be interviewed about their stay in the room. The play is a dramatised account of a fictional young woman's journey back to Gaza, with verbatim accounts from people who have stayed in the room, performed by actors. Amira ....... Sirine Saba, Raheem ....... Peter Polycarpou, Rula ....... Souad Faress, Lamia ....... Suzanna Nour, Mazin ....... Khalid Laith, Hameed ....... Nabil Elouahabi, Munir ....... Jude Edriss, Passport Control Officer ....... Robert Blythe, Security Policeman ....... Ben Crowe, Egyptian Official ....... Patrick Brennan, Driver ....... Peter Polycarpou, Guard ....... Joe Sims, Woman 1 ....... Suzanna Nour, Woman 2 ....... Souad Faress, Man 1 ....... Khalid Laith, Man 2 ....... Peter Polycarpou, Man 3 ....... Nabil Elouahabi, Producer: Mary Peate.

25 Sept: Afternoon Drama - The Beat Goes On
By Peter Bleksley. A play inspired by the election of Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales. The drama explores the tensions sparked when politics and policing are mixed. Peter Livermore is a newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner who passionately believes he can be a force for good and make a difference to how his community is policed. He learns hard lessons about the realities of contemporary policing, and political compromise when he clashes with a Chief Constable with an iron will. Peter ....... Patrick Baladi, Vishy ....... Zubin Varla, Jane Capstick ....... Frances Tomelty, DCS Dave Tullett ....... Rob Dixon, Emma ....... Eleanor Crooks, Charlie ....... Giacomo Mancini, Returning officer ....... Ben Crowe, Resident ....... Lizzy Watts, Producer ....... Stephen Wright.

26 Sept: Afternoon Drama - The Bat Man
By Amelia Bullmore. When his wife died three years ago, Christopher fled London for a simpler existence in Cornwall. His mission is bat protection. A middle aged woman and her noisy daughters next doordisturb the peace . Christopher ....... Bill Nighy, Colette ....... Katherine Parkinson, Biddy ....... Jenny Agutter, Rory ....... Sean Baker, Lou-Lou ....... Lauren Mote, Grace ....... Georgia Groome, Producer ....... Mary Peate.

27 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Clean Slate
By Sally Griffiths. Memory loss: Ellen has no recollection of who she used to be following a freak accident. Her husband, Anthony, is determined to win back the woman he loves, whatever the cost. (Sally's first radio play, Haunted, broadcast Jan 2011, was nominated for the Imison Award.) Ellen ....... Amelia Bullmore, Anthony ....... Jamie Glover, Julie ....... Di Botcher, Luke ....... Joshua Silver, Dr Rackham ....... Susie Riddell, Producer...... Gemma Jenkins.

28 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts
By Colin Hough. The early life of Stan Laurel and his relationship with his father and mother. Stan Laurel ....... James Anthony Pearson, Madge ....... Alexandra Mathie, AJ (Arthur Jefferson) ....... John Paul Hurley, AE Pickard ....... Mark McDonnell, Eunice ....... Ann Louise Ross, Producer ....... Gaynor MacFarlane. Stan's song was composed by Eoin Millar and the pianist was David McGuinness

29 Sept: Saturday Drama - Close the Coalhouse Door
By Alan Plater. A musical about coal mining.... with songs by Alex Glasgow. Based on the stories of Sid Chaplin, with additional material by Lee Hall. Northern Stage and Live Theatre's production of the celebrated sixties political docudrama. An exhilaratingly furious and funny ride through the strikes, victories and frustrations of British mining history. It also captures the political anger of the time. Sid Chaplin's stories outline all the major strikes, victories and disappointments in British mining history from the formation of the first unions in 1830s all the way through to the 1960s. Alan Plater uses the dramatic device of a Geordie family celebration as a framework to tell this history whilst their own story unfolds in 1968. One son, Frank, has left behind the mines to study at university, while his brother John is a dissatisfied pitman. Frank brings home his liberated girlfriend free-spirited student Ruth who threatens to tear them apart in the central love story. Musical arrangements and additional music by Sam Kenyon. Directed for the stage by Samuel West. Produced by Gary Brown.

30 Sept: Classic Serial - Far from the Madding Crowd, Cuts and Points
By Thomas Hardy, adapted by Graham White. 2/3 - Bathsheba discovers that sending William Boldwood a valentine card was a terrible mistake. But Boldwood is not Gabriel's only rival for Bathsheba's heart. Bathsheba ...... Alex Tregear, Gabriel Oak ...... Shaun Dooley, Boldwood ...... Toby Jones, Troy ...... Patrick Kennedy, Liddy ...... Lizzy Watts, Fanny ...... Hannah John-Kamen, Maltster ...... Robert Blythe, Jan ...... Joe Sims, Joseph ...... Sam Alexander, Henery ...... Patrick Brennan, Billy ...... Don Gilet, Cain ...... Harry Livingstone, Maryann ...... Amaka Okafor, Producer ...... Jessica Dromgoole. Musicians ..... Colin Guthrie, Chris Davies, Lauren Swift.

1 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Dover and the Smoking Gun
By Paul Mandelson / Joyce Porter; an original story based on JP's characters. A new adventure for Chief Inspector Dover, Scotland Yard's most unwanted man - and his long-suffering 'gofer', Sergeant MacGregor. MacGregor takes leave to return to Glasgow for the funeral of an old flame. But was her death a tragic accident or foul play? Reluctant to leave London as usual, Dover heads north to help his grief-stricken colleague find out the truth. Chief Inspector Dover ...... Kenneth Cranham, Sergeant McGregor ...... Stuart McQuarrie, Mr McGregor ...... Alexander Morton, Gourlay ...... Gordon Kennedy, Ettie Silver ...... Carolyn Bonnyman, Laura Brand ...... Frances Grey, Finlay Gemmell ...... Neil McKinven, Chief Constable McKay ...... Robert Blythe, Producer ...... David Neville.

2 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Shall I Say a Kiss?
Dramatized by Vanessa Rosenthal. In 1936, Morris met Eva at Warrington Deaf Club. An unusual transatlantic romance began. Drama starring two deaf actors, based on a true story. Dramatised by Vanessa Rosenthal. Shall I Say a Kiss? is the title of a book of letters edited by Lennard Davis, Eva and Morris' youngest son. When his parents died he found a bundle of faded letters. They afforded a fascinating glimpse into his parents' courtship. Morris Davis was born deaf in 1898 in Whitechapel. He moved to New York in 1924. On a visit to the UK in 1935, he saw a photo of Eva Weintrobe, also deaf. He went to Liverpool to meet her. Morris ...... David Bower, Eva ...... Emily Howlett, Mrs Weintrobe ...... Miriam Margolyes, Joseph Weintrobe ...... Adam Levy, Beattie Sokolov ...... Ceri Mill, Producer ...... Polly Thomas. Chad Gaya sung by the Dyson Langleben families. Production co-ordinator Eleri McAuliffe. Sound engineers Cathy Bassett, Nigel Lewis. Executive producer Kate McAll, BBC Wales.

3 Oct: Afternoon Drama - A Chaos of Wealth and Want
By Penny Gold. Henry Mayhew dedicated his life to recording the testimony of the poor and dispossessed in 1850's London. But he never offered them charity. Until he met Mouse. Henry Mayhew ...... David Haig, Jane Mayhew ...... Alison Pettit, Jack ...... Steven Webb, Mouse ...... Sam Alexander, Sal ...... Joanna Monroe, Arthur ...... Sam Dale, with Keely Beresford, Michael Shelford, Vineeta Rishi. Producer...... Jeremy Mortimer.

4 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Stone, The Deserved Dead
Detective series created and written by Danny Brocklehurst. DCI John Stone and his team shake up the Bridgeton Estate when they embark upon an investigation into the brutal murder of a known sex offender. Stone must act quickly when he realises that someone is taking it upon themselves to clean up the Estate. Stone ...... Hugo Speer, Tanner ...... Craig Cheetham, Sue ...... Deborah McAndrew, Fisher ...... Conrad Nelson, McCaffrey ...... Russell Dixon, Sweet ...... William Ash, Morrison ...... Warren Brown, Aaron ...... Tachia Newall, Ken ...... Terence Mann, Producer...... Nadia Molinari.

5 Oct: Afternoon Drama - The Trial
By Peter Whalley. Falling in love with a stranger has never been scarier: An attractive young girl, Mollie Spiers, signs up to internet dating. When the man she arranges to meet looks suspicious she spontaneously sits next to another man, Colin, and hurriedly asks him to pretend they're on a date. Molly and Colin fall for each other and what seems like serendipity turns into a chilling thriller. As Mollie falls headlong in love Colin is arrested on a murder charge. As we inter-cut between murder trial and action, Mollie's own life is in danger. Mollie ...... Tracy Wiles, Colin ...... Graeme Hawley, Paul ...... Stephen Fletcher, Sarah ...... Natalie Grady, Prosecuting Counsel ...... Jonathan Keeble, Producer ...... Pauline Harris.

6 Oct: Saturday Drama - The Air Gap
By Steve Waters. "A hypothetical question: if you had free rein over classified networks for long periods of time, say 8-9 months, and you saw incredible things, awful things, things that belonged in the public domain, not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington DC, what would you do?" - Bradley Manning, from an unverified chat log with a hacker. "Air gap" is the term for the separation between the civilian internet and the military and diplomatic computer network. In April 2010 this air gap was breached, leading to the biggest information leak in history. One month later Bradley Manning, a soldier in the US Army, was arrested and accused of releasing classified information to WikiLeaks. He was taken to the military prison at Quantico, Virginia, held in solitary confinement for ten months and, his lawyers argue, subjected to cruel and unusual treatment. After two-and-a-half years, a trial date has now been set for February 2013. This factually-based drama combines dramatised accounts of Bradley Manning's experiences with imagined conversations and characters. It takes place in Quantico and the operating base near Baghdad where Manning was stationed leading up to his arrest. It's here he sees the war on terror documented in action reports and in video material, including the now infamous "collateral murder" video. Bradley Manning ...... Greg Wohead, Corporal ...... Michael Walters, Brig Guard ...... Corey Turner, Brig Guard ...... Chris McKinney, Intelligence Operative ...... Serena Bobowski, Psychiatrist ...... Nancy Crane, Lawyer ...... Dominic Hawksley, Commanding Watch Officer ...... Nathan Osgood, Producer....... Boz Temple-Morris. Sound and music by Alisdair McGregor and Howard Jacques. Indie production (Holy Mountain).

7 Oct: Classic Serial - Far from the Madding Crowd, A Successful Rival
By Thomas Hardy, adapted by Graham White. 3/3 - one man proves constant in his love for Bathsheba, while she gives up on all hopes of happiness. Production details - same as last Sunday.

8 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Setting a Glass
By Nick Warburton. A man is summoned to a hospital where his elderly mother is fading away. He arrives in the middle of the night and walks through empty corridors looking for a coffee machine. He gets talking to an auxiliary nurse, a disgruntled but determined young woman whose life is starting, just as his mother's is ending. As he tells this complete stranger about his mother's uneventful life, her small achievements, he comes to understand some of the mechanisms at play in his strange inability to sit with her. Mike ...... James Fleet, Ellie ...... Hannah Pierce, Producer ...... Peter Kavanagh.

9 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Not Bobby
By Nick Warburton. Frank brings a pet rabbit home. Mum gives Bobby's hutch pride of place in the sitting room. But who finished that last clue in yesterday's crossword? It wasn't mum... Frank ...... Mackenzie Crook, Miss Bradfield ...... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Mum ...... Kate Layden, Sophie ...... Tessa Nicholson, Mr Vincent ...... Bruce Alexander, Producer..... Peter Kavanagh.

10 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Available Means
By Nick Warburton. Available Means is the story of David, an academic, who flies into an Eastern European city to give a lecture on poetry. The city is remote and strange - full of puzzles and possibilities - and David is not a seasoned traveller. He strikes up relationships with a hotel cleaner and the city's police chief who takes it upon himself to be David's guide and mentor. The man is good company, amusing and, most importantly, he has integrity. He also has a mission: to clear up the corruption that is ruining his city. But David's perspective changes when he realises that the police chief is using torture to achieve what he wants. David ...... Philip Jackson, Adam ...... Anton Lesser, Oksana ...... Lia Williams, Producer ...... Gordon House. Original music by David Chilton. Indie (Goldhawk).

11 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Stone, Collateral Damage
Series created by Danny Brocklehurst. Written by Martin Jameson. DCI John Stone is forced to open up an investigation into the death of Gary Taylor, a veteran of the Iraq War suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The theory that he died from a self-inflicted drug overdose is turned on it's head when one of his ex-army mates accuses Gary's grieving widow of having murdered him. Stone ...... Hugo Speer, Sue ...... Deborah McAndrew, Tanner ...... Craig Cheetham, Copsey ...... Paul Oldham, Carol ...... Becky Hindley, Lisa ...... Suranne Jones, Jason ...... Johann Myers, Steve ...... Andrew Westfield, Waleria ...... Vivienne Harvey. Producer ...... Nadia Molinari.

12 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Power in Crimpsea
By Vicky Meer. Mayor Goderick Derrick loves Crimpsea, surfing and his small business. Determined to be a cut above his seaside neighbours, he is hatching a master plan to extend Crimpsea's season. Will renewable energy put his town on the tourist map, save his struggling plumbing business and the environment? Goderick ...... Mark Benton, Paulie ...... Steve Hillman, Anna ...... Fiona Clarke, Barnie ...... Jonathan Keeble, Captain Hills ...... Jonathan Keeble, Julie ...... Melissa Jane Sinden, Energy Minister ...... Melissa Jane Sinden, Reporter ...... Dominic Woodward, Director ...... Pauline Harris, Producer ...... Sharon Sephton.

