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Revenge is perhaps the strongest and most frightening force in human behaviour. Some of the best radio plays reflect this. Revenge does not elevate; it debases. Those who have experienced terrible loss and who do not consider revenge are the ones we should emulate, if we can.

Retribution, an altogether milder affair, is another matter...

The plays:
2000 My brother Michael, by Mary Stewart
1988 The turning of the tide, by Nick Fisher
1979 Remember Me, by Jill Hyem
1961 For Elise, by Kenneth Bird


5 Feb 00. Excellent "revenge" thriller set in Delphi; just under 60m.

A successful businessman and his wife travel to see an old friend for the evening, in his house on the edge of the Norfolk marshes. But all is not what it seems... and some people have long memories. A powerful revenge story: starring Kim Wall, Brett Usher, and directed by Martin Jenkins.

REMEMBER ME 1978 90m
This is the ultimate revenge play, pushing even Nick Fisher's "Turning of the Tide" into second place. A woman who rents out rooms entertains some guests... it's only after some odd coincidences that her plan, and the reasons for it, are revealed...we slowly realise that she is mad.. Her revenge does not work out in the way she expected, but there's no doubt that it is complete. With Jill Balcon as Thelma, Julian Glover as Paul, Sarah Badell as Margot; also starring Peter Tuddenham, Pauline Letts, Margot Boyd and Rowene Roberts. SM Carol McShane. Directed by Kay Patrick.

FOR ELISE....1961
By Kenneth Bird. A play rooted in the Second World War, but taking place in the sixties. An atrocity takes place in a concentration camp, and a survivor looks for a way, many years later, of evening the score.

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All of the above plays known to exist in VRPCC collections

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