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There are many plays involving the idea of reunion. One of the funniest is Alan Bennett's "Forty Years On". The saddest is possibly Stephen Phelps' "Once a friend".

Here are a few plays where people meet up again after half a lifetime........

2006 Once a friend, by Stephen Phelps
1995 Reunion, by Nick Stafford
c1985 A date in September, by Alex Ferguson
1973 Forty Years On, by Alan Bennett


Once a friend....2006
By Stephen Phelps. John and Leo, childhood friends, meet up for the first time in thirty years. They lost touch after being caught on the fringes of a high-profile murder case. They have lost none of their empathy, but one of them has something to admit to the other.

Cast: Jamie Foreman and Gerard McDermott and the friends, Joseph Tremain and Steven Williams as the friends when young, and Ella Smith as Ellie. Producer - Toby Swift.

Two linked plays; one set on VE day in 1945 ("The List"); the other fifty years later. The family get together to celebrate winning the war; but there are mixed feelings and mixed personalities brought together at the table. The mother, who organised the get-together, is the central character in the second play as she looks back from 1995 on the aspirations and hopes they had on that memorable day.

A date in September....c1985?
Date not known; a man attends an old school reunion after 40-odd years. But his wife is not keen on either his old schoolmates or his enthusiasm for seeing them, and with good reason. 90m.

Forty Years On....1973
With Alan Bennett, John Gielgud. Classic production.

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

Above plays known to exist in VRPCC collections

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