13 Oct: Saturday Drama - Love Me Do
By Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran. The Cuban missile crisis took place fifty years ago. For thirteen days in October there was a possibility of a nuclear exchange. As the crisis unfolds, two Americans trapped in London find themselves thrown together. Dorothy ...... Miranda Raison, Shack ...... Adam James, Richard ...... Stephen Hogan, Candice ...... Susie Riddell, Lindsay ...... Christine Kavanagh, Patrick ...... Stephen France, Marie ...... Francesca Spencer, Martin ...... Patrick Brennan, Jonathan ...... Don Gilet, Dentist ...... Joe Sims, General Power ...... Robert Blythe, Lady Compton ...... Christine Absalom, Chris Schenkel ...... Paul Stonehouse, Comic ...... Adam Nagatis, with Eleanor Crooks, Sarah Thom, Will Howard. Producer ...... Sally Avens.

14 Oct: Classic Serial - Dracula: Part 1
1/2 Launching a month's focus on The Gothic Imagination, Bram Stoker's disturbing vampire tale of horror, in a new version by Rebecca Lenkiewicz. Told through letters, journal entries, and other found testimony, this is the story of the brief reign of terror of an uncivilised monster in Victorian Britain. Count Dracula ...... Nicky Henson, Dr Seward ...... Charles Edwards, Renfield ...... Don Gilet, Jonathan Harker ...... Michael Shelford, Mina Murray ...... Ellie Kendrick, Lucy Westenra ...... Scarlett Brookes, Dr Van Helsing ...... John Dougall, Arthur ...... Joe Sims, Landlord's Wife ...... Christine Absalom Driver ...... Robert Blythe, Simmons ...... Patrick Brennan, Vampiress ...... Sarah Thom, Vampiress ...... Ellie Crook, Vampiress ...... Stephanie Racine, Child ...... Harper Bone. Singer ...... Adriana Festeu. Producer ...... Jessica Dromgoole.

15 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Top Kill
By Mike Walker. On April 20th 2010 there was an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil-rig, in the Gulf of Mexico, in which 11 men were vaporised and 17 injured. 205.8 million gallons of crude oil proceeded to leak into the Ocean from a broken wellhead, 5 miles below the surface. There are 3000 such well heads in the Gulf. TOP KILL follows subsequent imagined events on a similar drilling platform. As the clock ticks, the play follows the personal, political and commercial dilemmas facing the main players in the catastrophe. Managers, engineers and operators implement a series of methods to stop the spill, 5 miles below the surface. They start with repairs to the Blowout Preventer, using containment caps and Junk Shots, until finally deciding on a 'top kill'. Bat Masterson ...... Colin Stinton, Karen Louis ...... Lorelei King, Raylen ...... Nathan Osgood, Charlene ...... Laurel Lefkow, Gary ...... Eric Loren, Mike Dos Passos ...... John Guerrasio, Harrison Purcell ...... Stuart Milligan, Producer ...... Eoin O'Callaghan.

16 Oct: Afternoon Drama - What to Do If Your Husband May Leave
Mel Hudson stars in her surreal comedy about a woman facing a marital breakdown. After 22 years of marriage and three children, Mel discovers that her husband Dick is having an affair. She turns for support and solutions to her friends, the NHS, homeopathy, spiritual healing and wine. She attempts to track down the mistress and events become increasingly bizarre. Cast: Mel - Mel Hudson, Dick / Daan - Richard Laing, Katinka / Auntie Gwen - Mia Soteriou, Dr Bryant - Laura Shavin, Nicky / Big Bird - Kate O'Sullivan, Librarian - Amy Clifton, Joe - Gabriel Kelly. Producer - Alison Crawford.

17 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Norman Birkett and the Red Stains on the Carpet
By Caroline and David Stafford. 3/4. Norman Birkett defends a doctor accused of murdering and dismembering his wife and maid. Norman Birkett.....Neil Dudgeon, Billie.....Bonnie Engstrom, Edgar.....Alun Raglan, Jackson.....Adam Billington, Buck Ruxton.....Sagar Arya, Shaw.....Gerard McDermott, Glaister.....James Lailey, Bennett.....Rikki Lawton, Alfred.....Christopher Webster , Susan/Gracie.....Victoria Inez Hardy, Mary.....Alex Rivers. Not sure who produced this, but I think it was Marc Beeby.

18 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Edith's Story
By Robin Glendinning. The true story of Edith Scholem, 16-year-old daughter to the leader of Germany's communists, who in 1934 was forced to flee Berlin in a desperate attempt to find sanctuary for her family. Edith Scholem ...... Emerald O'Hanrahan, Emmy Scholem ...... Haydn Gwynne, Heinz Von Hackebeil ...... Michael Shelton, Headmaster ...... Nigel Hastings, Hackebeil's Niece ...... Tessa Nicholson, Von Hackebeil ...... Mark Lambert , Frau Von Hackebeil ...... Stella McCusker, Gestapo Officer ...... Miche Doherty. Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.

19 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Atching Tan
By Dan Allum. Lovvie Arkley is torn. Does she marry childhood sweetheart Nelius and live a traditional Traveller life? Or does she renounce her culture to pursue a career in the outside world? Recorded on a Traveller site, with all Traveller parts cast from the Traveller community. This play was shortlisted for the Imison Award from about 100 entries. Lovvie ......... Candis Nergaard, Nelius ......... Damian Le Bas, John ......... Brodie Ross, Norah ......... Maryanne Loveridge, Aggie ......... Sharon Loveridge, Jim ......... Dean Loveridge, Director ......... Fiona Kelcher, Producer ......... Charlotte Riches. Music by Howard Jacques.Director: Fiona Kelcher.

20 Oct: Saturday Drama - The Gothic Imagination: Bloody Poetry
By Howard Brenton; ad. Alison Hindell. In Switzerland 1816, by the shore of Lake Geneva, the poet Shelley, his future wife Mary, and her step-sister Claire, meet Lord Byron. They find they are natural allies in a world which is threatened by their radical politics and unconventional attitudes to sexual freedom. Close friendships and treacherous affairs are begun, and a journal which bears witness to it all is kept by Byron's companion and doctor, William Polidori. And on one particular evening, in a thunderstorm, stories are told that were to inspire Mary Shelley to create the myth of Frankenstein. Unfortunately their dreams of a utopian future were to be swallowed up in lives of excess, illness and tragic accidents. Howard Brenton's play was first performed in 1984. Cast: Percy Bysshe Shelley ......... Oliver Ryan, Mary Shelley ......... Clare Corbett, George, the Lord Byron ......... Patrick Kennedy, Claire Clairmont ......... Sarah Ovens, Dr William Polidori ......... Gareth Pierce. Producer ......... Alison Hindell.

21 Oct: Classic Serial - The Gothic Imagination, Dracula: Part 2
2/2 By Bram Stoker, ad. Rebecca Lenkiewicz. Professor Van Helsing is determined to find out the true cause of Lucy's death, track it down, and defeat it forever. Count Dracula ......... Nicky Henson, Dr Seward ......... Charles Edwards, Renfield ......... Don Gilet, Jonathan Harker ......... Michael Shelford, Mina Harker ......... Ellie Kendrick, Lucy Westenra ......... Scarlett Brookes, Dr Van Helsing ......... John Dougall, Arthur ......... Joe Sims, Maid ......... Christine Absalom, Policeman ......... Robert Blythe, Simmons ......... Patrick Brennan, Vampiress ......... Sarah Thom, Vampiress ......... Ellie Crook, Vampiress ......... Stephanie Racine, Child ......... Harper Bone, Singer ......... Adriana Festeu, Producer ......... Jessica Dromgoole.

22 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Best Queue
Absurdist, existential drama by Sean Grundy about a family stuck in a queue that never ends. Thousands of people, miles long ...but as the days pass, the Brookers lose track of time... and their lives change from stability and ordinariness to despair and chaos and their commitment to the queue and to each other is sorely tested. Jean ......... Susan Cookson, Mark ......... Simon Armstrong, Sophie ......... Rachel Austin, Bradley ......... Samuel Holland, Doctor Keith ......... Alun Raglan, Other Voices ......... Alun Raglan, Celebrity ......... Tony Marshall, Newsreader ......... Will Glennon, Producer ......... Alison Crawford.

23 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Forever Mankind
By Jonathan Mitchell and Judith Kampfner. It's 1973 and the American public wants to honour the bodies of the heroic astronauts who made it to the moon, but died unexpectedly, four years earlier. After much lobbying, NASA gets funds to launch a new mission with better technology. Three astronauts are chosen. Ellen, an ambitious Houston TV reporter, documents their preparations. She is convinced this will give her a national scoop, but she gets more than she bargains for. In this alternative history, the second Moon expedition opens up questions about the Cold War and competing motives for space journeys. Ellen ......... Amy Warren, Danny ......... Eddie Schweighart, George ......... John Henry Cox, Clyde ......... David Slavin, Frank ......... Christian Paluck, Scott ......... Mike Iveson, Dean ......... Mike Iveson, Maggie ......... Chet Siegel, Sergei ......... Moti Margolin, President ......... John Ottavino, Granma ......... Dorothy Stinette, Buzz Aldrin ......... Ed Herbstman, Walt ......... Ed Herbstman, Neil Armstrong ......... Matt Evams, Producers ......... Jonathan Mitchell and Judith Kampfner. Recorded on location in New York City. Produced by Judith Kampfner and Jonathan Mitchell. Indie (A Corporation For Independent Media).

24 Oct: Afternoon Drama - What Love Sounds Like Love
By Peter Souter. The play centres around the meeting of a blind man, Dom, and a deaf woman, Thea, in a faith-healer's waiting room. Dom has only recently gone blind and is at odds with the world and himself. Thea, using her computer voice generator, plies him with questions - particularly about an old, painful relationship. As the play progresses it is revealed that the meeting may have profound consequences for them both. Dom ......... Alex Jennings, Thea ......... Juliet Stevenson, Shenoa ......... Don Gilet, Luda ......... Stephanie Racine, Producer ......... Gordon House.

25 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Stone, The Night
Detective series created by Danny Brocklehurst. Written by James Rye. DI Tanner's wife finds herself in a dodgy hotel after a night out remembering nothing of the night before; she has been assaulted and Stone suspects she has been given Rohypnol. As Stone investigates he uncovers a dark secret. Stone ......... Hugo Speer, Tanner ......... Craig Cheetham, Sue ......... Deborah McAndrew, Karen ......... Kaye Wragg, Louisa ......... Eva Pope, Gould ......... Greg Wood, Sammy ......... Kevin Harvey, Producer......... Nadia Molinari.

26 Oct: Afternoon Drama - The Man Who Jumped from Space
By Andy Walker. The true story of Captain Joe Kittinger and Project Excelsior. As jet planes flew higher and faster in the 1950s, the USAF became increasingly worried about the safety of flight crew who had to eject at high altitude. So Project Excelsior was initiated to perfect a parachute system that would allow a safe, controlled descent after a high-altitude ejection. Joe Kittinger ......... Simon Lee Phillips, Beau ......... David Fleeshman, Stapp ......... Garrick Hagon, Bobby ......... Kerry Shale, Grubitz ......... Andrew Westfield, Technician ......... Hamilton Berstock, Producer ......... Gary Brown.

27 Oct: Saturday Drama - The Martin Beck Series, Roseanna
Dramatized by Jennifer Howarth. This is the first in the Martin Beck series, written over ten years from 1965 - 1975 by husband and wife Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo.The books give a realistic portrait of Sweden in the mid-sixties: not the liberal place it was thought to be, but a society suffering from a stifling bureaucracy and a creeping rottenness behind the surface sheen. Confronting the dark side of this society are stubborn, logical, anti-social Detective Inspector Martin Beck, his closest friend Detective Inspector Lennart Kollberg - overweight, hedonistic, opinionated; Detective Inspector Frederick Melander, with a memory like a card-index file and a noxious pipe clamped in his jaws, and their colleagues in the murder squad. In Roseanna, they are faced with the body of an unknown girl found in a canal dredger. The long investigation ends with a risky and frightening sting. Martin Beck ......... Steven Mackintosh, Lennart Kollberg ......... Neil Pearson, Ahlberg ......... Jonathan Tafler, Kafka ......... Garrick Hagan, Bengtsson ......... John Mackay, Inga Beck ......... Lucy Black, Sonja Hansson ......... Susie Riddell, Police Doctor ......... Patrick Brennan, Mulvaney ......... Harry Livingstone, Miss Peterson ......... Amaka Okafor, Siv Lindberg ......... Amaka Okafor, Colonel ......... Robert Blythe, Miss Gota ......... Jenny Harrold, Doctor ......... Christine Absalom, Producer ......... Sara Davies. Original music by Elizabeth Purnell. Directed by Sara Davies.

28 Oct: Classic Serial - The Gothic Imagination, Frankenstein: Part 1
M.Shelley, dram. Lucy Catherine. A new production of Mary Shelley's modern myth. While sailing through the Arctic wastes, Captain Walton picks up an unexpected passenger. Close to death the man begins to tell Walton his strange and terrible story. ep. 1 of 2. Frankenstein ......... Jamie Parker, The Monster ......... Shaun Dooley, Elizabeth ......... Susie Riddell, Walton ......... Alun Raglan, Father ......... Robert Blythe, Clerval ......... Sam Alexander, Mother ......... Christine Absalom, Waldman ......... Patrick Brennan, Justine ......... Emma Hook, Sailor ......... Joe Sims, Lieutenant ......... Don Gilet, Producer....... Marc Beeby.

29 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Gwynfor v Margaret
By Rob Gittins. The true story of Gwynfor Evans's dramatic political battle with Margaret Thatcher. It's 1979 and Margaret Thatcher's Conservative party have swept to power with a landslide victory. The new Home Secretary, William Whitelaw, announces the Government's intention to abandon a manifesto commitment to a Welsh language TV channel. In response, Gwynfor Evans the Welsh nationalist and former leader of Plaid Cymru, announces that if Thatcher refuses to keep her promise, he will embark on a hunger strike and, if necessary, starve himself to death. Gwynfor Evans ......... Robert Blythe, William Whitelaw ......... Malcolm Tierney, Rhiannon Evans ......... Sharon Morgan, Dafydd Ellis Thomas ......... Steffan Rhodri, Cledwyn Hughes ......... Richard Elfyn, Narrator ......... Eiry Thomas, Producer ......... James Robinson. BBC Wales.

30 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Notes to Future Self
By Lucy Caldwell. When thirteen year old 'Philosophy Rainbow'- better known as Sophie - is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she, her mother Judy, and her sister Calliope, return to live with their grandmother Daphne in Birmingham. The women prepare themselves for the loss of Sophie from their lives, and Sophie has to come to terms with her own mortality. The radio version is adapted by Lucy from her own stage play. Sophie ......... Imogen Doel, Calliope ......... Jayne Wisener, Judy ......... Amanda Ryan, Daphne ......... Jane Lowe, Producer ......... Heather Larmour.

31 Oct: Afternoon Drama - The Trenches Trip
In Jonathan Smith's play, unexpected conflicts emerge within a group of teachers and sixth-formers as they walk through the WWI trenches, tunnels and cemeteries of Flanders, trying to step into the boots of those who died there. Martin ......... Christian Rodska, Nick ......... Max Dowler, Laura ......... Tamzin Merchant, Rachel ......... Leah Brotherhead, Connor ......... Pip Carter, Ollie ......... Sam Swann, Terry ......... Tony Bell, Producer ......... Bruce Young.

1 Nov: Afternoon Drama: The Other Simenon - The Neighbours
Dramatized by Ronald Frame. Emile Jovis, the director of a Paris travel agency, finds that moving home doesn't always make for a better life. Acting from the best possible motives he decides to uproot his family from their dilapidated flat in the Marais district of Paris to a new development outside the city. All too soon, however, he becomes aware that his wife and son do not share his enthusiasm. And his peace of mind is shattered when he overhears a series of blunt and brusque conversations coming from his neighbours' flat. [NOTE- possible error in this entry. The BBC information gives the same title / production details for 8 Nov, a week later. I think this one may be a different play entitled Teddy Bear.] Emile ....... Jamie Glover, Blanche ....... Robin Weaver, Alain ....... Sam Alexander, Irene ....... Alison Pettit, Leon ....... Ben Crowe, Neighbour ....... Joe Sims, Neighbour ....... Alex Rivers. Producer....... David Ian Neville.

2 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Gracey and Me
By Gillian Plowman. Kate returns to South Africa to meet Gracey, the woman she betrayed twenty-five years ago when she was a ten-year-old staying with her godparents in a luxury suburb of Johannesburg during the height of apartheid. The repercussions of that betrayal have profoundly affected both women, psychologically and physically. The play takes Kate on a journey into her past. Kate ....... Harriet Walter, Gracey ....... Jenny Jules, Peter van Tonder ....... Henry Goodman, Katie ....... Lauren Mote, Beauty ....... Jeanne Lakechia, Godmother ....... Hannah Boyde, Stanley ....... Denton Chikura, Director ....... Annie Castledine, Producer ....... Catherine Bailey. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

3 Nov: Saturday Drama: Martin Beck: The Man Who Went Up in Smoke
By Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo; 60m; dramatised for radio by Katie Hims. Having just arrived on a beautiful, remote island for his much-needed summer break with his family, Beck is summoned back to Stockholm, where he is sent on a seemingly pointless unofficial mission to Budapest, in search of a journalist. It is only when Beck has almost given up that the truth emerges. Martin Beck ....... Steven Mackintosh, Lennart Kollberg ....... Neil Pearson, Gunnarsson ....... Justin Salinger, Ari Boeck ....... Georgia Groome, Szluka ....... Patrick Brennan, Frobe ....... Joe Sims, Inga Beck ....... Lucy Black, Molin ....... Robert Blythe, Foreign Office Man ....... Sam Alexander, Embassy Man ....... Harry Livingstone, Frau Boeck ....... Christine Absalom, Steffi ....... Amaka Okafor, Radeberger ....... Don Gilet, Gun Kollberg ....... Sally Orrock, Narrator 1 ....... Lesley Sharp, Narrator 2 ....... Nicholas Gleaves. Original Music composed by Elizabeth Purnell. Directed by Mary Peate. A previous 90m dramatization by Colin Tucker, from 197, starred John Rowe as Martin Beck.

4 Nov: Classic Serial: Frankenstein: Part 2
Production details described under last week's entry.

5 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Everything
By Oliver Emanuel. The story of a 14-year-old girl who spends seven days in a refuge for runaways. No other details.

6 Nov: Afternoon Drama: Warrior Class
By Kenneth Lin, ad. Judith Kampfner. The title refers to the cut and thrust and horse-trading of American politics. Julius Lee is a local assemblyman who explodes onto the political scene from nowhere, makes a great speech suggesting he could be a congressional candidate and the Republican answer to Obama. The party puts down seed money to begin marketing him. They groom him to take back a seat that has been held by a Democrat for twenty years. Julius ....... Louis Changchien, Holly ....... Katharine Powell, Nathan ....... David Rasche, Director ....... Judith Kampfner , Producer ....... Judith Kampfner , Writer ....... Kenneth Lin , Writer ....... Judith Kampfner, Music by Jon Nicholls. Sound design by Peregrine Andrews. Indie (Corporation for Independent Media).

7 Nov: Afternoon Drama: Two Pipe Problems, A Rose by Any Other Name
Comedy drama by Michael Chaplin, featuring mystery-solving retired thespians William and Sandy, played by Stanley Baxter and Richard Briers.

8 Nov: Afternoon Drama: The Other Simenon, The Neighbours
Simenon, dram. Ronald Frame. See entry for 1 Nov. Discrepancy in the BBC information.

9 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Moeran's Last Symphony
By Martyn Wade. A dramatic portrait of the last weeks in the life of the English composer E.J. Moeran [1894-1950]. After the triumphant reception of his First Symphony, a second was commissioned by the prestigious Halle Orchestra. Tortured by the end of his marriage to the cellist Peers Coetmore and by residual pain from a shrapnel wound received in the Great War, he hoped that Kenmare in Ireland - a place of previous inspiration - would provide the right setting for creativity. Moeran ....... Tim McInnerny, Mrs Donnell ....... Kate Binchy, Patrick ....... Sean Froudist Walsh, Peers ....... Geraldine Fitzgerald, Peter Warlock ....... Nicholas Boulton, Tomlinson ....... Geoffrey Whitehead, Producer ....... Cherry Cookson. Indie (Goldhawk Essential).

10 Nov: Saturday Drama: Martin Beck -The Man on the Balcony
By Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo. Translated by Alan Blair; dramatised by Katie Hims. Someone is assaulting and killing young girls in the parks of Stockholm. With only a brutal mugger and a three year-old boy for witnesses, the investigation is stalling. It's only a tiny detail surfacing in Beck's mind that puts the murder squad on the trail of the killer, but will they get him before he strikes again? Martin Beck ....... Steven Mackintosh, Lennart Kollberg ....... Neil Pearson, Gunvald Larsson ....... Ralph Ineson, Frederik Melander ....... Adrian Scarborough, Karin Carlsson ....... Beth Goddard, Lena Oskarsson ....... Katie Angelou, Ingrid Oskarsson ....... Susie Riddell, Bo Oskarsson ....... Greta Dudgeon, Mrs Andersson ....... Christine Absalom, Wilheim Engstrom ....... Patrick Brennan, Officer Kvant ....... Sam Alexander, Doctor ....... Sam Alexander, Officer Kristiansson ....... Don Gilet, Ingemund Fransson ....... Robert Blythe, Lundgren ....... Joe Sims, Kvist ....... Harry Livingstone, Lisbeth ....... Amaka Okafor, Girl ....... Kellie Shirley, Narrator 1 ....... Lesley Sharpe, Narrator 2 ....... Nicholas Gleaves, Producer ....... Mary Peate. Original Music composed by Elizabeth Purnell.

11 Nov: Classic Serial: Rebus: The Black Book
1/2. Ian Rankin's maverick detective, Inspector John Rebus, investigates an unsolved murder with the help of a notebook full of coded clues. Dramatised in two parts by Chris Dolan. When DS Brian Holmes is left in a coma after being severely beaten, Rebus discovers his colleague's black notebook contains coded clues on a case involving arson and murder. Five years before, a mysterious fire burned down Edinburgh's seedy Central Hotel. All the staff and customers were accounted for but an unidentified body was found in the rubble. The post mortem revealed the victim had died from a bullet through the heart before the fire broke out. DI John Rebus ....... Ron Donachie, DC Siobhan Clarke ....... Gayanne Potter, Mickey Rebus ....... Steven McNicoll, DS Brian Holmes ....... Sean Biggerstaff, CS Watson ....... Douglas Russell, Ringan ....... Douglas Russell, Torrance ....... Paul Young, Vanderhyde ....... Paul Young, Kintoul ....... Simon Donaldson, Calder ....... Simon Donaldson, Angus Gibson ....... Richard Conlon, Nell ....... Shauna MacDonald, Marie ....... Shauna MacDonald, Auntie Ena ....... Anne Downie, Producer ....... Bruce Young .

12 Nov: Afternoon Drama - All the Blood in My Veins
A special Radio 4 Afternoon Drama, commissioned with BBC Children in Need. Playwright Katie Hims worked with "Carers Lewisham", a 'Children in Need'-supported project, to create the story of Viola, a fourteen year old girl, with responsibilities far beyond her age. The play was recorded with a mix of professional cast and the carers themselves. Mum ....... Elaine Lordan, Viola ....... Shannon Tarbet, Paolo ....... Tyger Drew-Honey, Elly ....... Katie Angelou, Jack ....... Alfie Browne-Sykes, Teacher ....... Jude Akuwudike, Phil ....... Lloyd Thomas, Lauren ....... Deeivya Meir, Kelly ....... Shirena Watt, Producer ....... Jessica Dromgoole .

13 Nov: Afternoon Drama: Mad Girl
By Phil Gladwin. Fifteen year old Rose hears voices. Mostly she gets along with them ok, but when her real Dad turns up out of the blue to take her away for the weekend, things get completely out of control. The drama arose from a project which listened to people with mental health problems; in this case people who hear voices. The project was run by Company Paradiso. Rose ....... Shannon Flynn, Denny ....... Emma Noakes, Tracy ....... Shannon Tarbet, Mash ....... Will Howard, Dad ....... Robert Blythe, Mum ....... Sarah Thom, Rob ....... Ben Crowe, John ....... Patrick Brennan, Ollie ....... Ryan Watson, Customer ....... Liza Sadovy. Producer....... Mary Peate .

14 Nov: Afternoon Drama: Two Pipe Problems, I Love a Lassie
By Michael Chaplin. Sandy decides to travel to Greenock on Clydeside to collect his Freedom of the City award. As he has no living relatives or close friends, he invites William to accompany him on condition he behaves himself. Stanley Baxter and Richard Briers play the two elderly detectives who solve mysteries by stealth and intuition. This time the story is rooted way back in Sandy's past. Sandy Boyle ....... Stanley Baxter, William Parnes ....... Richard Briers, Provost ....... John Sessions, Station Assistant ....... John Sessions, Moira ....... Gabriel Quigley, Janice ....... Maureen Beattie, Macca ....... Gordon Kennedy, Train Guard ....... Gordon Kennedy, Director ....... Marilyn Imrie . Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

15 Nov: Afternoon Drama: The Other Simenon, The Venice Train
Simenon, dram. Ronald Frame. The Venice Train is a classic Simenon study of anxiety. Justin Calmar returns early from holiday. On board the express train to Paris he is asked by a stranger to deliver a briefcase to an address in Lausanne. He subsequently makes two discoveries: the first, that there is a dead body in the apartment, the second that the suitcase contains a fortune in paper currency. Justine Calmar ....... Paul Bown, Dominique ....... Clare Corbett, Stranger ....... Crawford Logan, Jouve ....... Carl Prekopp, Secretary ....... Susie Riddell, Producer ....... David Ian Neville.

16 Nov: Afternoon Drama: On Mardle Fen, Series 5, Talk to the Bones
By Nick Warburton. Trevor Peacock is back as chef Warwick Hedges, who runs an idiosyncratic restaurant in the Cambridgeshire Fens with his permanently anxious son Jack. In the first of a new series of this comedy drama, Warwick dreams of expansion. He gets it into his head that they should have a covered area built on the side of the restaurant with romantic views over the river. Warwick Hedges ....... Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges ....... Sam Dale, Marcia Hedges ....... Kate Buffery, Zofia ....... Helen Longworth, Samuel ....... John Rowe, Bernard ....... Ben Crowe. Producer ....... Claire Grove.

17 Nov: Saturday Drama: Martin Beck - The Laughing Policeman
Ep. 4 of 5. Dramatized by Jennifer Howarth. Beck is now a Detective Superintendant. The Laughing Policeman begins on the evening of a big demonstration in Stockholm against the Vietnam war; as the police are dealing with protesters outside the American embassy, a mass shooting on a bus in a suburb ends with nine dead, including one of Martin Beck's team. The trail to find the murderer leads Beck back to an unsolved case from the past which had puzzled the Swedish police for years. (The previous dramatization of this story was by Bert Coules in 2002; Richard Greenwood played Martin Beck) Martin Beck ....... Steven Mackintosh, Lennart Kollberg ....... Neil Pearson, Frederick Melander ....... Adrian Scarborough, Inga Beck ....... Lucy Black, Ingrid Beck ....... Lauren Crace, Einar Ronn ....... Russell Boulter, Asa Torell ....... Clare Corbett, Schwerin ....... Robert Blythe, Gun Kollberg ....... Sally Orrock, Mechanic ....... Sam Alexander, Blonde Malin ....... Christine Absalom, Workman ....... Harry Livingstone, Birgersson ....... Jonathan Tafler, Car Showroom Manager ....... Robert Blythe, Forsberg ....... Patrick Brennan, Producer ....... Sara Davies. Dramatised for radio by Jennifer Howarth. Original Music by Elizabeth Purnell.

18 Nov: Classic Serial: Rebus: The Black Book
2/2. Ian Rankin's novel is dramatised by Chris Dolan. When DS Brian Holmes is left in a coma after being severely beaten, Rebus discovers his colleague's black notebook contains coded clues on a case involving arson and murder. Five years before, a mysterious fire burned down Edinburgh's seedy Central Hotel. All the staff and customers were accounted for but an unidentified body was found in the rubble. The post mortem revealed the victim had died from a bullet through the heart before the fire broke out. As Rebus investigates an unsolved murder someone kidnaps and suspends his brother over the Forth Bridge. It is a warning. DI John Rebus ....... Ron Donachie, Cafferty ....... Gary Lewis, DC Siobhan Clarke ....... Gayanne Potter, Mickey Rebus ....... Steven McNicoll, DS Brian Holmes ....... Sean Biggerstaff, CS Watson ....... Douglas Russell, Ringan ....... Douglas Russell, Eck Robertson ....... Tony Cownie, Angus Gibson ....... Richard Conlon, Heather ....... Wendy Seager, Kintoul ....... Simon Donaldson, Calder ....... Simon Donaldson, Torrance ....... Paul Young, Marie ....... Shauna MacDonald, Producer ....... Bruce Young .

19 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Sunk
By Nicholas Gleaves; his first radio play. It stars the snooker player John Virgo as himself. A young man, Willets, has struggled to find the right path in life. Haunted by his past and having spent most of his time feeling invisible and inconsequential, he is determined to make a change by working at becoming a champion snooker player. Willets ....... Gerard Kearns, Himself ....... John Virgo, Audrey ....... Lesley Sharp, Splints ....... Jordan Murphy, The Captain ....... Geoffrey Whitehead, Otty ....... Nicholas Gleaves, Barry ....... Nicholas Boulton, Mumbling Alan ....... Nicholas Boulton, Security Guard ....... Tom Bevan, Burley Nigel ....... Tom Bevan, Worried Mum's Kid ....... Luca Dixon, Willets (aged 8) ....... Luca Dixon, Worried Mum ....... Rachel Gleaves, Hen ....... Rachel Gleaves, Little Girl ....... Isobel Thomas. Producer Celia de Wolff. Indie (Pier productions).

20 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Blue Eyed Boy
By Helen Cross. The true story of her father, Lawrence, the evacuee who never went home, told through improvised interviews. The play is constructed as a documentary, as if it were happening now. In 1944, when he was five years old, Lawrence Duncomb was evacuated from Blitz-torn London to Willerby, a village on the outskirts of Hull, and taken in by a couple with no children. Lawrence had never eaten at a table before, never said prayers, never slept alone in a bed or had to mind his manners. Lilian is determined to raise him as a well-mannered Christian. Her husband knows she's desperate at the thought of the boy leaving her after the war. Soon Lilian starts to dream of ways of keeping him, even against his will. The play concludes with an interview with the real Lawrence. He says he never stopped missing his mother and when he finally tracked her down as an adult, her first words were: 'I've been waiting for you to call.' Violet ....... Lindsey Coulson, Lilian ....... Jane Godber, Dick ....... John Godber, Ronnie ....... Rasmus Hardiker, Lawrence ....... Albie D'Urso, Headteacher ....... Sean Baker, Producer ....... Mary Ward-Lowery.

21 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Selfless
By Anita Sullivan. Suffering from amnesia after a motorboke accident, a man is taken to hospital by a car-driver who saw it happen. Eventually he is discharged and the driver offers to put him up for the night. Andrew cannot remember where he lives; the only thing he remembers is a girl's name. RT described this as a psychological thriller. Drew ....... Adrian Bower, Owen ....... Mark Meadows, Elspeth ....... Nisha Nayar, Nurse ....... Rebecca Harries, Producer Kate McAll.

22 Nov: Afternoon Drama - The Mysterious Case of Maria
By Florence Vincent, Emer Kenny, Corey Montague-Sholay, Wemmy Ogunyankin and Sandra Townsend. A romantic comedy. Ellie's dropped out of law college without telling her parents. She's found refuge in a down-at-heel bar where she devours detective thrillers. When the bartender Maria goes missing, Ellie starts her own investigation. Directed by Abigail le Fleming. Studio production by Graham Harper and Robin Warren.

23 Nov: Afternoon Drama - On Mardle Fen, Series 5, According to Ditcher
By Nick Warburton. It's a full moon and no-one is sleeping On Mardle Fen. Samuel is reminded of an ancient fenland story and Marcia has something on her mind. Marcia Hedges ....... Kate Buffery, Zofia ....... Helen Longworth, Samuel ....... John Rowe, Driver ....... Ben Crowe, Director ....... Tracey Neale, Producer...........Claire Grove.

24 Nov: Saturday Drama - Martin Beck - The Fire Engine That Disappeared
By Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo, translated by Joan Tate, dramatised by Katie Hims. The apartment of a suspect being staked out by Gunvald Larsson explodes, killing three people. Arson and murder isn't at first suspected - much to Larsson's fury - but when it becomes clear that the fire was started on purpose, the case hinges on the needle-in-a-haystack chance of finding a man who fits an impossibly vague description who was somewhere in the area around the time of the fire. Martin Beck ..... Steven Mackintosh, Lennart Kollberg ..... Neil Pearson, Larsson ..... Ralph Ineson , Ronn ..... Russell Boulter , Gun Kollberg ..... Sally Orrock, Nadja ..... Christine Absalom, Mansson ..... Stuart McQuarrie, Zachrisson ..... Joe Sims, Stromgren ..... Harry Livingstone, Hammar ..... Patrick Brennan, Hjelm ..... Robert Blythe, Skacke ..... Sam Alexander, Mrs Borg ..... Susie Riddell, Ingrid Beck ..... Lauren Crace, Doris Martensen ..... Keely Beresford , Mats ..... Greta Dudgeon, Narrator 1 ..... Lesley Sharp, Narrator 2 ..... Nicholas Gleaves, Original Music composed by Elizabeth Purnell. Producer Mary Peate.

25 Nov: Classic Serial - The Count of Monte Cristo
By Alexandre Dumas, adapted for radio by Sebastian Baczkiewicz. At the age of nineteen, seaman Edmond Dantes has a charmed life - about to be promoted to Captain, and engaged to the beautiful Mercedes. But Marseilles in 1815 is a dangerous place, and three of Dantes' acquaintances set in train a chain of events that will lead Edmond to fourteen years of solitary confinement in the notorious Chateau D'If. Edmond Dantes ....... Iain Glen, Haydee ....... Jane Lapotaire, Abbe Faria ....... Richard Johnson, Monsieur Morrell ....... Robert Blythe, Danglars ....... Toby Jones, Fernand ....... Zubin Varla, Caderousse ....... Ben Crowe, Jacopo ....... Joe Sims, Captain Patin ....... Patrick Brennan, Albert de Morcerf ....... Will Howard, Antoine ....... Will Howard, Claude ....... Paul Stonehouse, Max Morrell ....... Adam Nagaitis, Mathilde ....... Liza Sadovy, Julie Morrell ....... Eleanor Crooks, Producers ....... Jeremy Mortimer & Sasha Yevtushenko.

26 Nov: Afternoon Drama - McLevy - Series 9, A Dangerous Remedy
By David Ashton. New series of Victorian detective dramas. McLevy investigates a series of street attacks on clients of the Just Land - while Mulholland's Aunt Katie turns up unexpectedly from Ireland pursued by an angry neighbour. McLevy ....... Brian Cox, Jean ....... Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland ....... Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach ....... David Ashton, Hannah ....... Colette O'Neil, Katie ....... Cara Kelly, Finbar Flood ....... Lewis Howden, Ogilvie ....... Douglas Russell, Mrs Beaton ....... Carol Ann Crawford, Producer ....... Bruce Young,

27 Nov: Afternoon Drama -Beryl: A Love Story on Two Wheels
By Maxine Peake. The true story of Beryl Burton, a working class mum from Morley in Leeds who, with no financial backing or training, combined farm work with global domination in all areas of cycling competition from the 1950s to 1970s. Drama is intertwined with contributions from Charlie Burton, now in his 80s, and their cycling champion daughter, Denise Burton Cole. Cast includes residents of Saddleworth as cyclists and Morley Club supporters. Beryl Burton ....... Maxine Peake, Charlie Burton ....... Mark Jordon, Stan ....... Tony Pitts, Young Beryl ....... Sydney Wade, Angela ....... Sydney Wade, Young Denise ....... Sophie Downham, Nim Carlin/Mike McNamara ....... John Hollingworth, Policemen ....... John Hollingworth, Doctors ....... John Hollingworth, Walter Hall ....... Eden Potter Williams, Announcers/Commentators ....... John Hollingworth, Markus Uhlig, Erica Ryan, Cornelia Mueller Claus, Russian Soldier ....... Pawlo Wintoniuk, Producer ....... Justine Potter. Sound Engineer & Sound Designer: Eloise Whitmore, Assistant Producer: Cath Ames, Production Assistant: Claire Ennion. Executive Producer: Melanie Harris. Indie (A Savvy production)

28 Nov: Afternoon Drama - The Healing of Sergei Rachmaninov Biographical play about Rachmaninov, by Martyn Wade. It tells the story behind the composition of his 2nd Piano Concerto. At 22, Rachmaninov composed his 1st Symphony and awaited its premiere with nervous anticipation. He was in a state of heightened emotion, having dedicated the piece to his lover Anna Lodyzhenskya, the wife of his best friend. His passion for her inspired the work. Glazunov, who conducts the piece, is drunk and the premiere is a disaster. Rachmaninov fears he will never compose again. He has a long period of writer's block. Eventually his cousin Natasha suggests a visit to a hypnotherapist who claims he can cure the composer and enable him to start work on the piece he wants to write next - a second piano concerto. Rachmaninov ....... Jamie Glover, Anna ....... Lydia Leonard, Natasha ....... Alison Pettitt, Tolstoy ....... Philip Voss, Glazunov ....... Stephen Critchlow, Dr Dahl ....... Ian Masters, Producer: Cherry Cookson. Indie (Goldhawk Essential).

29 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Two Minutes Hate
By Kieran Prendiville. This drama imagines what it is like to be the most hated woman in Britain - fearing the mob and the forces that will lead them to you. The protagonist is a young woman whose partner murdered a child. She didn't believe he could do such a thing, which is why she gave him an alibi. She is inspired by the real life Maxine Carr, girlfriend of Ian Huntley, the Soham murderer. As one broadsheet observed: "It is - and will remain - Carr's particular bad luck to have come to public attention at roughly the same time as Myra Hindley died. There was a gaping Hindley-shaped hole in the tabloids Two Minutes' hate slot, and they have simply used her to plug it". Catherine ....... Jasmine Hyde, Jennifer ....... Jasmine Hyde, Adrian ....... Patrick Marlowe, Jane ....... Sasha Behar, Barry ....... Nigel Lindsay, Giles ....... Edward Max, George ....... Matthew Townshend, Lawyer ....... Matthew Townshend, Policeman ....... Matthew Townshend, Newsreader ....... Alana Ramsey, Secretary ....... Alana Ramsey, Producer ....... Clive Brill. Indie (Pacificus).

30 Nov: Afternoon Drama - On Mardle Fen, Series 5, At the Dawning
By Nick Warburton. It's been raining for weeks and the river has risen to danger level. Warwick Hedges ....... Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges ....... Sam Dale, Producer ....... Claire Grove.

1 Dec: Saturday Drama: A Slow Air
By David Harrower. Siblings Morna and Athol haven't spoken to each other for fourteen years. As they recount their troubled history, they tell the story of modern Scotland. Athol lives in Houston, round the corner from where the Glasgow Airport bombers planned their raid in 2007. SNP supporter Morna remembers the good old days of well-intended protest. Athol ....... Lewis Howden, Morna ....... Susan Vidler, Director ....... David Harrower , Producer ....... Gaynor MacFarlane.

2 Dec: Classic Serial: The Count of Monte Cristo, Episode 2
By Alexandre Dumas, adapted for radio by Sebastian Baczkiewicz. It is 1838, and the Count has arrived in Paris. His enemies, Baron Danglars, Gerard de Villefort and Fernand de Morcerf have no idea that Edmond Dantes, who they betrayed in Marseilles a quarter of a century earlier, is plotting to destroy them. The Count/Edmond Dantes ....... Iain Glen, Haydee ....... Jane Lapotaire, Younger Haydee ....... Amber Rose Revah, Baron Danglars ....... Toby Jones, Gerard de Villefort ....... Paul Rhys, Fernand, Count de Morcerf ....... Zubin Varla, Mercedes de Morcerf ....... Josette Simon, Heloise de Villefort ....... Kate Fleetwood, Abbe Faria ....... Richard Johnson, General Noirtier ....... Karl Johnson, Hermine Danglars ....... Stephanie Racine, Albert de Morcerf ....... Will Howard, Jacopo ....... Joe Sims, Max Morrell ....... Adam Nagaitis, Valentine de Villefort ....... Lizzy Watts, Coachman ....... Paul Stonehouse. Music by David Tobin and Jeff Meegan. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer and Sasha Yevtushenko.

3 Dec: Afternoon Drama: McLevy - Series 9, No Looking Back
By David Ashton. Ep.2. When a corpse turns up in a fisherman's net, McLevy discovers the murdered man had last been seen at the Just Land. McLevy ....... Brian Cox, Jean ....... Siobhan Redmond, Hannah ....... Colette O'Neil, Mulholland ....... Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach ....... David Ashton, Pike ....... Gavin Mitchell, Cairns ....... James Bryce, Geddes ....... Jordan Young, Maisie ....... Sarah McCardie, Producer ....... Bruce Young .

4 Dec: Afternoon Drama: Ubykh
By Simon Scardifield. Only one person in the world speaks Ubykh, and he's very, very old. Almost a quarter of people on earth speak competent English. What price do we pay for English being the bully in the playground? Swedish academic, Ole, sets off to Turkey to meet the world's last Ubykh speaker. Will he be too late? Ole ....... Tom Goodman-Hill, Onur ....... Justin Salinger, Erkan ....... Karl Theobald, Tevfik ....... Alexander Morton, Tevfik's Niece ....... Lizzy Watts, Yasmin ....... Susie Riddell, Jan ....... Ben Crowe, Producer ....... Gaynor MacFarlane.

5 Dec: Afternoon Drama: A Disappearing Town
By Hugh Hughes. A modern fairy-tale from the Isle of Anglesey. Hugh has returned to his childhood home in the town of Llangefni. There Hugh, his sister Delyth and brother Derwyn are tidying the house ready for their mum's return from hospital. But when Hugh stumbles upon a box of his old journals hidden up in the attic, the day's events take a new course. Armed with an old tape-recorder and a synthesiser, the three siblings distract themselves by telling a dark and fantastical story from their childhood, growing up on the island in the 1970s. The story is from a Llangefni which no longer exists, full of characters who have long since vanished. It tells the tragic tale of Carrie-Ann, a woman persecuted by the townsfolk because of her weight. But the narrative takes a fantastical twist as it's warped through the mists of time and by the magic of memory. Created and performed by Hugh Hughes, Delyth Hughes and Derwyn Hughes with assistance from S. Dale-Jones, Sophie Russell and Andrew Pembrooke. Produced by James Robinson. BBC Wales.

6 Dec: Afternoon Drama - The Stevie G Method
By Gary Ogin. A struggling actor is accidentally offered a job as a psychotherapist. Knowing nothing about the craft, he resorts to teaching Method Acting exercises to his unsuspecting patients. The Stevie G method is born! Stevie ....... Neil Stuke, Isobel ....... Katie McGuinness, Milly ....... Lizzy Watts, Dr Melton ....... Robert Blythe, Mrs Finkel ....... Liza Sadovy, Bob ....... Paul Stonehouse, Zak ....... Ben Crowe, Mr Ho ....... Ben Crowe. Music composed and performed by Russell Taylor and Steve Cooke. Produced by Peter Kavanagh.

7 Dec: Afternoon Drama - On Mardle Fen, Series 5, Dillie's Day
By Nick Warburton. Trevor Peacock stars as inspirational chef Warwick Hedges who runs an idiosyncratic restaurant in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Polish waitress Zofia has a surprise communication from her brother who is coming to Britain for a short visit. Warwick Hedges ....... Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges ....... Sam Dale, Marcia Hedges ....... Kate Buffery, Zofia ....... Helen Longworth, Samuel ....... John Rowe, Bernard ....... Ben Crowe, Director ....... Tracey Neale , Producer ....... Claire Grove.

8 Dec: Saturday Drama - Educating Rita
By Willy Russell. A portrayal of the relationship between a working-class Open University student and her middle-aged, alcohol-fuelled tutor. Rita ....... Laura Dos Santos, Frank ....... Bill Nighy, Producer ....... Kirsty Williams.

9 Dec: Classic Serial: The Count of Monte Cristo, Episode 3
By Alexandre Dumas, adapted for radio by Sebastian Baczkiewicz. With Fernand de Morcerf dead, the Count begins to tighten the net around Baron Danglars and Gerard de Villefort, and their unsuspecting wives. The Count/Edmond Dantes ....... Iain Glen, Haydee ....... Jane Lapotaire, Mercedes de Morcerf ....... Josette Simon, Gerard de Villefort ....... Paul Rhys, Heloise de Villefort ....... Kate Fleetwood, General Noirtier ....... Karl Johnson, Baron Danglars ....... Toby Jones, Hermine Danglars ....... Stephanie Racine, Fernand de Morcerf ....... Zubin Varla, Caderousse ....... Ben Crowe, Andrea Cavalcanti ....... Will Howard, Madame Lascelles ....... Sarah Thom, Coachman ....... Paul Stonehouse, Bertuccio ....... Paul Stonehouse, Valentine de Villefort ....... Lizzy Watts, Max Morrell ....... Adam Nagaitis, Eugenie Danglars ....... Eleanor Crooks, Jacopo ....... Joe Sims, Operator ....... Robert Blythe, Banker ....... Paul Stonehouse. Producers ....... Jeremy Mortimer & Sasha Yevtushenko. Music by David Tobin and Jeff Meegan.

10 Dec: Afternoon Drama: McLevy - Series 9, A Pearl in the Oyster
By David Ashton. Ep.3. A young prostitute falls in love and decides to leave Jean's employment. McLevy ....... Brian Cox, Jean ....... Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland ....... Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach ....... David Ashton, Joseph Keir ....... Alexander Morton, Arthur Keir ....... Owen Whitelaw, Lily ....... Nicola Jo Cully, Ogilvie ....... Douglas Russell, Peggy ....... Ashley Smith, Producer ....... Bruce Young.

11 Dec: Afternoon Drama: A Bottle on the Shore
By John Taylor. Based on the book by Karen Liebreich. A heart-stopping message found in a bottle on a Sheppey beach persuades Dr Liebreich to turn detective. Karen ....... Stella Gonet, Jeremy ....... Anton Lesser, The Mother ....... Caroline Loncq, Sioux ....... Lucy Briers, Alison ....... Jane Whittenshaw, Marguerite ....... Rachel Atkins, Eliot ....... Stephen Critchlow, Producer ....... John Taylor. Indie. (Fiction Factory).

12 Dec: Afternoon Drama -Bearing Witness
By Philip Palmer. Set in the Dutch city of The Hague in 2000. This legal drama takes us inside the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. A defence lawyer has to deal with the moral and legal complexities of defending a man accused of war crimes. Anthony Macdonald ....... Mark Bonnar, Demir Candarli ....... Daniel Rabin, Zukic ....... Serge Soric, Hamid ....... Mario Macan, Melanie Lefevre ....... Stephanie Racine, Judge Crowley ....... Liza Sadovy, Judge Krause ....... Robert Blythe, Judge Hancock ....... Paul Stonehouse, Madame Registrar ....... Sarah Thom. Director ....... Sasha Yevtushenko.

13 Dec: Afternoon Drama - The Loving Ballad of Captain Bateman By Joseph Wilde and musician Tim van Eyken. This is a modern love story based on an old folk song in which a noble lord goes abroad, lands in prison and falls for the gaoler's daughter. In the play, Captain Bateman is badly wounded in Afghanistan. Sofia and her father give him shelter and succour in accordance with pashtunwali, the code of honour and hospitality. But when Bateman inconveniently refuses to die they face grave danger from the Taliban for harbouring him and from the British army for keeping him prisoner. Captain Bateman ....... Nicholas Murchie, Sofia ....... Zarghuna Kargar, Sofia's Father ....... Haroon Yousofi, Holly ....... Sarah Thom, Sgt Gilbert ....... Ben Crowe, Pte Richards ....... Pieter Lawman, Pte Scott ....... Tim van Eyken, Pte Jones ....... Will Howard, Joanne ....... Eleanor Crooks, Derek ....... Adam Nagaitis, Coach Driver ....... Adam Nagaitis, Producer ....... Julian May. Music composed and played by Tim van Eyken.

14 Dec: Afternoon Drama: The Beat Goes On
Inspired by the election of Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales. The drama explores the tensions sparked when politics and policing are mixed. A newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner who passionately believes he can be a force for good and make a difference to how his community is policed. He learns about the realities of contemporary policing and political compromises when he clashes with a Chief Constable with an iron will. Peter ....... Patrick Baladi, Vishy ....... Zubin Varla, Jane Capstick ....... Frances Tomelty, DCS Dave Tullett ....... Rob Dixon, Emma ....... Eleanor Crooks, Charlie ....... Giacomo Mancini, Returning officer ....... Ben Crowe, Resident ....... Lizzy Watts, Producer ....... Stephen Wright.

15 Dec: Saturday Drama: Pinocchio By Carlo Collodi. Classic tale of a wooden puppet who wants to be a boy. Dramatised by Linda Marshall Griffiths. When Geppetto's wooden puppet miraculously comes to life, Geppetto names him Pinocchio and imagines a bright future together. Pinocchio must understand what it is to be a boy and the first step is school. But danger and folly lurk around every corner and it is hard for Pinocchio to find the right path in a world peopled by amazing characters: the tyrannical puppet master with a heart; the cruel tricksters Fox and Cat; the Fairy with Blue Hair; and the children turned donkey. Will Pinocchio find his way to becoming a real boy? Pinocchio ....... Ellis Hollins, Geppetto ....... Steve Evets, Fox ....... Lee Ingleby, Coachman ....... Lee Ingleby, Cricket ....... Lee Ingleby, Cat ....... William Ash, Hawker ....... William Ash, Giangio ....... William Ash, Blue Fairy ....... Lyndsey Marshal, Candlewick ....... Tom Rolinson, Harlequin ....... Tom Rolinson, Puppeteer ....... Jonathan Keeble, Policeman ....... Jonathan Keeble, Auctioneer ....... Jonathan Keeble, Producer ....... Nadia Molinari. Musical score by Olly Fox. Sound Design by Steve Brooke.

16 Dec: No information! -
However I think Ep. 4 (final) of the Count of Monte Cristo was broadcast in this slot. See entry for 9 Dec for most of the details.

17 Dec: Afternoon Drama: McLevy - Series 9, The Cross-Roads
By David Ashton. Ep.4. McLevy is kidnapped by a grieving father who seeks vengeance for the death of his son. Jean, Roach and Mulholland join forces in a desperate bid to find the Inspector before kidnap turns into murder. McLevy ....... Brian Cox, Jean ....... Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland ....... Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach ....... David Ashton, Joseph Keir ....... Alexander Morton, Producer ....... Bruce Young .

18 Dec: Afternoon Drama: Rumpole, Episode 1
By John Mortimer. Adapted for radio by Richard Stoneman. In 1964, Rumpole returns to Oxford, where he studied law, to defend a young gardener, Peter Vernon, accused of blackmailing the Master of St Joseph's College, Sir Michael Tuffnell. Peter and Sir Michael had enjoyed a friendship provoking rumours of homosexuality, which was illegal... Older Rumpole ....... Timothy West, Younger Rumpole ....... Benedict Cumberbatch, Hilda Rumpole ....... Jasmine Hyde, Nicholas Rumpole ....... Louis Tafler-Hyde, Humphrey Grice ....... Stephen Critchlow, Judge Everglades ....... Stephen Critchlow, Sue Galton ....... Faye Castelow, Peter Vernon ....... Adam Gillen, Sir Michael Tuffnell ....... Adrian Scarborough, Claude Erskine-Brown ....... Nigel Anthony, Porter ....... Nigel Anthony, Producer....... Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey production)

19 Dec: Afternoon Drama: My Boy
By Laura Thomas. A lonely young woman and an isolated teenager share the secret of her miracle baby. The play has been developed over nine months with actress Christine Bottomley, and recorded with documentary techniques, reflecting the contemporary story and characters. Laura's radio plays include Lucy Island (BBC Radio3, The Wire) and Siren (BBC Radio3, The Verb). Lisa ....... Christine Bottomley, Claire ....... Nadine Marshall, Jordan ....... Ciaran Clancy, Policeman ....... Edward Hulme, Producer ....... Polly Thomas, Sound design: Eloise Whitmore. Indie (Somethin' Else production).

20 Dec: Afternoon Drama: Strummer and Me
By Colin MacDonald. In early 1982, The Clash, the greatest live rock band in the world, was in crisis. Their album had been panned and ticket sales for an upcoming tour were not going well. With tensions among the band running high, their manager hit on what he thought would be a great PR stunt: he took the band frontman Joe Strummer aside and told him it'd be good to disappear - to create headlines. Joe, fed up with what was going on, decided he really would disappear. He vanished with his girlfriend and no-one knew where he was until, three weeks later, he turned up in Paris. This play imagines what might have taken place during two of those 'lost' Parisian nights. 22 Dec 2012 is the tenth anniversary of Joe Strummer's untimely death, aged fifty, from a congenital heart defect. This drama pays tribute to the man and his music. MacKenzie ....... Robert Jack, Strummer ....... Bryan Dick, Sheriff ....... Patrick Brennan, Michelle ....... Stephanie Racine, Danny ....... Stuart Martin, Producer ....... Kirsteen Cameron.

21 Dec: Afternoon Drama: The Long Count
By Glen Neath. Today is the winter solstice and, according to some, doomsday. A Mayan prophecy seems to specify 21st December 2012 as the end of a 'Long Count' and the beginning of a cataclysm that will engulf us all. Assorted spiritualists and new age groups add their own spin on the day's events. Short of nuts for your fruitcake? Look no further... Avis ....... Anthony Shuster, Hayley ....... Alice O'Connell, Rob ....... Iain Robertson, Daniel ....... Claude Starling, Hester ....... Laura Elphinstone, Bertrice ....... Niall Ashdown, Producer ....... Boz Temple-Morris. Indie (Holy Mountain production).

22 Dec: Saturday Drama: Alice through the Looking Glass
By Lewis Carroll, dramatised by Stephen Wyatt. It's mid-winter, the snow is falling against the window, and Alice is learning how to play chess but then, on a whim, she goes to the mirror and pretends her black kitten is the Red Queen and suddenly everything changes ... she crashes through the looking glass and enters a world set out like a giant chess board, where she has to work out the rules of the game. Lewis Carroll sets everything out for her, but there's a twist; Radio 4 can be found on the other side of the glass. Mathematician Carroll prefaced his book with a chess problem. It is claimed the game is a part of a sequence of numbers - that Alice's journey is code - that Carroll was flirting with numerology and esotericism. Carroll loved number games and puzzles. He was extremely bright; he regularly invented things. He was the Mark Zuckerberg of his time. With Jim Al-Khalili, Roger McGough, Jenni Murray, Jane Garvey, Eric Robson, Pippa Greenwood, Peter Donaldson, Kirsty Young, Andrew Marr, Evan Davies, Garry Richardson & Melvyn Bragg, along with some actors: Alice ....... Lauren Mote, Lewis Carroll ....... Julian Rhind-Tutt, The Red Queen ....... Carole Boyd, The White Queen ....... Sally Phillips, Humpty Dumpty ....... Nicholas Parsons, Tweedledee ....... Alistair McGowan, Tweedledum ....... Alistair McGowan, The White Knight ....... John Rowe, The White King ....... Robert Blythe, Messenger ....... Ben Crowe, Guard ....... Patrick Brennan, Pudding ....... Stephanie Racine. Not sure who produced this one...

23 Dec: Classic Serial: The Eustace Diamonds, Episode 1
Rose Tremain's dramatisation of Anthony Trollope's novel. Lizzie Eustace fights to retain possession of her magnificent diamond necklace. Her immediate relatives, spurred on by the family lawyer, argue that the diamonds are an heirloom, and cannot be retained by her. The dispute colours all Lizzie's subsequent relationships. As gossip and scandal intensify, Lizzie is driven to increasingly desperate behaviour in an attempt to retain her jewels. Lizzie ....... Pippa Nixon, Lord Fawn ....... Jamie Glover, Florian ....... Nicholas Boulton, Lady Linlithgow ....... Richenda Carey, Lady Fawn ....... Stella Gonet, Frank ....... Joseph Kloska, Lucy ....... Amy Morgan, Camperdown ....... Malcolm Sinclair, Crabstick ....... Alison Pettit, Harter ....... Sam Kelly, Benjamin ....... Stephen Critchlow, John Eustace ....... Alex Waldmann, Augusta ....... Laura Hanna, Lydia ....... Ellie Butters, Nina ....... Ella Dale, Producer ....... Gordon House . Original Music: Lucinda Mason Brown. Harpist: Cecilia De Maria Cellist: Alison Baldwin. Indie (A Goldhawk Essential production).

24 Dec: Afternoon Drama - The Barber of Shavingham
By Rob Castell and Tom Sadler. Musical comedy from the a-capella group Barbershopera. A Spanish matador, inherits a barber shop in the sleepy Norfolk town of Shavingham. Esteve Johnson ....... Rob Castell, Rod Barnet ....... Pete Sorel-Cameron, Vicky Barnet ....... Lara Stubbs, Farmer Matty ....... Will Kenning, Trevor Sorbet ....... Tom Sadler, Producer ....... Ben Walker .

25 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Rumpole, Rumpole and the Expert Witness
Written by by John Mortimer. Adapted for radio by Richard Stoneman. It's 1964. Rumpole is asked to defend a GP, Dr Ned Dacre, who is accused of murdering his wife, Sally. Dr Ned Dacre's father is also a GP, Dr Henry Dacre, and it is he who asks Rumpole to take on the case. Older Rumpole ....... Timothy West, Younger Rumpole ....... Benedict Cumberbatch, Hilda Rumpole ....... Jasmine Hyde, Nicholas Rumpole ....... Louis Tafler-Hyde, Erskine-Brown ....... Nigel Anthony, Owen Munroe QC ....... Nigel Anthony, Henry ....... Adrian Scarborough, Dr Ned Dacre ....... Daniel Weyman, Dr Harry Dacre ....... Ewan Bailey, Judge Carstairs ....... Ewan Bailey, Dr Pamela Gall ....... Claire Skinner, Director ....... Marilyn Imrie, Producer ....... Catherine Bailey. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

26 Dec: Afternoon Drama: The Penny Dreadfuls Present: Hereward the Wake
By David Reed and Humphrey Ker. The Penny Dreadfuls now turn their comic eye towards Hereward The Wake. Why has the Englishman responsible for leading the fight against the occupation of William The Conqueror been so readily forgotten? The story didn't end when they ran out of embroidery cotton on the Bayeux Tapestry. Our mission is to make sure that from now on, you will know his name. Thom Tuck as Hereward, with Humphrey Kerr, David Reed, Marek Lockwood, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Justin Edwards, producer Julia McKenzie.

27 Dec: Afternoon Drama - The Sensitive - Queen of the Dead
By Alastair Jessiman. Glasgow's psychic detective returns for a new case. A grieving daughter finds hundreds of cassette recordings made by a woman obsessed with her late father, a Professor of English. Thomas Soutar is hired to trace the identity of the woman behind the tapes - who styles herself the "Queen Of the Dead". Thomas ....... Robin Laing, Kat ....... Julie Duncanson, Sheila ....... Tamara Kennedy, Miriam ....... Irene MacDougall, Richie ....... Steven McNicoll, Nurse ....... Amiera Darwish, Producer ....... Bruce Young.

28 Dec: Afternoon Drama: Storm
By Sarah Weatherall. Sound is Andrei's passion and has become his life. Working on a film soundtrack on a remote Scottish island he discovers his recordings filled with human cries floating on the wind. Braving the storms, Andrei sets out to solve the mystery. Andrei ....... Thomas Padden, Cathy ....... Amanda Lawrence, Alison ....... Tracy Wiles, Roger ....... Patrick Brennan, Tara ....... Stephanie Racine, Jason ....... Paul Stonehouse, Young Andrei ....... Adam Thomas Wright, Producer ....... Anne Bunting.

29 Dec: Saturday Drama - Red Shoes
A tale collected by Hans Christian Andersen, adapted and re-imagined for radio by Frances Byrnes. The teenage Karen is vain and skittish and demands a forbidden pair of red shoes. But as she had been warned on many occasions, the shoes are so imbued with sin and lasciviousness that they will destroy her both spiritually and corporeally... Karen ....... Lizzy Watts, Give ....... Lizzy McInnerny, Old Lady ....... Barri Adair, The Soldier ....... Richard Dormer, The Shoemaker ....... David Horowitz, The Pastor ....... Patrick Fitzsymons, The Executioner ....... Mark Lambert, The Little Girl ....... Amy Lee Farmer, Producer ....... Eoin O'Callaghan .

30 Dec: Classic Serial: The Eustace Diamonds, Episode 2
Rose Tremain's dramatisation of Anthony Trollope's The Eustace Diamonds. Production details - see 23 Dec. Indie (Goldhawk Essential).

31 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Stormchasers
By Nick Walker. A very good comedy-drama. The British have a close relationship with the weather, and its climate creates fertile conditions for weather watching. Though less dramatic than in other countries, Britain a few tornadoes and waterspouts and hurricanes - with attendant fans and followers. For many people, the pursuit of extreme weather phenomena is an interest; for others it is an obsession. Enter ....Ken and Bernard. One muggy afternoon, conditions become perfect for tornado spotting. They abandon work and and set out on a road trip to try and find the 'big one'. Penny ....... Clare Louise Connolly, Emma ....... Natasha Joseph, Ken ....... Dave Lamb, Henry ....... Jim North, Hardish ....... Wahab Sheik, Bernard ....... Richard Webb, other parts - Paul Warwick . Producer ....... Nick Walker. Indie (Top Dog production)

Date, Title, Author

01 Jan The Mumbai Chuzzlewits, Goldhawk Productions, cs ep. 1 of 3, based on dickens. For oldies ... 'Mumbai' means Bombay.
02 Jan Hoffnung drawn to music, rpt, by Alan Stafford
03 Jan Birkett and the blind soldier by caroline and david stafford. legal drama ep 1 of 4 based on the notebooks of the advocate norman birkett
04 Jan Dolly would, by alison carr. romantic comedy.
05 Jan Lamia, by keats, rpt,, narrated by paterson joseph
06 Jan Coalition, by sarah wooley. lib dem mp is unexpectedly in office. she worries about people digging up her past.
07 Jan The quest of donal q, by david ashton, comedy drama starring brian cox and billy connolly in his first radio play role
08 Jan The mumbai chuzzlewits, by ayeesha menon, cs ep 2 of 3
09 Jan Network, by tony mchale; darren finds a stash of mobile phones belonging to his daughter...what is going on?
10 Jan Birkett and the green bicycle, by caroline and david stafford, ep. 2 of 4, another true birkett case
11 Jan Blurred, by frazer flintham; old university friends meet up years later and one makes a shocking revelation
12 Jan Erebus, by jo shapcott; about franklin's failed attempt to find the north-west passage
13 Jan You drive me crazy, by paul dodgson; nostalgic play about paul's childhood, his early love of motoring and his new-found fear of driving
13 Jan fp Deep down and dirty rock 'n' roll, by Mark Davies Markham, rpt. 55m.
14 Jan Tom and viv, by michael hastings, t.s.eliot's disastrous first marriage
15 Jan The mumbai chuzzlewits, by ayeesha menon, 3 of 3 cs
16 Jan What to do if your husband may leave and how to cope if he doesn't, by mel hudson; excellent comedy about a woman whose husband has an affair... she attempts to find the other woman ... and is abducted by aliens
17 Jan Birkett case 3/4: red stains on the carpet, by caroline and david stafford
18 Jan Edith's story, by robin glendenning; true story of a german girl forced to flee berlin just before ww2
19 Jan Twelve years, by alexandra wood; love story compressed into two electricity blackouts in new york twelve years apart
20 Jan Scummow: things washed up by the sea, rpt, by annaMaria murphy, producer claire grove
21 Jan The jinx element, stephen wakelam; edith wharton's affair with a journalist, as seen by her friend henry james
22 Jan The spy, dave britton, cs, ep 1 of 2, j.f.cooper; set during the american civil war. he also wrote 'last of the mohicans'.
23 Jan The great swim, gavin mortimer, gertrude ederle, cross channel swimmer in 1926, rpt.
24 Jan Birkett and the naked toreador, birkett case 4/4, caroline and david stafford
25 Jan Burns and the bankers, helen simpson, dram, liz lochhead, burns night dinner with a female lawyer
26 Jan Pilgrim, new series, 1/4 crowsfall wood, sebastian baczkiewicz; return of a favourite fantasy series, with paul hilton
27 Jan Nyama, david pownall, rpt; an entrepreneur takes a dead whale around the african deserts and cities as a travelling roadshow...
28 Jan The believers, f.k.boyce, liverpool 1963, rpt, music from the mersey is about to take off
29 Jan The spy, j.f.cooper, 2 of 2, cs
30 Jan Lost property 1/3, katie hims, rpt, sad story broadcast last year about evacuees and what can go wrong when no-one keeps proper records of who is sent where
31 Jan Lost property, 2, rpt
1 Feb Lost propertry, 3, rpt
2 Feb Pilgrim 2/4, sebastian baczkiewicz, sookey hill
3 Feb The pearl, john steinbeck, dram. donna franceschild. discovery of a pearl in a mexican village and its impact on a family
4 Feb Private Peaceful, michael morpurgo, dram. simon reade; 90-minute play about life in the trenches of WW1.
5 Feb Gulliver's travels, cs, jonathan swift dram. matthew broughton, ep. 1; the famous political satire
6 Feb Blue flu, peter bleksley; a day of strikes in the police force in response to government spending cuts. a co-ordinated action of policemen phoning in sick.
7 Feb Referee, nick perry, rpt, a referee near the end of his career is dropped from the Cup Final. then an offer is put his way ....
8 Feb Gerontius, stephen wyatt, rpt; play about cardinal newman, friar ambrose st. john, and the relationship between them. this play won the trinniswood award for 2011.
9 Feb Pilgrim, 3/4, sebastian baczkiewicz, aisley bridge. The lanes and the immortal children who live there.
10 Feb Highlites, steve chambers and phil nodding, farce set in a hairdressing salon. (the Woman's Hour serial continued 'highlites' in the following week)
11 Feb Freud-the case histories ep.1 dora, trans. shaun whiteside. dream analysis.
12 Feb Swift- gulliver's travels, ep.2: brobdignab, ad. matthew broughton. cs.
13 Feb The interrogation,1, roy williams, footballer accused of rape. kenneth cranham, alex lanipekun. excellent drama. prod. j. dromgoole.
14 Feb The interrogation,2, roy williams, a gang member who is a bit too willing to admit to his crimes.
15 Feb The interrogation,3, roy williams, a woman who married into a racist family.
16 Feb Pilgrim, 4, lindle island; pilgrim is asked to sacrifice a man he's kept safe for centuries
17 Feb Occupied, glen neath and john jordan, a protest at fortnum & mason's. a mixture of drama and recordings made during the sit-in.
13-18 Feb 'Highlites' by steve chambers and phil nodding about britain's worst hairdressing salon. follows on from afternoon play on 10 Feb. woman's hour drama, 5 x 12m.
18 Feb Freud-the case histories ep.2 the wolf man. dram. deborah levy; case study involving childhood dreams of the son of a depressed russian landowner. robert glenister, andrew sachs. sp.
19 Feb Swift, gulliver's travels, ghosts and mad scientists on the flying island of laputa followed by talking horses. famous political satire. ep. 3 of 3. cs.
20 Feb Number ten,1, series five, by jonathan myerson. see glasgow and die. damian lewis, gina mckee.
21 Feb Number ten,2, democracy in traction. an eviction turns into a riot.
22 Feb Number ten,3, the emperor's new speech.
23 Feb Number ten,4, closure. assisted dying.
24 Feb Those hard-to-reach places, daniel thurman. a devoted cleaner may lose her job... geoffrey whitehead,anne reid, Janet dibley.
20-24 Feb 'The resistance of mrs. brown' by ed harris; fantasy wartime thriller, woman's hour drama, 5 x 12m.
25 Feb Noughts and crosses, malorie blackman dram Janice oko. a segregated society; the plebs and the elite
26 Feb The cruel sea, monserrat, ep 1 of 2, cs; dram john fletcher. inexperienced seamen on a warship escorting convoys across the atlantic during ww2.
27 Feb Stone, sleep tight, by cath staincliffe, based on characters by danny brocklehurst. police drama.
28 Feb The great squanderland roof, julian gough, satirical play about the way certain people waste other people's money. not necessarily related to english politics or current events....
29 Feb On Mardle fen, nick warburton, ep 1 of 4, if you build it, a music festival on the fen
1 Mar Rumpole 1 of 2, the man of god; excellent drama by john mortimer ad. richard stoneman; pity about the irritating musical jingle
2 Mar Rumpole 2 of 2, conclusion of yesterday's story
3 Mar An american rose, charlotte jones, about the kennedys.
4 Mar The cruel sea, monserrat, well known story about ww2 and life on board a warship, escorting convoys across the atlantic. ep 2 of 2, cs.
5 Mar Stone, demons, danny brocklehurst dram Martin jameson, police drama 2 of 4
6 Mar the tobacco merchant's lawyer, iain heggie, set in glasgow 1780
7 Mar On Mardle fen, nick warburton, 2 of 4, wives, family roots
8 Mar Love virtually, daniel glattauer, an online romance which enables two people to escape the boredom of their daily routines
9 Mar Not just for christmas, roddy doyle; two argumentative brothers in ireland meet up after a long gap but show they still haven't forgotten how to argue
10 Mar Rebus: strip jack, pt. 1, ian rankin
11 Mar Out of the hitler time, judith kerr/ baety rubens, experiences of a jewish girl during WW2, ep 1 of 3, cs
12 Mar Stone, daniel brocklehurst / richard monks, ep. 3 of 4; a polish man is attacked just before a local election
13 Mar Apple jelly, adrian middleton, the impact of the government's austerity measures on ordinary people
14 Mar On Mardle fen, 3, nick warburton, goose feathers
15 Mar Interiors, johnny vegas, stewart lee, rob thirtle, producer dirk maggs. how not to sell a house: try to dazzle your prospective buyers with pseudo-intellectual stuff about interior decoration. an excellent play.
16 Mar Waiting for the boatman, stephem wakelam. partly concerned with the life of the painter caravaggio.
17 Mar Rebus:strip jack, pt. 2, by ian rankin
18 Mar Out of the hitler time:bombs on aunt dainty, part 2, cs, by judith kerr, dram. beaty rubens
19 Mar Stone, one of our own, danny brocklehurst dram Martin jameson, detective drama, episode 4 of 4.
20 Mar Noise, alex bulmer, memory loss
21 Mar On Mardle fen, 4 of 4, nick warburton, the old lost road
22 Mar Jailbird lover, craig hawes, amusing play about a man who unexpectedly receives a visit from one of the female long-term prison inmates with whom he's been corresponding
23 Mar The british club, ben musgrave, bangladeshi detective 'mondol'
24 Mar Otherwise engaged, simon gray, a man who wants to have a peaceful musical afternoon is interrupted, repeatedly...
25 Mar Out of the hitler time, part 3 of 3, cs, judith kerr
26 Mar Pandemic, john dryden, excellent three-part trilogy set before, at the beginning of, and after a pandemic: ep. 1 - the present, goldhawk productions
27 Mar Pandemic, episode 2, the future
28 Mar Pandemic, episode 3, the past. script editor mike walker, goldhawk productions, director john dryden
29 Mar The man with wings, rachel joyce, another production from goldhawk, producer gordon house. a fighter pilot returning to his village after ww2 becomes friendly with a boy in the village, who is waiting for his father to return.
30 Mar The waste land, read by jeremy irons and eileen atkins, producer susan roberts, introduced by rowan williams, jackie kay, matthew hollis and sean o'brien.
31 Mar The Jubilee Singers, Adrian Mitchell
1 Apr Plantagenet, Mike Walker, new series. Henry V. cs.
2 Apr The People's Passion, Nick Warburton, 1, Coming to Jerusalem
3 Apr The People's Passion, Nick Warburton, 2, Betrayal
4 Apr The People's Passion, Nick Warburton, 3, Last Supper
5 Apr The People's Passion, Nick Warburton, 4, Trial
6 Apr The People's Passion, Nick Warburton, 5, The Road to Emmaus
7 Apr Saturday Play: The Voysey Inheritance, Harley Granville Barker, ad. Lu Kemp.
8 Apr Plantagenet, 2/3, Mike Walker
9 Apr The Judas Burner, Jeff Young
10 Apr White Noise, Matthew broughton
11 Apr Red and Blue, Hearts and Minds, Philip Palmer, war games
12 Apr Rough Magick, Marty Ross, comedy drama set in 1605
13 Apr Is Anything Broken?, Daniel Davies; comedy. Businessman tries to catch a plan, but......
14 Apr Saturday Play: Mountain of Light, Simon Bovey; world's greatest diamond at the Great Exhibition, London 1851
15 Apr CS: Plantagenet, 3/3, Mike Walker
16 Apr Burned to Nothing, Rex Obano
17 Apr DeLorean, Glenn Patterson (R)
18 Apr Red and Blue:Behind Enemy Lines, Philip Palmer, War Games
19 Apr Lilo, Katie Hims (R); reunited sweethearts
20 Apr My One And Only, Dawn King, love affair via a series of 'phone calls
20 Apr Friday Drama, Siege of a residential home for the elderly.
21 Apr Saturday Play: An Inspector Calls, Priestley. Groundbreaking play in its day.
22 Apr CS: Uncle Fred in the Springtime, Wodehouse, 1
23 Apr Odour, James O'Neill; a surgeon keeps smelling something very odd...
24 Apr The Biggest Issues, Annie McCartney, a shock jock and a didicated medic clash
25 Apr Red and Blue 3/3 Terror, Philip Palmer. War games.
26 Apr That's Mine, This Is Yours, by Peter Souter. (R)
27 Apr The Hedge, Anita Sullivan. A hand comes out of the hedge.
27 Apr Friday Drama: Bad memories, Julian Simpson (R)
28 Apr Saturday Play: The Caretaker, Pinter
29 Apr CS - Uncle Fred in the Springtime, 2, P.G.Wodehouse, dram Archie Scottney
30 Apr Through the Wire, Helen MacDonald; WW2 German ornithologists, British POWs
1 May What the Bishops Knew, Hugh Costello (R)
2 May What the Nuns Discovered, Harriet O'Carroll (R)
3 May Bite, Emily Steel; a woman with an eating disorder; how she deals with it
4 May Betsy Coleman, Katie Hims (R); memory research; sci-fi
4 May Blue Flu, Peter Bleksley (R); police 'phone in, sick....
5 May A Month in the Country, J.L.Carr (R) ad. Dave Sheasby
6 May The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1
7 May Dear Arthur, Love John, Roy Smiles. Arthur Lowe and John le Mesurier.
8 May The Dreamer, Ronald Frame. A missing painting, stolen by the Nazis?
9 May Ink Deep, Vivienne Franzmann, set on the Isle of Mull
10 May Stopgap, Julia Mayhew (R)
11 May Mrs. Lowry & Son, Martyn Hesford; relationship of the painter and his miserable mother
11 May Friday Drama: Greed All About It (R), Ian Hislop / Nick Newman; the Wapping dispute
12 May Othello, Shakespeare, starring Lenny Henry
13 May CS-The great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald
14 May Severed Threads,1, John Dryden (R)
15 May Severed Threads,2, John Dryden (R)
16 May Severed Threads,3, John Dryden (R)
17 May Dream Repair, Thomas Legendre
18 May The Sensitive:The Protector, Alastair Jessiman
18 May Friday Drama (R) Sunny Afternoon, Doug Lucie. A man is killed in a London street.
19 May Saturday Play:Kind Hearts & Coronets, sequel: Like Father Like Daughter
20 May CS-Mrs Dalloway,1, dram. Michelene Wandor.
21 May Troll, Ed Harris (R) - a troll under the sink.
22 May The Eggy Doylers, Jane Purcell. Child-hating PE teacher leads a school trip.
23 May The Diabolical Gourmet, Alec Shearer (R).
24 May The Grudge, James Graham. Polical comedy; an unusual by-election battle.
25 May Prospero, Ariel, Reith & Gill (R); Gary Brown. Eric Gill's clash with the BBC.
25 May Friday Drama: After the Accident, Julian Armistead, Amnesty International award-winner
26 May Saturday Play-The Hounted Hotel, Arnold Bennett
27 May CS: Mrs. Dalloway, Michelene Wandor dramatization, 2/2
28 May Cry For Me: the battle of Goose Green, Adrian Bean; 30th anniv. Falklands War
29 May Homeowners, Kellie Smith; odd thriller; buy a house but the old owners are still there...
30 May One Hot Summer, dram. Juliet Gilkes-Romero; race riots in Liverpool in 1919
31 May The Patience of Mr. Job, Justin Butcher; the evils of globalization in rural Africa
1 Jun Depth Charge (R), Fiona Mackie; a retired submariner is short of cash.
2 Jun Saturday Play: The Forgotten, Hattie Naylor, reworking of the Sleeping Beauty story in modern times
3 Jun CS: Publish & Be Damned,1/2, Ellen Dryden, Harriette Wilson's memoirs (HW was a courtesan)
4 Jun Circus Train (R), M. Sharapova dram. Louis Nowra; two performers and a dog get separated from their circus
5 Jun Operation Black Buck, Robin Glendinning, Falklands War; longest-range bombing raid in history
6 Jun Take a Virtual Girl Like You, Nicholas Pierpan, a company making virtual girlfriends
7 Jun Belarus, Hugh Costello, a London priest and a Belarus dissident
8 Jun People don't do such things, Ruth Rendell, dram. Mike Walker. Writer interrupts a marriage...
9 Jun Saturday Play: Talking it Over, Julian Barnes dram. Julia Stoneham, love triangle
10 Jun CS, Publish & Be Damned,2/2, Ellen Dryden, Harriette Wilson's memoirs
11 Jun Page of Wands, Carole Hayman
12 Jun Kicking the Air, Christine Murphy, the fate of homosexuals in Iran, Carole Hayman,
13 Jun Digging for Victory, Moya O'Shea
14 Jun Bell in the Ball (R), Lloyd Peters, blind cricket
15 Jun Philip & Sydney (R), Alan Pollock, Philip Larkin and his son in Germany, 1937
16 Jun Saturday Play (and all day): Ulysses, James Joyce, dram. Robin Brooks; Irish masterpiece
17 Jun CS: Songs & Lamentations, Michael Symmons Roberts, epic from Hebrew bible, 587BC, 1/2
18 Jun Tiny, Ben Lewis, comedy about a good-news teenage internet star
19 Jun Flying Backwards, Jack Klaff, SA writer returns home to record a radio play
20 Jun Talking to Zeus, Don Shaw, true story of Jane Shaw at the world-renowned Helikion gardens near Athens, which nearly disappeared
21 Jun Katie-Ann's Blog, Colin Bytheway; writer tries to meet an ill 11-year-old with an inspirational blog
22 Jun Amours de Voyage, dram. Mike Walker, travel writer meets an American woman in Egypt
23 Jun Saturday Play: Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig/Peter Flannery
24 Jun CS: Songs & Lamentations, Michael Symmons Roberts. Biblical epic. 2/2
25 Jun Hackney Baths, Arinze Kene; drama set in a swimming bath, after-hours
26 Jun Love,Love,Love, like the Beatles, A.L.Kennedy, romantic comedy drama
27 Jun Lord Behold Us, Jennifer Howarth; school based drama
28 Jun Road to the Borders, Douglas Livingstone; love story set in Scottish borders
29 Jun The Man Who Sold The World, Natalie Mitchell; ticket tout wants a fresh start
30 Jun Strike for a Kingdom, Menna Gallie. 1926 Miners' Strike.
1 Ju1 CS Diary of a Nobody, dram Andrew Lynch, Grossmith, 1/1
2 Jul A Nice Little Holiday, rpt, Sarah Wooley
3 Jul The Beautiful Ugly, Lavinia Murray. About Hans Christian Andersen
4 Jul The Rain Maker, Matthew Broughton
5 Jul Alone in the Garden with You, Louise Monaghan
6 Jul The Last Breath, Ben Fearnside & Anita Sullivan
7 Jul Hound of the Baskervilles, comic version, Peepolykus, ad. S.Canny & J.Nicholson
8 Jul CS Diary of a Nobody, 2/2
9 Jul Caterpillars, Laura Bridgman & Charles Lambert
10 Jul Cordite for breakfast, Ben Ockrent
11 Jul Mr. Anwar's Farewell to Stornoway, rpt, I.F.MacLeod
12 Jul Boom Boom, Emily Steel, rpt
13 Jul Sensationomics, Philip de Gouveia
13 Jul Friday Play: Landfall, Mike Walker, rpt. Sci-fi; mining on a mysterious planet
14 Jul Betrayal, Pinter, new production
15 Jul CS The Graduate, Charles Webb, 1/2, ad. Polly Thomas
16 Jul My Own Private Gondolier, Bethan Roberts
17 Jul The Gift, Jane Thornton, a reel-to-reel tape collection
18 Jul Miss Balcombe's Orchard, rpt, drama-doc by Jonathan Davidson
19 Jul The Womb Whisperer, Charlotte Bogard Macleod, inspired by 'A Modest Proposal' (J.Swift,1729)
20 Jul Zola, Richard Monks, story of Zola Budd's attempt to compete at the 1984 Olympics
20 Jul Leverage, Simon Passmore, thriller, rpt.
21 Jul From Russia With Love, James Bond, Ian Fleming dram. Archie Scottney, 90m.
22 Jul The Graduate, Charles Webb dram. Polly Thomas
23 Jul Big Pies, Gill Adams; two lonely people at night school; romantic comedy
24 Jul Intend to take Action, Eoin McNamee & Jimmie Potter, Irish play
25 Jul The odd job, Willam Ash & Andrew Knott.
26 Jul Atching Tan, A Gypsy Wife, Dan Allum. I think this is a new play, following up the one which was Imison shortlisted
27 Jul Pythonesque, rpt, by Roy Smiles; about the Month Python team
27 Jul Friday Play: Like-Minded People, by David Eldridge, rpt. Gillian and Ray's relationship, at University and afterwards
28 Jul A Special Kind of Dark, Adrian Penketh, thriller, dir. Toby Swift
29 Jul The Chrysalids, John Wyndham, 1/2, cs dram. Jane Rogers
30 Jul Higher, 1/2 Joyce Bryant: Clearing
31 Jul Echo Point, Louis Nowra
1 Aug The Wedding in Venice, Louis Nowra
2 Aug Black Box Detective, Alison Joseph; excellent thriller - a plane has crached; can Mitchener work out why?
3 Aug Hello Mum, Bernardine Evaristo
3 Aug Direct Red, Tina Pepler, from writings of surgeon Gabriel Weston; Friday Play. Rpt.
4 Aug Spitfire!, Mike Walker. Play about the most famous aeroplane in history.
5 Aug The Chrysalids, John Wyndham, 2/2, cs dram. Jane Rogers
6 Aug Higher, 2/2 Joyce Bryant. Privatization - the Final Battle
7 Aug The Third Eye and the Private Eye, D.Lemon and M.Ecclestone; excellent play about Lopsang Rampa prod. Marc Beeby
8 Aug Eight Hundred and ThirtySeven Point Nine, Kenneth Emson. Two brothers on a very long cycling trip.
9 Aug Like a Daughter, Lucy Flannery, home carer looking after a dying man, stars Roy Hudd and Alison Steadman
10 Aug Loveness and Me, Gillian Plowman, sequel to the excellent 'Boniface and Me' from 2007, set in Zimbabwe (previously Rhodesia)
10 Aug The White Man's Burden, Paul Theroux, play about Kipling, Friday Play, rpt. Adap. Emma Harding.
11 Aug The Moscow Prodigal, Michael Butt, based on a piece by Vitaly Yerenkov, rpt.
12 Aug Buddenbrooks, 1/3, Thomas Mann dram. Pip Carter; Classic Serial. With Kenneth Cranham.
13 Aug Tetherdown, Scott Cherry & Gregory Evans, the 1896 Muswell Hill Murder, rpt.
14 Aug Brief Lives, 1/6, Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly. Drama about a team of legal advisers.
15 Aug In Case of Emergency, Simenon dram. Ronald Frame. 1/3. Rpt.
16 Aug The Little Man from Archangel, Simenon dram. Ronald Frame. 2/3. Rpt.
17 Aug The Cat, Simenon dram. Ronald Frame. 3/3. Rpt.
17 Aug Friday Play: Marnie, Winston Graham, dram. Shaun McKenna
18 Aug These Are The Times, Trevor Griffiths; about Thomas Paine.1/2. American War of Independence.
19 Aug Buddenbrooks, 2/3, Classic Serial
20 Aug Gilda & Her Daughters .... by Carine Adler, rpt. Comedy drama.
21 Aug Brief Lives 2/6, Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly. Producer Gary Brown.
22 Aug Stevenson in Love, dram. Mike Harris, 1/2, rpt. Travels with a Donkey...
23 Aug Stevenson in Love, dram. Mike Harris, 2/2, rpt. The Amateur Emigrant
24 Aug A Little Bit of Latitude, Lindsay Williams; unwelcome events at the Latitude Festiva
24 Aug Friday Play: Case Histories, 1/2, Dora, by Deborah Levy. Dream analysis; adapted from Freud by DL from a translation by Shaun Whiteside, rpt.
25 Aug These Are The Times, 2/2, Trevor Griffiths. Tom Paine and the revolution... rpt.
26 Aug Buddenbrooks, 3/3
27 Aug The Day We Caught The Train, Nick Payne. Romantic drama.
28 Aug Brief Lives, 3/6, Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly
29 Aug Do You KNow Who Wrote This, Jonathan Myerson, comedy based around a chat site
30 Aug The Artist Is Thinking, Mark Lawson; play about an art historian, rpt., prod. Eoin O'Callaghan.
31 Aug The Benefit Of Time, Terri-Ann Brumby; Debbie used to be Anne Boleyn in a past life ... rpt.
31 Aug Friday Play: Freud, case history 2, Deborah Levy: The Wolf Man, producer Nadia Molinari.
1 Sep South Downs, David Hare, set in Lancing College in the 60s.
2 Sep The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck, Classic Serial, 1/3
3 Sep Craven:Looking for Mr. King, Amelia Bullmore. A body is found in a local beauty spot.
4 Sep Brief Lives, 4/6, Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly
5 Sep The meaning of Love, Anna Symon, rpt. Romantic comedy
6 Sep A9, by Helen Cooper, rpt. Three children expecting to inherit lots of money find that there are strings attached.
7 Sep A Cold Supper Behind Harrod's, David Morley. Three WW2 veterans meet many years later. 8 Sep Blasphemy & the Governor of Punjab, John Dryden, Goldhawk Productions
9 Sep The Grapes of Wrath, Classic Serial 2/3, Steinbeck, dram Donna Franceschild
10 Sep Nuclear reactions, rpt., Adam Ganz; German nuclear physicists brought to England after WW2
11 Sep Brief Lives, 5/6, Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly; online slurs about a sports coach
12 Sep Ancient Greek, Oliver Emanuel, rpt. Graffiti at a school, in ancient Greek.
13 Sep The Last Tudor, rpt; Jolyon Jenkins/Abigail Youngman, improvised drama in documentary format
14 Sep We Happened to be Passing, rpt, David Nobbs, comedy.
15 Sep Payback, Jonathan Myerson. Middle Eastern politics, 1973.
16 Sep Grapes of wrath, Steinbeck, 3/3
17 Sep Be Mine, Jackie Malton.
18 Sep Brief Lives, 6/6; an old pal turns up.
19 Sep Single But Living Together, Eva Banaskiewicz
20 Sep The Barber and the Ark, Marcia Layne
21 Sep Falling, Bethan Roberts
22 Sep Private Mopurgo, Michael Mopurgo, WW1 story
23 Sep Far From the Madding Crowd, 1/3 Classic Serial, Thomas Hardy dram. Graham White
24 Sep The Deportation Room, Hannah Khalil
25 Sep The Beat Goes On, Peter Bleksley. Politics and policing.
26 Sep The Bat Man, rpt; Amelia Bullmore
27 Sep Clean Slate, Sally Griffiths, amnesia after an accident
28 Sep Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts, Colin Hough; about Stan Laurel's early years
29 Sep Close the Coalhouse Door, Alan Plater, new production, 90m. Director Sam West.
30 Sep Far From The Madding Crowd, 2/3 Classic Serial
1 Oct Dover and theSmoking Gun, Joyce Porter, dram Paul Mendelson
2 Oct Shall I Say a Kiss, Lennard David, adap. Vanessa Rosenthal.
3 Oct Henry Mayhew - A Chaos of Wealth & Want, Penny Gold. 1850s London.
4 Oct Stone: Danny Brocklehurst 1/4
5 Oct The Trial, Peter Whalley
6 Oct The Air Gap, Steve Waters, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks
7 Oct Far From The Madding Crowd, 3/3 Classic Serial
8 Oct Setting a Glass, Nick Warburton, rpt; excellent drama about a man visiting his very elderly mother in hospital
9 Oct Not Bobby, Nick Warburton, rpt; nice satire on our education system
10 Oct Available Means, Nick Warburton; a poet finds unexpected courage in an Eastern European city.
11 Oct Stone, Danny Brocklehurst, 2/4, Collateral Damage
12 Oct Power in Crimpsea, Vicky Mear; the wind farm scam to end all wind farm scams. Physicists and engineers will enjoy this.
13 Oct Love me Do, Marks and Gran; love and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Excellent play.
14 Oct Dracula 1/2, Bram Stoker; Classic Serial, new production by Rebecca Lenkiewicz / Jessica Dromgoole
15 Oct Top Kill, Mike Walker; drama involving an oil well.
16 Oct Rock & Doris & Elizabeth, Tracy-Ann Oberman; play documents the end of Rock Hudson's life
17 Oct Special Measures, Christopher Reason; an inner-city school under pressure; academies and Ofsted.
18 Oct Stone, Danny Brocklehurst, 3/4, The Bridge
19 Oct Atching Tan, Dan Allum, rpt.
20 Oct Bloody Poetry -The Gothic Imagination, Howard Brenton
21 Oct Dracula 2/2
22 Oct The Best Queue, Sean Grundy
23 Oct Forever Mankind, Jonathan Mitchell / Judith Kampfner
24 Oct What Love Sounds Like, Peter Souter
25 Oct Stone, Danny Brocklehurst, 4/4
26 Oct The Man Who Jumped From Space, Andy Walker
27 Oct The Martin Beck Killings, 75m, Jennifer Howarth, 1/5, Sjowall/Wahloo
28 Oct Frankenstein, 1/2 Classic Serial
29 Oct Gwynfor v Margaret, Rob Gittins, politics in 1979 with PM Margaret Thatcher
30 Oct Notes To Future Self, Lucy Caldwell
31 Oct The Trenches trip, rpt, Jonathan Smith
1 Nov Teddy Bear, Georges Simenon dram. Ronald Frame 1/3
2 Nov Gracey and Me, Gillian Plowman, rpt; aparteid
3 Nov The Martin Beck Killings, 2, 75m, Jennifer Howarth, 2/5, Sjowall/Wahloo
4 Nov Frankenstein, 2/2, Classic Serial
5 Nov Everything, children in need, Oliver Emanuel
6 Nov Warrior Class, Kenneth Lin, ad. Judith Kampfner
7 Nov 2-pipe problems: Michael Chaplin, A rose by any other name
8 Nov Simenon - Ronald Frame, 2/3 The Neighbours
9 Nov Martyn Wade, Moeran's Last Symphony
10 Nov The Martin Beck Killings, 3, 75m, Jennifer Howarth, 3/5, Sjowall/Wahloo
11 Nov The Black Book, Ian Rankin, Classic Seria 1/2
12 Nov Children In Need, Katie Hims
13 Nov Mad Girl, Phil Gladwin
14 Nov 2-pipe problems, Michael Chaplin, I Love A Lassie
15 Nov Simenon-Frame, The Venice Train 3/3
16 Nov On Mardle Fen, Nick Warburton, 1/4 Talk To The Bones
17 Nov The Martin Beck Killings, 4, 75m, Jennifer Howarth, 4/5, Sjowall/Wahloo Laughing Policeman
18 Nov The Black Book, Ian Rankin, 2/2
19 Nov Sunk, Nicholas Gleaves
20 Nov Blue Eyed Boy, Helen Cross drama-doc, evacuee story
21 Nov Selfless, Anita Sullivan, psychological thriller
22 Nov Mysterious case of Maria, multiple authors
23 Nov On Mardle Fen 2/4, Nick Warburton, According to Ditcher
24 Nov The Martin Beck Killings, 5, 75m, Jennifer Howarth, 5/5, Sjowall/Wahloo, Fire Engine
25 Nov Count of Monte Cristo, 1, Sebastian Baczkiewicz
26 Nov McLevy 1/4 David Ashton A Dangerous Remedy
27 Nov Beryl-a love story on two wheels, Maxine Peake
28 Nov The Healing of Sergei Rachmaninov, Martyn Wade
29 Nov Two Minutes' Hate, Kieran Prendiville
30 Nov On Mardle Fen 3/4, Nick Warburton, At The Dawning
1 Dec A Slow Air, David Harrower
2 Dec Count of Monte Cristo, 2, Sebastian Baczkiewicz
3 Dec McLevy, 2/4 David Ashton, No Looking Back
4 Dec Ubykh, Simon Scardifield, lost language spoken by only 2 people
5 Dec A disappearing town, Hugh Hughes, Anglesey
6 Dec The Stevie G Method, Gary Ogin
7 Dec On Mardle Fen, 4/4, Nick Warburton, Dillie's Day
7 Dec Something Wicked This Way Comes, Bradbury, dram. Diana Griffiths, rpt, Friday Play
8 Dec Educating Rita, Willy Russell
9 Dec Count of Monte Cristo, 3, Sebastian Baczkiewicz
10 Dec McLevy, David Ashton 3/4 A Pearl in the Oyster
11 Dec A bottle on the shore, Karen Liebreich, message in a bottle
12 Dec Bearing Witness, Philip Palmer
13 Dec The loving ballad of Captain Bateman, Joseph Wilde
14 Dec The beat goes on, Peter Bleksley
15 Dec Pinocchio, dram Linda Marshall
16 Dec Count of Monte Cristo, 4, Sebastian Baczkiewicz
17 Dec McLevy, David Ashton 4/4 The Crossroads
18 Dec Rumpole and the expert witness 1/2 ad. Richard Stoneman
19 Dec My Boy, Laura Lomas
20 Dec Strummer & Me, Colin MacDonald
21 Dec The Long Count, Glen Neath
22 Dec Alice through the looking glass, Lewis Carroll
23 Dec The Eustace Diamonds, 1/3, Trollope, dram. Rose Tremaine
24 Dec The Barber of Shavingham, Barbershopera
25 Dec Rumpole and the expert witness 2/2
26 Dec Penny Dreadfuls - Hereward the Wake
27 Dec The Sensitive, Alastair Jessiman, Queen Of The Dead
28 Dec Storm, Sarah Weatherall
29 Dec Red Shoes, Frances Byrnes, H.C.Andersen tale
30 Dec The Eustace Diamonds, 2/3, Trollope, dram. Rose Tremaine
31 Dec Storm-chasers, Nick Walker; people who follow twisters in the Midlands

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